and seriously no more injuries please

Okay so just having seen Civil War again for the 5th time, I finally caught something that seriously pissed me off

“Better watch your back, he’s gonna break it!”



Did I just seriously hear you use Rhodey’s injury to attack Tony?

You who didn’t even bother to ask if Rhodey was okay? You think you have any right to bring it up like that?

Who the fuck you think you are?

As if I couldn’t be more disappointed and disgusted with you?

If this is the comics accurate Clint Barton fandom wants, please just let him die soon became I don’t need this. I don’t need a grown ass man who made a conscious choice knowing stupid ass could get sent to prison throwing insults like a whiny ass sore loser taking pot shots like that.

You don’t bring up Rhodey and what happened to him like that, you don’t bring up Rhodey unless it’s you asking if he’s even okay, WHICH YOU DIDN’T.

Fuck you Clint Barton. I expected better from you.

A Message to all Parents:

- not taking your child’s injuries seriously when they’re younger may make them feel like they can’t tell you anything when they’re older

- PLEASE let your kid take personal days once in a while once they reach high school

- grades are NOT everything

- really strict parents WILL lead to really sneaky kids

- let them be who they want

- never tell them that “they’re too young to know”

- make sure they’re okay

- you can’t MAKE them choose an educational field

- even A+ student who’s a star athlete can be suicidal


- self harm is more common than you think

- if they have depression, DO NOT tell them they’re lazy

- if their grades are dropping, ask about it

- most teenagers don’t have a high esteem, don’t make it worse

- take them seriously

Can SM just make like a throne for Tao please?

I’ve been so worried about his injury and the fact that it’s now reported that he tried to bite through the pain to perform for us just breaks my heart so much. It’s 4:30AM over here and I’m seriously in tears right now. It hurts so much when I hear about him treating a mere five minute performance more than his own health. Tao, what don’t you get? Us HaiLangs will stay with you no matter what. Don’t you even dare question that. You tell us to trust you, I give you my utmost trust, but you too. I need you to trust me too. I can feel him yelling at himself and apologizing to everyone right now and my heart just aches so much. :( I want - no I need SM to come up with a way to free his own guilttripping by allowing him a way to be on stage but not have to aggravate his injury. Sighh

I’m reading more post-finale fanfic (yes still) and I seriously want to know why everybody’s completely ignoring THE GODDAMN HOLE IN HANNIBAL’S GUT WITH A LOT OF BLOOD COMING OUT OF IT

IT WENT COMPLETELY THROUGH (the wine bottle too remember????)


if someone can find ONE fic where Hannibal isn’t invincible and doesn’t shrug off the mere flesh wound as he drags poor Will to shore and tends to all his injuries please link me because I can’t do this any more  ಥ⌣ಥ