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Concerning the baby possum post: Why mustn't you offer food or water to them? (I don't know the first thing about opossums, sorry if the answer to this is really obvious)

It’s generally a really bad idea to try to feed any baby wildlife because it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to give them something with the correct nutrient concentration (and yes, this includes using kitten formula and goat milk, don’t do it). Wildlife rehabbers often talk about seeing animals coming in starving to death with stomachs full of cow milk. 

With a marsupial like a possum, it’s really hard to get it right because most marsupials’ milk concentrations change drastically in reaction to the suckling stimulus from the babies. When they get bigger, they suck harder, and suddenly the milk has more protein and less fat (as a random example). You’d be really unlikely to get the nutrient balance right, and they’re so tiny they can’t afford to be ingesting the wrong stuff. Better to let them be hungry so they can be fed the appropriate food ASAP than try to help and accidentally kill them. 

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For the three sentence things, could you do Pidge and Coran, dictionary? I have a feeling that there has to be a dictionary for either Galran or Altean somewhere on the castleship that isn't the death teaching machine that we saw.

Once she gets past basic vocabulary and into full sentence structure, Pidge decides maybe it’s time to ask Coran if he could turn the safety feature back on.

“Certainly,” Coran says, blinking, “but why not just use the library?”

“There’s a library?!” Pidge shrieks.

(Send me a prompt and I’ll write a three-sentence ficlet!)

Art Contest!

AY! It’s my boi Fain’s birthday on April 13th!

I’m holding a little fanart contest for him because he doesn’t get a lot of love and I’m a selfish woman.

-Deadline is the 13th of April
-He doesn’t have a cutie mark at the moment so don’t draw him with one if you’re looking at other references
-He HAS to wear at least a neck accessory, but he’s known to wear full Victorian ensembles. (See Alois and Ciel from Black Butler for examples)
-DO NOT draw him smiling

There will be three winners! The three winners will get an outfit personally designed for their oc and showing them wearing it! Like the example belooww!

A bit about Fain:
-He IS a crystal pony! (he’s just unhappy so he doesn’t sparkle much)
-Young and very intelligent
-Loves tea, reading, and classical music
-Plays the harp, piano, and violin
-A sad smol boy (short and malnourished)
-He’s tired :’) (dark circles under eyes)
-He’s rich as heck
-Kinda pretty tho

Have fun with my pretty boy! I hope people will consider joining ;w; <3


Debuting one week from now: an all new, all original collaborative comic between artist @delborovic and author @croik! There will be action, romance, and EXPLOSIONS!!  We’ve been working on this for a long time and can’t wait to share with you our adventure.  Tell your friends, and we hope to see you next week when chapter 1 is released in full on Tapastic!

A Message.

As artists we all have further ambitions. Dreams that we work our asses off to accomplish. When we get involved in a community it can be fun for a while. Drawing things from a fandom or a kink can even be used by some to get recognition and support. But eventually those drawings become a chain holding us back from those ambitions we work so hard to get close to and sometimes it even taints our credibility when people ask to see your work and your computer or sketchbook is full of kink shit. When that happens some artists want to move on and post their original works. The characters they want to show and stories they wish to tell, the worlds they create, and the feelings they express. We can’t move on if we are constantly being pulled back to where we were. Your favorite porn artist might want to illustrate a comic or a children’s book. Or maybe they want to be an abstract artist and express their inner thoughts to a canvas. The point I’m making here is if an artist wants to post something that’s original and from their heart, support them. Don’t shut them down and tell them to go back to what they were doing before. That’s just flat out rude and shits all over the dreams they’ve held so near and dear to them. Be respectful.

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I think that anon is missing the point tbh. The point isn't that it's impossible for Lance to be biracial, or that being biracial is wrong. The point is that people don't want him to be biracial because there's no real reason for him to be, there are plenty of half-white biracial people in media already, and full Cuban representation is hella rad.

But see the thing is that technically he is biracial but like people are using biracial to mean multiethnic and that’s just not true. They aren’t inherently related.

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Another Doctor headcanon: Kakashi is a doctor that specializes with children because of the friends he has lost to terminal illnesses when he was a kid. He possibly became friends with these children because Kakashi's own father was a doctor.

Ook so this isn't really headcannons or a scenario. This is more of my thoughts on the matter about this AU of Kakashi.

It’s a very sad headcannon to sort through. I think in a AU where Kakashi’s father, Sakumo, was a doctor that specialized in terminal illness of sick children would leave a scar in Kakashi’s heart at a young age. Especially if his father brought Kakashi to work and let him meet patients at the hospital.

This would give Kakashi an early conception of life and death. Kakashi would see how happy and full or energy some kids were some days but then the next day the kids are tired and look ill. This would scar and concern any child. Kakashi would have probably asked his father if he was going to get sick like that someday too and Sakumo would have to explain it was very unlikely. 

I think if Kakashi grew up in a hospital setting surrounded by the death of children and children that were his friends, I highly doubt he would want to become a doctor. Sure, he might want to do what he can to save other children from the same fate his friends suffered, but its going to take a big turning point to get Kakashi out of the slump of despair. 

Also in this AU, I would still assume Sakumo would die in someway, whether that’s from suicide or a car accident. If it was from suicide, maybe Sakumo was blamed for a child’s death when he had tried his hardest to save them and Sakumo couldn’t live on with that guilt of not being able to save the child. Sakumo might have been prone to cycles of depression after so many long years in the hospital trying to help children survive. 

So if that were the case and Sakumo committed suicide, I think that be even more of a reason why Kakashi would stay away from the hospital setting. He wouldn’t consider being a doctor after what it did to his dad. Kakashi would be depressed about how many friends he lost and his father. 

For Kakashi to turn his life around and to pull himself from the pit of depression, he’s going to have to find a bigger purpose in becoming a doctor that specializes in children. I dont think he would jump right into the profession from the get-go just because his father was a doctor. 

Hope you don’t mind the way I answered this request whoever sent it. I didn’t give specific headcannons because I found the request more subjective than usual. However, I hope my answer satisfies. Thank you for the request.