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Not a lot to see here except yet more nifty design. Wonder what this place is though. I’m thinking passenger ship for some reason.

Glow sights. I am so mounting these on my sniper rifle.

Nice nuce deco, a presumably explosive fire extinguisher, and everybody’s favorite: the file cabinet!


I’m thinking there will be a follower command button that’s always “on” (i.e. no need for a command mode). The system is contextual and thus really only needs one. Which would mean it’s realistically useful during combat. 

Like starting to shoot and commanding Dogmeat to attack at the same time.


When I leave this world, I’ll leave no regrets,
leave something to remember, so they won’t forget

I was here


#LocalLens: Walking your Senses through Oaxaca with @fcoronado

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. To see more photos of Oaxaca, Mexico, through Frank’s eyes, follow @fcoronado on Instagram.

(This interview was conducted in Spanish.)

“Oaxaca is color, flavor, smells and sounds. Walking through its streets you get a unique encounter with your senses,” says Frank Coronado (@fcoronado), a photographer and painter from the region in southern Mexico.

The Mexican state is known for its cultural diversity, something that Frank aims to capture. “The differences between the eight regions of Oaxaca can be found in their gastronomy, in their textile richness. Every regional costume is made in a different way with colorful threads, which weave traditions inherited throughout generations.”

Frank spent 18 years away from his hometown and was amazed with everything he rediscovered when he returned. “Many people believe that due to the fact that Oaxaca is a small city, not a lot of things happen here. But you just need to walk through its streets to realize there are endless things going on,” he says.

Frozen is just Fullmetal Alchemist, except with sisters, romance, and Disney-fied.

I mean

Elsa and Anna

Edward and Alphonse

blonde braids?

huge, earth-shattering mistakes???


anonymous asked:

I don't know if you believe that LDRs can work? But can you write a short scene where Golly is in LDR and they are skyping? Just a short sweet scene that shows they are putting the effort in. Thanks!

Dear anon, this was supposed to be 500 words or so but it turned out to be 1.2k long. I just really want to go to bed right now. I hope you like this.

It had been a stressful week at work for Holly. Moving to San Francisco meant higher position, higher pay, and a shitload of responsibilities. Between business lunches, meetings and making sure her lab was running smoothly, Holly barely had enough time to have a decent dinner and a good night’s rest let alone making time to Skype with her girlfriend. They had been exchanging short texts and phone calls for three whole weeks, and Holly was adamant that she’d finally get to see that beautiful face and blue eyes this time.

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10x16 Tiny House “Shed” in Vermont

Rich in Vermont built this tiny 10×16 shed. This photo was taken in 2013. Here’s what he said when he posted the photo.

I’m done with clapboard! Well, not entirely, but I need a couple of doors on the shed before that can happen. The second coat of paint is on, but the trim paint won’t be done until next year.” – rich2Vermont

Read the entire forum thread on the forum. Photos by rich2Vermont. See even more photos all in one place on


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Oxidised and reduced

The concept known as redox has a fundamental part to play in chemistry, including its specialised ramifications of geochemistry and mineralogy. It essentially signals the propensity of an element or compound to give or take electrons, related to whether it has a surplus of them or a lack of them in the outer shell surrounding the atomic nucleus. While this affects the properties of minerals on many levels one of the most obvious ones is colour, since some elements exist in nature in either form, depending on their geological history. Iron is an excellent example, thriving in both 2++ (ie it lacks two negatively charged electrons in its outer shell and has a net charge therefore of +2, meaning that to form a chemical bond it needs to accept 2 electrons from the other unit) and 3+++ versions. The most common electron donor in these cases is oxygen (single -)

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Hey guys! We have finally hit 200 followers so to celebrate were having a giveaway! Heres the rules:

  • You have to be following us.
  • The winners will be determined by the most likes and reblogs, try not to spam your dash though guys!
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1st place: A free digital commission, can be a couple, a portrait, or waist up. Can be colored if you want. Also a four page fanfic of your choice.

2nd place: A 8x11.5 print of one of our previous pieces that we have posted sent to you.

(There are more, search through our posts to see more.)

3rd place: A two page fanfic of your choice.

Thank you guys fro all your support these past few months we really appreciate you guys sticking by our story and your reblogs! Hope your day is awesome! The give away will be up for two weeks.

-Stephanie and Alicia

Pilli had been running from the darker side of his family. His sister’s temple seemed to be a fairly safe place. Seeing Tyrus only made it feel more so. His normal illusion had already faded to show his true form, a warrior. His macuahuitl lowered as he neared the angel, the god out of breath and very visibly tired. 

“They’re coming… the Dark Council,” he explained, shaking his head a little.

TW 5x05 thoughts

Yes I’m late to the party, and thanks to poor wifi in Thailand I haven’t been able to be on tumblr much and haven’t gotten to read up on any meta from this episode. As a result I’m in serious danger of repeating stuff you’ve already discussed. 

A lot of jumbled and disorganized musings under the cut

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Photo by / @tbfrost / Two male humpback whales in Tonga rise to the surface for air while chasing a female humpback during a heat run. Basically , A heat run is where several male whales follow a female hoping to prove they are the strongest so they get the chance to mate. It’s a very exciting experience ! And Tonga is one of the best places in the world to see Humpbacks. For more photos of humpbacks , please follow me at @tbfrost #liveyouradventure by natgeo