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Dance Teacher 

Can’t hold myself anymore.

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Word Count: 3.3k+

Genre: Smut

A/N: a oneshot with a plot, that can easily be a series if people want to. 

My forehead was sweaty so was basically my whole body, I was panting as well while sitting on the dance floor. I was drinking my water bottle calming my body down from the dance practicing. "I think it’s enough for today, you look quite exhausted and I don’t want your dad to be mad at me" I felt someone sit down next to me, my head was hanging low and I slowly looked up meeting his eyes. 

He was already staring at me, the way he looked at me made my heart feel weird. I gulped down the saliva and he began to smirk letting out a low laughter. My body was heating up, while he was coming closer towards me. The smirk was still plastered on his lips. He was leaning forward towards me, I could feel his breath on my face. “Get some sleep and a good rest, princess” with that he pushed himself up again sitting straight, I was just blinking my eyes a few times asking myself if I was just imagining this. 

I was shocked that he called me princess, he had never called me anything other than my name. He has been my dance teacher for six months now because I always wished for one and my dad granted my wish, even though he gave me a tall, handsome, dark-haired guy with bunny teeth that every girl died of seeing. I can’t believe he even agreed to teach me with his busy schedule, but now I don’t want anyone else to teach me other than him.

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anonymous asked:

i hope you'll somehow still run this blog because ppl followed for your work and what you had created with your imagination and empathy. I hope you will cheer up, Love. If you still do requests, how about a vocation thingy ? With Jesse, Solider or Genji ? If you feel like it~ Lots of Love and best wishes, Anon

;-; thank you, sweetie <3 Also I went nuts. Roadtrip :D 


Jesse McCree

 The strums of “Stand by your man” reached your ears as the bright, burning rays of sun began to dance across your face, waking you from your slumber at the back of the car. You slowly lifted your head off the leather of the back seats, the warm wind rushing through your hair, the sun-beaten landscape decorating your surroundings, bare yet beautiful. 

You rubbed your eyes, stretching your limbs and yawning. Your gaze was captured by your cowboy in the front seat, his chestnut strands dancing in the humid breeze, drumming his fingers on the wheel in-time with the beat of his terrible country songs. Jesse caught your movement in the rear view mirror and shot you a wide dog-like grin. 

“Hey, doll.” Jesse chuckled, leaning over and picking up his Peacekeeper from the passenger seat and placing it in the glove compartment safely. “Enjoyed your nap?” 

You leaned forward, kissing Jesse on his scruffy cheek before clambering into the shotgun seat, running your fingers through your hair, humming affirmatively. You pulled a face at his choice in radio choice, reaching over to change it. 

“Nuh uh, honey.” Jesse playfully slapped your hand away, instead intertwining his fingers with yours, stroking his thumb across your knuckles. 

“Where are we anyway?” You asked, squeezing his hand and looking around, the landscape looking like something that should be in an old western movie.

“I don’t know.” Jesse threw his head back and laughed, turning to gaze at you. “That’s amazing isn’t it?” 

“Being lost is amazing?” You questioned, smiling in spite of yourself. 

“We’re so damn lost.” Jesse sighed happily. “Talon doesn’t know where we are, Overwatch doesn’t know where we are, the world doesn’t know where we are. Kinda feels like freedom, don’t it?” 

You melted slightly. You kissed his knuckles lovingly before reclining back, stretching your hand up, letting the rushing wind press against your palm. Yeah. It did kinda feel like freedom. 

Soldier 76/ Jack Morrison: 

The highway your car was on was completely deserted, almost entirely silent if not for the steady hum of the engine. You looked up from the book you were reading out loud to Jack to look out of the window, the darkness coating the world in a dark blue tint. You dog eared the page you were on, tossing the book into the backseat, before looking at Jack, his silver hair gleaming in the moon-lit night and occasionally the artificial light of the bare street light. 

He didn’t seem as old in this setting. The night gently obscured the dark shadows underneath his tired eyes, made his harsh scars seem like they were lovingly drawn onto his face. His Alaskan-ice blue eyes momentarily glanced at yours, the edge of his lips quirked up in a smile. 

“Alright there?” Jack asked softly, watching the soft light dance over your features. 

You thought about your answer for a moment before smiling at him.

“Hmmm… Yeah. Yeah, I am.” You whispered. “You want me to take over the driving for a little bit?” 

“No, I think I can do a few more miles.” The soldier replied, looking the clock on the dashboard and rubbing under his eyes. 

You rolled your eyes slightly but accepted his answer, leaning over and kissing his cheek before tucking your legs underneath you on the seat, curling up slightly. 

“Are you all prepped to go on the Hanamura mission when we get back?” Jack asked, frowning slightly.

“Hey, Jack?” 


“Forget Talon and missions and everything for a little bit.” 

Jack looked at you quickly, eyebrows raised slightly before smiling lovingly. He reached over and curled his pinky around yours, leaning back comfortably in his chair. 


Genji Shimada

 The sun was slowly coming up, it’s rosy-golden glow washing over you, painting the scenery in light. You sighed softly, glancing to the passenger seat next to you where a certain cyborg was napping, his mouth open and drooling slightly. You smiled at the sight, turning your gaze back to the road, tapping your index finger against the wheel and humming along to the J-Pop band that was singing on the mixtape you and Genji made for this trip. You pressed a button on the dash, the roof of the car reclining to let the cool air wash over you. 

Leaning over, you playfully poked Genji’s scarred cheek a few times until he stirred from his slumber, quickly shutting his mouth once he realized it had been open the whole time. He straightened up, wiping his mouth, the breeze making his soft ebony hair dance slightly. 

“Woooah. Look at that.” He noticed the dawn breaking, transfixed by the sight.  

You hummed in agreement, gazing at Genji lovingly for a moment before turning back to the road. Everything was slowly properly lighting up, the day slowly heating back up. You felt something gently nudge against your lips. Genji was gently poking one of his sweets against your mouth, grinning widely at you, eyes laughing. 

“Candy for breakfast?” You questioned him, taking a bite. 

“We’re on holiday, we could have cereal for dinner if we wanted.” He reasoned, popping the rest of the sweet into his mouth and stretching his limbs out. 

“Can you even taste it?” You asked, taking your hand off the wheel for a second to grab your water bottle. 

“Yeah, but the taste is dulled.” Genji replied, taking the bottle from you and opening it for you before giving it back to you. 

You drank deeply before giving it to him, enjoying the breeze against your face, his cool fingers touching your heated ones. Genji placed your water bottle back, smiling at you before looking back at the sunrise.

“Do we have to go back?” He suddenly asked. “Back to the headquarters? To the endless missions and training and… Everything?” 

“What makes you ask that?” You looked over to him, tilting your head. 

“It’s just… I’d rather do this. With you. Going nowhere, just happy with breathing and seeing.” 

“Soon, Genji. When all this is over, we can do this freely.” You promised, catching his hand and squeezing it. 

“I hope so.” 

That’s My Girl

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words: 978

This is just something I wanted to write based on “My Girl” by Dylan Scott.

A/N: If you want tagged in anything, send in an ask.
A/N2: “Our Girl” requested are still very much open.

Jensen’s Point Of View

           I walked down the stairs of the house and heard Y/N’s voice coming from the living room. I didn’t know what she was doing up so early. She rarely got out of bed before me; she liked to cuddle as long as possible.

           When I walked into the room, I saw her sitting on the couch, her legs under her as she talked on the phone. She hadn’t gotten her makeup on or her hair done yet. She was the most beautiful woman I had ever met.

She looks so pretty with no makeup on

You should hear her talkin’ to her momma on phone 

           “We’re doing great, Mama,” Y/N said, her Texan draw coming out full force as she talked to her mom. I loved it, “Yeah. He’s still taking good care of me. He just walked down the stairs actually.”

           I grinned, leaning down to kiss her forehead, “Hi, Mom,” I said into her phone.

           “Mama says hi,” she said, “We have the day off today,” she told her mom, “Probably just relax. We don’t get to do that enough.”

           I walked into the kitchen to see what I could find for breakfast while Y/N ended the conversation with her mom.

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Another Time to Love: Part 4

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Dylan x Reader
Word Count: 1,988

Warnings: blood, angst, swearing, 

A/N: ya’ll can thank me, myself, and i for getting this posted. lol i was my main boost of confidence and motivation in getting it done, so here you go (there’s still another couple of parts to go!) also, although this is mainly with tyler, baby dylan is also throughout. 

Originally posted by readersleepingintheforest

A shattering shriek tears through my throat, my lungs gasping for relief as every breath I took felt like my ribs were caving in. I struggled in my seat, whimpering and screaming in pain. My hazy eyes took in my surroundings, darkness falling over me and I pulled against the rope that restrained my wrists behind my back. “Help!” I croaked out, the unbearable pain in my stomach almost causing me to black out again.

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Mirrors (M)

Originally posted by hoesoks

A/N: This is 100% pure, shameless, filth. I’m not even sorry about this, because it was fun as hell to write. Hoseok is a weakness and I’m proud of it.

Words: 3k.

Warnings: Rough smut, dirty talk, slight dominant themes, swearing.

With your hand clasped tightly around the brown paper bag, you walk through the sliding doors and into the BigHit building. Nodding politely at the guard at the desk, you flash your visitor’s badge and make your way to the elevator’s. With your back pressed to the railing perched on the wall, you hum quietly to yourself as you wait for it to reach the floor you need. It was late, almost one in the morning, and you knew that your boyfriend hadn’t eaten anything since earlier in the day, so you opted to pack him a few things to nibble on, worried that he’s overworking himself. Once the elevator reaches it’s destination, you quickly step out and walk to the last door on the right. Peering through the tiny window, you spot Hoseok sweeping across the floor, music vibrating from inside.

He had been working hard recently, trying to come up with a new choreography that was just right. He was rarely home, the dancer seemingly pushing himself further and further just so he can come up with something so precise and damn near perfect. He was stressed, you knew that all too well, and you were here to – hopefully – help take some of that stress away.

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I Don’t Love You Anymore Pt 5

A/N: Hey beauties! I’m sooooooooo sorry that this is suuuuuuupppppeeerrr late. Please forgive me. There was a lot going on with finals, weddings and graduation parties but it’s summer and I’m here for good! I can’t believe the amazing feedback from this series y’all are so kind and beautiful and I sincerely thank you for your patience. I hope you enjoy this!

Here’s Part 4 —> i-dont-love-you-anymore-pt-4

“This is too much, y/b/f/n” I say unable to recognize myself in the mirror. “Oh, hush, you look hot” y/b/f/n gushes as she continues loosely curling my hair. “Are you sure I don’t look like I’m trying to hard?” I ask while turning my head at different angles. “Yes!” she shouts as she forcefully places my head still. “Ouch, that hurt!” I cry out, “Do you want to get burned?” she asks with one hand holding the straightener and the other on her hip. “No,” I say softly, “Well stop moving,” she scolds while picking up another strand of hair.

“What party is this again?” I ask playing with my manicured nails. “Shawn’s birthday,” she says. “Your man is no longer a teenager,” she jokes. “That’s not my man,” I snap. “Not now, but by the end of tonight, he’ll be,” she says matter-of-factly. “Are you sure he likes me?” I ask, not wanting to be embarrassed or hurt anymore. I’m tired of having my heart broken by stupid and confused boys, *cough* *cough* Calum Hood. “Oh my gosh, y/n. For the thousandth time, yes Shawn likes you. No, you’re not wearing too much makeup. Yes, your dress is tight but it should be you gotta show off them curves, so please stop worrying you look gorgeous! Seriously, it’s been over a year since you went out as a single woman. You gotta stop letting Calum subconsciously control your mood. Forget him! He’s moved on, remember? It’s time for you to move on too,” she says looking at my eyes through the mirror. I smile at her and she goes back to loosely curling my hair. I look at myself again, and my pouty purple lips turn into a huge smirk as I can’t deny, I do look hot. She finishes curling the last strand as she sings, “All done!” I stand up and look at the sexy red dress hugging my y/s/c frame. “Calum who?” I joke as she starts laughing, “That’s my girl,” she says while picking up her eye liner. Through the mirror, I wink my silver and black smokey eye at her and blow her a kiss as she starts fanning herself with her hand. “You are going to break hearts tonight honey,” she says while going to fix her make up. I laugh at her as I can’t help but imagine the look on Calum’s face when he sees me, he’s gonna wish he never left. “Y/N!” I hear my name being yelled.


“Call an Uber,” she says. “Okay,” I reply picking up my phone and opening the app. “Y/N, you need to stop zoning out so much, that’s how people get kidnapped,” she says. “What?” I ask laughing at her weird statement which she ignores. “It’ll be here in an hour,” I say she nods her head as she continues singing along to Shape of You by Ed Sheeran. “Tonight is going to be unforgettable,” I say as I open Snapchat to picture us getting ready.

As soon as we enter the club the smell of alcohol hits my nose. “Come on, let’s find the guys,” y/b/f/n says and I nod at her smiling. The bass pumps through my veins as Daya sings about how much she needs someone right now. I know what I need right now, drinks. We walk towards the dance floor, which is crowded with energetic bodies grinding, jumping and dancing. I watch the DJ behind his table jumping and dancing with the crowd. Y/b/f/n holds my hand tight as we weave through the bodies. A handsome brown-skinned boy grabs me by the wrist, “Promise me a dance before you leave tonight, gorgeous,” his deep voice yells. I send him a flirty wink, “Promise,” I say as y/b/f/n says, “Come on, I think I see Luke,” as she guides me to a roped off area. The area is a replica of the club with a bar, seating areas and dance floor but its much smaller. I look around and see most of the big time celebrities in there.

“You never told me what’s going on between you two,” I say back not needing to yell anymore since this area was much quieter. “I don’t kiss and tell, y/n” she says as both her and my eyes go wide. “You kissed Luke!?” I shouted as a few heads look at us, “Tell the whole world, will ya?” she snaps as I start wiggling my eyebrows at her. “Y/b/f/n” a masculine voice yells and we turn to see Luke smirking at her while he waves us over. We walk over to the intimidating security guard standing in front of the rope and he blankly stares at us as if he didn’t just hear Luke call us over. “Hi, may we get in?” y/b/f/n asks sweetly. “No,” the guard grunts out.

“They’re with us, Brad” Michael says coming up behind the guard while patting him on the back. Brad huffs out of annoyance but lets us in. “Thanks,” I say softly. I watch y/b/f/n quickly run off with Luke leaving me. “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, long time no see,” Mikey screams and I can tell he’s already taken some shots. “Did you start drinking without me, Mikey?” I ask with my hands on my hips raising an eyebrow. “I was trying to wait, but you took so damn long,” he says giving me an innocent smile as he wraps me in a tight hug. “I missed you,” he whispers in my ear. “No one else cooks for me,” he whines as he lets go, still holding my hand.

“Cook your own damn food, Michael,” I hear Ashton say behind him as he smirks at me. “Michael get your arse over here!” an Irish voice yells. We all look over, “Hi y/n” Niall waves. “Hey!” I wave back, happy to see the always smiling boy. “Tell Ashton to start making me food,” Michael whispers in my ear as he gives me one last hug. “I’m not cooking for you,” Ashton says. “Meanie” Michael says while sticking his tongue out and walking away towards the group of people including Niall. I look at Ashton in his signature black skinny jeans matched with a black leather jacket. I finally look at his eyes and see his eyes are still making their way to my face, “A picture lasts longer,” I say, mocking him from the other day. He chuckles at me, “Trust me, pictures don’t do you any justice, babe,” he says. His intense gaze starts making flutters erupt in my stomach and I can’t deny the emotions I’m feeling towards this boy. But, I remember what y/b/f/n said, I can’t break up Cashton.

“I should go find, y/b/f/n,” I say going to walk past him. His arm snakes around my waist and I freeze once his front presses against my back. “There’s no telling where she and Luke ran off to, you’ll be looking for them all night,” he says by my ear. “Well, then I should find the birthday boy,” I say while turning my head to look into his eyes. “I’m right here,” he whispers. I chuckle, “Your birthday was last month, Irwin,” I say turning my head away from his. “It was. And you missed it. I didn’t get a gift, call or text from my best friend. Can you imagine how hurt I was?” he asks. Guilt courses through me; he probably was hurt. I look down at his arms and see that its still around my waist. But it doesn’t freak me out, it actually comforts me and I relax a little. “Seems like you’ve gotten over it,” I say. “I haven’t” he whispers as his lips softly brush against my ear, “I think I deserve a gift.” 

“Oh really?” I ask turning around and facing him deciding to entertain him for a bit. “What do you want, birthday boy?” I ask as my hands unconsciously snake to around his neck. He seems surprised by this but he keeps his cool. This feels right, us holding each other but why is it so wrong to everyone else? “For me to buy you coffee,” he says staring into my eyes as he pulls me closer into him. His cologne clouding my brain. “I don’t think you understand how birthday gifts work,” I joke as I laugh while my hands play with the curls at the nape of his neck. I hear him whimper but he quickly covers it up by clearing his throat. I watch his Adams apple move as he swallows deeply and all I can think about is leaving purple-stained kisses all over his neck. “I want to buy you coffee so we can talk about this elephant we’re carrying,” he says referring to our last conversation together.

His words make me realize that I shouldn’t be thinking about kissing him right now. What does that make me look like? Dating one band member and then moving on to another, even if I only truly loved one of them. I retract my hands from the softness, “Actually we can talk about that now,” I say. “Right here?” he says while looking around. “Do you want to go somewhere more private? We can go back to the house,” he suggests, his arms still around my waist. “We can’t be together Ashton,” I say looking at the ground. His grip loosens and I take that as my cue to walk away but he stops me. “Why not?” he asks frustrated that I hadn’t even given us a chance to talk things through. “Is it because of Calum?” he asks.

“What about me?” a voice behind me says. I turn around and see Calum with that girl Twitter is in love with on his arm. “Nothing,” I say as I walk away from them and head to the bar in desperate need of a drink. “Y/N!” Ashton yells. I turn around and look at the boy who I no doubtedly have feelings for yet can’t do anything about them. His eyes are pleading with mine and once again we stare in each other’s eyes neither of us really wanting to speak or leave first. “This conversation isn’t over,” he says before turning around and walking out of the private area. Calum turns around and looks at me with confused eyes, “What is going on between you two?” he asks, his voice laced with frustration. “Why do you even care?” I snap back at him, “Oh that’s right, you don’t. You just want to pretend like you care about me,” I finish and walk away. I walk up to the bar and order three shots of tequila. I down the first two easy but as I lift the third shot to my mouth a hot hand stops me. “Why were you and Ashton talking about me?”

I look at the Maori boy and rolled my eyes, “It doesn’t concern you,” I lie. While taking the third shot and calling the bartender over for another round. “You only drink like that when you’re celebrating, or somethings bothering you,” he says looking at me with soft eyes. I raise a shot to him, “This is for tonight being my first night out as a single woman,” I down it while staring into his eyes. I reach for another, “This one’s for you and your new girlfriend, congrats” I say with sarcasm as I take it down. “This one,” I start by taking the last one, “That’s enough, y//n” Calum says as he takes it out my hand and downs it with ease. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about g/n, it just didn’t seem like the right time,” he admits. “Whatever, Calum, I’m over you,” I say getting off the stool to go find y/b/f/n. I hear Calum clear his throat, “Are you over Ashton?” he asks, softly while playing with his fingers, not looking at me. I turn around and face him, “What?” I ask back. “I said,” he gets off the stool and stands in front of me, “Are you over Ashton?” he asks firmly looking in my eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I lie. “Oh, spare me, y/n,” he snaps. “You think I can’t tell what’s going on between you two,” he asks. “You have always been close with Ashton. You guys finish each other’s sentences. You stay up talking until late hours in the morning, you tell him things before me. You’re his screen saver,” he continues, which takes me by surprise, “I am?” I ask in disbelief. “Yeah, the asshole won’t take it off either,” he says to which I smile looking at the ground. “And at the grocery store, the way he held you and how you looked into each other’s eyes, we never had that,” he says. “No Calum, you didn’t have it, but I did. I loved you more than life itself, I mean you’re my first true love,” I say while grabbing his hands making him look at me. “No, I wasn’t, y/n, Ashton is,” he says. “But we can’t be together,” I say removing my hands. “Because of me?” he asks and I nod my head. “I’m sorry y/n but I don’t think I can ever be okay with you dating Ashton,” he admits. “You, the fans, y/bf/n it’s just not right. I can’t break up Cashton,” I say as he chuckles. “I’m sorry,” we both say at the same time, surprising each other. “What are you sorry for?” he asks. “For meeting you first,” I say as I walk away.

“Y/N!” I hear my voice being called and I turn around to see the handsome forreal birthday boy smiling at me. “Surely, you weren’t about to leave without telling me Happy Birthday,” he smirks as he walks closer. He is cute, I think to myself as I eye him up and down, he looks real good in those skinny jeans and black t-shirt his muscles bursting from underneath. “Of course not,” I say walking back to meet him. “Are you okay?” he asks sincerely probably noticing my misjumbled face. “Yeah,” I say. “Promise?” he asks holding his arms out. “Promise,” I say walking in his arms. “I’m so glad you’re here,” he whispers in my ear. “Me too,” I say looking up at him and giving him a big smile. Work by Rihanna and Drake starts to play and he asks me to dance with him. I take his hand as he guides me to the mini dance floor, which is already crowded. He puts his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck as we start to dance together exchanging small talk, he’s a really amazing guy. “So I guess birthday wishes do come true,” he says in my ear. “What do you mean?” I ask still flustered from how close we are. “I wished that I’d get to dance with the prettiest girl in the world,” he says looking in my eyes, making me embarrassed. “Oh please,” I say focusing on dancing but very flattered by his comment. “Its true, y/n. You’re so beautiful, its a shame that Calum couldn’t see what he had,” he says as his arms reach to my lower back pushing me more against him. “But one man’s trash is another man’ s treasure,” he says while looking between my eyes and my lips. I’m not sure if its the alcohol, Shawn or both but I want nothing more than to feel his lips on mine. He leans down and whispers over my mouth, “Does the birthday boy get a birthday kiss?” “Not from her,” a deep voice says, pulling me away from Shawn. I look up to see Ashton with a pissed face. “Hey, I don’t want come in between anything, I thought you were single, y/n,” Shawn says while looking at me. “Sorry, man but she isn’t” Ashton says speaking for me, as he pulls me away to a couch towards the back of the private area where no one was sitting.

“Ashton, let me go,” I say as his grip tightens. “Is that why you don’t want to be with me? That kid?” he asks obviously upset. “He’s not a kid,” I say defending Shawn. “The boy only just turned 20,” he says matter-of-factly. “He’s only 2 years younger than me,” I say back. “Oh so am I too old for you?” he snaps. “Ashton, you know that’s not why we can’t be together. Shawn, is not complicated,” I tell him and immediately regret it. “So you’d throw away what we have for a kid you don’t even like just because it’s not complicated!” he yells. “I don’t have a choice! Can you imagine the backlash I’ll get for dating you? I can’t handle that, Ashton” I snap back at him. “I don’t care what other people think about us, I love you! That’s the only thing that should matter” he says as he grabs my hands and pulls me into him. “Tell me you love me,” he demands and tears fill my eyes because I can’t admit it out loud. Once I do, it’s going to be even harder to walk away. “No,” I say trying to take my hands out his grasp but he grips them tighter. “Tell me you think about me all the time. Tell me how much you miss me, say it y/n” he says again, his hands going to my face forcing me to stare into his beautiful eyes. “Please, Ashton don’t make me say it,” I beg him. “Tell me, y/n” he begs again. “Tell me how much you regret meeting Calum first. Tell me how you just want me to hold you and never let you go,” he pleads tears threatening to spill from his eyes too as his hands play with my hair. He leans me closer into him, “Tell me!” he snaps and I can’t deny my feelings for him any longer.

There’s only one way for me to express to him how he makes me feel. I crash my lips onto him and he immediately kisses me back. His warm and soft lips feel so good against mine. We fight for dominance but he wins as I’m overwhelmed by how good this feels. I put my hands in his hair and start tugging on his curls earning a moan from his lips. His tongue asks for entrance which I happily grant him access. Our tongues dance with one another as we both pour our emotions into the kiss. Our kiss feels as explosive as fireworks. Tastes better than the first bite of food after fasting. Feels more homey than Christmas morning…it’s like magic. I begin to bite and suck on his bottom lip as his hands move to my butt and massages it making me softly moan. I attack his lips once again, this time I take control as I back him into the couch. He flops down and wasting no time, I go to straddle him as I start leaving small kisses and bites on his neck. “Fuck y/n” he whispers out making me more excited. I make my way back to his mouth and give him one last passionate kiss and stare into his eyes. “Ashton Fletcher Irwin,” I say bringing my hands back to his hair, pushing it off of his face. “I think about you all the time you’d think I was obsessed. These last few weeks have been hell being away from you and when I saw you in the supermarket I almost cried. I’d do anything to go back in time and make you mine when I first had the chance. I’m so in love with you,” I say with my whole heart. “Oh baby,” he says rubbing his hands up and down my back, “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that,” he says. “I love you so much, y/n. I’m never letting you go, I don’t care what anyone thinks. You’re mine,” he says staring into my eyes.

“I fucking knew it” a voice behind us says as we turn around and see Calum looking like he’s ready to kill us.

A/N: So this is part 5, please tell me what y’all think! I love hearing from you all and talking about what I should do. Do y’all want a part 6? Or should I leave as is? Thank you for reading it means so much!!!! xoxoxo


Major props to the Sweet Relief foundation and Finn Wolfhard for putting together such an awesome show last night - these were some of my favorites that I managed to snag of Finn during his performance with his band Calpurnia (by the way, they killed it, like they’re all so talented, it’s incredible!)

Waited in line for a good 4-5 hours but it was 100% worth it considering we managed to snag front and center seats !!! Lots of dancing and jumping and yelling - my voice is pretty gone and I only got 4 hours of sleep since the concert ended at like midnight and I had work the very next morning but I DON’T REGRET ANY OF IT !!! 

I hope I get to meet Finn one of these days just so I can tell him how proud I am of everything he has accomplished so far !!! He deserves to know that he’s doing a good job out there !! :’)

For the Sake of a Kiss

“A kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear.”

― Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac

Spencer sat back at his desk, observing the festivities around him. It was the annual Christmas party at the BAU, and, as tradition, everything was fun in the beginning. Until all the drinking started. Now Garcia was wearing one of those silly hats that held mistletoe over the wearers head, and was kissing everyone in the office. Spencer couldn’t help but chuckle, the spiked eggnogs always sent her over. But watching he couldn’t help but ponder – what is a kiss?

The answer, simple enough, two sets of lips touching. But who even came up with such a thing? Again easy, the earliest recorded accounts of something alluding to a kiss were by the Vedas over three thousand years ago. But…what was it for? What was the point? It seemed to be just another excuse to touch. Something Spencer only reserved for specific people anyways. But why touch there, yes, kissing had far fewer germs than touching of hands, but why would someone just place their mouth on another? It seemed to be the sort of thing people did just to acquire and add up like a score card amongst their peers for the most part. It was intimate to some, and nothing to others. Some would kiss like it their lives depended on it, savoring that one touch from that one person like it was oxygen. For others kissing cheeks, hands, even lips to anyone who greeted them. It was one of the few things on this earth Spencer Reid could not fathom.

He had kissed, and he had been kissed. He had always kissed his mother’s cheek, had been kissed by Lila, and, yes, both of those affections were pleasant in their own way. But he couldn’t understand why. Of course he loved his mother and understood why a kiss farewell would symbolize something. But with Lila, was it the moment, was it because she was attractive, was it because he wanted to be wanted? He wasn’t sure.

“Why are you sitting here by yourself when a party is going on?”

His concentration broke as he looked up at you from his seat. He could feel his cheeks redden as he looked you over; it was odd seeing you out of your work clothes but seeing you decked in an oversized red wool sweater the pattern of white reindeers splattered across as it hit your thighs, tight blacks leggings and white fuzzy boots – it was nice. You were attractive regardless, but seeing you with your hair down instead of in a bun as it waved over your shoulders and the piece de la resistance, some goofy bell antlers Garcia must have snuck on you, he realized how much you shined. He had noticed your personality first; a mixture of Garcia’s bubbly exuberance, Emily’s snarkiness and sarcasm, and JJ’s mothering instincts, it all swirled together into something uniquely you.

“Spencer? You okay?”

He was staring and he shouldn’t be you were his friend, coworker, and all this thought on kissing is messing with his head. Clearing his throat, he sat up straighter.

“I’ve never really been a party person, especially when it comes with the drinking. Besides I’m afraid Garcia will attack me.”

They both turned at that, the bubbly blonde was currently placing kisses on Henry and Michael, both boys’ faces covered in the fire engine red lipstick, as she tickled them as they both wriggled in laughter.

“It’s sweet.”

His gaze moved back to you; your arms cross but a warm smile on your face as you watched.

“It is. She’s a good godmother.”

“And you’re a good godfather. Though I don’t know all of what you do in your spare time. You could be a Vito Corleone type of godfather in your off hours.”

He choked back a cough of laughter at that. “I’ve never made anyone sleep with the fishes if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“No, I don’t suppose you would, that seems more like Rossi’s department to me. He’s got too much of that Italian swagger to not have a ring to kiss.”


“I-I was just thinking about that.”

You tilted your head in interest. “Oh? Rossi or – “

“No, kissing, I mean not me kissing or anything. I meant to say I was thinking of kissing because of the season, with mistletoe and everything.”

He knew he was talking fast; you were wearing that smile you always reserved for when he rambled or fumbled with his words.

“I know it originated from like Norse mythology, I think, it might’ve been the Celtics.”

“The Celts hung mistletoe to ward off evil spirits whereas the Norse saw it as a symbol of love and friendship. But it wasn’t until the 18th century when it was used in middle class England to steal kisses.”

“And how many have you stolen tonight?”

“Me?!? No, I haven’t taken any, I don’t know why you think – “

He stilled your hand brushing his shoulder in reassurance.

“I’m only teasing you, Spencer. Come on, let’s get you out of that seat. Maybe you’d dance with me?”

You were asking him to dance? If only you knew he had two left feet.

“I don’t think so; you might like to have your toes by the end of the night.”

You feigned a pout, causing the burn to come back to his face. Adorable, being the first word that entered his mind. “You’re not being fair. Come on, you won’t even have to move your feet, we can just sway.”

Spencer tilted his head, hearing the melody for Jingle Bell Rock playing and he couldn’t help but feel skeptical. But the soft smile and warmness radiating from you eased him. If you were willing enough to look like a dork, why couldn’t he?

“Oh, what are you two doing over here? Especially with no decoration.”

Spencer watched as Garcia approached you from behind, pulling you back to place a big kiss to your cheek, a perfect outline of lips remaining as she pulled away.

“Oh, my God, you’re so lucky this matches my sweater, Pen.”

“Twenty-four shade shield, my dear. Here let’s do swaps.”

Garcia switched your antlers for the Dr. Seuss looking mistletoe. “I know our good doctor here hasn’t had a kiss tonight, and I’m pretty sure he’d prefer to get one from you.”

He knew he was flaming in embarrassment, but seeing you shy up was something he wasn’t used to. The red tinge going from your face down your neck was nearly captivating.

“Well, that’s what we get when we think about kisses, Spencer.”

He knew you were trying to make light of it, take away the awkwardness, but the shade of red remained.

“Would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Since I am wearing this thing…would you, you know, want to kiss me?”

His mouth gaped. Did he? Then again would it mean nothing? A symbol of affection? He watched you looking at him in anticipation, and he wondered what you would feel as well. He wiped his palms across his pants.

“Um, sure.”

He already knew he was taller, he was taller than most people that worked here, but towering over you, and looking into your wide eyes he felt like he had shrunk.

“Do I kiss you or –“

“I think I’m supposed to kiss you since I’ve got the hat.”

“Okay –“

They fidgeted for a few more moments, before he heard you sigh, and with that he was sure you were going to walk away. Realizing the mistake you made. But then you were grasping his shoulder again, gaining balance as you tiptoed up enough to place your mouth on his.


There was a clicking inside his mind, like when he would put together links of clues from a case. It made sense. All of it. And when you pulled away he was almost desperate enough to bring you back up again the warmth and breath of you gone and leaving him chilled.

“Could I maybe…borrow that?”

You looked up at him in confusion, so he removed the headband himself, trying to keep any snags from getting in your hair. Placing it on his own head he heard you giggle, and he wanted to know what that sound would do when muffled with his lips. Pulling you up again, he placed them softly on yours, the laughter still not out from you and he could collapse as he felt the vibrations from you on him. It was a sharing, it was affection, it was life altering. He felt your fingers twiddle his hair and he allowed one of his own hands bury itself in your, and with that he had no idea if a moan was better than you laughing but he’d work day and night to find out.

“Way to go pretty boy!”

“Oh, but she forgot to put on lipstick.”

“I don’t think he minds.”

He could hear his friends like outside static around him, but it was as if the world had blurred, you the only image he could clearly see. Pulling back he waited for you to snap at him, tell him how inappropriate that was but you only gave a wisp of a smile.

“Not enough.”


“It’s from a book I read. ‘If I kiss you all day, everyday, for the rest of my life, it won’t be enough.’ I think that fits in here.”

He smiled at you. “I’d be willing to find out if you are.”

“Oh, I think we could find a way to arrange that, Spencer.”

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hi! may i request a friends to lovers scenario where you and jeonghan are best friends and he accidentally confesses to you? thank you so much! ♡♡

- you and jeonghan have been best friends since the third grade
- there was this competition in your school that had to be done in pairs and apparently, the winners would get a prize
- prizes are cool so you decided to sign up and you ended up being paired with jeonghan
- it was an obstacle race where you had to be hand-cuffed together because you had to work as a team and not leave your partner behind
- jeonghan was surprisingly really fast, but there was you….. who was clearly not very athletic….
- you started apologizing and crying while running, and seeing you all gross and sweaty made jeonghan laugh because HOW CUTE LOL
- he asked “ok this is really bad, but….. you want to win first place?” and you said “how? there’s no way we can win because of me…..”
- you were the last team so there wasn’t anyone behind you, and jeonghan slowed his pace so that the people in front of you were out of sight
- when they were, he turned to you and said “…..i know a shortcut.”
- and that’s how you met swindler jeonghan and won first place
- the prize ended up being something stupid like a rice cooker….. but you don’t care because HEY YOU GUYS WON LOL
- years later, you’re still best friends and you still don’t know how he can always get away with cheating
- and you still don’t understand how you fell in love with a swindler
- you think it started around high school and it took so much time for you to admit it because you thought that the only love you felt was friendly love
- until seungcheol made you realize it’s so much more than that
- now in uni, the semester’s over and after weeks of studying for your finals…..
- your teacher finally puts up the grades and you’re so happy to see that you aced all your classes!!
- seungcheol and jeonghan decide to treat you to korean bbq to celebrate
- but guess what? jeonghan decided to order soju
- seungcheol says “no. do you even know how annoying you get when you drink??”
- jeonghan replies “hey don’t be such a downer, (name) did well on their finals!! and after weeks of crying and yelling at us….. this is also for me and seungcheol, who had to deal with all that”
- you say “i’m sorry BUT YOU KNOW HOW I GET WHEN I’M STRESSED”
- when the soju gets to the table, you reach out for a shot glass, but seungcheol slaps your hand away
- you scream “ow!! what was that for??” and he says “i have to leave early, so you have to stay sober to get this sloth home”
- jeonghan says “so i’m going to be drinking alone??” and seungcheol says “i’m going to be drinking too, i’ll just get like joshua and jihoon to pick me up LOL”
- you say “then i can do that too!!” but seungcheol says “no you can’t. someone needs to carry him home.”
- you ask “what the heck, why does it have to be me?? what do you have to leave so early for??”
- seungcheol shrugs “i have work tomorrow.” and you say “you’re not going to feel well when you wake up after drinking.”
- but seungcheol just ignores you and toasts with jeonghan as you roll your eyes
- you three start off eating bbq, but when seungcheol and jeonghan start drinking, it’s chaos
- you try to hide your face shamefully as people start looking over at your table
- seungcheol and jeonghan are singing off-tune to a bunch of different songs by popular groups and even went as far as to get up from their seats to dance to pick me from produce 101
- you’re awkwardly there…. caught in the middle…. trying to finish your food
- before seungcheol can order a third bottle of soju, joshua and jihoon walk into the restaurant to pick him up
- jihoon looks at you and scolds “you actually let him drink??” and you say “HEY as if that guy listens to me when he’s sober”
- you ask “can you take jeonghan home too??” and they both look like at each other then back at you and say “uhhh it’s better if you do”
- before you can ask anything, they rush out the door (not without accidentally making seungcheol slam into the door on their way out smh)
- you sit there feeling so betrayed because why does it have to be you who has to take jeonghan home?? he and seungcheol share an apartment??
- you roll your eyes when you hear the clinking of a glass
- when you turn your head, you see jeonghan raising a shot of soju saying “one more!!” but then he faceplants on the table
- jeonghan….. is done for….
- you slap your forehead and you swear you can see some people around you sigh in relief to see that all the noise your table caused has finally died down
- while trying to get jeonghan’s arm around your shoulder, he pulls you closer to him and you find yourself staring into his eyes
- you blush at how close you are to him, so you move your head back and say “jeonghan, get up. we have to go now”
- he says “seungcheol.” and with a straight-face, you say “i’m not seungcheol.”
- jeonghan laughs “yes you are….. we always drink together!!!”
- you roll your eyes and play along, saying “ok fine. what do you want, jeonghan?”
- “carry me.”
- and that’s how you find yourself giving jeonghan a piggyback ride
- your face expresses disbelief as you mutter to yourself “shouldn’t it be the other way around…..” but jeonghan just rests his head against your shoulder while you carry him towards his apartment
- he then says “hey seungcheol….” and you’re like omg do you really still think i’m seungcheol
- but you just answer “yes, jeonghan?”
- he continues “this is a dumb question but…..”
- he’s silent for a while, until the words finally come out of his mouth
- “how do i tell (name) i like them?”
- you stop in your tracks and your mouth falls open when his words finally sink in
- you quietly ask “you…. like (name)?”
- jeonghan says “you already know i do…. i don’t know if i should tell them…..”
- this gets you to think for a while because you like him back, but it’s just….. you don’t know if he’s just messing with you and you don’t want to get hurt
- you stay quiet for the rest of the walk
- you take the keys out of jeonghan’s pocket, and open the door to his and seungcheol’s apartment
- you place him on the couch and drape a blanket over him before leaving, your heart still beating in your chest
- the whole walk home, you just keep replaying his words over and over
- the next morning, jeonghan wakes up to a bit of a headache and he sits upright, holding the sides of his head
- seungcheol walks into the room and greets “good morning. had too many drinks last night?”
- jeonghan says “apparently…. i’m guessing you helped me back here? you know, you could’ve put me in my bed—”
- seungcheol raises an eyebrow and says “i didn’t take you home?”
- jeonghan says “what are you talking about? you did. i think….. you even gave me a piggyback ride? it’s still kind of blurry, but—”
- seungcheol says “joshua and jihoon picked me up early…. (name) probably took you home.”
- jeonghan’s eyes widen as he says “WHO…. TOOK ME HOME?” and when seungcheol repeats himself, everything comes flashing back to him
- jeonghan screams “I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU???” and seungcheol says “WHAT’S WRONG? WHAT DID YOU DO?”
- jeonghan runs a hand through his hair and says “i…. i think i confessed.”
- seungcheol’s mouth falls open and he says “you didn’t.”
- jeonghan nods “i think i did….” and seungcheol says “that’s…. not good because (name) is on their way right now…..”
- you’re standing outside seungcheol and jeonghan’s apartment door, and you gulp before lifting up your hand and knocking on it
- you needed this confession cleared up right away
- the door opens to reveal seungcheol grinning down at you, and he greets you “good morning” before moving aside to let you in
- you walk into the living room to see jeonghan calmly standing near the couch, when he’s actually panicking on the inside because that was NOT how he was planning on confessing to you
- seungcheol says he has to leave because of his shift, and that leaves you and jeonghan all alone
- but before he leaves, you fail to see the smirk on his face
- see, it was all planned because seungcheol, and even joshua and jihoon know that jeonghan always asks “how do i tell (name) i like them?” when he drinks
- when seungcheol closes the door, you walk over to jeonghan and awkwardly say “good morning” and says “good morning” but silence follows
- jeonghan knows he can always act like he doesn’t remember, but if it’s already been revealed…. then he might as well just confess
- you begin “jeonghan, you probably don’t remember, but last night, i took you home and…”
- jeonghan says “i do like you.”
- you look up at him with red cheeks because you definitely weren’t expecting him to be so straight-forward
- he continues “there’s no use in hiding it now…. so…. i just want you to know that i do. i always have.”
- you look at him with a shocked expression on your face, but it slowly fades into a smile and you tell him “that’s…. something i’ve been waiting to hear from you for a while now.”
- jeonghan’s eyes widen at your words and no words come out of his mouth because he can’t believe you feel the same way
- you take a step closer and laugh “hey, i just said i like you too. a kiss would be nice.”
- jeonghan laughs as he brushes a lock of hair out of your face, and you both share your first kiss

thank you for your request!! ^^


>Jackbum sexy dances.
Jackson is up out of his seat for jbs dance for maximum viewing .

He is not satisfied so he makes jb do more. Jb does.

Jackson dying /shimkung at jb sexy dance.

Jbs close inspection of js sexy dance .To be noted jb coughs and has to cross his legs at the end of js sexy dance😉

Clinging to This Hating Game 2/?

For the @prompt-a-klainefic blog’s 2017 Reverse Bang

Link to the art by @datshitrandom

the prompt:

Kurt and Blaine couldn’t stand each other in high school, maybe one was a jock/cheerleader and the other a nerd/glee clubber. Or they were bitter rivals for competition solos if they were both in glee club. Now they both live in NY and their friends set them up on a blind date, not knowing they went to the same high school.

High School AU, Cheerio!Kurt, Jock!Blaine
Rating: Explicit
Warnings:  some bullying and homophobic language, teenage sex
Word Count: ~4500 (this chapter)

Happy Birthday!! and thanks to my superbeta @mshoneysucklepink. I think I rewrote this chapter 3 times so she had her work cut out for her.

Everything wonky is my fault.

AO3 link chapter 2

tumblr chapter 1


Chapter 2

Kurt almost didn’t think about it at all.

Senior year started in less than a week, and Cheerios practice had started the week before and he had plenty of things to think about instead. He did. He didn’t have time to waste on thoughts of fumbling hands and pretty eyes and orgasms shared with anyone. He didn’t.

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RebelCaptain, #22? Your ficlets are AMAZING!

Prompt: two miserable people meeting at a wedding au (requested by anon—thanks, anon!—and the ever-wonderful @melika-elena)

Baze will say it isn’t a big deal when asked, that he’s been living with Chirrut for nearly a decade now, that they were already married in all but name. But Jyn knows how much this means to him, to tie the knot. To celebrate. She can see it in his wide, soft smile, the way he laughs when Chirrut drags him back out onto the dance floor.

She’s happy for him. She really is. But she’s also in a bright pink dress—why did Chirrut choose the wedding colors when he cannot see—and her heels are cutting angry red lines across her toes, and she’s at least two glasses of champagne away from being drunk enough to feel halfway comfortable.

Luckily, the guy sitting a few seats over—also not dancing, also frowning into his champagne glass—seems to be on the same page.

“Do you know when the open bar closes?” Jyn asks him.

“Twenty minutes,” he says, fast. He then wilts a little, turning to look at her with a guilty expression. “Err, I—not that I’ve been counting.”

He’s thin and scruffy, sharp cheekbones and dark, tired eyes. He’s got his dress shirt unbuttoned at the collar, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. 

“Twenty minutes,” says Jyn, slow. “How much champagne do you think is reasonable to consume in twenty minutes?”

A slow smile stretches across his face. “Want to find out?”

His name, she learns, is Cassian. He works at Chirrut’s firm doing something he describes as “too boring to be worth explaining,” he agrees that her dress makes her look a bit like a piece of cotton candy, and it turns out his apparent wedding apathy has more to do with sleep-deprivation than discomfort.

“Well,” says Jyn, swishing the champagne around in her flute. “I feel like maybe scheduling a redeye the night before the wedding was a bad call on your part.”

Cassian laughs. They’re sitting next to each other, now; his elbow knocks against hers. “I’m not arguing with you. It was a terrible call.“

“So,” says Jyn, “that red eye. I take it you came from a long way away?”

Cassian swipes his tongue across his lower lip. It’s distracting.

“Uh, no,” he says. “I was in California on business.”

“Ah,” says Jyn. She takes another sip. “So, does that mean you live on this coast?”

He glances at her. “In this city, actually. You?”

Jyn lets out a long, slow breath. “Same.”

“Hm,” Cassian murmurs, smiling. “That’s good to hear.”

You’re a Dancer and Tommy Falls For You

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Tommy Shelby x Reader

“Thomas! We’ll be late!” Polly yelled through the house before she saw her handsome nephew descending the stairs. She smiled and reached up to fix the one fly away hair that was sticking straight up. “Are you ready to go?”

“Yes, Pol, but I hope you know I have better things I could be attending rather than a ballerina performance.”

“Oh I know, but you promised to do something with me of my choosing and this is what I would like to go see. Now go get in the car.” Her stern voice broke through and he immediately walked out the front door.

When they reached the theatre, they found their seats and patiently waited for the performance to start. When it did, Thomas wasn’t really sure what the story was or what was going on. He was purely focused on one dancer, the lead. Her (Y/H/C) hair was pulled into tight braids that met together in a bun on the back of her head revealing her beautiful face. He watched as her grace was the only thing that seemed to be present on the stage.

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