and seeing him back in his home KILLED ME

Fic idea what if

What if…
It was Mccree who saved Genji after Hanzo had to ‘kill’ him?
Like Genji is a blackwatch new recruit and Mccree is charged with looking after him. So when Genji goes home to confront the family and has to fight, Mccree is there to save his ass and get him to Mercy.
So Mccree goes back to end Hanzo but sees Hanzo’s break down after he kills his brother and take down the elders. Mccree watches Hanzo for years on his path to redemption. Slowly falling in love with the man he thought he would kill.

So years later he tells Genji what Hanzo has been doing, honouring his brother, assassinating those whom ordered his brothers death.
So when Hanzo comes to overwatch Jesse keeps an eye out for him because he has been for so long. He buys him the right tea, picks up take out from the good Raman place, and finds the really expensive sake Hanzo loves, leaving everything buy his door.
Hanzo thanks his brother for it one day and Genji is completely confused because he has no idea what his brother is talking about.
Hanzo is confused as to who would be so generous until he sees Mccree buying ingredients for what looks to be a traditions Japanese dinner on the supply run. Mccree is talking to the vender in fluent Japanese. Blushing as the woman teases him for being in love.
Hanzo begins watching Mccree in secret and slowly begins to love the man.

Just a weird idea I had. I don’t know if it will be a comic or just random art.