and season 5 please


okey sherlock fandom listen up. right now emotions are high and everyone is kind of in a state of disaster. some people seem to be really mad with how the episode turned out, but lets just take a moment and turn off all filters.

stop thinking about ur ships stop thinking about the so called ‘plot holes’ stop thinking about all the meta u read. just look at the episode for what it is. if you really watch the episode for the genius it is, it was actually so amazing. I mean, come on. these writers are fucking amazing. they know what they are doing. it doesn’t get much better than this. there was so much planning so much thought so much eFFORT put into this show to make it what it is. and what it is, is truly a work of art.

okay so some are mad they’re ship didn’t become canon… so what? you have all the context you need to make it canon your self. continue writing fanfic and living out your ships. that’s all the creators ever wanted you to do anyways, take the show and run with it. look at all the context they give you for your ship and take it from there. as for the 'plot holes’, if you really think about it, a lot of them are far fetched. eVERY season has its 'plot holes’ (or like tiny things that don’t matter but people point out). i’ve seen the biggest one so far was mary getting shot. a) she’s a trained assassin and jumped beFORE the bullet was shot. and b) people are complaining about he bleeding more than sherlock, but we have nO way of knowing that they get shot in the exact same place. case closed. do this will all the 'plot holes’ and i’m sure you will find some way to reason them out.

all in all this show was amazing and i think we as viewers need to forget all these little things and all our ships and remember that this show is sherlock. sherlock holmes. the detective. that’s what the show has always been. we have to pay more respect to this amazing show. the creators need to know how amazing they are. let be real, basically everyone wants another season, and complaining about how 'bAd’ the season/episode was is not going to get you anywhere. take a step back and look at this show for its mastery.

y’all are all: “let The 100 end in 5 Seasons please.” and I’m just like….let The 100 run as long as possible because most of the cast are still relative unknowns and for several of them (no matter their acting skill) once the show is over they may very well fade into that odd form of obscurity that CW actors fall into.

Bob Morley is an amazing actor, but he’s not a big name outside of Australia and The CW. As an aging MOC, it is unlikely that he will receive more projects of the same (or greater) caliber without more time for exposure. 

Same for Chris Larkin. And Nadia Hilker. And literally every other minority actor on the show. 

Please…just let me kids keep having job security. 

TW: S5 epi16

I’ve recently watched this episode again since people rave that stiles had saved lydia from Eichen.

The conclusion I’ve come to is: fucking bullshit.

The entire episode had stiles sitting around doing nothing until the last moment in Deaton’s office. And even that was questionable. Why didn’t they take deaton with them to Eichen?

The only reason they had Tracy take parrish out was so that stiles could hold lydia in the jeep and for her to assume he was the big hero.

Uh, no. He literally sat still while everyone else was fighting. I get it, he’s human. But that’s still a shitty excuse. Even shittier, I might add, is him going, “shut up and let me save your life”. Nigga please. You do jackshit and pretend like you’re some kind of savior? My ass. She already saved HERSELF. Let’s not forget that the Queen Bee screeched Valack’s head off - literally.

I’m so tired of stydiots believing that stiles was some kind of massive hero in this episode, and what’s worse is lydia declaring to her mom that stiles saved her. From what - seeing the bigger picture where the actual dude that saved everyone from her nuclear scream was parrish? Let’s not forget that he asked Scott to set him on FIRE so that he could find her. Let’s also not forget that parrish disarmed almost everyone in the chimera pack. (I think the only reason he went down when theo tossed that pipe into his chest was to prolong the episode and give Theo and stiles time to run around the tunnels looking for her.)

Oh, but we can’t let her show gratitude to parrish!! That’s too unique, dudes. We need her to go to deaton in a fucked up jeep that probably caused her body even more harm instead of taking parrish’s SUV or Natalie’s car - both of which would have proven much faster and a smoother ride for precious Lyds.

But noooooo. Let’s fucking take her in the stupid fucking, beat-up jeep that would stall every five seconds. Oh, and also, let’s add a lame chimera-kanima-Tracy snippet and put parrish out of commission so that stiles gets to cozy up to lydia in that stupid jeep and pretend to save her when he’s actually just standing in the way of the most unique ship on TV - the two harbingers of death. Oh, better yet. Let’s make her scream again so that stiles could block her from the shattered glass. Oooh. So nice and unique. Yay. Prom queen and nerd for the win, am I riiight? Soooo much better than hellhound/banshee.

Ugh. Someone kill me, please.


This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 881 Words
  • No warnings, just lots of fluffy cuteness.

You sat in the dining room, chewing on your thumbnail and glancing up at the clock every five minutes. For a while, it seemed like time had stopped. The little hand barely moving as each passing second goes on and fear enters your body.

At first, you were so sure Daryl Dixon was a goner. The way he slumped over Rick’s and Shane’s shoulders as they brought him up to the farm, his cries for help when he woke up on that bed. Hershel promised he would fix Daryl up, but you still had your doubts.

Now, Daryl’s cries of pain could be heard throughout the house. You try to cover your ears, try to focus on your thoughts—it didn’t help. He was too loud, too much in pain.

“Y/N.” Maggie came flying out of the room, a little bit of blood staining the front of her shirt. You couldn’t be sure, but you thought it was Daryl’s. Your stomach tightens at the thought and you had to swallow hard. “Daryl’s asking for you.” She said in her thick country drawl.

Any other time you would have questioned why Daryl was asking for you, even though you two were always just a little bit closer than he was with anyone else. You knew that and everybody else knew that, it was just never so obvious.

You got to your feet and made your way into the room. Rick was standing over Daryl, holding him down with his police officer strength, Hershel, who was trying his best to work with a fidgeting redneck, and a pacing Shane. None of them could have prepared you for Daryl, though.

“I need a needle.” Hershel commands as he begins cleaning a wound on Daryl’s side. You freeze in place as Maggie rushes around and gathers her father a needle to ready the stitches.

Daryl lifts his head and spots you, his eyes focusing on yours for a second before he reaches out a bloody hand and calls your name. “Please.” He begs. It’s very unlike the man, it causes you to hesitate before you dash over and take Rick’s place at the head of the bed.

“Keep him calm.” Hershel told you as he dug a strange looking knife into Daryl’s side. You couldn’t look, not at this. Looking would mean it was as bad as you thought and Daryl was too strong to get hurt, at least that’s what you’ve been telling yourself for weeks.

“Y/N.” Daryl whimpers and tosses his head into your lap, pressing down as he tries to hold in more cries.

“I’m here.” You reach around, placing your left hand on the side of his head and your right hand soothing his shoulder with a gentle massage.


“Dinner was good, thank you.” You rose from the table and went to check on Daryl. He was seemingly fast asleep when you brought him a tray in to nibble on, but you hoped he woke up long enough to get a bite or two in. The man was out in the woods all day without a single bite.

Inside the room, Daryl was still asleep, his body heaving under the blankets as he clutches them to his chest. It’s a nice, familiar sight you like to watch. Daryl sleeping always calms you down, no matter what was happening in the outside world. He was so peaceful, so innocent as he slept the hours away.

You make your way to the other side of his bed and notice he hasn’t taken a bite yet. You sigh, clearing away the tray so you could take a seat on the chair beside the bed, wanting to make sure he has someone with him when he wakes up.

“No,” Daryl grunts and makes you jump. You turn to face him. His eyes are still closed but he could tell what you were doing so easily. He always can. “Please?” There it was again, that word you swore was never taught to him. Twice in one day? You feel lucky.

“If you want.” You say gently and pull his sheets back. His chest is bare, covered in scars from the day’s events and a little bit of dried up blood you wish you could have cleaned when you had the chance—not that Daryl would care in the slightest.

He nods and extends his arms, showing you what he wants, something very unusual for him. But Daryl was always a man of few words, unless provoked. He never understood how feelings work, how conversations worked, unless it had to do with killing something.

You slip under the covers and allow him to wrap his muscular arms around your torso. He rests his head against your breasts warily, wanting nothing more than to be held and feel comfort that he hasn’t felt in a long time—if ever. You read that much off him as he tries to relax, shifting some of his weight here and there until he found the correct spot and settles.

With a gentle kiss to his forehead, you realize that this wasn’t just Daryl needing a little bit of comfort. This was Daryl claiming you, telling you that he was willing to put aside his lonely boy attitude and try something…more.