and see how much shippy stuff there is

Okay, heres the biggest problem with this fandom

Female characters

I’ve sort of brushed on this in the past, but female characters are treated so horribly in this fandom. IDK if its Nintendo’s fault or just all of yours (I’m leaning towards the fandom tho), but literally all the girls in ANY game is treated as a reward/prize for either Link or Ganondorf (and just treated as a weak character in general). Take Malon for example. She’s a sweet rancher girl who basically didn’t deserve any of the stuff she’s got in Ocarina of Time. But I’ve seen people portraying her as completely reliant on Link. Hell, even the MANGA did a better job, with her actually helping Link fight take back her ranch. But I’ve seen too many “weak damsel Malon” works that this needed to be said. But we all know which character suffers through this the most:

Princess Zelda.

Now I know a LOT of people love her. She’s the badass princess who is literally a mortal version of the Goddess Hylia! She’s got the Triforce of Wisdom, she rules a god damn kingdom on her OWN (at a young age too!!), she’s amazing in archery and magic, there is just so much to her its amazing!! But of course, being a female character, she’s nothing but a prize. She’s fetishized for Ganondorf (small damsel who can be demanding and super hot in bed), and she’s EXPECTED to give Link something after he saves her (like her love or even worse: her body). A lot of people don’t bat an eye towards her as an individual person, but go cRAZY for her when she’s in a “shippy situation”. Lets look at Skyward Sword Zelda. She’s a happy yet motherly like person. She goes through so much during her journey - arguably more than Link honestly. But I rarely see stuff about her and her journey. I see stuff about Zelda thinking about Link 24/7, i see her doing romantic shippy stuff with him before AND after the whole game. Its….annoying to see it. You could have made stories about her memories and how she reacted towards them. You could have made stories about her worrying about her father and friends in skyloft wondering where she went. No, we barely get those stories, instead when thinking about Skyward Sword Zelda, we think about all the fluffy moments we got with Link.

I could literally do this with every game honestly. It happens with Saria, it happens with Naburoo, Ilia, Marin, aNY GIRL. This fandom needs to learn that the girls here aren’t for your shipping fantasies. They are their own character and they have their own individual stories.

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Sometimes I worry that I annoy people with trans hinata but you are there for me anon you deserve all the tosses. I get into shippy headcanons with kags soon so let me know if thats cool with you!! :>>

The team probably learns after awhile when Hinata decides he should probably come out because some are getting suspicious and with Noya’s constant talking of how everyone is pretty much gay or open to stuff on the team and everyone takes it well though its kinda slow on some people. Asahi would be afraid of hurting Hinata’s feelings so he just freezes up at first when Hinata wants to talk. Kageyama learned about it just a few days before when seeing Hinata in a binder. (A previous anon put that kags idea up and I love it)

I can’t decide but someone would try to help Hinata but instead of helping would accidentally outcast him like “oh Hinata maybe you should sleep in a different room” or something and wouldnt realize til someone explain it. Not sure who would fit in that though. Imagine Noya saying he has old jeans and stuff Hinata can have but they are too small and Hinata doesn’t know how to tell Noya that

Now my favorite thing - Hinata and other schools. Some people aren’t that excited to see trans people and when other teams learn some start to taunt him like calling him slurs or questioning why a girl needs to be on the team. Tanaka and Noya try to fight everyone while Kageyama and Tsukki glare. One time things got heated and Suga walks in what everyone assumes is him going to break up the soon-to-be fight then punches the bigot right in the nose breaking it and sending the guy to the ground. He did it so none of the starters would be out for the game but teams quickly realized they couldnt say that stuff near Karasuno or else they will be hit

Matt headcanons because I already mentioned Matt totally having a crush on Shiro before and now you gave me even more feels. Also some non-shipping stuff, but mostly Matt being a dork because that is my favorite headcanon. Also includes some Commander Holt.

  • This is all post rescue
  • Pidge is the one who finds them, because of course.
  • I dunno, maybe one of the others is there, but NOT Shiro.
  • This comes later
  • So, Pidge and (random Paladin off the top of my head) Keith break Commander Holt and Matt out
  • Matt was told by an injured Gladiator who ended up at the work camps later that Shiro escaped and was probably back on Earth, so he doesn’t expect Shiro at all.
  • So he hears Shiro’s voice over the comms while riding in the Green Lion and sort of freezes
  • Then he starts rambling because holy crap, Shiro is alive and is friends with Katie and oh fuck he is friends with Katie. He hopes to God that she didn’t tell him anything embarrasing
    • Anxious rambling runs in the family
  • Pidge just turns off the comms so Matt doesn’t embarrass himself too much.
  • He hugs the hell out of Shiro when they finally meet again in person, because he never thought he’d see him again.
  • Also, Shiro doesn’t remember this certain event you mentioned at the end of your post, at least at first, though Matt would be too awkward to mention it either way.
  • Once Pidge tells him Shiro’s memory of the year he was on the Galra ship is spotty and he doesn’t remember a lot of stuff, Matt is upset, but also sort of relieved.
  • He is perfectly happy to make sure that no one ever knows he kissed Shiro, or for anyone other than Pidge to know he even has a crush on him for that matter.
  • Everyone of course figures out the crush part except Shiro and, oddly enough, Commander Holt.
  • Lance gives Matt advice, and Pidge has to jump in to tell Lance to shut the fuck up because his advice is terrible.
  • Matt wouldn’t be able to take it either way, because he would die of embarrassment at the things Lance was telling him worked.
  • Shiro is totally unaware of Matt’s crush, but he spends a lot of time with him because they’ve both been through this awful thing and while he’s had his friends for a while, Matt has just
  • He doesn’t realize he is killing Matt with his adorable attentiveness
  • Matt will often go to Pidge’s room and lament because he has no idea what to do because he just thought Shiro was cute before and now this shit is a thing and he doesn’t know what to do or how to handle it
  • Pidge still laughs
  • She isn’t surprised at all when Matt admits he kissed Shiro when he thought he would never see him again
  • Commander Holt is oblivious and everyone doesn’t tell him because it is kind of funny how he doesn’t notice Matt’s blatant crush
  • Matt is a bit cautious around Shiro’s arm since he has a bad experience with the Galra. Despite this though, he is one of the two who end up in charge of fixing it when it is broken, the other being Pidge of course
  • He

Not extremely shippy stuff now:

  • Matt and Commander Holt are just as much nerds about science as Pidge is.
  • Whenever they reach another planet, Matt will practically beg Pidge to take him along to explore
  • Of course she lets him
  • Matt ends up compiling all his notes about other planets and essentially has a blast.
  • Pidge is really glad that her brother is recovering from what he went through
  • The nickname Pidge makes her father and brother crack up, and now they call her by that too.
  • “You named yourself after our dog, Katie?”
  • “Shut up, I didn’t have help from you this time.”
  • Matt and Pidge often will go to each others’ rooms like they used to and talk.
  • They talk about how much they miss their mom and Earth.
  • Commander Holt nearly flips his shit the first time Pidge returns to the Castle injured, but knows he can’t stop her from being the Green Lion’s Paladin.
  • He certainly attempts to spend more time with her though because he could have died without spending enough time with her.
  • Matt and Commander Holt often will try to busy themselves when important things are happening and it isn’t safe for them to go with the Paladins, to keep their minds off the fact that Pidge (and Shiro) could be killed.
  • Matt joins in on the jokes that Pidge makes everything invisible.
  • Commander Holt and Matt are surprisingly chill at first by all the aliens until you remember they’ve spent quite a long time imprisoned with many different types of aliens and have learned a lot about cultures of different planets and such through them.
  • Matt eventually does show Pidge the scar Shiro gave him, at first not telling her because he is worried it will affect how she thinks of Shiro.
    • Imagine his surprise when he learns she was told about this already by Shiro and she
  • Commander Holt and Coran become buds
  • Matt is very friendly with Allura and asks a lot of questions about Altea and past Paladins. She is happy to answer them.
  • Lance acts like he is taking Matt under his wing when it comes to handling romance, but in reality both are clueless and Matt is really good at listening to other people’s problems and stuff, so it goes from Lance acting like a mentor in all issues relationships to Lance ranting about how the fuck Keith manages to aggravate him and make him want to kiss him at the same time.
  • (because I’m Klance trash now fite me)
  • Keith is asked to teach them how to fight because Matt is very smart but he was mostly flying by the seat of his pants in gladiator battles and Commander Holt has never fought a day in his life.
  • Matt catches on faster than Commander Holt because he does have slightly more experience
  • Commander Holt and Matt both immensely appreciate Hunk’s cooking, especially after eating prison food for so long
  • Matt often helps Hunk look for edible plants and such when they stop at planets, and they become buddies through this
  • When someone slips up and calls Shiro dad, Commander Holt asks, “If you’re Dad, and I’m Dad, then who is driving the plane?”
  • Pidge and Matt groan and Lance and Hunk bust out laughing. Shiro takes a moment before he also cracks up and whoops, there goes Matt’s heart.
  • Keith doesn’t get it
  • They trade dad jokes and Pidge begs for the sweet release of death
  • They have to find Matt a visor or something because he lost his glasses when he was captured, and while he and Pidge have similar eyesight, Pidge doesn’t have her contacts and is actually wearing her emergency glasses
  • Matt is immensely entertained that Pidge infiltrated the Garrison basically Clark Kent style + haircut.
  • He is less amused when he learns that Pidge essentially went back in the closet to find out what happened to him, and feels guilty about being the reason she did that.
  • They both agree never to tell their dad what she did, because he would definitely beat himself up over it.
  • They get the others to agree with them not to tell, though Shiro feels like they should.
  • Matt wants to punch the person who said Shiro was the reason they “died.”
  • and for withholding information about the Kerberos mission from the public and his and Shiro’s family.
  • That too.
  • Commander Holt has already thoroughly planned his lawsuit for when they get back
  • Matt first finds out Keith is part alien by accident.
  • He gives him medical details he learned from helping out aliens when they were injured in gladiator battles to try and help him place what kind of alien he is descended from.
  • He doesn’t even tell Pidge at Keith’s request.

Hope you enjoy! I’m in headcanon hell because of you.

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This is a shippy question, though it's not Panini/Varric. I super duper love your Amell/Sten stuff to pieces and I also like your Amell as the Inquisitor AU. I was wondering how much angst could be expected in a hypothetical situation where Sten as the Arishok and Amell keep in touch? How would the Inquisition react to her connection with him?

ohohoho, oh man

if jeanne and stenshok are still in contact, she’s been up to see him more than once, and has reneged more than a little on her own andrastian faith. i imagine he’s not super happy about the idea of her being press-ganged into this totally super religious army, even if it is apart from the chantry. part of the threat of invasion would carry along the notion that he’d be going to rescue her—but he recognises that the breach is a serious threat and, if rumour is true, she might be the only one who can stop it

(again, because of course neither of them get to relax after the blight)

which means she knows about iron bull well before krem comes to talk to them, and…i imagine she doesn’t talk about it with the inquisition. leliana could probably figure it out soon enough, but dear god, imagine how much the rest of the leadership pact would freak out

and given how our companions react to the qun when they talk about it with iron bull….well. i’m sure you can imagine how it might play out were they to find out the inquisitor has a strong connection with their military leader, let alone an intimate one

External image

“he said he wants to come down to see skyhold but i told him i’d make him carry me through the snow again if he tried”

“…are we…talking about the same arishok?”

“unless you have more than one, then yeah”

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I wish more shippers were like you. I know you haven't much love for the Pewey ship but you don't expend your effort attacking those who do. The tags are a mess and a cluster of fans are engaging in spamming, harassment and bi/pan erasure over a fanon ship. I'm not even a shipper of Pewey myself but it's really disheartening to see.

oh yea, I see shipping hate all the time in tags, like its not even restricted to certain ships. I don’t know why people can’t just live and let live. Blacklist the things you can’t stand, if people post too much of it that it makes you uncomfortable, unfollow them. If someone posts a lot of the pairing you don’t like to, say, the character tag, block them and they won’t show up for you anymore (I also blacklist the names of artists who commonly draw pairings I can’t stand seeing). You gotta control your own space and if you do that you can make it so you pretty much never see the stuff that bothers you. It’s up to you to control your space, not everyone else to do what you want them to do.

Like, its totally cool to not like a pairing. Heck, its cool to absolutely loathe a pairing (there’s plenty I can’t stand), but you can’t harass people for it. It’s not your place to force people to think like you (I’m sure you hate it when people harass you for stuff you like). Keep it away from you and enjoy your own things. I’m not saying you can’t voice distaste for it, but don’t tag it and don’t message people who like it just to hate on it. That behavior is unnecessary.

and besides - when has harassing someone over a ship or whatever ever actually changed their mind? All it does is make you look like a jerk and, often times, encourage them to produce more fanworks for that pairing out of spite (as well as encourage animosity towards the ship you are advocating, reducing their likelihood to indulge and contribute fanworks to that ship). So not only is it rude, but its also extremely counter-productive of what you’re trying to accomplish

The thing is, by my observation, the folks who really participate in ship hate and harassment are very young so its largely a maturity issue. This stuff feels like it matters a lot when you’re younger, especially if you’re around people who also feel that way, so you become filled with righteous fury over these minor little things and your harassment of other people doesn’t feel like harassment, but justly deserved punishment for their actions. Pretty much any fandom call-to-arms you see (over ships or, like, cross fandom wars) are done by young people (or generally immature people), because this stuff just feels more important when you’re younger. Upon maturing, you realize just how petty and unnecessary it is to do stuff like that. It’s hard for me to judge too harshly, since I’m a lot older than the people doing this and I’m sure I did unnecessarily negative things when I was a kid too (I don’t think I ever harassed anyone though, but still)