and seeing him back in his home KILLED ME


Everything is great! It’s back to normal. It feels good to be back! Back? Back from where?

Mr. Yagi

Cowritten by @aoimikans

Ai worked front desk on the top floor of Might Tower with Hikari for nearly seven years. There were three staples of her usual day: a rabid group of ever-changing media personnel, All Might’s rooftop entrances and disappearances behind the Might Gate , and Mr. Toshinori Yagi.

Mr. Yagi was hired after All Might’s vacation following his fight with Toxic Chainsaw. It was rumored Yagi was replacing Sir Nighteye. His uncanny knowledge of every coworker - their birthdays, their favorite foods, the names of their pets - seemed to point to a similar quirk.  

The notion was quickly dashed due to Mr. Yagi’s poor health and his own round-about admission that he was Quirkless.

Regardless, the man was a fast friend to everyone in Might Tower.

“Good evening, Ai, Hikari,” Yagi greeted, exiting from his usual staff door. He carried a wide box, and he set it on the front desk with a grin, “Happy International Doughnut Day!”  

“Again Mr. Yagi?” Hikari said, giggling, “That’s the third obscure holiday this month!”

“Well, there’s plenty to celebrate,” Yagi chuckled, opening the box and offering the sweets inside, “Besides, you all work so hard. Might as well have fun every now and then.”

Yagi wheezed a laugh at his own joke and coughed, quickly reaching into his breast pocket for his handkerchief.  

Ai smiled fondly and nudged a box of tissues his way, “Thank you Mr. Yagi - oh! Is that a s’mores doughnut? Don’t mind if I do.”

Yagi grinned behind his handkerchief and took a few tissues, wiping his mouth and chin.

“Good choice,” he rasped.

Breaking News in Musutafu!

Yagi jolted, twisting to look at the large television screen on the lobby wall.

“Off to alert All Might?” Hikari grinned knowingly, munching on her own butterscotch doughnut.

“You know him,” He laughed, shaking his head and edging toward the Staff door, “No room for personal time.”

A giant villain is making an unwelcome splash at Ushimitsudoki Aquarium and Water Park.”

“No rest for the weary,” Ai said.

“Don’t I know it!” Yagi rushed to the door, pulling on his tie, “Keep the doughnuts!”

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Harry Styles - “I Want One”

Originally posted by worldstyles

Thank @blueeyedsoulme for this.. Harry/babies… kill me. haha. Enjoy! Hope you like it. 

“You sure you don’t mind?” Ben questioned Harry one last time, his hand on the doorknob of Harry’s home, about to leave his baby girl with her godfather for the afternoon. Ben trusted Harry, obviously since he was her godfather and all, but leaving his child was always hard no matter who with. 

“Go on now, we can handle this.” Harry shoos him with his hands, a wide grin on his face. “See you in a few hours.” 

Once Ben was gone, Harry headed back for the living room where you were at, taking baby Ruby from the car seat Ben had carried her in. He grins when he sees you with the baby in your arms, you having not yet noticed he had walked in the room. Harry took a moment to stand in the doorway of the room, taking in the sight of you cooing at the baby in your arms and it hit him. He wanted to see this every single day, he wanted this to be his life. You, him, and a baby.

It was on his mind the rest of the day. He would hold Ruby close to him, cuddling her to his chest as he fed her, played with her, made funny faces at her to get her little baby giggle out, a wide grin on his face. This was what he wanted. He always loved babies and children, of course, something changed in him today, though. Taking care of his goddaughter with you, a baby, he started to think if having one of his own with you would be a good idea. 

He realized it was. The two of you were in a stable relationship, lived together, obviously were secure financially. Sure, he knew you probably wanted to be married and a little older first but the more the day passed, the more he wanted it. 

“Byeeeee!” Harry presses kiss after kiss against Ruby’s face, earning giggles from the baby as Harry’s stubble scratched at her face. Ben laughs, shaking his head at his friends behavior. 

“So it was all good?” He asks you, allowing Harry to get in one last cuddle with Ruby before he took her home. You smile at him, giving a nod as you look back at your boyfriend who was completely wrapped up in the baby. 

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Everything at Once

Fandom: Star Wars

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

As requested by @whatshernamemaria :  Could do imagine where the reader is queen of naboo and kylo has to take her planet over and they fall in love. :-*

A/N: This turned out to be very poetic…

Originally posted by boomdafunk

“My queen…they’re here.” 

You’ve anticipated those words for several days now. The First Order was taking over your home, Naboo, and you couldn’t do anything about it.

You faced your friend and servant, Exa, “Take me to them.”

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#49: Kylo Ren x Reader

Thanks for requesting anon! Unfortunately, I’ve only seen TLJ once so far so I can’t remember exactly how the scene with Snoke went down, but I tried my best. I hope you like it 

Request: (oneshot) The reader and Kylo share one last kiss in the elevator when he takes her to snoke. When she is tortured by Snoke (unlike rey) she does not get up and Kylo defeats them all alone after he kneels and pulls her in the arms and go away.


“You don’t have to do this.” Your words were soft, but you knew Kylo heard them. He stood a bit behind you, completely silent, as though he was ignoring you.

“You take me prisoner only to tell me you want me to join you,” you said. “And now you’re taking me to your master, and when I refuse to join you, he will kill me.”

Kylo still didn’t say anything. The elevator continued its ascent, and your meeting with Snoke drew ever closer.

“Of course, it won’t be anything worse than what you’ve already done to me,” you said, trying to get a rise out of him. “You’ve only just manipulated and tortured me. You won’t even blink an eye when your master does it.”

Still no response from him. The silence was toruture in itself.

“Say something, Ben!” You turned to face him. More than anything you wished you weren’t restrained so you could hold his face, the face that he had once hidden with that damn helmet, and look into his eyes. “I know you think you’ve fallen too far from the light, but it’s never too late. Come back to the light. Come back home to your mother. Come back to me.”

Kylo finally looked down at you, and you could sense his emotions writhing just beneath his mask of indifference.

“I won’t let him kill you,” was all he said.

“He’s more powerful than the both of us combined,” you told him.

Kylo put a hand at the back of your neck and pulled you closer. When he looked into your eyes, you could see his promise was true.

“I will do everything in my power to protect you.” You couldn’t hold yourself back anymore, and you finally let go of the tears you had been fighting as you pressed a kiss to his lips. If this was the last time you would see him like this, you might as well show him your love one more time.

The elevator doors opened a moment after you pulled away, and you turned to face whatever was coming.

Kylo put a hand to your back and gently pushed you forward into Snoke’s throne room, with black reflective floors and deep red walls. His Praetorian guards lined the wall near the throne, ready for anything, and Snoke himself sat with a smug look in his chair.

“So this is the girl that had my apprentice clinging to the light,” he said as you stopped a few yards away from him, Kylo kneeling behind you. “There’s no such conflict in him now, as you can see, but you belong at his side all the same.”

You didn’t show your fear for the man—no, the monster, in front of you, refusing to look weak in front of him.

“And unlike the scavenger, you’re trained in the Force,” he said. “You’ll be a valuable asset to the First Order.”

All it took was a twitch of his finger, and the handcuffs restraining you fell to the floor.

“Come closer, child.” Snoke beckoned you closer. You looked back at Kylo, who only nodded in encouragement, before taking a few cautious steps forward.

“Closer.” A few more steps. You were at the foot of the throne now.

“As Kylo Ren is the dark, you are the light,” Snoke murmured, a smirk curling his haggard lips and warping his scarred face. “But you’ll turn quite easily, I’m sure.”

“I will never turn to the Dark Side,” you finally spoke, utter revulsion in your voice.

“Not willingly, no,” Snoke said, and you felt a pressure begin to build in your head, pressing at the inside of your skull. “But we have other matters to attend to, first. Where is Luke Skywalker?”

“I don’t know,” you said through gritted teeth, still trying to stay strong.

“You’ve seen the map. You know where he is,” Snoke said, extending a gnarled hand towards you. Your feet began to lift off the ground and the pressure in your head grew to the point where you cried out in pain. “You know where Sywalker and the scavenger are. Tell me.”

“Never,” you ground out. You had to keep Luke’s and Rey’s location secret. If Snoke found them, it would all be over.

“Foolish girl!” Snoke roared, losing his patience. You felt a white hot pain behind your eyes as you rose into the air and you couldn’t stop yourself from screaming. Snoke clawed through your mind carelessly, ripping and stretching your memories in search of one thing only, but you had to keep the memory of the map hidden.

“If you won’t tell me when you’re still of the light, you’ll tell me when you’re of the dark,” Snoke said, and you dropped to the floor. You struggled to get bak on your feet, but when you did, you met Snoke’s gaze defiantly.

“I will never join you,” you said through heavy breaths, and Snoke’s eyes narrowed. Unbeknownst to you, you had just survived the height of what Snoke’s torture could do to a person’s mind while still keeping them alive. Luke’s and Rey’s location was still a secret, and you were still drawing your strength from the Light Side of the Force. There wasn’t a drop of darkness in your heart, and without that, Snoke had no way of turning you.

“Then you are of no use to us,” he said. Your eyes widened in fear before you looked to Kylo, whose expression matched yours. 

“Ben.” You only had time to whisper his name before Snoke forced you into the air yet again, this time getting to his feet.

“You should have joined us while you had the chance,” he said, laughing at your screams of agony. He didn’t hold back on his power this time, and all the while Kylo couldn’t do anything but watch. Eventually you stopped screaming, your eyes rolling to the back of your head as you gasped for air, and Snoke finally released you.

Your body fell to the ground, limp and unmoving, as Kylo stared at what remained of you. He waited for you to get up, but he could feel it in the Force. You were gone

That was when his fury finally overtook him. In a blackout rage, he killed his master and every Praetorian guard that dared to come near your body. He singlehandedly took command of the First Order, with only his anger fueling him, until every living thing in the room was dead.

Kylo dropped his lightsaber and knelt down to pull you into his arms. He hadn’t cried in years, but now he let silent tears run down his face.

“Please, Y/N,” he whispered. With relief he saw that you weren’t completely gone yet. Your heart was barely beating and you took the shallowest of breaths, but he didn’t have the power to bring you back from the edge of death. All he could do was sit there and hold you, waiting for you to die as the room burned around him, with regret hanging heavy on his heart.

He had promised he would protect you, and he had failed.

Little prince and Jotun : …andd this is their story uvu,,

Thor use to hear about the only one jotun (here in Asgard) it’s trap and can’t go anywhere. (because something about magic keep him here)

They’re afraid of it because there’s a lot of rumors about this jotun.. like it’s dangerous and eat people.. no one can’t kill.. so they let him live alone…

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anonymous asked:

"No wonder you're so out of it. Your face feels like the surface of the sun" with marichat?

“No wonder you’re so out it, Mari. Your face feels like the surface of the sun,” Chat Noir said, rubbing his cheek against hers. 

“Cold,” she shivered. 

“Come on, let’s get you inside.” He slid an arm under her knees and picked her up. “Are your parents home? They need to know you don’t feel well.”

“Trip,” she whispered against his chest.

He stopped by the skylight. “You’re home alone? The whole weekend?”

“S’okay,” she murmured.

Chat Noir bit his lip and looked back out over the city. “You need someone to take care of you though.” When she didn’t reply, he looked down to see her eyes closed and breathing evened out. “Plagg’s going to kill me,” he muttered, turning back towards the balcony railing.

Cradling Marinette tight against him, he leapt from the balcony but missed his mark and scrabbled along the outside wall of the bakery with one hand to make a less than graceful landing to the street below. “Looks like were hoofing it, Princess.” Marinette grumbled something about silly kitties and went silent again.

Chat Noir stayed out of the light as much as he could, ducking into alleyways when civilians passed by. He made it back to his home, managing to get himself and Marinette through the window with limited problems. He immediately dropped his transformation, settling her on the bed.

“Kid, this is not a good idea,” Plagg said, looking down at the girl curled up on Adrien’s bed.

“She’s sick and was home alone. I couldn’t just leave her there.”

“You could’ve gotten her some medicine and checked in on her tomorrow.”

Adrien frowned. “Well, maybe…”

“Are you ready for her to know your secret? This girl?”

“She doesn’t have to find out.”

“Uh-huh, and how exactly are you going to explain when she wakes up here?”

“Um, Chat Noir brought her to me?”

Plagg rolled his eyes. “Yeah, that makes tons of sense.”

“Chat?” Marinette asked sleepily.

“Yeah, Mari, I’m here.” Adrien knelt down on the bed beside her.

“Thank you,” she sighed, turning in towards him. 

He brushed her hair away from her face. “Anytime, Princess.”

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Luka’s Appearance Theory.

So I think Luka will appear in the next episode but only as a final scene because that’s how cartoons work. *sighs*

But anyway,

Something happens with an akuma that involves the regular showdown only behind the scenes we have an excited Juleka who is waiting for her brother to arrive back from wherever he’s been for the longest time. And we never really get to see him until the final scenes when everyone’s chillin after almost being killed which might go something like this:

*insert Marinette, Adrien, Juleka, and the others walking together*

Mari: Juleka you said Luka is coming home today right?

Adrien: *ears perk up* Who’s-

Jule: Yes! I’m excited to see him. He’s suppose to be on his way now.

Adrien: Excuse me but who is-

Mari: I can’t wait to see him either! I wonder how much he’s grown! I missed him.

Adrien: Okay but who’s -

  • *insert the velvety chocolate voice I imagine as Luka’s*

Luka: I missed you too, marinette.

Mari/Jule: LUKAAAA!!!! *run to the punk style Adrien-look-a-like*

(I imagine him having a black cat somewhere on him. Only cuz Kagami was dressed in red like LB so Luka might as well have some kind of CN reference IMO, anyway)

Luka: *hugs his sister first* Juleka! I missed my sis so much! *insert sibling fluff*

Jule: *looks over at Marinette* You remember Marinette, right?

Luka: *stares at Marinette* Of course. I’d never forget my bestfriend. *hugs Marinette*

Mari: *nervous laugh and slight blushing* It’s nice to see you again too Luka. *gets lost in the hug*

Adrien: So you’re Luka?

Mari: *Let’s go as soon she hears Adrien’s voice cuz she’s embarrassed*

Luka: *notices how flustered Mari got with Adrien’s appearance* Yes. I am. And you are?

Adrien: *stretches out hand* My name is Adrien Agreste. It’s nice to finally meet you Luka.

Luka: *looks over at the flustered Mari and eye-rolling Juleka* It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Adrien.


it’s just a game, at first.

the rules are nonexistent and the objective is simple: make dark smile.

doesn’t sound too hard. that’s what the jims say, scoffing, but they can’t do it. bing can’t even get him to glance up from his paperwork. ed tries… something, and barely makes it out alive. dr iplier rolls his eyes and the host refuses to participate. yan gets closest, but dark barely twitches his lips and goes back to work, frown back in place.

they give up. game over. it’s a dozen-way tie with the scoreboard showing nothing but zeroes. they’re a little dejected, but it’s fine. they’ll find a new game.

but then—then wilford comes home, and google yellow suggests he get in on the game, and wil’s eyes light up like it’s suddenly christmas and his birthday all in one, and he rushes into dark’s office already giggling.

google green holds a mirror at an angle and they cluster around the door, just out of sight, hushed, waiting to see what happens.

“honey, i’m home!” wilford shouts, confident and happy, and places his hands roughly on dark’s shoulders from behind. he drops a firm kiss to the top of dark’s head and leans down, plucking the pen from his fingers, and pouts at him dramatically. “time to pay attention to me instead!”

everyone is ready to run. they stand stock-still and watch with mouths agape in horror. what is he thinking? he’s going to get himself killed.

but then.

dark leans back into the touch and sighs. he looks up wilford with something that is not softness, not fondness, perhaps a few inches to the left of adoration, but when their eyes meet dark’s lips curl up in a pleased, indulgent smile that is grotesquely out of place on his gray face.

“if you insist,” he laughs, the sound like gravel and broken glass, and wilford leans in to kiss him again. dark reciprocates.

the others glance at one another and retreat as quickly as they possibly can. they never play the game again. they do not speak of it.

Wrong One (Jamilton + Laf)

AN: yet another late fic of questionable value

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @hamilton4starwars @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @theoverlordofeverything

Warnings: none? 

Word Count: 1,639

Part One - Part Two - Part ThreeMasterlist

Gilbert came back from his run to find Thomas hunched over a mug of coffee at the kitchen counter. That was an unusual sight on the weekend. 

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anonymous asked:

Dramatic end-of-season 12 predictions: Crowley dies. Cas is thrown out of heaven and made human (either by choice or by force, not sure yet), Mary dies again (probably in a noble way.. but maybe not?), Sam and Dean lose the bunker (the MoL kick them out, empty the place and burn it to the ground as a compromised location). Season 13 sees TFW broken down, human and on the road a lot. No home base anymore & no back-up (all parents gone, no connections to heaven, hell, the MoL.. nothing.) #bleakAF

Or how about not? Let’s go with not. instead, let me offer a counter dramatic finale, yes?

Here we go: You are correct, Mary does go back to Heaven, but in this instance because she asked to be taken back, and the angels have no reason to deny her, so with a fond fare well, she’s returned back “home”, and the boys handle it okay, because they literally get to see her walk away and leave, like going from one place to another, and that’s way better than how they lost their mother before, and certainly better than how they could have lost her again, and they’re at peace with it, because her place was never on Earth with them to begin with since she’d been gone so long.

Dean and Sam find out on of the Princes of Hell is actually leading the BMOL, and along with Mick Davis, end up killing most of the heavy players in the BMOL- Mick having learned not every creature is, in fact, a monster- and some of them need saving. With the BMOL brought to it’s knees, the entrust it to Mick- who had defected to their side already and was working as a double-agent for the Winchesters.

Castiel, for his part, tells Joshua that while he will always be angel and one of their siblings, and while he does care for them, he does not love his angelic brethren, and they are not a family. And Cas basically states he’s stepping away and done with them. Don’t call me for help. Don’t come to me for any reason. Heaven can deal with its own issues, because I’m out. I’m done with this “family” that uses us until they kill us. Because, and Cas doesn’t say it, but they both know; Cas has a family he loves. Cas has a family that loves him. Dean loves him. And when he turns away, Joshua asks, “What is so special about them that you would turn you’re back on Heaven?” And Cas glances at him over his shoulder with a small smile and says, “They’re home.”

We see him step back through the door way to where Dean and Sam are waiting anxiously by the Impala, both of them visibly relaxing at the sight of him. And later, in his newly appointed room, Castiel removes his own grace and stores is away in a vial. Camera shift to where we can now see Dean leaning against the door frame watching.

“You sure about this?”

“The only family I need is here.” Turning to look at Dean. “The family I love is here.”

Dean smiles and nods to the glowing vial. “And that? Is it safe to just store?”

Cas regards it. “I thought I might use it to plant a garden like the one that sprung up when Anna’s grace fell to Earth. All of me belongs to be here and free.”

And then you’ve got Crowley, indisputable King of Hell viciously and violently kicking hell into some actual order and getting rid of the sniveling backstabbers who would dare disrespect him. It is a business- and an army- but it is run with ruthless efficiency, and Hell keeps to it’s own dealings. And final shot is of Crowley on his throne, with Hell literally and figuratively under his thumb, and to his right side, dressed in uniform appropriate to his title, is Lucifer: Knight of Hell and the King’s Hound.

World saved and False Kings and kingdoms fallen, you have Team Free Will in the Bunker War Room, and a general since of loitering from Sam until Dean and Cas walk in- Castiel now donning his own set of human clothing that’s not quite what they would wear, but suits Castiel.

“Well?” Sam asks. “World saved. Again. What now?”

Dean sucks in a breath and lets it out, scratching his head at a loss. When he opens his mouth again, he’s interrupted when a flat screen on the wall not really noticeable before lights up and we see Mick on the screen.

“Hello, Gentlemen. Everyone home and settled?”

They all kinda smile at each other, because yeah. Yeah they are.

Mick claps his hands and leans forward excitedly. “Excellent! If you wouldn’t mind, as a gesture of thanks and our new found partnership: I would like to give you gift.”

“What kind of gift?” asks Sam, brows furrowing.

Mick smirks. “What would you say to giving your bunker a technological upgrade?” They all look at each other, and then back to a grinning Mick who winks. “There are so many lives to be saved, after all.”

Pan out, fade to black, credits! Booyaka!

S13 is leading into making the MOL an actual academy to train and organize hunters, which ties into the spinoff “Wayward Daughters”, and there are constantly x-over episodes between the two.


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When I Look At You

Word Count: 2024

A/N: This is a song lyric inspired fiction… type thing?? I’m not good with fiction terminology, if that’s even a thing haha oops. It’s based off ‘When I Look At You.’ By Miley Cyrus. Anyways I love this so much actually :D If any of you want to send me requests I would love to take them, and I’d love to know what you think of my writing! Part 4 of Jealousy will be out soon btw! Much love <3

Everybody needs inspiration

Everybody needs a song

A beautiful melody,

For when the nights are long.

'Cause there’s no guarantee

That this life is easy.

    You sat in the diner by yourself, staring down at your laptop. It was midnight, and although you weren’t exactly supposed to be there, you needed to get out of the hell hole that was your house. It had just been constant fighting between your mom and dad. Although they were divorced, they were still forced to live with eachother until your mom got back on her feet. Their constant yelling and screaming at eachother were bad, but not as bad as your depression and anxiety that had been acting up lately. It was bad, and there seemed to be nothing anyone could do about it. So here you sat, trying to write some stupid paper about 'how far would you be willing to go to find the truth’ but nothing was coming to mind except the shit show that was your life. You had no inspiration, no motivation, and honestly you just wanted to cry. Just as you decided it was time to give up, a familiar pair of arms wrapped around your waist. You turned to face Jughead, and he gave you a small smile, and you attempted to return it, but he could tell something was off.

    “What’s wrong?” he lightly questioned, and you leaned into him, enjoying the feeling of peace while it lasted.

     "Nothing anymore.“ you whispered, only wanting him to hear you, not that there was anyone else in the diner. He nuzzled his head into the crook of your neck.

    "Bullshit. Please tell me what’s up.” he mumbled against your skin. You grabbed one of his hands that held tight on your waist and he rubbed small circles on it.

    “I’m stressed because of my parents, I feel like absolute depressed and anxious garbage, and I don’t know what to write for my damn essay. But none of that matters now, you’re here.” he squeezed you tighter with one arm, he and used the other one to open your laptop.

    “We can deal with everything else later, because I can’t allow that. But first, Let’s see what we’re working with…” he said, opening word. “How far would you be willing to go to find the truth..” You stared at the screen, just looking at the blank page made you want to scream and throw your laptop in a blender. “Write about Jason Blossom and his death.” Jughead suggested, and you perked up, an idea forming in your head. Jughead was on the search for truth, and he so far had gone to great lengths for it.

    “Or even better, I could write about you trying to find the truth about his murder.” you said, quickly typing. Jughead watched as words flew across the digital page. He took in every detail of you in this moment, your fingers as they typed, how you bit your lip in concentration, even how your hair fell down across your face and you didn’t even bother moving it because you were so in the zone. He wondered if this is what you felt like when you watched him write. You turned your head and kissed him.

    “My inspiration.” You mumbled against his lips.

Yeah when my world is falling apart

When there’s no light to break up the dark

That’s when I look at you.

When the waves are flooding the shore

And I can’t find my way home anymore,

That’s when I look at you.

    “I can’t do this anymore Jughead!” you yelled, collapsing onto the ground. It was becoming harder to breathe, and your vision was blacking out. Everything around you was blurry, the tears in your eyes distorting everything you looked at.

    “ Y/N please listen to me, everything is going to be okay!” he said tenderly, trying to not let his worry show. He grabbed your shoulders and he looked you in the eyes, his heart breaking as he saw the tears flow out of them. “Listen, I want you to breathe.”

    “I can’t!” you cried, shaking your head.

    “Yes you can, please Y/N. Just try.” he was doing his best to stay calm, but seeing you like this tore him apart.

    “What’s the point Jughead! I can’t do this anymore, I have no reason to!” you sobbed.

    “Y/N you have me!” he yelled.

    “You could do so much better, you’ll find so much better and you’ll leave and I’ll be completely alone!” you bitterly yelled. Y/N looked at him, and started to cry even harder.

    “Juggie I’m so sorry, please don’t cry!” she sobbed. Jughead hadn’t even noticed that tears were rolling down his face, and Y/N had never really seen him cry before. Sure she saw a tear or two every once in a while, but never this many. Her chest got tight and her heart shattered. Jughead pulled her into his chest, and they held eachother.

    “I could never do better than you.” he whispered, rubbing circles on her back. She held onto him tighter, wanting nothing more to make him stop crying. She could feel his tears fall onto her shoulder. “It’s you who could do so much better, I’m not good enough for you Y/N, I-”

    “Forsythe don’t even say that! I love you more than anything in this world, you make me feel less broken and alone and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” she whispered.

    “You do the same for me.” he said, kissing her forehead. You make me feel whole.“

    "Juggie, I know now that my home isn’t a place, my home is you.” she smiled up at him. He leaned down and kissed her, cupping her face.

    “You’re my home too, Y/N.” he leaned his forehead against hers, and smiled back down at her.

When I look at you,

I see forgiveness,

I see the truth.

You love me for who I am.

Like the stars hold the moon.

Right there where they belong,

And I know I’m not alone.

    “I’m sorry.” Y/N whispered, standing by Jugheads locker at school. He crossed his arms and stared at her.

    “You’re in my way.” he said coldly, although it killed him to talk to her like that. She stepped away from the locker, and he turned his back to her and opened it up. Rummaging through his backpack for his math notebook he did his best to ignore Y/N behind him, no matter how badly he wanted to kiss her and hold her.

    “Juggie can we please talk about this?” she asked.

    “Don’t call me that.” Y/N felt tears stinging in her eyes.

    “Jughead please!” she begged, and Jugheads heart broke at the sound of her voice. He turned around and saw a tear roll down her face.

    “Okay! We can talk if you stop crying.” he said, closing his locker and pulling her into the nearest janitor closet. The door closed behind him and he looked down at her.

    “Jughead I’m sorry! I know that you feel like I’m lying because I have things to hide from you and that I’m distancing myself because you think I’m going to leave you but that’s not the case! Things at home are getting worse and… I was scared to tell you what was going on.” Jughead looked at her worryingly.

    “What do you mean? What’s going on?” he asked, stepping towards her.

    “They… they kicked me out Jughead.” she started to sob, and she wrapped his arms around her. “I’m homeless and I’m alone and maybe I deserve it. Maybe I don’t deserve a home and a family, I’m just a big problem!”

    “No you aren’t.” he whispered, rubbing her back. “And you aren’t alone, you’ll never be alone. Come stay with me.” He said.

    “What?” she asked, looking up at him.

    “Come live with me.” he said again, smiling down at her.

    “Where do you live?” she asked, a bit of excitement present in her voice.

    “Don’t tell anyone, but I live at the Twilight Drive-In.” he whispered, and she stares up at him in shock. He laughed and pulled her towards him again.

    “You wouldn’t want to live with me.” she said. “I dance around too much and sing off key, I eat way too much and I yell at the screen while I watch movies and tv even though they can’t hear me! I sleep all day or I lay in bed and watch YouTube and I talk in my sleep-”  

    “I already know, and I think it’s adorable.” he said, cutting her off. “You’re perfect to me Y/N, and if your parents don’t want you then I’ll sure as hell take you.”

    “Oh Jughead…” Y/N fought back tears, but for a different reason this time. “Are you sure?”

    “Absolutely.” Jughead said, grabbing her hand.

You appear just like a dream to me,

Just like kaleidoscope colours that cover me

All I need, every breath that I breathe

Don’t you know you’re beautiful?

    “I swear Y/N, if you don’t give me back my beanie-”

    “What are you going to do?” Y/N interrupted him, giving a smirk.

    “I’m going to do….” Jughead trailed off, trying to think of a punishment for the (y/h/c) girl standing on the bed smiling down at him. “This.” he said, running towards the girl. He jumped up on the bed and tackled her, pinning her underneath him.

    “Sucks to be you.” she said, grinning ear to ear. Jughead looked around for the beanie, but couldn’t see it anywhere . He looked down at Y/N and she giggled.

    “Where is it?” he asked.

    “That’s on a need to know basis, and I’m sorry, but you don’t need to know.” she said.

    “Actually, I think I do. That’s my beanie.” he playfully argued.

    “Actually, you don’t.” she laughed, trying to mimic his voice.

    “Y/N, please!” He begged. Y/N attempted to sit up, but couldn’t. She fell back down on the bed, and Jughead gave his best puppy dog eyes and stuck out his bottom lip.

    “Is Jughead Jones giving me puppy eyes right now?” Y/N laughed. Jughead rolled his eyes and sighed. He leaned down and fell onto Y/N, now laying on her. He buried his face in the crook of her neck, and she kissed him on the forehead.

    “I think you’ll be okay without it for one day.” she said. Jughead groaned, and it tickled Y/ns neck.

    “I won’t be though! I feel like I look like an idiot without it. Not that I look any better usually.” he said, raising his head so he was looking at her.

    “Um, no.” she quickly sat up, pushing Jughead up too.

    “No what?” he asked, confused by her sudden change in behavior. He sat on the edge of the bed, and pulled Y/N onto his lap.

    “You never look like an idiot. You’re adorable.” Y/N said in a very serious tone.

    “Not exa-” Jughead was cut off by a kiss. He pulled back, and looked up at the girl on his lap. “What was that?” he asked.

    “What I’m not allowed to kiss my boyfriend?” Y/N teased an he chuckled.

    “No, I mean-” again he was cut off with another kiss.  

    “You’re so handsome Jughead.” she mumbled against his lips. He pulled back again and stared at Y/N, and she admired his sweet smile plastered on his face. His hair was messed up, wild and free from his beanie, and the setting suns light shone through the window, lighting the room up beautifully. Y/N felt like she was in a dream, and if it was one she hoped she’d never wake up. He reached up and cupped her face, and she leaned into it.

    “How did I ever get so lucky to have you?” Jughead asked softly.

    “I could ask you the same thing.” she said, leaning down to kiss him again.

    “I love you, Y/N.”

    “And I love you, Forsythe.” she whispered.

You Two Are Children I Swear (Theo Raeken Imagine ft. Liam)

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NOTE: lmao whoops I lied I’m posting it today even tho i need to work on two essays and math hw i couldn’t help it

Summary: Reader is Theo’s girlfriend and is trying to help Theo and Liam distract the hunters that Nolan had called up when he followed them.

Warning: lil but of sassiness, a few bad words, also spoilers from S6b ep16.

“Is it working?” Liam asks Mason while looking at Theo and I, “Yes, he’s behind me, like literally behind me driving a bright red car, he’s not really good at this” Mason rambles, Theo and I looked at each other and snickered. Ten minutes later, Mason arrives in Lydia’s car.

“He’s still behind you?” Theo and Liam questioned, “Yeah he’s right up the road” Mason replies. “Babe can you help me get some of this stuff out?” Theo asks, “Yeah of course” I answer walking to him grabbing a whole bunch of blankets and cases of water.

Theo pulls me to the side while Mason and Liam are talking, “You didn’t have to come help us (Y/N)”, I sigh, “I know but I wanted to, it’s a bonus when I get to spend time with my boyfriend” I giggle elbowing him lightly. Theo just smiles, “There’s the smile that I love” I comment.

Theo stands behind me and wraps his arms around my waist, “Thank you for helping us out, I just don’t want to see you get hurt because of all the hunters thinking we are all monsters” Theo mumbles in my ears.

“Theo, you and I both know we aren’t monsters, including Scott and the rest. Yeah you might’ve done horrible things but they all forgive you and I do too” I state. “God this is why I love you, you always see the good in people” Theo whispers.

I turn around and wrap my arms around the back of Theo’s neck, “And I love you” I reply back seeing the smile on his face grow bigger, he leans down to kiss me and as soon as our lips almost touch, “Theo, (Y/N) let’s get the truck ready!” Liam shouts, Theo huffs and looks at him and back to me. “I’m gonna kill him, such a cockblock” Theo mutters while I try to hold my laugh in. Theo grabs my hand and walks with me to Lydia’s car.

“Maybe I should come?” Mason questioned hoping he can, “Too dangerous, Nolan and the rest were told shoot to kill, go home” Theo adds, “Yeah, Lydia would get mad if I wrecked her car anyway, be careful” Mason respond while backing up to leave.

“We will! I’ll make sure these two don’t kill each other! Be careful Mason” I shout and Mason yells back a ‘I will’ and 'Definitely make sure they don’t kill each other, I need my best friend and you need your boyfriend’.

“Come on boys we need to go if we want to distract Nolan and the rest” I say walking always and getting into Theo’s truck. We pulled up and arrived at a zoo. “Why are we at the zoo?” Theo asks while I unload the truck and grab everything out.

Liam explains to Theo and I, “That’s a good plan, I’m impressed”. I walk with the blankets, “Oh babe let me help” Theo says jogging towards me and grabbing cases of water while Liam leads us to wear we should set everything up.

“Nolan’s here with two hunters” I state turning back around to look at the boys. “Why is there only two? Where’s the back up? There should be twenty of them” Theo questions getting frustrated. 

“I’m telling you, I saw Mason bringing supplies here. Where are the rest? This is not just werewolves okay? This is a pack with a banshee and an alpha. We need backup.” Nolan said. 

We look to see the hunters look at each other and back to Nolan making us know they don’t believe him. “Look they had at least six sleeping bags and cases of water.” Nolan continued. 

Liam whispers, “They only saw us, they aren’t going to believe Nolan”. “Okay then they have to believe us, IS THERE A PROBLEM?” Theo shouts, “Theo what the fuck?!” I whisper yell. “Babe trust me” he whispers. “YOU ALWAYS HAVE A PROBLEM” Theo screams. “LOOK AT THAT SCOTT, YOUR BETA IS ONLY GOOD FOR FIGHTING WHEN HE’S MAD” he continues. 

All of a sudden Theo punches Liam, “Theo!” I yell helping Liam up. “Is that necessary?” Liam mumbles. After a while we heard, ”Alright we are calling back up”. Theo and Liam stopped to catch their breathe, “You two look like hell” I commented, “Mostly you though babe”. 

Liam looks down at his shirt, “You ripped my shirt”. “Yeah and you broke my nose twice” Theo says holding up two fingers, “Twice. It healed and you broke it again” 

Liam looks at me and then Theo and punches him straight in the nose, “Ah” Theo grabs his nose, “Three” Liam added. I rolled my eyes and Liam walked off looking out for Nolan. 

I help Theo up, “Theo I love you but you got your ass kicked by Liam. Again.” I say holding in a laugh. “You’re lucky you’re my girlfriend (Y/N) only thing I can smack is your ass” Theo replied smirking. “I hate you” I said glaring at him, “Uh no, you love me” he continued.

“Gerard and the rest of the hunters are here” I stated. “Alright lets go” Theo says grabbing my hand and we look back to see Liam standing there. “Liam, lets go!” Theo exclaims frustratingly. Liam shrugs him off and Theo groans, “Fine, I’m not going to die because you want to sit and watch and I sure as hell am not letting (Y/N) stay” he continues while we run off. 

Theo pulls me into a corner where we’re hidden and pulls me into a kiss, the kiss was gentle and Theo didn’t want to stop and I didn’t want to either but I had to. “Theo as much as I’m loving this, we can’t make out right now especially with the hunters” I say breaking the kiss while Theo pouts. I can smell Liam’s sent but I also smelled another one, “Nolan”. 

“Come on, I think Nolan is close to Liam” with that Theo complains, “He’s a big boy he can do it himself”. I roll my eyes and Theo and I see Liam peeking around the corner watching Nolan. “He’s going to get caught” Theo states while we walk up to him and Theo pulls him to the side. “Stop being so obvious!” Theo whisper yells, “Let go!” Liam yells and with that Theo yells back, “Calm down!”.

I look to see Nolan appear, “Uh boys” I say and they turn around and next thing you know Liam tackles Nolan. Liam is continuously punching the wall near Nolan, Theo runs up and hits Liam knocking him out, “Run” he comments looking at Nolan.

“Ugh, what happened?” Liam asks stirring in the backseat of the truck. “Had to knock you out so you wouldn’t kill Nolan” Theo answered looking at him through the mirror. “How many times?” Liam groans. “Five” Theo answers smirking. 

“It was fair in all honesty since you broke my nose three times” Theo reminded, “Yeah well you ripped my shirt” Liam argues back. The two are arguing back and forth and I decide to speak, “Stop acting three”, “Yeah Theo” “Yeah Liam”, “I’m talking to both of you” I state and they both stop laughing at each other, before both of them could say anything I pitch in, “You two are children I swear” before getting a ‘Are not!’ from the two. 

A day with daddy

Pairing: Chris Evans x Wife!Reader x Evans baby

Word Count: 1193

Warnings: Fluffy fun, and language

The time had come to have to return to work, at least for the day. You were reading for your next movie that was coming up in a few months and you were going to have to leave the baby home with Chris.  He was thrilled to have your daughter, Piper, to himself for the whole day.  The new mommy hormones were not helping you today as you were getting misty eyed as you handed her over to your husband.  “There is plenty of milk in the fridge for her. Just remember to warm the water in the microwave and let the bottle warm in the water after.”

“Baby, I know.  We will be fine, I swear.  Go to the studio before you’re late.”  He cradled Piper in his left arm as he leaned to kiss you.  You bit your lip looking at him holding your baby.  The sight never failed to swell your heart with love.

“Okay I’m going.  Call me if you need anything.” You took tentative steps towards the front door.  You could hear Chris talking to the baby as you opened the door and walked out.

“Say bye to Momma, Piper.  Bye Momma, we love you.”  He had taken her hand and was waving it at you.  You smiled as you closed the door knowing she would be perfectly fine with her father.  It was just so hard to leave your baby for the first time.

After Chris watched your car leave the driveway, he lifted Piper up to face her.  “Okay Miss Piper, what should we do today?” That sweet baby face just looked at him.  A little drool dribbled from the side of her mouth.  “Well let’s go see what’s on T.V.  I don’t know if I remember what the world is like outside this house anymore.”  He put her up on his shoulder so she could see.

Chris did not get the chance to really listen to the T.V. long. He had set Piper on her play mat on her stomach for tummy time, as you had said, so she could work on her muscle strength.  Piper was not having it.  Her entire head was red from screaming.  So much so that Chris grew a little concerned and laid on the floor with her.  He was face level with her talking to her trying to calm her down.  “Come on Pips.  You are all right.  You can stay like this for a little while.  Your mom told me we had to do this.  And you know mom is the boss.”  The pep talk did not help.  Piper continued her crying.  The crocodile tears rolling down her cheeks.  The poor daddy couldn’t take anymore and picked up the baby trying to sooth her.  

“It’s okay, baby girl.  I’ve got ya.  Just don’t tell mom we didn’t keep you on your tummy for long.”  He bounced her and paced back and forth which calmed her a bit. When she was just sniffling, he looked at her little face.  “How about a bottle?  Huh? That sound good?”  He heated the milk and fed her.  After a few ounces, Piper seemed content.  He put her up on in shoulder again to burp her.  The belch he got from the baby made him laugh. “That’s my girl.  That was almost as good as your momma’s burps.  Momma burps like a man.  That is something to keep between you and me though.”  Chris laughed as he pulled Piper off his shoulder to look at her.  As soon as he moved her, Piper spit up all over him.  

“Ahh shit this is my favorite Pats shirt. “ Piper just gurgled at him before she spit up again, covering herself.  Chris sighed, walking up the stairs to go change them both.  An hour later, both of them were clean and changed.  He sent a cute video of him and Piper to you showing how much they missed you and that the baby was still in one piece.  You responded with a love and kissy face before going back to your reading.

It wasn’t long before Chris was starving, but Piper had other plans. She did not want to be put down and screamed every time he tried.  So now, he was eating left over cold pasta out of the plastic container standing at the counter because she wanted to watch the ceiling fan.  He laughed for a moment at how his entire world revolved around someone who enjoyed staring at the fan as a fun pastime.  It showed how much his life had changed in the years since he met you, and he loved every second of it.  With his lunch finished, he looked down at the girl in his arms, “well princess, what do you want to do now?”  His phone started vibrating in his pocket.  It took him a second to fish the damn thing out as he maneuvered her back onto his shoulder.  It was his mom.

“Hey mom!  What’s goin’ on?”  His mom called to check on him and her granddaughter while you were gone for the day. Asked how it was going and if Piper was behaving.  They talked for a few minutes before Piper let her father know she was being ignored by stretching out as far as her little six-week-old body would let her and proceed to loudly filler her diaper.  Chris laughed as he finished his call.  “Mom, I gotta go.  Piper needs to be cleaned up again.”  He tried to get her upstairs quickly but he heard that sound again as Piper grunted with her red little face.  A warm wet feeling seeped through his shirt.  

“Piper, really, again? Ugh you’re killing me, Smalls.” Another hour passed with him having to bathe her then clean himself up and change his shirt again.  By that time, she needed another feeding and diaper changing.  Chris was worn out and it was barely 4pm.  You would be home in a couple hours and he hadn’t even thought what to do for dinner.  Today had been a lot harder for him than he imagined.  

Chris brought Piper downstairs and set her on the floor on her mat. This time, though, on her back so she could see her mobile.  He laid down beside her talking quietly to her.  Telling her all about the things, they were going to do for you when you got home.  They would help make dinner and do the dishes and then have a good story before bedtime. It was no time before; both were fast asleep on the floor.  You walked in with a pizza in hand calling out to Chris.  There wasn’t a return text when you said you were on your way.  You figured the baby had kept Chris busy. The sight of those two on the floor made you smile.  Of course, you had to get a picture, first, before you did anything else.  You knew you were a lucky woman to have the two people you loved the most in this world, peacefully sleeping after a day together. It didn’t get much better than this.

Addewid (XIV)

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Kai (Jongin)

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 4,313

Genre: Fey!AU + Series

Summary: You cannot appeal to my better nature, for I have none. I am not human, little one.”

You’ve always known you were different. You’re able to see them, after all, able to see the Others. You’ve also always ignored them. Until the day comes where you’re forced to make a choice - one that throws your world into chaos. And sends you down a path you might never return from.

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Vampire!Jisoo - SMUT

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i had too much fun with this one okay i’m trash for jisoo ugh

- Hongbin’s hoe x

  • sneaky shit
  • let’s be real here he knows what the fuck he’s doing
  • likes to be close to you
  • like to the point where there is literally no space between you
  • likes to kiss your neck (yup yes im dead)
  • maybe some like light choking? idk I can see him being down to try some shite
  • he may look innocent and he may act like a fucking gentleman
  • but I swear on my life he is secretly a dirty boi
  • HAVE
  • YOU
  • SEEN
  • HIS
  • trust me he’d put them to good use
  • I can see him being really into fingering for some reason
  • like idk just the thought that he can make you cum with nothing but his fingers just makes him happy
  • and because of that, I reckon he’d probably try and do it in public
  • he’s a sneaky shit okay we’ve established this
  • he will do ANYTHING to make you flustered, especially when you’re out in public or at a very inappropriate time
  • like if you’re at the cinema or something he’ll make sure you’re sitting away from anyone to avoid getting caught
  • and he’ll just like lean over and whisper something in your ear
  • okay imagine this:
  • “take off your underwear,” he whispers in your ear, breaking your concentration on the movie
  • “what?” you whisper, turning to him with wide eyes
  • “you heard me,” he mutters, staring down at your already clenching thighs
  • “won’t someone see?”
  • he just stares at you with a fuckin evil glint in his eyes until you slowly reach under your skirt and take off your underwear, handing it to him and leaning back to try and pay attention to the movie
  • you hold your breath as you feel his hand slowly trail up your thigh, disappearing under the fabric of your skirt
  • you quickly turn around to make sure no one is behind you, sighing in relief when you see there’s no one around you
  • but you gasp as you feel his fingers start to tease your folds, your grip on the arm of the chair tightening as his fingers gently run up and down your slit
  • luckily no one turns around to look at you, so he moves his hands faster, one of his fingers prodding your entrance
  • you slink down in your chair, biting down on your lip as he slips a finger into you, keeping his attention focused on the screen, knowing full well that if he looks at you he’ll lose it
  • you cover your mouth with your hand as you spread your legs further, your other hand grabbing his wrist tightly as he adds another finger
  • you think he’s going to stop just before you cum, but he doesn’t
  • he just moves his fingers faster and faster until your legs are shaking and you’re twitching silently in your seat, a small squeak leaving your lips
  • he pulls his fingers out slowly, the feeling making you hiss
  • you lean back in the chair, your chest rising and falling
  • you turn to see him sucking slowly on his fingers, keeping eye contact with you until he’s done
  • “I might have to finger you in public more often, princess.”
  • (jesus fuck this is killing me)
  • will say shit at the most inappropriate times like holy shit
  • like if you’re out with friends or something he’ll whisper in your ear something like
  • “I can’t wait to fuck you when we get home”
  • also will pull you into the restaurant bathroom or whatever and pin you against the wall of a cubicle and finger you while you rub him through his pants (don’t make him cum because that’s the hardest thing to have to explain to your friends when you get out)
  • will fuck you on the kitchen counter the moment you get home because he’s too eager and horny to walk that extra few metres to your bedroom
  • aiight so he’s not really rough, but he will make you cum several times before he finally does
  • sometimes asks you to masturbate in front of him
  • he’ll just sit there and stare you down until he can’t take it anymore and replaces your fingers with his own
  • he just likes the feeling of it
  • doesn’t like denying your orgasms because he fucking loves the way you look and sound when you cum
  • which is why he makes you cum so many times because he’s like “awwwwwwww yiiiis I can make them cum with nothing but my fingers I am a fucking god”
  • as far as like dirty talking goes, he ALWAYS whispers shit in your ear
  • I mean you’ve heard his voice don’t you dare tell me that him whispering filthy shit in your ear wouldn’t be the best thing ever
  • like the contrast between his soft calming voice and the filthy words coming out of his mouth is just like “???????”
  • “look at you, so wet for me already”
  • “I can’t wait to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours when we get home”
  • (nope nope nope enough dirty talking kill me)
  • oh my lord imagine him moaning
  • the softest sounds to ever grace your ears
  • like they’re breathy and kinda raspy and just ugh
  • would bite you, but not very often
  • like he really doesn’t want to hurt you he’s so afraid of that
  • but he’d only do it if you really wanted him to or if he was that desperate for blood
  • its not really his thing (even though he is a vampire)
  • but his favourite place to bite you is your neck
  • aiight so seeing as though he is kinda dominant and shit, he doesn’t mind being called ‘sir’
  • oh lord can you imagine that
  • please rip off my limbs
  • but he always calls you by your own name
  • if he’s feeling particularly dom though, he’ll call you princess
  • “get on your knees for me, princess”
  • “yes, Jisoo”
  • “excuse me?”
  • “I mean, yes sir”
  • “good girl”
“I Won’t Say I’m In Love” // Harry Hook x Reader (Daughter of Hades)

Hey hey hey ! Second imagine is ready ! Thanks so much guys for all the likes on the precedent one, I love you so much !! Hope you’ll like this one as much ! xoxo

Summary : You really hate Harry Hook, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him since he conforted you…


“How can he be your first mate ?”

You were seated next to your best friend Uma in her mother’s shop. The question crossed your lips as your eyes left Harry Hook who had just left the room after wincking at you. Harry was the first mate of Uma and you really hated him. He was annoying, flirting with you all the time despite all your efforts to push him away. He was maybe the person you hated the most in the world, after Mal and her gang who went to Auradon two months ago.

Uma looked at you like if you had turned mad.

“Harry is the most annoying guy on the Isle !”

“But he’s the best sword fighter of my crew.” She stopped talking for a minute or two before she asked : “Tell me, Y/N… Aren’t you a bit in love with him ?”

“What ?” you yelled louder than you wanted. Everybody looked at you. “Are you crazy, Uma ? No, of course not ! He’s such a…”

“So why are you always talking about him ?”

“I have never said…”

“No, never, just yesterday, the day before and the whole week…” she smiled. “Come on, you can tell me everything.”

“Uma, I’m not and I will never be in love with Hook” you answered as you stood up. “Gotta go, my brother’s waiting for me. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See ya, Y/N. I’ll tell Harry you say hi” she laughed. You felt your hair becoming hotter, a sign that you were really angry. You got that - the fire hair - from your dad, Hades, the Lord of the Underworld.

On the way back to home, you couldn’t stop thinking of what Uma said. Why are you always talking about him ? Aren’t you a bit in love with him ? Come on, tell me.

If there’s a prize for rotten judgement,
I guess I’ve already won that
No man is worth the aggravation
That’s ancient history, been there, done that

Here was the truth : two weeks ago, your boyfriend broke up with you. You were so sad, you spent almost a week crying about that. You usually went out of the town to be alone and cried and yelled after him as much as you needed. But this day, you heard someone.

“Well, well, well, who’s that guy that makes a such beautiful girl crying like this ?”

“Go away, Hook !” you shouted, wiping your tears.

You didn’t want to see him. But you heard his steps and guessed that he stopped next to you.

“Seth, uh ? Facilier’s son ?” he continued. “Uma told me he…”

“I said leave me alone.”

“I don’t like him. But I’m sorry for you, lass.”

You couldn’t believe what you’ve just heard. Harry Hook, sorry for you ? You looked up at him. He was smiling.

“Y/N, you’re a great person, and he didn’t deserve you.”

“But I loved him ! I really did ! And he just… he just…”

“Acted like an asshole. Honnestly, you couldn’t keep dating a guy like him. You deserve someone who really care about you, who will never let you down. He hurt you, and that’s the proof he was not made for you.”

He kneeled in front of you, his blue eyes fixing yours. You wiped them again.

“I won’t let anyone hurt you again like that, Y/N. Now stop crying, please” he whispered to me. After a minute of silence, you asked :

“Why are you so nice with me ? You know I don’t like you.”

“Well, Uma would kill me if I let people causing you pain” he laughed. “Seriously, I hate seeing you hurt. Maybe you don’t like me, but I care about you. Even if you don’t succumb to my natural charm.”

You smiled against your will. He smiled back and gave you his hand. You took it and get up before you quickly released him. He escorted you to your home without added anything.

“Hook ?”

“Yes, Y/N ?”

“You’re still annoying. But thank you.”

“Whenever you need, princess of the Underworld.”

He imitated a reverence before he turned back and you entered into your house.

Who d'you think you’re kidding
He’s the earth and heaven to you
Try to keep it hidden,
Honey we can see right through you
Girl you can’t conceal it
We know how you’re feeling
Who you thinking of

Why couldn’t you chase Harry away from your mind ? You hated him, you knew he was even worst than your ex Seth Facilier. Harry would play with you and your feelings before he let you down. He seemed to care about you, but for how long ? If you would let him become your friend or… more, he would break you, like Seth did, but this time it would be worse.

“Come on, Y/N. Put yourself together. Stop thinking about him !”

But it was like an obsession.

I won’t let anyone hurt you again… I hate seeing you hurt. I care about you !

Aren’t you a bit in love with him ?

In love with him ?

You stopped walking and hit the ground with your feet.

“I can’t be in love with him ! Y/N, you can’t love a guy like him !”

“Everything’s alright, Y/N ?” you heard a voice saying behind you.

You turned round. A girl, older than you, with short black hair and blue eyes, wearing black clothes and lots of black make up, smiled at you. She was Harriet, Harry’s older sister. You always thought she and Harry looked a lot like each other. Harriet was three years older than you, but you knew her from your brother. Fun fact, they were close friends while you hated Harry.

“Hi, Harriet. Yeah, I’m fine.”

“You don’t look like you really are. ‘Have a problem with a guy, uh ? I heard ya.”

“Actually… yes” you answered as Harriet started laughing. “I think I kinda have feelings for him, but I hate him at the same time.” Harriet laughed even more.

“Sweetie, I’d love talking with you 'bout that, but I’m lookin’ for Harry. Did ya see him ?”

“He was at Ursula Fish & Chips earlier, but he left before I did. Maybe I can help you to find him ?”

“You can go to the docks, I’ll look for Uma. She probably knows where he is.”

You left Harriet, determined to find Harry and talk about you two.

No chance no way I won’t say it, no no
(You swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh)
It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love
I thought my heart had learned its lesson
It feels so good when you start out
My head is screaming “Get a grip girl
Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out”

You didn’t know how long you searched him. But for sure, he was not on the docks. You suddently had an idea. Why not… where he found you the last week ? He knew that place, and no one ever came there.

You were right. Harry was seated where you were the last week, looking at some invisible point on the ground. His brown hair were messier than usually, his black eyeliner making dark marks under his blue eyes like he had… cried ?

“Are you ok, Hook ? Your sister’s looking for you.”

He didn’t answer. Something was clearly wrong with him. You finally stopped and sat next to him. He took his face in his hands. That really hurt you to see Harry like that.

“Harry ? Is everything alright ?”

“Would you… stay with me ? Please” he begged with a broken voice.

“Of course” you answered without thinking. “If you want to talk, I’m here. You can tell me anything.”

For about five minutes, none of you said a word.

“My dad.”

You bit your lip. There was no a single adult on the Isle who was a good parent with their children. You perfectly knew some of them were abusive, yelled, insulted their kids. Your dad wasn’t the worst - the only thing you worried about him were the moments of anger when his hair caught fire.

“He… He had always prefered my sisters. I’m just… I’m just a stupid boy, I don’t even deserve to be a pirate.”

“What !”

You looked at him, chocked. You saw something broken in his eyes, that you have never seen. And he looked so sad… You put your hand on his shoulder.

“Don’t listen to him, Harry. You are amazing, you are Uma’s first mate !”

“He said I’m nothing. I…”

“Harry Hook ! Stop bullying yourself !” you yelled. Surprised, he looked at you. “You are wonderful, Harry. You are the best sword fighter of the Isle. You are loyal, always there for the people you love. You are the boy who stayed with me when I was sad, even if I tried to push you away, even if you thought I hated you. You are not perfect, but no one is. And if your father doesn’t want you, I do. I…”

You stopped talking. What were you saying ?

Girl you can’t deny it
Who you are is how you’re feeling
Baby we’re not buying
Hon we saw you hit the ceiling
Face it like a grown-up
When you gonna own up that you got got got it bad

Harry was still looking at you. And you did something that amaze yourself. You wrapped your arm around his neck, brought your face closer to his and kissed him. You closed your eyes as you connected your lips at his. Harry took only a few seconds before kissing you back. And you loved every seconds of that moment. You loved his salty lips, their softness, you loved feeling his hand on your cheek trying to bring you even more closer.

“What a nice surprise” he muttered against your lips. “Maybe I’ll be depressed more often if you kiss me like that every time.”

“Don’t push it, Hook. I still hate you.”

“Of course, darlin’ of course. I love you too.”

He kissed you one more time, before you stood up.

“My gosh, Harry, because of you I’m late ! My brother’s waiting for me, I have to go.”

He get up too and put his arm aroung your waist.

“May I escort you, Lady of the Underworld ?”

You rolled your eyes, making him laughed. He kissed your forehead before you two walked back into town.

No chance no way I won’t say it, no no
(Give up, give in, check the grin you’re in love)
This scene won’t play I won’t say I’m in love
(We’ll do it until you admit you’re in love)
You’re way off base I won’t say it
Get off my case I won’t say it
(Girl don’t be proud it’s okay you’re in love)
At least out loud I won’t say I’m in love

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Jimin & 70

Member: Jimin

Prompt Request: “Did you buy me… lingerie?”

Genre: Angst

Imagine Summary: You find a box of lingerie on your shared bed with Jimin, but it might not be for you.

Word Count: 969

I trudged my sore feet up the stairs to my shared apartment with Jimin. I was having the worst day imaginable and even the elevator under repairs forcing me to walk thirteen flights of stairs was the least of my problems. That was considering I got laid off at work.

I was a ball of anxiety, sadness and fatigue by the time a made it up the stairs and walked down the hallway to our door. After working for the last two weeks on a special project, my boss found the time to tell me they’re downsizing the branch after I completed it.

I lazily slid my key in the door, hoping that Jimin would be home to comfort me. With the two of us working all the time, it feels like ages since we’ve been on a date or spent some real time together.

Slipping off my shoes, dropping my keys in the basket, placing my coat on the rack and lumbering over to the bedroom, I let myself fall face forward on the bed.

I sigh into our comforter and lay there for a couple minutes before I have the energy to get up and take a bath.  I sit up on our bed and move to take off my shirt when I see a red box at the bottom of the bed. I smile.

I open up the box and peel the pink sparkly tissue to reveal a red lingerie set. It’s absolutely beautiful. The material feels silky between my fingers and the brasserie has a bit of white lace that compliments the red.

I laugh to myself and pick up the box and go to the bathroom to take a shower.

I take a nice long shower, lathering myself in body wash with the scent I know Jimin loves. After that I dress myself in the racy red number and then do my hair and makeup. The fact that I’ll have to find another job is far from my mind right now. All I can think about is Jimin. I have to adjust the bra a bit since it doesn’t fit all that well. I check the label and see that it’s a size too big. Usually Jimin buys me the right sizes but I guess he just mixed up the letters or something.

I put on a light pink silky robe and as I’m tying the belt, I hear Jimin walk in.

I quickly jump onto the bed and get into a provocative position with me laying across the bed and my head propped up on my hand.

Jimin opens the door and as soon as he sees me he jumps back in fright. Not the reaction I expected but funny nonetheless.

“Y/N, what are you doing home? I thought you said you would be working overtime this week for that special project or something.” He asks. He looks so hot in his loose fitting hoddie and tight black jeans.

“I’m done,” I say. I don’t really want to talk about my unemployment right now since it’ll really just kill the mood.

I stand up on my knees on the bed and stretch my hands out to Jimin and pull him closer.

“So..” I say trying to be seductive. “Did you buy me….. Lingerie?” I draw out the last word for effect.

Jimin smiles tightly. “Oh, that.” He says.

I tug on the belt and let the pink robe fall and pool around my knees.

Jimin’s eyes widen and i bite my lip. I move to kiss him but he pushes me away.

“What the hell Y/N? You wore it?” He exclaims. I don’t understand why he’s so mad.

“Isn’t it for me? You left it on the bed. I thought you wanted me to wear it.”

Jimin groans loudly.

“For fuck’s sake Y/N. You don’t tell me that you’re coming home and then you come onto me as soon as I get here. I don’t have time for this.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I was coming home. I just had a really hard day.” I almost choke up remembering that I don’t have a job anymore but I know that now is not the time to bring it up.

“Who hasn’t had a hard day? You think I have it easy?” His glare is piercing and I still have no idea what I did to deserve this.

“No, I-”

“Take it off.” He demands.

“What?” I can’t believe this.

“I said take it off. I should have never put it on the bed in the first place.”

That’s when I start to get really pissed. Who the hell does he think he is yelling at me as soon as he gets home?

I start to rip the lingerie off. Tearing the fabric.

“You want it off? Here! Fucking take it you piece of shit.” I scream throwing the mess of ripped lingerie at him.

I quickly cover my naked body with the pink robe.

I pick up a pillow and throw it out of the room.

“You can sleep on the couch tonight,” I say, livid.

Jimin picks up the lingerie off the floor.

“No need,” he says coldly. “I’ll sleep at a friend’s.”

And then he just walks out. As soon as I hear the front door slam I begin to sob frantically wiping my eyes and ruining my makeup. I’m so confused. What did I do that was so wrong?

Jimin approaches a house, a red box in hand. He lightly knocks on the door.

A moment later a beautiful brunette opens the door and crosses her arms.

“Really Jimin?” She says, annoyed.

“I’m sorry I had to cancel earlier. She came home and I got caught up.” Jimin puts his hands on her waist and rubs her sides up and down.

“Please forgive me,” He pouts and pulls her closer, placing a kiss on her neck. The brunette breaks into a smile.

“Only because I see you brought a present.” She says as she reaches for the box and opens it. Inside is a set of red silky lingerie.


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Stupid Boy -Tom Holland

A/N: FLUFF FLUFF just random fluff

I was jumping into my jeanes when he rushed by me to get his coat. He slightly brushed my shoulder and I lost my balance. I fell right onto my bum and shrieked. “Tom!”, I exclaimed and he came back still shouldering himself into the coat. “I’m sorry, babe. You look hilarious.”, he laughed and blew me a kiss. “I’m running late. See you tonight.”, he said before leaving our loft. “Stupid boy.”, I mumbled to myself while getting up and finished putting on my jeans. I walked over to the kitchen and as I took an apple and bit into it Tessa came along.<p><p>

“Hey, baby. Hey..”, I greeted her with a huge smile on my face and petted her head. “Did Daddy not feed you?”, I said and she barked excitedly. “Oh stupid boy.”, I sighed and gave her her meal before I hurried off to work.

I came home exhausted. My feet were hurting, my head felt heavy and let’s not talk about my back. I kicked off my heals, threw my bag into a corner and walked barefoot into the living room. “Tom?”, I yelled and looked into the other rooms but he was nowhere to be found.

“Tom?”, I said and walked into our bedroom just to find him sleeping with his clothes on. He was lying across the bed like a starfish. His neck would definetly hurt tomorrow. “Oh stupid boy.”, I said and left the lights off. I walked over to him and watched him with a loving smile on my face.

“Babe.”, I whispered and put my palm against his cheek and he snuggled himself into it immediatly which made me chuckle. “Tom.”, I said again and he blinked a few times before he opened up his eyes. “Am I dead? Is this heaven? You must be an angel.”, he murmured with his sleepy voice and I hit his shoulder playfully. “Shut up.”, I said and pulled him gently up by his hands. “Come on. Change your clothes. And get comfy. You’re gonna have a stiff back tomorrow if you keep lying like that. And then Sony will sue me because I let that happen. And then I’ll be going to jail and die a horrible death.”, I said and gave him a quick kiss on his forhead. I could even see in the dimm light that he was rolling his eyes. “I’ll be in the living room. Watching some movie. I need to relax before I go to bed.”, I informed him before I left the room. It always broke your heart a little to see him exhausted like that. And he wasn’t even complaning about it.

I was sitting on the couch with a nice cup of tea warming my hands when I heared footsteps behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see Tom with his sweatpants hanging on his hips no T-Shirt whatsoever, showing me his abs and v-line and what not. I raised both eyebrows and stared shamlessly at his body. “I couldn’t sleep.”, he said with his eyelids heavy and half closed. “Com'ere.”, I said pulling myself together and pattet the place next to me and looked at the TV again. He came over and sat down. But he was so unsteady that I grabbed him gently by his shoulders and let him lie down with his head on my lap.

“How was work?”, I asked into the silence and went through his hair with my hands, knowing that he liked that. He put his hand on my leg and gave my thigh a quick kiss. “Long and…long.”, he said after thinking a while and I chuckled. “Well, that’s what you get being Spider-boy.”, you mocked him and he furrowed his brows. “Man. I’m…Spiderman.”, he said and his voice was just a whisper. “Alright. Just close your eyes.”, I said after a while. Not really sure if he heard me because I was able to hear his heavy breath after seconds.

I didn’t move the whole night so his sleep wouldn’t be interrupted. I layed my head back and closed my eyes. I woke up to the noice of something crashing. I jumped. That’s more accurate. My eyes wide open I was confused at first until I remembered why I was on the couch. Trying to move my head I felt an incredible pain rise through my spine. “Shit.”, I cursed and put my hand onto my neck and moved slowly. I stood a while on my spot to be steady on my feet and when I could trust my legs I made my way into the kitchen.

There he was. Surrounded by broken glas, looking horrofied. “I-…I’ve got it under controll?”, he said with his hands in the air and looked up apologetically. “Stupid boy.”, I laughed and went out of the room to bring something to shovel it into the bin. After helping cleaning up I put my hands on my hips and looked around to see what he was up to. He had prepared breakfast with scrambled eggs and pancakes and croissants and everything. “When did you wake up to make all these?”, I said mesmerized and looked him into his eyes. He was smiling proudly and came towards me. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me towards his body. “Around 7.”, he answered and pulled me into a deep kiss. “I felt bad because I fell asleep last night. It was one of our few nights off and I slept. On your lap. On the couch.”, he said and was embarressed. He snuggled his face into my hair and I chuckled.

“It’s fine by me. As long as you keep coming home. I’m fine having you sleep on my lap. I quiet enjoyed it.”, I said with a smile and put my hands on his cheeks and gave him a slow kiss. “But…”, I said pulling away,“you could’ve woken me up. I slept like a maniac and now my whole body is stiff. I have to present a project on monday.”, I grinned and his eyes widened. “You got it? You got the job?!”, he exclaimed and I nodded happily. “Oh darling!”, he shouted and lifted me up to spin us around. “Congrats! I’m so proud of you! It’ll be the best project they’ll ever build.”, he said after giving me lots of quick kisses, leaving me a giggling mess. “I love you.”, I said finally because it made my heart flutter to see how excited he was for me.

“I love you too, stupid girl.”, he said with a grinn on his face and took my hand to lead me to the table.<p><p> “We need to celebrate this. I’ll call Robert and ask him if he can throw one of his parties and…”, he rambled on while sitting down infront of me but I interrupted him.<p><p> “Or!….we could stay home and you could help me with my stiff neck, shoulders and lower back. They’re killing me.”, I said and bit my lip out of habbit.

And you see, no matter how many times I call him stupid boy for his actions and little mistakes. I live for every moment we spent together and I am proud to call him my Stupid Boy.