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so like. hanamatsu. it's great, they're great, it's two dank memers in love. no one really gives them shit for it? they're fucking tall and scary af when not memeing. but then someone dares. just a snide comment here and there, disgusted looks, annoyed rants. they dont give a flying fuck about it, though, bc lol really man? you'll be gone next year who cares? but then iwaoi. oh god the iwaoi. they used to get the shit. childhood friends that were wayyy too comfy with each other (1)

(2) and ppl used to think they were dating, which they werent (YET). just really really close, those friends where their presence is like a comforter wrapping you in contentness and shit. anyway, lately this third year had stopped giving them shit and they’re both a bit like ???? bc tf?? tf is going on??? iwa is suspicious but is like nah dumbass, take the blessing, but oikawa noses around, figures out that third year asshole is giving shit to their friends instead which is UNACCEPTABLE

(3) and obviously he immediately goes and wrecks asshole third year. completely. utterly wrecks him. it started out small, with things slightly misplaced, unlocked lockers, things that can be explained away. iwaizumi catches on at some point, and he helps. oh god, he helps. iwaizumi is fucking vicious when he’s pissed, okay? so iwa takes over the messing, makes it bigger, just fucks with asshole completely. flickering lights, kool aid in the shower heads, the whole thing. and meanwhile

(4) they move onto his reputation. oikawa slyly sighs about this “senpai, he’s good on court but he’s not nice outside of it. he’s really mean, please dont mess with him!” to his fangirls, which puts into motion a giant cold shoulder move. then iwaizumi joins in, to the guys of the school, which is like. holy fuck, asshole, he’s so screwed, literally everybody is wary of him, his rep is in tatters, he’s jumping at every shadow (iwa is v good at this pranking business) and worse of all

(5) he doesnt know why its happening. mattsun and makki know, though. they approach their friends about it like a month or two after it started, and after an arguement about “hey look its our problem, what if he finds out? its fine guys srsly” they finally give in and. oh god. they join in on the war. this point, it’s a fucking psychological warfare. asshole looks completely insane, he’s messing up on court, and then he blames them. the four second years that he’s been picking on since

(6) the very beginning. how does he know it’s them? obvsly they’re in it for revenge! revenge for what? and then the whole deal comes to light, oikawa may have convinced iwaizumi to give him a black eye so that he can accuse asshole of bullying him (which he has, mainly verbally, physically once too long ago to use). asshole gets expelled. they’re fucking celebrating this shit, right? hell yes, and they all go out for ramen, oikawa pays. its the beginning of a TRADITION.

(7) and it becomes common for them to just hang out. wrecking people brings friends together like nothing else, right? an outing every other week, to every week, to every couple of days, to walking over to someone’s house and living there for a couple of hours. it’s so gradual, though. you know those friendships where it just clicks, all natural organic friendship right there? like that, except the click happens over a long period of time and it’s like oikawa’s always been stashing candy

(8) underneath mattsun’s bed, and makki had always a couple of shirts left over at iwaizumi’s, and they’re all so comfortable with each other i want to cry??? they get into so many shenanigans during that time and it always brings them closer together, and movie nights become a thing after someone figures out that makki hates thunderstorms and can never sleep in them. forecast says storm that night? dw mom, dad, we’re just going over to makki’s for the night see u tmr, and then they discover

(9) that oikawa’s idea of a movie is either terrible alien movies or volleyball videos. im serious. iwaizumi has a whole box of volleyball cds under his bed that oikawa kept on leaving over. so movie nights arent only just thunderstorm only, but really often to shove good plots down oikawa’s (and mattsun’s bc he only watches chick flicks) skulls. and then it’s like a goddamn spiral, they just learn more about each other and the closer they get the more they do to learn more to get closer to

(10) and its like quicksand, quicksand and laughing gas and a good dose of insomnia wrapped into four friends-that-are-maybe-more. by the end of their second year, there are gay rumors about all of them, all involved in different ways, and none of them realize it. no more “oikawa, iwaizumi, we get that ur gay af but no pda!!” jokes, no more “holy fuck hanamaki keep it in ur pants you can bang matsukawa later” taunts, just the expectation that each person would know where the other three are

(11? i lost track) most of the time they just laugh it off. mattsun’s dating makki, both iwaizumi and oikawa are single (although oikawa goes on dates with ppl sometimes) (always dumped bc spends too much time with volley or his best friends), it’s just nothing at all. it’s like they’ve always been this comfortable with each other, there isn’t some hidden sex/romantic/etc motive. when iwaizumi first realizes, he looks up queer platonic relationships immediately, yknow? he thinks thats it and

(12) he offhandedly mentioned it at some point, to which everyone was like. wait. holy shit. wAIT. “are we dating, then?” oikawa asks, and they all stop to actually consider this to which the answer is: mattsun/makki in a possible queerplatonic relationship with iwaizumi and oikawa, who are sorta begin dancing around each other? oikawa spills first that he’s pretty sure he’s in love with them all, iwaizumi only romantically loves oikawa, but they’re all just?? love each other so much?????

(13) and like you get the idea/??? i can literally go on forever and i hate the character limit and im really sorry for the spam but. hanaoimatsuiwa. i bleed for this ship. h el p. now i want to fic this too and like. my poly kawa with setters vs captains. my fluffy kagetsukihina and asayamanoya. i have too many feelings about too many ships and i blame this blog for encouraging at least a third of them.

now that im calm from the onslaught of hanaoimatsuiwa feelings, im pretty sure most of my asks were completely ridiculous…? did i type things right?? was everything misspelled and put in wrong sentence structure? were there too many asks? im really sorry about the spam.


KAGETSUKIHINA/ASAYAMANOYA/SETTERS VS CAPTAIN ANON, YOU’RE BACK WITH MORE STUFF!!!!! (we need to have a shorter name for you, i had to go back to the last post to copy that in)



(”its like quicksand, quicksand and laughing gas and a good dose of insomnia wrapped into four friends-that-are-maybe-more” i love this, i really love this)

tbh my fav scene of the maze runner had to be at the end when they are being lifted into the air by the helicopter and then the next scene cuts to all the gladers expressions as they see for the first time the land they lived in and only knew for those 3 years or shorter below them and all of the actors captured the mood of that moment so perfectly because there really is no other way to react to finding out you were living in a false world the entirety of your memory span then how they did it



How much u wanna bet their next album will be dropped out of nowhere.

We wont see them for weeks. They’ll go ghost.

Then suddenly 3 of them on twitter will be like HERE U GO HOES ENJOY BTW TOUR TICKETS GO ON SALE TMR SEE U SOON!

and Harry will just be like It is nice to be back.