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Aaron Dingle + favorite outfits  (。♥‿♥。)

Didn’t I tell you?

He doesn’t usually take his time getting ready, he doesn’t tend to drag things along and pace around the bedroom unless he’s nervous about something; there’s something running through Harry’s mind as he sits on the bed trying to fix his tie. 

With a heavy huff, his hands drop to his lap, a few muttered words escaping his lips.

“What’s the matter? You’ve been edgy all day.” You softly request, placing your hands to his tie and helping him out. With cold hands, you knot his tie flawlessly, graciously adjusting his shirt as well.

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*skateboards in

because im bisexual my parents desperately hope ill one day end up marrying a woman but *kickflips* im really fucking gay and i love men 

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Aaron checking on his wedding engagement ring (。♥‿♥。)

#it’s like touching his engagement ring is a stress relief for aaron #he touches it when he feels stressed hurt or scared #when he touches the ring he feels like he can breath again and he can get through this situation #it’s like Robert is right there with him #you’re not alone anymore remember! #I AM SO EMOTIONAL ABOUT THIS

Come to Bed (Always 1/3)

Characters: Leonard McCoy x Reader

Summary: Bones has a ton of work to do, but you miss your grumpy doctor and try to get him to come back to bed.

Warnings: None? just fluff here

A/N: hey look another Bones fic! and this one’s a three parter! Yay! also i’m shit at summaries, sorry

Word Count: 967

Part Two

The first thing you notice when you wake from your nap is that the right-hand side of the bed is still empty.  And cold. You sigh and flip onto your back, staring at the smooth metal ceiling of your small bedroom.  If he hadn’t come to bed by now…You roll over to check the time on your PADD.  


You groan.  Goddamn his commitment to his work.  You push off the blankets and shiver as the cool air hits your bare legs.  The door to your room is open, and you follow the faint light into the main room of your small shared quarters.

Bones is there, sitting at his desk, his back facing you.  You sigh and shake your head.  Your bare feet are silent on the cold hardwood floor as you make your way up behind him.  Once you reach him, your hands immediately go to his shoulders, attempting to rub out the obvious tension there.

As soon as you touch him he jumps.  “Jesus, sweetheart you’re tryin’ to kill me.”  

You giggle, still half asleep.  “Sorry, baby,” you hum, resting your forehead between his neck and shoulder and bringing your arms around to hug his chest.  

He leans back and chuckles.  His hands come up and rub your arms.  “Christ sweetheart, you’re freezin’.”

You hum and close your eyes, snuggling further into his neck.  “I wouldn’t be cold if you’d come to bed, Lee.”

He smiles and kisses your temple.  “Sorry darlin’, but I have a ton of paperwork I need to finish before tomorrow’s mission.”

“You should come to bed anyways.  I feel like I haven’t seen you in days,” you mumble, planting gentle kisses along his shoulder.  He’s been with Jim and Spock preparing for this away mission for the last few days as we approached a new planet.  It was exciting, but between all the personnel checkups you hadn’t spent any real time with him in days.  

He groans and leans his head to the side, giving you more room to work with. “Come on, Lee.  It’s late, the rest of your work can wait.”

He grunts.  “C’mere,” he gently tugs you around to face him.  “You can sit in my lap until I’m done working.”  His grin is less than innocent as he scans you, wearing only one of his old baggy t-shirts and a pair of underwear.  His arms go around your waist and tug you down.

You shuffle in and sit with your legs draped across his lap.  You wrap your hands around his neck and press a gentle kiss to his scruffy cheek.  “Don’t be too long, Doctor,” you whisper, then settle your head on his shoulder. He smiles down at you and rolls himself back to the desk to get back to work; one hand writing while the other rests on your thigh, his thumb tracing small circles on your bare skin.  

Ten minutes later he pauses to watch you on his lap, your face buried in his neck, your mouth slightly open; you had clearly fallen asleep.  “Sweetheart, wake up,” he whispered.  “I need you to help keep me up,” he teased.

“’m not asleep,” you mumble.  “Just resting my eyes.”

He chuckles, then starts writing his reports again.  He continues on in silence for a little while, occasionally stealing glances down at you, but you were either fiddling with the fabric of his shirt or staring at his hand on your thigh.  

He’s deep into a personnel clearance file when you speak up again.  “You know our anniversary’s on Friday.”

He freezes and panics for a moment, then remembers that he made plans.  “Yeah I remember, darlin’.”

“Two years,” you mumble.  “That’s a pretty big deal, you know.  Especially since we’ve been in space the whole time”

He grimaces.  “Goddamn space.  Makes everything awful.”  He squeezes your thigh before you can protest.  “’Cept you, darlin’.”

You smile and squeeze his neck.  “So you made plans?” He nods and goes to say something, but you cut him off. “Because that’s two days away, and you’re going on that away mission tomorrow.  So you should tell me now if I need to plan something.” You look him in the eyes, trying to convey your seriousness.  

Bones just laughs again and pulls you in closer.  He kisses the top of your head.  “Oh, ye of little faith!  C’mon, sweetheart, I got this.”

You hum, not completely convinced, but you lean back into him anyways, your drowsiness finally dragging you under.  “I love you, Lee,” you whisper into his neck.

He smiles.  “I love you, too darlin’”

You burrow further into him and he reaches over to grab his PADD.  


He sighs.  “Okay, time for bed.” You make a noise of contentment and he laughs.  “Yeah, I know.  You win.”

He reaches over to turn off the light at the desk, then readjusts his arm under your legs and stands up with you in his arms.  His boots make gentle noises on the floor until you reach the soft carpet of your bedroom.  He lays you down gently on your side before covering you with the blankets.  Your hands cling to him, attempting to pull him down with you.  “Stay, Lee.”

“I am, darlin’, just let me get undressed.”

You sit up slightly, watching him as he toes off his boots and steps out of his pants.  He makes his way around to his side of the bed and pulls off his shirt, leaving him in his boxers.  You let out a quiet whistle.  “Hey, sexy,” you tease.

He laughs and shakes his head.  “You are a massive dork, darlin’.”  He climbs into bed and pulls you to his side.  “Goodnight, sweetheart.”

You wrap your arms around him and lay your head on his chest.  “Goodnight, Lee.”

shoutout to @lessawildmoon for fighting the good fight on that HORRIFYINGLY ABLEIST anti-CS post re: the rings on the hook

i rarely want to reach through my computer and actually slap a bitch but those were some awful, self-righteous trolls and u dealt with them more
gracefully than they deserved, love 😘

happy transgender day of visibility everyone! it’s been 3 years and a few days since i first came out as a transman to my family and close friends. every since, i’ve gained a lot ( like facial hair and muscle mass ) and dropped some things too ( or rather, my voice has ). my medical transition started on september 4th of 2015 and it’s been a process of growth ever since, mainly toward april 21st this year aka top surgery 😊  cheers to my fellow trans people✊🏼

Who you are

“Where did you two get the tattoos?”

“That’s stupid! No one’s gonna think he’s frightening with a flower on his back! Give him an orc face, or a dragon mask over that pretty mug o’ his! Need t’ make him more scruffy too. Can you break something on him? He’s too pretty.” 

His ears pinned back as he listened, backed up into the small cage as far as he could go. The auction had been swift, he had found himself stuffed into a crate and shipped off, only to be pulled out and immediately forced into a cage that had long bars, enough for him to crouch but not really sit, made to make a larger man stand, he imagined, but he was scrawny, and small, so he could squish himself into the corner and listen, dread filling his empty stomach, making the gnawing sharp hunger pangs fade into nausea. 

“You asked me to train him, and to give him a persona. I am not going to continue this exercise unless you agree to what I am saying. The Lotus is a symbol of fierce regeneration, and of balance. It is able to grow in places where no others can, to rise from great loss to become beautiful once more.”

The woman speaking, he couldn’t see her. He tried to look but a slam to his cage had him covering his head with his arms, shaking violently. She sounded strange, her voice was deeper than any woman’s he’d ever heard before. At that thought his heart twinged and he sniffled, his matron had died only three days before, fifty years he’d been with her as her servant and adopted son, and now…now she was gone and here he was. He didn’t understand what they were talking about…why would he need to be scruffy? Why did he need a marking?

“No one’s gonna think about that! Fuckin’ pandaren philosophy ain’t what people pay for, they pay for scary and bloody! They pay for a name and a show!”

The woman spoke again, actually sounding amused. “They will pay for him once he shows them what he can do, your little elf will learn from me, and when I am finished, your Crimson Lotus will be the most fearsome fighter to have ever crossed the desert.”

The man snorted, shaking his head. “Fine, but if I don’t make double what I paid for him in his first fight, I’m selling him and you.”

He stormed off, leaving the red haired Sin’dorei alone with the woman. When he finally looked up he saw sad looking blue eyes in a bear-like face, and he finally uncurled himself, blinking at her. The Pandaren woman was well build, muscular under her fur, dressed in a simple black robe that had no sleeves, showing off her arms, white at the hands before moving up to black fur on the rest of her. She moved to open the cage, offering a hand to him. He hesitated, before taking it, letting her lead him to a small but clean little work room. 

“Come now, off with your shirt, let me see what I have to work with.” she said pleasantly. 

He swallowed hard, removing the remnants of the vest he had, still shaking though it wasn’t really that cold. The Pandaren looked him over, touching him here, lifting up his arm there, before she nodded. 

“Not bad, a little scrawny. I am Yan, your tutor and artist for the next two weeks. You will be learning an ancient art of my people, and when you are finished you will be entered into a tournament. If you win, you will be our master’s new prize fighter. Do you have a name?” she asked pleasantly. 

“I… former…she called me Saeris.” he replied weakly, sitting down where she indicated him to. The crimson haired elf watched as she began to mix dyes, getting a small stick with a curved needle on it, and what looked like a rock, down from a set of shelves she was fussing at. 

“Keep that name to yourself then…that is yours. Today you will be given a new name. Do you know what it is?” Yan asked as she continued to mix the ink that she would use. 

“A new…I don’t want a new name! I want…I want to go home.” Saeris whimpered. 

Yan hesitated, sighing as she looked at him fully. “I know little one, but you do not have that luxury. None of us do. What you have the luxury of now, is keeping your name secret…that is yours, no one will be able to take it from you if you keep it a secret. When I am finished with you, you will answer to one name and one only. I will turn you into the flower I am about to place on your flesh, you will rise from great danger and strife to show the world who you truly are, a Lotus rising from the mud of a flooded pond to bring beauty in a world of chaos.” 

Saeris stared at her, it sounded ridiculous…the woman sounded ridiculous, but for some reason, at that moment, it made him feel…safe. It would be the last time he felt like that until he arrived at Sunspire, one hundred and fifty years later. 

“I go’ i’ from an old owner…decided I needed a persona..” he had told Leona, but in truth, it wasn’t that particular slaver, nor any of the others who had paid top dollar to call the Lotus their own. It had been a single Pandaren woman who had helped him realize that if he kept one thing to himself, he could survive through anything…and rise to bring what he could into whatever chaos he found himself in. The Lotus never backed down, and neither did Saeris. 

( @batandmole for mentions and inspiration!)