and see how dean goes about sam

Up in Flames

Sister Winchester : 

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Sister!reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!reader

Y/N = Your Name

Song Inspo: Youth by Daughter 

Summary: It’s the second of October and both boys have nightmares about your Mother, Jess and you. You help both of them wake up but the nightmare lives on. fluffish at the start but then burns out 

Warning: Fire and burning.

A/N: Could be space for a second part but we will see how this goes. So tempted to finish this with, “And it was all a dream” but thought it’d be to corny. 

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Shadows settle on the place, that you left.
Our minds are troubled by the emptiness.
Destroy the middle, it’s a waste of time.
From the perfect start to the finish line.

Thunder clapped whilst lighting slashed across the night sky. Wind swirled and rattled the windows as Dean struggled in his sleep. He had sweat collecting on his forehead as his brows knitted and unravelled in a pained expression. His forest green eyes were locked in his head as he was trapped having to watch his nightmare play out: He felt the heat of the fire as it licked his ankles and his back as he ran from the building. But when he would leave one room to escape the fire he would only enter another and continued to go around and around in circles. He heard a chorus of screams of Mary, Jess and what terrified him the most, yours. He smelt the smoke that was collecting in his lungs as they heave.  Running, running, running until finally he found Mary on the ceiling screaming for him, but it’s too hot and he can’t reach her. Then Mary morphs into Jess and then into you. Trapped, bleeding, burning, screaming his name in agony to run. 

“Dean! Dean…Wake up” you shook Dean’s tensed shoulders as worry drew lines on your face about your distressed brother. He looked so frightened and he was mumbling something that you couldn’t make out. “Dean!” you tried again, a little louder this time. Dean’s eyes snapped open and looked around the room terrified before locking with yours. 

And if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones.
‘Cause most of us are heaving through corrupted lungs.

He was panting and he was holding onto your forearm for dear life before resting his head back on the pillow. You looked at him sympathetically, “I’ll get you a water” you offered getting up and turning towards the outdated kitchen. But Dean’s hand gripped onto yours tight so that you wouldn’t leave his side. You looked back to him, his eyes were glassy as they reflected the limited amount of light in the motel room, “No. I’m not thirsty…Just stay here, please” he looked at you almost pleading you not to leave his side. You never really saw him scared but right now he looked so vulnerable. “Okay” you softly spoke as you returned to him and slid next to Dean in the bed. He wrapped an arm around you and held you close to his body before wrapping his other free arm around you as well. He rested his chin on your head as your head was pressed into his warm chest. You heard his heart rate race and looked up to him as he continued to stare around the room. Checking dark corners for movements, outside the windows for a shady figure and then back onto you to make sure you were okay. He sniffled a little and brought his hand up to rub his eyes to rid it of fatigue and tears.

You knew what the dream was about and you couldn’t blame him. It was the 2nd of October, he was always touchy on the days leading up to it as he was reminded of Mum’s death. His heart continued to race and he flinched occasionally at the thunder claps and lightning strikes. “Dean try and get some sleep” you groggily suggested as you started to drag your hands in a patting motion across Dean’s chest. Even then you could feel his heart leap around in his chest as you hummed ‘Hey Jude’ to him. He ignored your requests as you slipped into sleep. 

Not too long after, you heard you name called. You snapped your eyes open and unravelled yourself as best you could from Dean as it seemed fatigue had finally taken him. 

“Jess……Y/N” Sam tossed and turned as his blanket wrapped around his legs and tears leaked from his closed eyes.

Collecting names of the lovers that went wrong
The lovers that went wrong.

Not him as well you sighed as you came to your poor brother’s bed and hovered above him, resting a hand on his shoulder like you did with Dean. “Sammy…Sammy wake up.”  You continued to shake him, “No, No, Y/N run…run!”. The mention of your name again to run made shivers run up your spine and guilt pull you down. 

Sam’s eyes finally opened and he locked with yours. There was surprise, relief and then terror once again as he pulled you down on the bed roughly. He was shaking as he pushed you behind him and then you saw in the dark, those yellow eyes that hunted your own nightmares shining brightly. “Run” Sam breathed as he stood up and charged at the demon. The ruckus caused Dean to wake up. You watched as fear fell on Dean as he realised you were no longer in his arms and then looked up to see Sam fighting the shadowy figure he was dreading. 

You were a deer caught in headlights. You head told you run but your heart told you stay as your brothers were thrown around the room. But sitting still wasn’t helping them or yourself so you stood up, “Go, Y/N run!” Dean barked. You felt your feet shuffle towards the door but with a second glance at your brothers you just couldn’t do it, Dean was dazed out on the ground whilst Sam was pinned on the wall gasping for breath . You couldn’t leave them, the damn demon would catch up to you anyway you thought as you ran at the demon’s back. 

We are the reckless,
We are the wild youth
Chasing visions of our futures
One day we’ll reveal the truth
That one will die before he gets there.

You leapt up and pulled the demons head back making him fall backwards and let go of Sam. “There she is” the big sleaze announced as a smile pulled his plastic skin into a grotesque mask. You knew what was coming, you knew why he was here. You were a distraction to the boys and his big plan. He had to dispose of you like he did with Jess with his classic flare. You went to lunge back at him but felt yourself pushed back against the wall as you were dragged up the ceiling. You felt as your own blood drenched your bed shirt and drip down onto your unconscious brothers. Their eyes fluttered open as you stared down at them with a sorry expression. 

And if you’re still bleeding, you’re the lucky ones.
'Cause most of our feelings, they are dead and they are gone.
We’re setting fire to our insides for fun.
Collecting pictures from a flood that wrecked our home,
It was a flood that wrecked this home.

“Run” you whispered as the flames erupted and licked your skin as you screamed in agony. The Yellow-eyed demon laughed cruelly as you twisted your body trying to escape the fiery clasp. “RUN!” you screamed at you bewildered and broken brothers as they stumbled out the burning motel room. They looked back at you as the fire reflected in their eyes. Their nightmares coming to life as you struggled and there was nothing for them to do.

Well I’ve lost it all, I’m just a silhouette,
A lifeless face that you’ll soon forget,
My eyes are damp from the words you left,
Ringing in my head, when you broke my chest.

A  hand rested on both boys shoulders as they were pulled out of the door and out onto the car park by a short brown haired man wearing a brown trench coat. Cas stepped into the smoked filled burning room as his eyes turned bright blue. A white light blinded you as you felt yourself fall and the screams of the Yellow eyed demon rung in your ears. 

And you caused it,
And you caused it,
And you caused it

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there is always a way part 1

Pairing: dean x sister! Reader Sam x sister! Reader

Characters: dean, reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley

Summary: it was just a normal day and Sam and dean are on their way to a hunt and you stay at the bunker. But then something happened.

A/N: so finally a new serie i was thinking about this weeks. i hope you guys like it. o yeah there are going to be more one shots. 

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You where sitting at the library table on your laptop to research something for your brothers.  your cell phone goes off and see on your screen that dean calls you.

“hey shortie, how you doing?”  dean said on the other end of the line.

“great and with you guys?

“it’s alright if you not have Sams burrito farts in the room than is everything fine.” Dean joked. “but now to business. Do you know where the ghouls are?”

“yeah, there mostly…….” You heard something in a room. “dean stay I hear something.” You walked up to the sound.

You was thinking it was in the laundry room but it was not. You didn’t saw anything so you walked back to the library.

“dean are still there.” You said but at the same moment you felt something behind you. You turned around and saw a shadow. He had something In his hand that he wanted to put in your neck but you fighted back.

You heard dean calling you name over and over again but you had no time to react. You wanted to get you angel blade but it was too late the shadow put a needle in your neck. You fighted back the poison that was in your blood but it was too late you fainted on the floor in the library. The shadow scooped you up and disappeared.

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“I wouldn’t touch that question with a ten feet pole,”

Fan: If you could choose any other character on the show for Dean to be with who would you choose?

Chloe: why would he be with any one else? (She asks shocked as she glares at Jensen)

Jensen: (laughs) Yea, I wouldn’t touch that question with a ten feet pole. Are you crazy! especially with her sitting right next to me.

Fan: Come on! Let’s say if Chloe wasn’t on the show….

Chloe: why wouldn’t I be on the show? (She makes Sam’s signature puppy dog face)

Jensen: See when we leave here I go home with her so yea not going to end up in the doghouse.

Chloe: How about in this alternative universe where my character doesn’t exist Dean can be with Castiel…(the crowd goes crazy applauding and Jensen blushes)

Jensen: okay scratch that she’s going to be in doghouse

Winchester brothers- Safe and sound

Title: Safe and sound

Pairings: Winchester brothers x sister reader

Word count: 1021

Request:Hey! I was wondering if you could do a sister one shot where she is like 12 and has a nightmare, freaks out and goes to one of her brothers? Thank youu😘😘

Lately you had been having the same reoccurring nightmare every night. You had gotten it about a few weeks ago and it wouldn’t stop.

It resulted in the exact same scenario with the exact same ending.

You were in the Impala. The engine was off and the wind shield was foggy. It was frustrating because no matter how hard you tried; it was impossible to see through.

You sat all alone in the passenger seat, the seatbelt strapped across your chest but you were isolated and Sam and Dean were no where to be seen.

Outside was dark and creepy but there was a warehouse right outside. You would slowly pop open your seatbelt and head to the trunk of the Impala before grabbing a gun and tucking it in the back of your belt.

The wind nipped at your skin as your eyes scanned the area but it was the exact same scene, just a warehouse and the Impala.

You stupidly headed towards the warehouse even though you knew how this ended every night. You kept your gun hoisted low by your thigh and pointed towards the ground, though it did no good.

Echo’s bouncing off the wall surrounded you as little drain leakage would drip onto pipes before hissing with steams. Rats scurried past you and shadows danced around you.

Your stomach twisted uncomfortably as your finger twitched near the trigger. You felt the hair on your neck stand up, something was heading down the corner, it’s thumps dragging across the floor.

You tried to run, to move even but your feet were stuck to the ground and the gun was nowhere to be seen. You screamed and shuffled but nothing happened, you felt like you were drowning; you were helpless.

Your neck started to twist as you saw a distorted face right next to you. It’s mouth was swirled upwards with only a few pairs of rotten teeth clinging to it’s mouldy gums. It’s eyes were black and beady but one was ice blue and had a gaping hole pierced inside it. It’s eyes were not level but one was all the way down it’s cheek and the other in it’s forehead. It’s tongue constantly hung out of it’s broken and snapped jaw as it’s skin peeled off. It gave you a weird grin before it’s fingertips latched onto your shoulders and you were being dragged motionless into a different room.

Your heart was thumping as you tossed and turned in your sleep.

You were finally in a different room but it was pitch black and you couldn’t see anything. You sat up and went to turn around but you came face to face with it. You screamed and turned the other way only to have the same thing happen.

It laughed as you buried your face into your arms and cowered. It’s fingers trailed along your back, leaving goosebumps in it’s wake. It leaned by your ear, mouth stuttering open as it whispered the same cruel words.

It taunted you, howling your name with a raspy and broken voice before shrieking loudly with a shrill scream. You sobbed, ducking further before you felt it tug through your hair and breath all over you neck.

“(Y/nnnnnn), I’m in your heeeeeaddd-’‘It whispered cackling. ”(y/nnnnnn) I’m under your bed’'It sang.

“(Y/NNNN)!’'It yelled aggressively.

And that was when you woke up.

You darted up, your heart hammering as you kept your feet off the floor. You wanted to go to one of your brothers but you would have to put your feet near the bed.

You quickly risked it and leapt off your bed before sprinting down the hall. Your feet took you to where you wanted to go as you burst through the door and jumped on their bed.

’'Dean! Dean!’'You sobbed, shaking him. Dean slurred as he stuttered his eyes open before noting your panic.

’'Whoa, whoa. What’s wrong?’'He panicked, sitting up. You finally broke down and began to sob in his arms as he rubbed your back and held you.

Sam heard all the commotion, bursting into Dean’s room with a gun in hand before he saw the sight and lowered it. He came to the edge of Dean’s bed before kneeling down.

’'What’s wrong?! Is she hurt?!’'Sam fretted. Dean mouthed 'I dunno’ still rubbing your back as he tried to sooth you. Sam watched you sadly, his eyes swimming with concern as you pulled back and told them everything.

’'Geesh, (y/n). Even that scares me, why didn’t you come to me sooner’'Dean sighed.

’'Honey, that sounds really bad, you should of told us sooner. You know we would have tried to help’'Sam smiled sympathetically.

You hiccuped, nodding sadly as you still clung to Dean.

’'Look, you can stay with me tonight, okay. Sammy, check if there’s anything under the bed’'Dean called out. Sam smiled slightly at how they had to do this when you were a child but he dipped under before coming back up.

’'It’s all clear, (y/n)’'Sam smiled softly. You nodded, mumbling a 'thank you’. Sam finally made his way back to his room as you laid down with Dean who made sure you were no where near the edge.

He wrapped his arms around you, pulling you into his chest.

’'Sweetheart, don’t ever think you have to be brave or independent. Even I get scared, hell…Sammy does and what would big foot have to be scared off? He could just stamp on them. But what I’m saying is that you seem to forget you’re just a child and this life is pressuring and scarring, it’s bad enough you have to put up a wall already but when it comes to nightmares we all know what it’s like so you come to me whenever you need to. You are brave and you are the most strongest person I’ve ever met but it’s okay not to be okay’'Dean soothed, running his fingers through your hair.

You sniffled, nodding as you shuffled closer. ’'Thanks, Dean’'You whispered. He smiled, pecking your forehead before rubbing your upper arm soothingly.

’'Get some sleep. Nobody’s gonna hurt you whilst I’m around”

At Midnight

A/N: So, im not really sure how i feel about this, or if I’m going to make it into a mini series or whatever you call it, so please feedback would be great, and i guess ill see where it goes from there :) xx

Characters: Dean, Reader (More later on if i decide to expand it aka Sam..ext)

Pairings: Reader x Dean, Reader x Abusive asshole bf Chris

Warnings: Language, Abuse

Word Count: 2300

P.S: Like always it has not been read through or edited soon enjoy the mistakes and errors for now ;)

You broke out of this trance you were in for a few seconds when the half empty wine bottle you were drinking out of earlier smashed beside the wall by your head. Everything slowly came back to you, him shouting, him breaking stuff, the usual. For what it was for this time you don’t remember, everything sort of started to blur together as one giant hazy daydream. Still leaning against the counter where you have been for at least the past 20 minutes, red wine was stained all over the white marble countertops as he was pacing back and forth, face red, his neck veins popping out, his chiseled jaw clenching as his venomous eyes poured into your grey ones, you knew what was about to come, you rolled the stem of the wine glass delicately in your hand- staring into the abyss of what use to be the love of your life, but was now just a monster, your wine glass was empty, and so were you.

“God dammit y/n! Are you even fucking listening to me?” Chris shouted bringing both fists to your kitchen island. Instead of jumping like you usually would have any other time, you slowly raised your eyes up meeting his once again for a slight second before looking back down, watching the spilled wine drip off of the side of the counter.

“Y/n, i asked you a fucking question!” He shouted again, kicking over the bar stool.

You rolled your eyes at his unnecessary over dramatic personality, setting your empty wine glass down on the counter, pushing yourself upright, crossing your arms over your chest you mumbled out a “no”

You could see his eyes growing darker with your response any other time you would’ve said yes just to avoid what always followed after him coming home drunk and angry for some irrational thought he had of an action you so called did. But tonight was different, you didn’t care anymore you were sick of being stuck in this never ending downwards spiral, you haven’t see the light in god knows how long, you wanted it to stop, what you would give to find the bottom of the hole, to stop spinning. For once you were taking matters into your hands.

He stomped around the island making his way towards you, just to come face to face with you, trying to make himself more intimidating than he already was, letting his giant ego expand like a hot air balloon. Feeling his hot steamy breath on your cold face gave you chills, you could feel the anger steaming off of him making you shudder.

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You know what I want to see, I want to see a scene in SPN where after the case is done and the monster dead, Sam is talking to Donna or whoever and they happen to glance over and see Dean and Cas doing that ‘intense staring thing’ and Donna asks “Is that your brother’s boyfriend?” And Sam’s knee jerk reaction is to say no, but he stops and thinks it over for a moment and finally says “They’re still in the defining the relationship stage I guess.” And Donna goes, “How long has that been going on?” And Sam shrugs and says, “About 8 years.”

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originally written like 2ish years ago? but it was paired with this fun. song, but since tumblr is deleting blogs for audio posts I’m reposting it mainly thanks to Julia❤

Some nights, Dean will stare up into the bleak motel ceiling wondering exactly what he has to wake himself up for the next day, other times he’ll wonder why his liver hasn’t collapsed from the copious amounts of alcohol he drowns himself in almost 24/7.

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Once Upon A Dream

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Dean, Sam (Reader’s Siblings)
Words: 1209
Requested by Anonymous ( Gabriel one shot please where the reader is Sam’s twin and goes blind because of an accident on a hunt and is really upset about it and asks her boyfriend Gabriel to heal her but he can’t so he visits her in dreams so she can see him again )

         You sat in the backseat of the Impala, pouting just a little. Dean always drove, your dad gave him the car. But Sam always sat up front. And that wasn’t fair. He wasn’t only ten minutes older than you, so you didn’t see why he always got to ride shotgun. No matter how many times you begged, you always got stuck in the backseat.

           “Did the moose take your seat, Sugar?” you jumped slightly when your boyfriend, Gabriel the archangel popped in to sit next to you in the backseat. You should have been used to the way he just appeared, but it still caught you off-guard.

           “She knows I ride shotgun,” Sam said over his shoulder.

           “It’s better this way,” Gabriel said, putting his arm around you, “It means I get to sit with you.”

           “Easy; that’s my baby sister you’re pawing all over,” Dean said, looking in the rearview mirror.

           “I’ll be good,” Gabriel said.

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Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1152

Summary: Dean and the reader have a long talk about their pasts, and take their relationship to the next level.

Part 19 in Reincarnation Series. Part 1 here, Part 18 here.

Here we go! The next few parts are going to be fun, because Charlie is coming! Also, I’m gonna try to tie in more of season 10, so we’ll see how it all goes. Anyways, enjoy!

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Hunted Part 2

Pairing: Sam x Reader, Unrequited Dean x Reader

Characters: Sam, Dean, Reader, OC’s

Written: i4z-0892-imagines

Word count: 1,875

Warnings: Swearing, Stalking

A/N:  Part 1, Part 2

Planning on doing a short fic, maybe, we’ll see how it goes. I have another part mostly written, once it’s finished I’ll be posting that one as well! Tell me what you think!

Got a request? Got a comment? Message me! I would love to hear from you!

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