and see if they return

A few Katara/Iroh/Mai and Aang/Zuko Parallel Notes

So, a long time ago I pointed out this parallel here, which shows Aang and Zuko reflecting on the changes that have occurred since they left and returned home in their own unique ways–Aang through his being frozen and going to see the Southern Air Temple, and Zuko from his banishment.

Revisiting “The Southern Air Temple” again, I noticed that I actually missed a couple of points in regards to this parallel. 

We see, for example, Zuko repeatedly talking about going home. Whether it’s in “The Avatar Returns,” when we first see him mention going home; “The Avatar State,” which involves Azula tricking Zuko into thinking he’s going home; or “The Crossroads of Destiny,” which gives us Zuko doing the thing that allows him to go home. 

While I originally did mention the Zuko/Aang parallel between “The Southern Air Temple” and “The Awakening,” what completely flew over my head the first time around was the Katara/Iroh/Mai parallel that’s also present here. 

To elaborate, Iroh repeatedly warns Zuko about going home in “The Avatar State,” warning him about Ozai and his intents, telling him that that there is more to Azula’s plan than Zuko thinks. This kind of parallels Katara in “The Southern Air Temple,” with her warning to Aang about what he may see at the air temple paralleling Iroh. 

Of course, Aang and Zuko are both eager to return home, and they deal with their own unique consequences for their decisions in their own special way.

That said, there’s another angle to this as well. We know, for example, that Mai is supposed to be a bit of an Iroh stand-in–listening to him when he’s brooding, calling him out when he’s out of line, etc. Throw in the Katara/Mai parallels in there as well, and we get a demonstration of a really nice dynamic between our protagonist/deuteragonist, and the people who help them on their respective journeys. 

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Yesterday you asked what parts of the core set we would like to see return, here's my answer. I would like a simple box set which contains playsets of 5-10 utility cards which are not in standard-legal block sets. Here's an example for a BFZ-SOI-KLD-AHK Set: Relic of Progenitus, Hero's Downfall, Dissolve, Searing Spear, Pacifism and Arbor elf. None of these cards fit with the feel of the worlds we are currently visiting, but would improve standard by adding a little graveyard hate and removal.

Graveyard hate missing is not because of the lack of a core set.

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I am struggling with depression and was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to cope?

coping with sadness
♡ seek a therapist (when we are unwell, we see a doctor…physical or mental…be honest to them as well, because there is no gain in lying)
♡ do not “casually isolate” (fear of judgement & mental exhaustion draws us into isolation, however separation only feeds the problem…begin to know the world once more, yet see it in a new light…)
♡ discover what you forgot (return to old hobbies or ones you wished you could learn…ice-skate, dance, garden, stargaze, paint…create to experience life !)
♡ know it will be ok (repeat things inside your head if you feel terrible: “I am happy when the words ‘I don’t want to stop trying’ repeat in my head”, “it will be ok”, “I am here”, ect…best of luck starlight)

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any returning characters you hope to see in season 5?

Demongo would be cool but he (most likely) dead.

Josephine would be lovely but she’s prolly an old lady sitting in a rocker stilll arguing with Zeke (who is also old) about that 50 feet restraining order and how it’s his fault Jack got away.

Astor and Verbina would be sweet but I don’t want to think what could have possibly happened to them because that would make me sad.

Jack’s hat he was so protective of would rock since I know how much he loved that hat, but it’s long gone now.

So my hopes for these characters returning are pretty much shattered u.u

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Shunk, you need to eat

“In a minute,” Shiro replied distractedly, eyes still stuck on the pad in his lap as he plans and watches.

There’s a pause - an exactly sixty second pause - and then Hunk drops the plate on top of the pad, obscuring it.  

When Shiro glances up, he sees Hunk’s amused, stony expression, and he gave a sheepish smile in return and starts to eat.

(Send me a prompt and a pairing and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic)

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I really liked that Sangwoo says that nobody understands him in your fanfic. I made a fan playlist for KS and I have the song Nobody Knows Me At All by the Weepies and feel like Sangwoo thinks that way too. I think he sees himself as misunderstood and he thinks that nobody would want to understand, partially to justify himself.

Aw thank you!!! I definitely feel like Sangwoo is more lonely than he lets on - and that’s part of what saves Bum when Sangwoo finds him in his house and what makes Sangwoo get so attached to him. I think Sangwoo is happy he finally has someone who “sees” him as he is and who he can try and mold in return.

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Which Gem do you think will be uncorrupted first?

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When do you think Jasper will return? Or do you think she will return at all?

Like I’ve been saying, I think the Rubies’ stories are directly tied in with Jasper’s. It is their mission to find her, after all.

Once they return, she’ll return. We’ll finally see her unbubbled and eventually healed.

So I’m thinking Season 4 finale or somewhere around the start of Season 5.

Merlin Panel in Wales

Hey, Merlinians!

As you are likely aware, there will be a Merlin panel at the Wales’ Comic Con, coming up this April 8th and 9th. We will not be able to attend, but if any of you are going, we would be grateful for your assistance. If you would like to see the original cast return and make a sixth season using our Merlin 6: Kingdom Come script, please feel free to share our tumblr page (or even print out episodes) and give them to Alex Vlahos or Tom Hopper, should the opportunity arise (such as an autograph signing, etc.). For any such assistance, you have our deepest thanks!

–The Team

I can’t believe ppl are still singing that “it’s better we don’t see him it’ll make his return more epic” song, like can’t you at least come up with a better tune?

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I like 2 imagine the sword bois stumbling across their saniwa's cell phone and they see a selfie their saniwa took and think that their saniwa is trapped inside a tiny handheld box and they freak out when fumbling with it and breaking it (ie dead battery). fast forward to the saniwa returning with tracksuit gramps seeing that all the sword bois are gathered around a circle of candles and the cellphone, dressed in hooded robes.

at that point they’re trying to do some fucking necromancy or something

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1. You woke up naked next to the last person you texted, what would you say?

I’m sorry you had to see that, @imaginebeinghamiltrash.

7. What does your last received text say?

From the actual love of my life @imaginebeinghamiltrash(Feel free to leave Daveed/Rafa things for me to see when I return)

She’s off being a scholar and as a reward I supply her with the best gifs and photos of the boys in my possession (I’ve even made her a few because I love her I guess). Also, we almost exclusively speak in parenthesis, I’m not kidding.

(Temp you’re in almost all of my posts go away)

10. When is the last time you saw your sister?

I saw my eldest sister about 2 weeks ago when I was home for spring break, but I haven’t seen my other sister since inauguration day when I went to her house to get drunk. 

14. If you could go back and change something in the past 5 months, would you?

These last 5 months have been wild you guys, you have no idea. 

Honestly, I’d say no, I wouldn’t change a single thing. I’m so grateful for these last 5 months! (does that make me sound like a dick? god, i hope not pls don’t block me)

Ask Me Things!

So thanks to Skyrva I'm breaking down Diego's "one and only" Interview.

And boy, I had to re-read it due to Google Translation because many of his answers are based off raw definition not necessarily tone or slang. But this was enlightening to say the least. I can see why he hasn’t spoken on the writing since 318. I mentioned this before: Lead actors that feel frustrated with the writing or story, will vent overseas. Spader did it for Australia. Now Diego for Poland. Unbelievable. No wonder Ryan Eggold was the only one shooting off his mouth. Embarrassing. Eggold acts like his Keen 2 story direction was planned all along. No it wasn’t. and it’s still not 100% guaranteed. When a lead actor cannot move demos, their Q rating falls. That means Network receives unfavorables with the overall impression of your character. That hasn’t changed and once he returns, audience will see it’s far too much of him. That’s pretty bad because he’s only so far in one episode. They’d be wise to cut him as much as possible in order to not jeopardize numbers. But Diego plainly informs the Polish Press one minute his story and character are progressing like a live movie then by the end of the season nothing. And you got to SHRUG IT OFF and “understand it’s a process@ [THATS WHAT HW SAY TO ACTORS ON HOLD. IT DOESN’T LAST LONG. ] Here’s why. INTERVIEWER: In the third season, your role has changed, and your character saw more of doubt and pain - [Describe how] you played it? Diego Klattenhoff: At first it was great. [AND THIS IS 3A.]The role was significantly different than at the beginning, [DIEGO IS EXPLAINING HIS ROLE IN STORY IN 3A WAS A SHARP CONTRAST COMPARED TO 3B AND HE KIND OF THROWS SOME SHADE HERE BETWEEN THE TWO STORY DIRECTION. In 3A THE PRODUCTION CREW WROTE IT LIKE] [More like a] “movie series.” I was much more strongly involved in the hunt for Liz. [HERE HE EXPLAINS HE HAD STORY INPUT AND DIRECTION WITH HIS CHARACTER HE WAS MUCH MORE INVOLVED IN THE STORY PROCESS. SOUND FAMILIAR?] Later we returned to a more [PROCEDURAL] nature of the Blacklist . [THE POINT HES MAKING IS IN THE BEGINNING HIS ROLE WAS INTERPERSONAL TIED TO THE SERIAL NATURE of the original canon. IN 3B it’s PLOT PLOT PLOT PROCEDURAL NO INTERPERSONAL DIALOGUE ITS DIFFERENT. And RATINGS REFLECTED THAT] The point is not that there is some magic formula that we should stick to, [DIEGO PREFERS CHARACTER DRIVEN STORYTELLING NOT PLOT IT WAS CHARACTER DRIVEN FOR HIM TO HUNT DOWN LIZ BECAUSE OF HIS JOB AND HIS FEELINGS FOR LIZ -CONFLICT IS STORY. WHEN THERE IS NONE, your show CANNOT PROGRESS] but [Its] very interesting [To see] how such changes [AH THERE IT IS. PROOF THAT 3B WAS ALTERED DELIBERATELY-HE WAS LED TO BELIEVE ONE STORY THEN THEY DROPPED IT AT THE END] affect the series itself and its perception by the audience. [INTERESTING TO HIM HOW THOSE CHANGES IN 3B occurred and how it’s PERCEIVED BY THE AUDIENCE] INTERVIEWER: Ressler was torn by internal conflicts. I think that it [played very well]. Yes, [On] the one hand, he wanted [To arrest her] [Because she’s a killer] on the other hand … he loved her. [Lets take this apart because it’s important. HES GIVING STORY DIRECTION. DIEGO WAS TO PLAY 3A ,CONFLICTED BECAUSE ON ONE HAND HE WANTED TO ARREST A CRIMINAL. On The other hand..HE LOVED HER. SO THERES YOUR CONFIRMATION. RESSLER IS STILL IN LOVE WITH LIZ. AND HE WAS TO PLAY IT THAT WAY. But then 3B changed everything and he mentions that. He is not happy he’s frustrated and u cannot blame him.] Just as in life. [NOW THIS IS INTERESTING. He’s basically saying, YOU LOVE THIS PERSON, but you want to "kill them” at the same time when they HURT YOU. HE IS ALSO EXPLAINING THE CURRENT STORYLINE NOW. RESSLER/LIZ WENT DIFFERENT WAYS FEELINGS THERE BUT NOT TOGETHER. He’s BASICALLY USING A REAL ANALOGY TO DESCRIBE THAT RESSLER RIGHT NOW HAS THAT SAM/DIANE LOVE/Hate thing going on because Liz makes him crazy…and do crazy things…she violates his ethics…but he’s got feelings for her So he copes] I do not mean that specifically with Megan, [NO WE GET IT DIEGO ] but to people in general. There are certain things that you love. [THERE ARE CERTAIN THINGS THAT YOU LOVE IN REGARDS TO A PERSON ][When you start to go in a different direction theres more fun] [NOW WE ARE BACK TO STORY DIRECTION] Not always to the end, [AS IN THE LAST 3 EPISODES WERE CHANGED ] you know which way everything is moving, [As IN EVERYTHING WAS MOVING FORWARD WITH KEENLER THEN IT STOPPED AT GREGORY DEVRY] but then you just have to shrug and tell yourself that this is a process that also depends on the other person. [SO THE DUMB ASSED WRITERS HAVE RESSLER IN LOVE WITH LIZ, BUT RESSLER BELIEVES LIZ IS IN LOVE WITH TOM (SO SICK SERIOUSLY BUT THATS WHY RATINGS ARE DOWN RESSLER IS IN LOVE WITH LIZ WHEN HE SEES HER AT THE SUMMER PALACE BUT HIS WORLD OF BLACK AND WHITE[Shes with Tom he won’t touch that] Since [Its about] both of you. [He’s saying IT CANNOT BE ONE SIDED] Let’s say - you appear in [a scene], [NOW HES TELLING YOU WHAT HAPPENS BTS AS IN YOU SEE THEM GIVE EYES A LOOK SIGNALING MORE THAN JUST IN THAT MOMENT SOMETHING ELSE IS GOING ON AND HE CANNOT PLAY IT LIKE THAT WITHOUT MEGAN GIVING AS MUCH AS HE DOES IN THOSE SCENES. How she gives moon eyes to him] and although you do not see the [scene] make sense, [HES TALKING ABOUT WITHOUT DIALOGUE ACTION IS MOVABLE STORY NOT JUST IN STUNTS BUT INTERPERSONAL DIALOGUE AND WHEN ITS GONE, THEY PLAY TENSION OR AS WE SAY IN THE SCRIPT LIKE AT THE END OF LADY AMBROSIA PLAY THE MOMENT. LIZ LOOKED LIKE SHE WAS LONGING FOR RESSLER] you have to do something, because I have to. With this, it was very pleasant. [I THINK HE USED A DIFFERENT WORD BUT YOU GET THE GIST. THEY CREATED SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING WITH THOSE LONGING LOOKS. AND THIS IS 3A & 3B HES TALKING ABOUT. THERES SOMETHING UNDER THE SURFACE. A SCENE MAKES NO SENSE BUT THEY GIVE THESE LOOKS.] Megan is a great person, very well with her game, she can contribute a lot to the show, so this type of relationship is very engaging. [AGAIN HES REFERRING TO KEENLER AND ENGAGING I DON’T THINK HE USED THAT WORD EITHER I think he used APPEALING SAME MEANING] We’ll see how it unfolds in the year. [SO HERE AGAIN DIEGO EXPLAINS KEENLER IS UP IN THE AIR NOT DEAD BUT UNEXPLAINED AND ALTHOUGH SCENES MAKE NO SENSE THEY ARE STILL PLAYING SOMETHING ELSE. EXAMPLE: Blacklist PR ASKED “DO WE SENSE SOME TENSION?” That one scene episode 3, Liz stares down Ressler in his office. He looks down. That’s deliberate SO HE IS TELLING FANS A YEAR. TRULY DISGUSTING HIS CHARACTER IS ON HOLD TILL THE DAMN KEEN2CRAP PLAYS OUT. But that’s basically what he’s saying. Keenler isn’t dead, just limbo] [I SAID THIS BEFORE WITH RATINGS IN FREE FALL THEY’D BE SUICIDAL NOT TO DO KEENLER AFTER ALL THIS GARBAGE. THEY WERE HEADED IN THAT DIRECTION SO GO BACK BEFORE THE SHOW DIES BECAUSE OF ONE CHARACTER. DIEGO NEVER MENTIONS HIM AND HE DOESNT GIVE STORY INPUT ABOUT LIZ FEELINGS EITHER, JUST HOW MEGAN AND HIM WERE PLAYING IT IN 3A and then how they continued to play it in 3B] INTERVIEWER: I assume that a few weeks after the death of Liz people accosted you on the street and asked for information, and you could not tell them anything …[YES HE WAS ON GAG ORDER WHENEVER A SHOW IS DARK ACTORS CANNOT REVEAL STORY INPUT. ILL BE REALLY SURPRISED IF BLACKLIST LEAKS-Not because OF SPOILERS BUT BECAUSE THEY CHANGE STORY ALWAYS AT THE LAST MINUTE. [THEY NEVER STICK TO THEIR OWN ARC] Frankly, given the nature of the shocking death of [Liz] my character had neither too long nor too many scenes that relate to it. [HERE HE IS FRUSTRATED AGAIN. AND WE ALL KNOW WHY. THEY DIDN’T TELL HIM ANYTHING AT THE END. STORY AS HE MENTIONED WAS GOING FINE UP UNTIL THE END] That’s why I was surprised that people ask [me] about it. Because several of these people were, [Yes they wanted to know where was RESSLER AND WHY DIDN’T HE HAVE SCENES ] I agree. [I DO LOVE THIS SHADE HE GIVES, BECAUSE HES RIGHT. How they wrote 3B was selfish and deceptive.] It is unfortunate that the writers did not pay more attention to this, [or] how this situation has affected Ressler. [YES THIS IS WHY BOKENKAMP/Eisendrath PROMISED DIEGO IN SEPTEMBER THEY WERE WORKING ON STORY FOR HIM YET DIEGO DIDN’T TWEET BACK NOR ENGAGE IN ANYTHING AFTER LAST YEAR SINCE 318-WHEN THE STORY CHANGED IN PRESENT TIME FOR HIM] I was a little surprised, in the end they were partners. There was some animosity between them in the first and second season, but then everything started [To play like they got along well ] [But] There has not been any romantic themes. [Now this is IMPORTANT. Go back to 317-318 320 dialogue-LIZ WEDDING COOPER GIVES THE SPEECH] I spoke with our television series advisor. The FBI and various police about what feeds the feelings to your partner. [CRYPTIC DIEGO GIVING YOU STORY DIRECTION WITHOUT REVEALING STORY. GO TO ARTAX NETWORK AND READ TOM KEENS TEXT TO AGNES DOCTOR AND HOW TOM AND LIZ THOUGHT OF EACH OTHER AND YOU MATCH THAT TO WHAT DIEGO SAYS HERE. Same with the wedding vows] Everyone said that due to the fact that so much time is spent away from the family, the partners become for you family. I think this year, this knowledge somehow pays off. [SO YOU HAD BOKENKAMP AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SEASON TALK ABOUT THE TASK FORCE AS A FAMILY YET NONE OF THEM INTERACT LIKE A FAMILY YET RESSLER AND LIZ ARE PARTNERS AGAIN AND TOM IS GONE. OK SO ARE WE GETTING THE GIST OF WHAT HE IS SAYING? ILL GIVE YOU A HINT IN NATALIE LUCA ALONG WITH THE FORBIDDEN LOVE ANGLE LIZ SHOUTS AND RESSLR ADMITS THE COUPLE FELL FOR EACH OTHER IN THE WORKPLACE, LIZ AND TOM REFER TO KEEN 3 as “This family” not “our family.” BOKENKAMP WROTE IT AND ITS DELIBERATE DIALOGUE BECAUSE THEY BOTH REPEAT IT BEFORE ADMITTING THEY ARE FALLING APART EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE TOGETHER.] image INTERVIEWER: It’s nice that there was a little warm feelings from Samar. Whether it will develop? I do not think so. [THAT WAS MATTER OF FACT.] They wanted to go this route, but later it became a one-off, a closed issue. [I KNOW WHY LOL EISENDRATH WANTED THIS SO KEEN2 COULD HAPPEN] I do not know what will happen after the fourth episode of the new season. [BUT HE KNEW SAMAR HAD FEELINGS FOR ARAM.] Samar discovered [Her] feelings [For Aram] before Ressler, but I do not know yet how he will approach this. [RESSLER DIDCOVERS SAMARS FEELINGS FOR ARAM BUT HE DOESNT KNOW HOW HE APPROACHES IT.] INTERVIEWER: What is the beginning of the fourth season for the Ressler? We begin where it left off [from] the previous season. We’re trying to find Liz. Ressler follows the footsteps, trying to find Tom, and then Agnes. It is not easy for him, because he lives in a world where everything is black or white, good or bad, right or wrong. In this matter I think nothing has changed. [PLOT MODE] INTERVIEWER: Some of the current topics feature almost predicted the events that occurred in the real world. This applies to several series, which played in the Homeland. Is this something you are looking for, what do you care? [IS DIEGO LOOKING FOR STORIES ON THE BLACKLIST TO REFLECT REAL LIFE LIKE HOMELAND? HERES ONE HINT: SALKE IS.] I think it goes hand in hand with a good script. [SHADE] [It worked out really well for Law and order. Homeland [showed] almost exactly what happened in Paris. But those scenarios were created months earlier. [Predicting the future.] Much depends on whether the [STORY] board [has writers] who feel what can happen and which way [the] events will turn out. Something like this testifies to the fact that the show is good, it is well written. [AND WE KNOW FROM THE RATINGS, the plot mode of 3B THAT THE SHOW IS HORRIBLE AND ITS WRITING.] I hoped that was easier to read. IMO I’d expect the worst, until the show gives concrete story to give you otherwise. [THE SHOW IS DARK FOR A REASON] PS I haven’t seen this gift before what was the dialogue surrounding it because once again these two are expressing mutual sadness that relates not to the case but each other. That’s a medium panoramic and it’s done to capture reaction simultaneously. Such as…👇🏻

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SO, your Slytherin daughter right here, is way too nice for a Slytherin. I do all I can to make others happy, even if I'm not. I love to see others smile. I don't care what I get in return, as long as you're happy. I know how to be mean, but for me, It's hard. I show way too many emotions to be a Slytherin. I think that old sorting hat, needs to have a vacations. He sorted me into the wrong house. What do you do, if you're not happy with what Hogwarts wants you to be?

you be yourself and don’t give into stereotypes. even if the sorting hat makes you a slytherin doesn’t mean that you have to act like one. we love you no matter your house or what house you act like you’re in. you are beautiful and should definitely not be stereotyped as mean. i disagree with the stereotypes around the slytherins because not all of them are mean, actually a lot of them are really nice. anyway, you’re great and so nice and we love you


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.