and seem immature

It’s always fun re-watching old favourite shows, that I used to watch as a young teen, as a 22 year old. I just finished Gilmore Girls again and it’s funny how my perspective on so much of what happens/the relationships has changed (which is bound to happen, duh, but yeah.) 

first order triumvirate xmas headcanons!

-kylo uses the force to hold mistletoe over your unsuspecting head. when you realize, he knows it. a proud grin crosses his face before you kiss him, somewhat flustered

-there is a christmas dinner that you, hux, kylo, and phasma have every year. it’s usually decked with roast meats and cooked or sautéed vegetables, mashed space potatoes and more.

-kylo may hate eggnog and fruitcake but that won’t stop him from buying it and subsequently torturing hux and phasma by bringing it to the christmas dinner so they can’t avoid eating it without seeming rude. kylo is immature.

-kylo loves red meats and testosterone boosting vegetables, and generally eats very healthy foods.

-hux loves sautéed vegetables and mashed potatoes, and takes pride in finding and bringing expensive wine to the dinner. neither kylo nor phasma likes to drink much, so most of it goes to him.

-phasma eats just about whatever is put in front of her, though secretly she would love if the meals had more sweets. she doesn’t mention this though. she’d rather bring them to her rooms to share with just you.

-hux buys the most intricate, bizarre presents for you, and is always pleased to see you amazed by what he found. one year, he bought you a robotic, steampunk style cat. millicent was extremely jealous that you were more interested in it than her.

-kylo writes you stories about far away worlds, and buys you soft blankets and fluffy socks. one year, you were pleasantly surprised to find cat socks and a large, all encompassing comforter wrapped up under the tree.

-phasma writes you poems about simple things, like the odd joy of seeing a trooper begin dating someone that they like, or how satisfying it is to just lay in bed with you and look out the window at the seemingly never ending cosmos. she also buys you paintings of exotic planets, the landscapes captivating and incredibly realistic.

-on christmas day, phasma lets all of her storm troopers off to spend time with each other. since there isn’t much work for her to do, she is able to happily spend the day watching old holofilms with you, or go out playing on the snowy surface of Starkiller, making snow wookies and snow ewoks.

-hux spends the day dancing with you and talking to you on your shared bed about various happenings he witnesses when working. sometimes, exhausted, he drifts off mid story, cheek pressed softly against your shoulder. he snores a little.

-kylo spends the day reading old literature to you and enjoying your presence. he usually plays with your hair, or massages you, or dresses you up in his robes. they’re comically long, but the material is surprisingly comfortable. you’ll have to find out where he gets them from.

-you and the three of them have another end-of-christmas dinner, this one less extravagant. it tends to consist of leftovers or easy to make foods. the simplicity of this meal is soothing- it feels good. like you’re in your true home. as you’re eating, you can’t help but be enveloped by joy, surrounded by the comforting voices of those closest to you. you’re very tired once it’s over, and you’re almost reluctant to leave the room, knowing you’ll have to wait another year to enjoy the festivities again. but it’s ok. somehow, you know it will be ok.

The first words Ryan said to Ray were “Who the fuck are you?” It had been when Ryan was first being introduced to the crew, and had been sudden enough that it had derailed Geoff and distracted him from what he’d been saying. Ray had glanced up only briefly and then returned to his game, apparently unconcerned about whether or not this masked mercenary knew who he was.

Ryan had been skeptical and unsure of him at the beginning.

Ray seemed too young and immature and uncaring to be a helpful part of the crew. He was playing video games or joking with Gavin and Michael or spitting out memes and jokes, often at inappropriate times, such as in the middle of heist debriefings. Sure, he knew his way around a gun, but Ryan didn’t understand the appeal of what had to be a kid too young to drink.

At least, Ryan didn’t get why everyone liked Ray until the two of them were sent out on a recon mission together, just them. And without the other lads egging him on, Ray seemed even more relaxed and comfortable.

They talked for a while, going between benign topics - like their shared dislike for alcohol - and far more serious ones - such as past jobs and what they had gone through before the crew. Ryan found Ray’s deadpan jokes more amusing as time wore on, and came to expect the memes and references that would come up out of nowhere in the silence.

It was hard to continue to dislike the kid, as Ryan found that Ray was smarter and knew more about the world and the seriousness of it than he let on. Ryan had to admire the fact that Ray had found a way to cope with what they did, even if it was by using humor most middle schoolers would even shake their heads at.

The two of them became close friends after that, pairing off into the R&R Connection on heists and jobs, staying up late talking when Ryan couldn’t sleep and Ray had lost track of time. Ray helped Ryan with his face paint, his steady hands perfect for keeping the lines straight and the points crisp. Ryan helped train Ray in other weapons besides the sniper rifle and always made sure Ray was well covered and in no real danger.

When Ray left, it hit hard.

The decision was abrupt, announced to the crew at large at dinner, with no preamble and no warning. He just said he was leaving the next day, to do his own thing. Geoff and Jack seemed to be well aware of it, and Ryan was hurt and angry. Ray had never spoke to him about this desire, not once in their late night conversations or their joking comments mid-heist.

Ryan left the table without a word, angry that his friend apparently didn’t trust him enough to tell him any of his concerns before now, that his fellow gents had been hiding it from him all this time, that he was given no warning or chance to prepare or time to figure out what was happening.

His best friend was leaving, and tossing him aside like nothing. At least that’s what it looked like from where Ryan stood.

Ray tried to apologize and explain, but Ryan wanted none of it. Ray’s words and excuses came far too late, were only being said because Ray felt bad about upsetting Ryan and wanted to make himself feel better.

Ray knocked at Ryan’s door, pleaded to be let in so they could talk, tried to joke and laugh it off and get some response from Ryan that they had both grown used to.

Ryan’s last words to Ray, spat out between clenched teeth and said through a closed door, were “Who the fuck are you?”

i still think is cool but what i liked about her was “, beloved esports professional and charismatic entertainer” and that seems to have been displaced by “, dorito gremlin” and then “, the literal infant daughter of the other characters” so there’s not much quality content of the sort i’m interested in floating across my dashboard these days

like’s in-game characterization seems haughty, immature, and incredibly cocky, but sometimes she seems like the FUCKASS KARKAT™ of the overwatch fandom. is a national celebrity, streams herself fighting giant robots, apparently built a starcraft career on playing random (!!!!!!!!), has appeared in bad movies, and says dumb memes as she jumps out of her exploding MEKA and runs away before it kills her, too (well, before the patch).

she’s….. i think shes cool ok.

“Is it me?” Jonas questioned almost casually. Too casually.

If Isak’s heart hadn’t already been racing, it definitely would have kicked up a notch. In a split second, memories crashed over him like a tidal wave, reminding him of old and forgotten feelings. Feelings that had long since been shelved. They seemed ridiculous now. Immature and cliched. Even more so now that he could decipher them, put a name to them. Now that he could accept them. Had he loved Jonas? No, probably not. A crush was a term more befitting to describe what he’d felt. If he was honest with himself - and that was apparently his gig now - he had played a similar conversation to this in his head once or twice before. Albeit without the kebabs.

In the moments just before sleep takes you, when you’re not quite sure if you’re awake and imagining or asleep and dreaming. Isak had told himself he was dreaming - you weren’t responsible for your dreams. He’d imagine a world in which things were different. A world in which he was different - Jonas too. Where he felt no fear, no shame. A place where he could tell the boy he liked that he liked him, without repercussions. Without ruining a friendship or having people look at him differently. In those moments of half sleep everything was on his terms. Everything was perfect. Vulnerability didn’t exist.

When Dream Jonas smiled lightly and asked, “Is it me?” Isak didn’t hesitate. His heart was steady because he didn’t need to be nervous. Half Sleep Isak would smile back and reach for Dream Jonas’ hands, intertwining their fingers - something he’d always wanted to do. “Yes,” he’d reply easily. “It’s you, it’s always been you.”

Sure it was cheesy as fuck but wasn’t that the fun of romantic declarations? Either way, Isak didn’t need to take responsibility for it, still telling himself it was a dream. Not his fault. He dreamed all types of weird shit. But on with the story…

Dream Jonas would then tug Half Sleep Isak to him by their joined hands and deliver an answering kiss. No more words needed to be spoken because they both just knew.

Fade to black.

Or… possibly to Isak’s bedroom, depending how he was feeling that evening. He was a teenage boy after all.

But this, today, was real life. This wasn’t a dream, figment of his imagination or whatever. And he wasn’t the same guy he was when it had been. Or maybe he was and that was the point. Maybe in those moments just before sleep he was more himself than he’d ever been.

Until he’d met Even, at least. And that’s why he was here. Even was the reason he was having this real life conversation and why the idea he ever thought the answer to Jonas’ question would be yes seemed ridiculous now.

So when the tidal wave of memories shrank back from the shore, Isak could answer with the utmost sincerity, “No! You?! No, no, no, no!”

Okay, perhaps he’d wandered into ‘the lady doth protest too much’ territory. Maybe he still needed to work on being as chill and self-assured as Half Sleep Isak. The important thing was he was moving in the right direction and that direction was freedom. With that in mind, Isak finally came out to his best friend.

The rest - as they say - is history.

Your Git - Draco Malfoy Imagine

Request : Can I have a one shot where Draco and me like each other and we just won’t admit it to ourselves and to each other so we try to make each other really jealous in the end I get suuuuper jealous and just go and kiss him? Btw I’m in slytherin, muggle born and in fifth year :)

I had fun writing this. Here you go!

Warnings : Just some foul language.

Umbitch, that should definitely be her name.

I walked out of the Great Hall, pissed out of my mind. Draco threatened to tell Umbridge some foul made up story to get me in trouble. Now I know what you’re thinking, “that seems immature for 5th years”, but you see, that’s the farthest Draco will ever go for someone like me.

Yes, I am a Muggle born but I’m in Slytherin. Draco has given only a little bit of respect for that. If I was in a different house he would’ve hated me completely. Draco and I tease each other, and argue here and there, but that’s all it really leads to. We’re not friends.

And I can’t stand what that git did to my heart.

But today, he crossed the line. I refuse to even think about going to that Umbridge, so I ran.

While I was now jogging towards the common room, I bumped into someone. Blaise stood in front of me.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, looking any where but his gaze.

“It’s fine, just watch where you’re going next time.” Blaise said, I nodded. I was about to say something else when I was cut off.

“Blaise!” Draco screeched from behind me. We both turned around. Draco’s face was red, and his hands were fidgeting.

I turned back around and began to walk away towards the Slytherin common room.


“Did you hear y/n?!” Pansy screeched as she ran into our dorm, panting.

“What?” I asked a bit panicked. She smiled widely.

“I heard Draco is planning on telling a 5th year Slytherin girl his feelings! I hope it’s me. It has to be, who else would he like?” She rhetorically asked as she fell on her bed and sighed dreamily.

My heart crumbled in jealousy and heart break.

“That’s great. I wonder who it is.” I replied, hiding my heart ache. “Who told you?”

“I heard Draco tell Blaise during Dinner.” She said and giggled happily. I almost threw up.

“I have to go talk to someone, I’ll be back soon.” I told Pansy as I stood up and walked out.

I wasn’t really gonna meet up with anyone, I just really wanted to get my mind off things. I kept walking, until I saw Draco sitting alone. He was looking at something in the other direction, but he was alone. This is my chance.

I walked up to him. My foot steps seemed to catch his attention. He smirked at me and stood up. The corridors were empty. Everyone was asleep.

“What are you doing up, y/l/n? Mud-” I cut him off with crashing my lips on his. His hands immediately flew to my waist, pulling me in closer. My hands went to his cheeks. He kissed back passionately, like he has been waiting for this for a long time.

“You git.” I mumbled against his lips as I pulled away.

“Your git.” He replied, and kissed me again.



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elf minho are we talking like a legolas kind of aesthetic bc im down

yessss thats exactly what i mean , 5000-year-old ageless elf prince minho, old enough to make old men seem like tadpoles, and immature enough to squabble and compete with his best friend (kibum, obviously) over the most trivial shit. pretty decent at athletics. very gay. likes being pretty and braiding everyone’s hair. is a badass. mothers people a lot. has killed a fuckton of giant people-eating spiders but has been known to squeak in fright over tiny harmless house spiders. likes sitting in tinier people’s laps. obnoxiously cheery sometimes. very Soft. makes friendship bracelets for all the other elves. very proud of the fact that jinki the wizard smiled at him once when they met in passing.

anyway elf minkey au where is it

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I read your post but I just wanted to say that it IS addressed why Tsukishima dislikes Kageyama quite clearly in recent chapters. It's because every time Kageyama tells Tsukki what to do he thinks he's being condescending. He can handle criticism from senpai because they are older but Kageyama is his age and ordering him around. Not to mention Kageyama's loud and bossy personality rubs a lot of people the wrong way in general. 1st years usually defer to senpai even if they seem immature.

I mean, I agree and I think that’s why tsukishima dislikes kageayama too. Tsukishima is lowkey and doesn’t like to assert his opinions or dominance so I imagine someone who seems to do nothing but that would rub him the wrong way. That and they might really just have clashing personalities. But those aren’t really clearly addressed? That hinata made tsukishima feel inferior was addressed. Hinata’s connection to the small giant and tsukishima’s brother being unable to play partially because of the small giant was addressed. They made the connections and theorized these things within the series–that’s what I mean by clearly addressed. The tension between tsukishima and kageyama still isn’t even clear to their best friends based on the recent manga chapters. Like, there are some theories that seem pretty obvious, but we’ve never been given any cut and clear explanation. 

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You are always complaining about how your friends are fake to you, do you ever stop and think maybe you're the problem? You just seem so petty and immature about everything.

First of all you don’t know my life so don’t make assumptions based on what I post on tumblr. Second they all know that I have a god damn mental illness and have been sick this entire 2016 yet they still do shit without inviting me. I know I’m not as fun as I used to be but that doesn’t mean that they can start treating me differently. But go off I guess.

Roommates Don’t Keep Secrets

by reddit user dme14

I never knew where she went every Wednesday night. When I asked, she would never reply or act like she didn’t hear me. At first, I thought she was just seeing a guy and didn’t want me to know about it. But over time it seemed strange to me that she would only see this person once a week for an hour. Maybe she got back into drugs or maybe she entered sex work. She was always a wild one and her past was speckled with dark spots.

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Even though I dislike sjm's writing and believe she is uneducated and sexist, I think the real reason Susan is sending those subtweets is that she is bitter over something sjm did to her personally. I have no idea what happened between them, but to me it seems very immature on Susan's part to public shade a former friend like that. It seems petty, bitter and frankly looks like some sort of personal revenge. Anyways, I am having fun lurking your blog haha Good to see I am not alone 😘

She has the right to shade whoever she wants, it’s her Twitter. SJM only enters to Twitter to promote her books and then she leaves. I don’t think she gives a fuck about Dennard’s opinion and shade won’t damage her image in my opinion. Her public isn’t that wide and apparently not being friends with Maas has helped her realize how imprtant diversity is. It can be childish I guess but I’ve followed SJM closely until I realized how awful she was and believe me, she isn’t any better :’) But honestly I’d rather talk about her books, her writing and her image as an author rather than her personal life because we actually know nothing. Maybe she wasn’t that bad, maybe she was, maybe she was worse… This blog doesn’t want to attack her as a person but as an author, because she has shown to be really really bad and problematic.
And thank you, I’m glad you’re enjoying my blog hahaha <3

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Wait isn't ludo an adult? And you're shipping him with star, a teenage girl.....

I have two answers for you:

It’s a pairing of two fictional characters in a fictional world. Fictional universes exist because in the real world humans are bound by law and moral. Would I support a 14 year old dating a…uh…idk 30-something year old in real life? Most likely not because a 14 year old is highly impressionable, going through crazy hormonal changes, is just making the beginning transit from child to adolescence and most teens have very poor jusgement. HOWEVER,

and here’s answer two: Ludo’s mentality seems to be quite immature. Physically speaking yes, he’s an adult but he acts and talks like a kid/teen. So it kind of brings up an interesting thought. If an adult with the mentality of a kid is hanging around other kids, is it really all that bad?

Does anyone remember that movie with Robin Williams where he was basically a kid in an adult body?

I myself don’t mentally fit my physical age. I’m 26 but I’ve always been at least 5-6 years younger mentally wise. A person is who they feel they are. If an adult has the mentality of a kid, mostly they’re gonna see themselves as a kid and not an adult.

It probably also helps that I believe Ludo is asexual. Or maybe I’m portraying that on him because I’m asexual and it’s a kids show that can’t discuss that sort of thing. Either way, when there’s no sexual context added whatsoever…

Is it doing any damage?

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Your opinion on Sara Ferguson

Back in the 1980s I probably would have loved her and been much more of a fan of her than of Diana. She was a breath of fresh air: cheeky, outspoken, fun loving, captivating. But now she’s a very different woman. She is selfish, ultimately. She seems to expect a certain lifestyle and will do anything to get it, without thinking about the impact it will have on her or anyone else. And then when she’s caught out for these issues, she blames everyone else for her actions. She just seems to be very immature and self absorbed. She’s the perfect match for Andrew. But she has raised two children as a unit rather than creating drama around them because of the divorce and Eugenie at least has a strong work ethic. So yeah. I’m not a fan and I’m glad she isn’t in the royal family anymore but I do think it’s a great shame she didn’t live up to her potential 

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crystal seems so immature to me??? like the whole 'i'm fragile' thing made me cringe because she's literally a grown woman not a 17 year old girl, and it's not like we didn't fucking know she was dating michael like 'oh fuck what a surprise!!!!' she's been wearing his shit for ages and having just enough of his stuff in her snapchats for people to start asking questions like???

ya pretty much like she’s 32 and i find it odd that she’s victimizing herself and making herself out to be so delicate and shy 

It’s unbelieavable how you can be wrong about somebody.´

When i first met this guy (friend of my parents and godparents he seemed like such a immature child, but since i’ve talked to him only to discover that his humour is very similar to mine, that he is super cultured and inteligent, we’ve discussed so many things.

It’s unbelieavable how you can get it so wrong sometimes….

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so i just had to brake up with my boyfriend for 4+ years who i really love but can't put up with. just because i'm not myself for a while and shit needs to change. that's shit. 2017 better be fucking good to me,i hope that was worth it

you could’ve just tried talking things out.
not being able to put up with someone ain’t a legit reason to end something that’s been going on for 4 yrs. y'all make y'all selves seem like some immature 15 yr olds in a relationship when ever i get scenarios like this.