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Your human Sidon is so cute! He has so many freckles and I just wanna kiss every single one of them! And I just wanna play with his long hair all the time!

ME TOO HHH I want to draw him more tbh he’s just as fun as drawing regular sharky Sidon because I love drawing big guys with long hair. 

I realized when I started to draw Betty in this scene that a version of Dark Betty could be like Harley Quinn. And then I remembered that Lili did a Harley Quinn makeup at some point, and Harley’s shirt actually says ‘Daddy’s lil monster’, so this seemed like a good mashup of all that. The setting and poses are loosely based off of a core four cast photo where they’re sitting on some steps at a school. I kept the skateboard for Betty, but cut out Varchie 😂 (sorry Varchie shippers, I’ll be sure to do some separate drawings of them too, eventually)


on the day that I become so forgetful that all of this melts away/I will burn all the calendars that counted the years down to such a worthless day

 💫 who inspires you?

“Hmm… I would have to say my main inspirations to move forward are Sans, Dee, and the memories of my sons, my King, and Grillby. They are the ones who made me who I am, and I am better because of them. Their influence in my life has been major… And well, seeing them all be how and who they are inspires me to become better every day…!”

😪 what are you sick of?

“The Void. Feeling so helpless after seeing I’m…. not as strong as I thought I was… Virus.”

🎁 what never fails to make you happy?

“Ah… This may be predictable and a bit… cliche I suppose, but… My friends. My family. Being able to help anons who come to me in need. They’re all the light of my life!”

💙 what annoys you about some people?

“Those who take advantage of others who are not as strong as they are. Physically, emotionally, or mentally. It’s something everyone dislikes, but seeing how often it happens to those around me… I can’t help but feel this way.”


some things NEVER change

scars add up - rips pull at thread - three organizations … SAME ATTITUDE


Definitely hugely inspired by @segadores-y-soldados and @coelasquid. THANK YOU to both of you for your AMAZING ideas and for sharing them!

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Yixing + plushies and kisses

it was supposed to be just outfit challenge but then everything went out of control lmao


More Characters under the cut!

 Here it is! The character sketches for the YouTube AU I’ve been working on for months! I’ve got a hell lot of headcanons in my mind for this AU and I’m really grateful to @qi-tana who is going to collaborate with me on this! When I don’t have an upcoming comic, she will have a short (most probably illustrated) fic ready!

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