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I'm a sucker for tattoo shop AUs (Deep in the Heart of Me is my favorite fic EVER), and I can imagine Tony being the manager of a famous shop, and accepting stray artists that want to find a job and are poor/homeless/lost (among which Bucky, Clint and Nat), and just giving them a goal, a home and a future and ARG

Thank you for reminding me of the beauty that is tattoo AUs!!!! I can’t believe I forgot about this to be honest, I used to adore them in almost every fandom, but I haven’t thought of them in ages until I got your ask! I’m unfamiliar with the fic you’ve mentioned–I don’t read a lot of Stony–but I think I’ll give it a try! But for now, let’s get back to this AU.

I really like the idea of Tony being this crazy, loveable owner of a tattoo shop who hires very questionable people under ridiculous circumstances because he’s insane like that. I also headcanon that said questionable people are very protective of their smol boss because of it.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” the stranger snarls disturbingly animalistic.

“Uhm.” Tony stares at the knife—a real knife and definitely not one for the kitchen—and scruffles a tiny step backwards. Backs against a wall before he has the chance to bring a little more distance between himself and Stranger With Knife.

Damn those walls and the stupid people that build them.

He’s going to die here, alone, in an abandoned backstreet. Where nobody will find his body until they’ll have to hold the funeral with a closed coffin. If they’ll ever find his body.

There’s probably a life lesson in here, about how you’re not supposed to follow unknown men a head taller than you and double your weight in muscles into an abandoned backstreet for one. But Tony’s attention is too fixated on the knife to care much about unimportant details like that.

For once, he hysterically thinks, Rhodey won’t be able to scold me for my messed up priorities.

“I won’t ask again!” the man hisses dangerously. He’s got shaggy hair that could do with a cut and a wash, and his eyes flicker with the same restlessness that drew Tony to him initially.

And fine, he probably shouldn’t have followed the guy. He can see how this could be considered “creepy” by people less fluent in Tony-speak than Pepper or Rhodey. Natasha will undoubtedly slap him—gently, because she’s secretly a poisonous snake who’s adopted Tony as this weird, bumbling kitten that will not get killed by anyone but her—for this later. You know, if there is a later.

“I was wondering if you want to work for me,” Tony blurts out because he can’t think of anything else to say. Also because it’s true.

“I’m not fuckin’ work for hire!” the man growls. “I don’t do that shit anymore, so either back the fuck off or I’ll make sure you won’t need anything anymore!”

Alright. Tony decidedly isn’t going to ask what the guy’s going on about. Nope. Absolutely not. That would just be too stupid, even for him.

“What are you talking about?” he asks and promptly wants to knock himself out. At least that might improve his chances to not talk himself into an early death. Clint will not be impressed if he misses is 8 o’clock appointment tomorrow and he has to cover for Tony—neither will the customer. Clint isn’t useful for anything before eleven in the morning.

The man’s eyes—they’re a cold blue that would look a lot prettier if they weren’t levelling a glacial glare at Tony right now—narrow even further, the knife itching ever so slightly closer towards Tony, and nope, not a fan of that development at all.

“Look,” Tony decides to try and deescalate the situation, “You don’t have to answer that. Actually, please don’t answer that, because this sounds too much like one of those I’d tell you but then I’d have to kill you thingies and Natty would not be pleased if you did. You know, kill me. Unless you tell her I called her Natty again. For some reason she really doesn’t like that? But what do I know, women are weird,” he muses with a shrug.

“Right, I was trying to make a point. See, you could just wave your knife around and possibly- probably kill me, which would really suck. Cause I’m not a big fan of being dead before my liver gives out on me and you don’t look like you’ve got another jacket, and blood is a bitch to get out.” Not that it would be much of a loss, with the oversized, worn down thing the man’s wearing. It looks like it’s being held together by stubbornness and nothing else.

He might have said that last part out loud as well, if the guy’s twitch is anything to go by. Tony can’t decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Or,” he hastily continues, “you could listen to my gracious proposal, accept it with genuine appreciation and enthusiasm and in two years we’ll both laugh about this moment.” He finishes with a bright smile and a happy clap. Screw Natasha and Pepper, he can be reasonable and mature. He’s not the one waving a butcher knife around after all.

Said knife is slowly lowered by the stranger who tilts his head to one side in a show curiosity. He seems—amused, almost. Or maybe that’s Tony’s screwed perception of reality talking. Clint’s mentioned he has a problem at one point, something about seeing a ravaging monster and cooing over it and wanting to pet it. Which is nonsense, Tony doesn’t want to pet anything. Except maybe the guy’s hair, once it’s been properly cleaned. And that’s not his fault, it looks like it could be fluffy.

“I’m listening,” he drawls, almost like he’s humouring Tony. The joke’s on him though, because Tony is used to being humoured.

“Do you know Stark Tower? What a stupid question, of course you do, but just in case you don’t, it’s the best tattoo studio in the entire country, trust me on that, and it happens to also belong to me. You’d look great with a couple of tattoos by the way, really help round off that assassin-gone-rough vibe you’ve got there, and I’d totally do them for free or maybe not free. Pepper says I’m not supposed to give people things all the time, but you wouldn’t tell on me, right?”

“Anyways, I saw this,” Tony lifts the crumbled paper he’s rescued from the garbage at the café he’s first noticed Mr Tall, Dark and Knifey—and hadn’t that led to a fun conversation with the waitress—and waves it around as if to stress his point, “and you’ve got some real talent with the abstract design there, because this is amazing and I’d want it as a tattoo, wich says something, my taste is fantastic. Also I’m missing a designer because that asshole Wade keeps running off to do one thing or another and I’m not allowed to hire Peter until he’s legal.”

The guy stares at him in bemusement while Tony tries to catch his breath. Admittedly not an uncommon reaction.

“You’re offering me a job?” he asks after a moment in disbelief—and damn, this guy is catching on to Tony-speak real quick, he’s the right choice all right.

“Yup,” Tony nods. He’s thought he’s been fairly obvious.

“You’ve been following me for two subway stations, three bus stops and a couple of dozen street corners to offer me a job because you saw something I’d scribbled down at a café,” the man repeats incredulous.

Tony shrugs. “I didn’t know how to talk to you. Clint says I come on too strong usually.”

“And you thought stalking me would make me feel more at ease?”

“Well, no.” Tony frowns. “Maybe? I wasn’t—but doesn’t prolonged exposure get you used to someone?”

“Prolonged- never mind,” the guy shakes his head. “You’re crazy.”

A pause, then, “I don’t need a job.”

Tony scoffs. “Have you looked at yourself lately?” he asks, mulls over his words for a moment when the man tenses. “Alright, that might have come across as offensive but seriously. I don’t care if you need a job or not, it’s yours if you want it. Just show up sometime next week and tell Natty I hired you and if Clint is there please throw your knife at him, he’s an ass and screams like a banshee.” Tony searches his pockets for a moment before he finds one of his, admittedly worse for wear, business cards and offers it to Mr Death By Blade.

“You’re crazy,” the man states again, but he takes the card.

“Get used to it,” Tony smiles is sunniest smile because take that Clint, he can hire new staff without getting anyone killed.


“Have you ever even held a tattoo gun in your life? It’s not a real gun, for fuck’s sake! Tony!” Clint is heard screaming in exasperation through the studio a couple of days later. “What the fuck where you thinking when you hired Bucky?!”

Tony doesn’t look up from where he’s carefully drawing the worlds’ prettiest butterfly onto a young woman’s shoulder when he yells back, “Who the hell is Bucky?!”


[Bonus: “You’re taking all this surprisingly well,” Bucky comments at one point.

Clint shrugs. Takes a look at one of the designs over the newbie’s shoulder.

“Tony’s as fucked in the head as they come, but he’s a freaking genius at finding the best. If he’s hired you than that’s what you are. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.”

A moment of thoughtful silence follows, before.

“In three weeks, I’m gonna tell you how he hired Tasha.”

“Why in three weeks?”

“Studio rule. If you’ve made it three weeks without killing anyone, you’re part of the team.”

“Inside the studio or in general?”

“…you’re gonna fit right in.”]

I think I’m having way too much fun with this…

Morning After: Thor imagine

The morning was cold but perfect. The storm outside took over the perfect Asgard weather. But this was your favorite weather. Rough and raw dark skies as rain harshly pummeled against the window. The thunder sounding ever few times in an almost peaceful way to you. The lightening ever so slightly slipping light in the dark room.

Even if it was freezing in the bedroom you felt nothing but warmth as you laid in the large silk bedding with the arms of a God around you.

You laid securely on top of Thor’s chest. He was a giant compared to you. He laid under you, one arm slung over your waist as his other hand rested on your thigh… right under your bum. Your fave was buried in his neck as your leg was thrown over him. Your bodies were pressed against each other as close as possible. 

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Servamp: Don’t Bully My Eve!

Hey guys! This is for the anon who wanted a cute sloth pair fic, as you see below XD Anyway, this is literally the first time in a long time since I wrote something. I really hope you guys like this, and anon, thank you so much for sending in the awesome request, I really hope you love it! Thanks so much, and please enjoy! <3

“Alright already, I get it…” Mahiru sighed, as he tried to brush away the slight hurt feelings he got from the teasing. He knew his friends were just kidding, but that still didn’t mean that they sometimes went too far with their teasing. “You guys can stop now.”

“Aw, no harsh feelings right, Mahiru?” One of his classmates laughed, making the other boy snicker next to him. Mahiru didn’t even know what made the kid go into his backpack to begin with but the kid had taken Kuro out and was holding him out and shaking him, laughing about how he can’t leave a cat home with him. He said something about being lonely. The teen, however, couldn’t bring himself to admit that, yes without Kuro, he was a little lonely since he didn’t exactly have any family around much anymore, so all he could just try to do about it is try to take the now awake Servamp back from the boy. Feeling a slight warning of frustrated tears threatening to fall, Mahiru tried harder to get Kuro back, who by the looks of it was finally getting annoyed with being held by the scruff of his neck by some unknown annoying teen.

“Mreow” A cold sound finally emanated from above the boys, as Kuro finally had enough, and decided to growl. Watching his classmate pale slightly from the sound that came from his Servamp, Mahiru watched as Kuro’s threatening red eyes attached themselves to the now frightened brown eyes of the two teens. “Mreow.”

“Shit…did the thing just growl?!” The other boy whispered, backing away from the angry black cat.

“Please give him back…he’s getting mad!” the teen sighed out, while reaching up to try to grab at the dangling black cat again. But when Kuro was pulled out of his reach again, Mahiru tensed, and tried to hold back a whimper. “Please!”

“Come on man, give Mahiru back his pet, before that thing goes crazy!” the other boy said, backing away from Kuro when the Servamp began to fight back more and more.

Mahiru felt his blood stop however when the classmate when to protest, but before he could, Kuro’s paw shot out and clawed the boy right on his left cheek, a few inches from his eye. Blood started dripping down from the three little scratches as waves of irritation began to leak out of the annoyed Servamp. Kuro had finally had enough.

“Son of a bitch! Here! Have the damned thing!” The boy yelped as he tossed the angry Servamp back at Mahiru as he ran off with his friend, holding his injured cheek. Kuro watched them run off, making sure the classmates had truly left. When he was positive they had left, the black cat turned his eyes on Mahiru worriedly.

“Mahiru? Are you alright?” he asked, as the teen put the Servamp down at his desk, and sat down with a sigh. Glancing at his partner, Mahiru was able to see the clean cut worry the other had for him. Mahiru smiled softly at Kuro, but soon his lips wobbled around the smile, and small tears made their way down his flushed cheeks. “Mahiru?”

“Th-Thanks f-for helping me, K-Kuro…” Mahiru whimpered out, wrapping his arms around the cat body of his Servamp. Feeling a shift in space, the Eve knew that his Servamp was now in his human form, and snuggled into the other’s stomach as Kuro’s arms squeezed him tightly back. The Servamp could feel the way Mahiru’s muffled cries vibrated against his shirt, as he body shook a little. Growling slightly, Kuro hugged his Eve closer to his chest, almost protectively. “But you didn’t need to scratch him…y-you know.”

“I’m sorry…But he was getting on my nerves…We’re okay, right?” He asked the teen, who was beginning to calm down as he rubbed his back softly. Mahiru’s breath hitched as he squirmed lightly underneath the touch. Not thinking much of it, Kuro pulled the teen away lightly, and took a look at his face. Seeing a small smile on the brunet’s face, Kuro rubbed the remaining tears away shyly before glancing around to find the other’s discarded backpack. “Here.” Kuro let go of his Eve, and picked the object up off the ground, noticing it looked a bit dirty due to being thrown on the ground during the scruffle.

Dusting it off the best he could, the Servamp carefully placed around Mahiru’s shoulders, helping his Eve to put it back on. Mahiru smiled at him, and allowed the vampire to slip it around his arms, before fixing the straps near his sides. When Kuro’s fingers gently brushed the teen’s sides, he heard the Eve gasp lightly. Stopping, Kuro looked down confusedly at the brunet. Did he just…snicker? Why did he…wait a minute…is he…Oh…OH! Feeling a smirk slowly start to form on his face, the Servamp slid his hands down the brunet’s side again, and sure enough the teen’s face scrunched up and he snickered again.

“Mahiru…You wouldn’t happen to be… ticklish would you?” Kuro drawled out, feeling his smirk widen when he noticed Mahiru flush a deeper red. And no matter how much he tried, a nervous smile began to slide up despite his best efforts.

“N-noho…” the teen giggled out nervously, back away from the smirking Servamp. Kuro grinned at the smile his Eve had on his face as he watched the other backing away more and more. “K-Kurohoho…”

“Are you sure, Ma-hi-ru? You seem to be rather giggly when I do this,” Kuro mumbled out as he once again squeezed the teen’s sides, making Mahiru jerk and smile, as he obviously held back his laughter. “See?” Kuro mumbled, giving his nervous Eve another mischievious smirk.

Mahiru felt his body begin to fidget nervously as he felt his partner’s fingers begin to drum a beat lightly against his sides. Kuro could clearly see how flustered and nervous Mahiru was getting as he continued his harmless teasing. Chuckling, Kuro finally reached out, and wrapped his arm around his Eve’s waist, letting his one hand finally skitter up Mahiru’s slightly round tummy. The brunet let out another gasp, before finally bursting into the adorable, yet hysterical giggles Kuro had ever heard, and reeled forwards, trying to get himself out of the Servamp’s hold.

“Kurohohohohohoho!!!” Mahiru shrieked as he held a hand over his stomach, slightly bending over with hysterical giggles and yelps.

“Wow, my Eve is more ticklish than I thought!” Kuro smirked out, as he reached out and pulled the wiggling teen back into his chest, hugging him tighter while dancing fingers up and down his Eve’s sides.

“K-Kurororororororo! Nohohoho! Wehehehe’re sthehehehehehll ihihin puhuhublic!” the teen laughed, throwing his head back against the smirking Servamp. “Plehehehease!”

“Hmmm…There’s no one else in this classroom but us.” Kuro muttered, taking a look around the empty room. It was true, all the student that were in the room left after the scene with Kuro being dangled happened, not to mention Mahiru was sure no one wanted to ever stay this late after school. The only reason why they were still there was because of that stupid kid that was teasing his Eve. Feeling another flare of anger rise in his stomach at the thought, Kuro held back another growl. Luckily, however, the thoughts quickly vanished when he heard Mahiru finally snort and laugh a little harder then he was before. Kuro glanced down and his fingers had wandered to the Eve’s lower tummy. “Oh Mahiru…is your tummy ticklish?” Kuro teased, fluttering his fingers along the teen’s waist and pants line.

Mahiru squeaked and finally dissolved into full laughter, trying in vain to push his partner away. Kuro snickered lightly, and looked down at the blush giggly mess that was his Eve. Although he longed to hear more of his bright and cheerful laughter, the Servamp knew that Mahiru would soon start to get tired. Smirking, Kuro slowly snuck a hand under the wiggling teen’s shirt, and scratched mercilessly around his slightly bony hips.

“O-oh gohahahahahahahahahad!!! I-it tihihihihihihickles! N-not thehehehehehehhehehere! Plhehehehehehease!!!” the Eve shrieked in loud bubbly laughter. “Nohohohohohoho mohehehehehehre!”    

“You know Mahiru, that’s kind of the point?” Kuro chuckled, listening to the teen’s adorable squeaky laughter. The Servamp hasn’t heard his Eve laugh this hard in a while. Ever since what happened with Tsubaki, the teen looked a little wary of everything. Hearing his laugh now made Kuro never want to stop. Shaking out of his thoughts, Kuro toned the tickling down until he was just swirling a finger in Mahiru’s belly button which made the Eve give high-pitched giggles instead of the big belly laughs. Mahiru stood giggling his little heart out helplessly, as his body trembled lightly in Kuro’s arms. To tell the truth, this was the most fun the teen has had in a while, but hearing his Servamp snickering at him made his cheeks flush in embarrassment. Kuro smiled softly as he noticed the Eve try to hide his red face in his shoulder “Also Mahiru… You do realize you never told me to stop the entire time, right? Does that mean you enjoyed it?”

“Whahahat? N-no!” Mahiru squeaked out, glancing up at Kuro with a beet red face, and sparkling hazel eyes. Kuro blinked at his Eve’s response. “I d-didn’t like it!”

“Sure you didn’t” Kuro muttered as he rolled his eyes and leaned down to start lightly nibbling on Mahiru’s wide open neck while making ridiculous raspberry sounds. The Eve blanked out for a minute before he finally came back into reality and was sent into hysterical cackles, squealing, and squeaking through each shriek of his adorable laughter. Kuro grinned through his teasing when he noticed that Mahiru had lost most of the fight he started with as he was only trying to squirm away and close his neck to avoid the continuation of the current tickle spot. Hearing the teen’s laughter finally begin to go silent, Kuro stilled his mouth, and snickered into the skin. “Ready to admit it yet, Ma-hi-ru?” the Servamp mumbled into the Eve’s neck, eliciting a stream of breathy giggles from the young brunet.

“Iehehehehehe don’t mihihihihihihind it! Juhuhust plehehehehease Kurorororoho nohohoho mohohore….plehehehehehease!” Mahiru cried out as he was finally released from the hold. Kuro watched as Mahiru stumbled forward, and grinned as he watched the teen try to rub away the ticklish feeling with left over giggles leaving his smiling mouth. “Thanananak y-you!”

“You do know that when we get home this will continue,” Kuro mumbled out, smirking lightly as Mahiru let out a little squeak, and gripped his backpack tighter. Hearing a sigh come from the Eve, Kuro watched as the blushing brunet turned around to face him, and pointed to his shoulder. Rolling his eyes, Kuro poofed into his cat form, and laid across the teen’s shoulder. Mahiru patted the Servamp’s head, and nuzzled his cheek with the cat’s. “Now I’m hungry…Feed me Mahiru! Don’t let this adorable cat starve!”

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just. for the love of god, i started thinking of sleepy morning enjoltaire kisses and now i can't stop this is how i die. r with his morning scruffle and e with his curls all over the place, them just snuggling in bed and pressing soft kisses to each other while outside it rains

Something had stired Grantaire out of sleep.

Perhaps it had been the raindrops pelting against the window. Perhaps it had been the light. Perhaps it had been the noisy and never-ending circus of Parisian traffic. Perhaps it had been the warm body pressed against his, moving ever so slightly, distributing its warmth under the covers.

Floating somewhere between slumber and consciousness, Grantaire let out a sleepy whimper. His head lolled to the side, his chin now burried in Enjolras’ curls, his nose tickled by the golden crown. Grantaire felt a kiss on his shoulder, and found what had woken him up.

“You awake,” he rasped, pressing his body closer to Enjolras.

“I’m awake,” a whisper answered as another kiss landed on his throat.

Grantaire was not a morning person by any means, but he could get used to it. Enjolras’ hand in his hair, their legs tangled, lips pressed against his skin. Lips pressed against his lips.

“It’s too early to get up,” he pleaded as he felt Enjolras shuffle away.

“The early bird gets the worm.”

“The worm of social justice can wait ten minutes,” Grantaire whined, wrapping an arm around Enjolras’ waist.

Enjolras rolled back against him, and kissed the bridge of his nose.

“Ten minutes.”

Pidgance childhood friends AU

In this AU Lance was born in Altea, California and lived there until he was ten, his best friend being the spunky Katie Holt who he lost touch with when he was uprooted to Florida to be closer to family. Eight years later they are reunited at college, but seeing as the other had changed so much they don’t recognize each other right away

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Short Stack

A/N: Ok so I have been trying to write this for a week. I kind lost inspiration for this but decided to finish it. Kinda sickish but i9 hope you like it anyways. As always requests are open and I’m always free to talk. Also this is for my short people. It gets rough.

Prompt: ” You’re not short. You wouldn’t understand.”

Y/F/C= Your Favorite Cereal

You waked into the kitchen slowly rubbing the sleep from your eyes. Walking over to the coffee pot you turn it on and set it up, brewing a whole pot since you knew you weren’t the only one who was going to need it. Tony had thrown one of his parties last night so you knew the others would be just as sleep deprived, if not more than you were.

Hearing someone walking down the stairs you looked to the entrance to see which one of your teammates was up. Seeing Bucky enter the kitchen you smiled at him the best you could.

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You had me at hello.

A/N - This came from a concept from @hesfuckinggay and a plea from @wintersoldier28 for me to write it. So here it goes, hope you like it.

Magnus was watching the door way impatiently. It was Friday night and he and Alec had been working hard all week and had made plans to have a date night. Alec had sent him a message to say he was on his way and Magnus couldn’t wait. He checked his appearance for what must have been the 10th time.

He wore a deep red silk shirt and an embroidered waist coat, a combination he knew Alec liked. He brushed the material of his black skinny jeans for no other reason but to keep his hands busy. He checked his jewellery and looked back to the door and stopped in his tracks.

Alec had just arrived and was paused in the door way. Magnus couldn’t tear his eyes away from him. He swallowed hard. Good God, the man was so hot, he made him feel like he was on fire.

Alec’s thick black hair was adorably messy, the top falling over his forehead. He hadn’t shaved in a couple of days and his jaw was covered with a dark scruffle of hair which against his pale complexion, made those big hazel eyes of his stand out. He had dressed for the cold weather wearing layers of clothing starting with a black leather jacket, then a dark grey zip fronted hoodie and finally a t shirt that was only just visible. Magnus recognised his favourite jeans and as always, his feet were covered in a pair of ankle length boots. The whole scene made his mouth water.

When he finally broke out of his daze, he crossed the space between them in seconds and launched himself at his boyfriend.

Alec’s eyes flew wide for a second, not really expecting such a forceful greeting but the longer Magnus’ lips were on his the quicker he could feel himself melting against him. Magnus left his mouth and started trailing kisses across his jaw and to his neck, loving the way the two day growth tickled his skin. He was herding him backwards and then turned  slightly so Alec’s back hit the wall near the door with a small thud.

“Do you have any idea how hot you look, Alexander? I don’t think I can keep my hands off you.” Magnus said between kisses. Alec could feel his skin heating and he couldn’t help grinning like an idiot. He had one hand on Magnus’ back, feeling the wonderfully warm, slippery satin back of his waist coat. His other hand held the back of his head, his fingers going into the styled spikes of his hair.

“You don’t look too bad yourself, Babe.” He said softly, tilting his head to allow Magnus to have better access.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week. God, you smell so good. You’re making me hungry.” He breathed, his mouth right next to Alec’s ear. Alec felt a tingle run down his spine and he shivered involuntarily. He could never get enough of that voice of his. It was like warm honey. He decided to tease him a little.

“If you’re hungry then maybe we should get going. We do have dinner reservations, after all.”

“Screw the dinner reservations, food isn’t going to satisfy the hunger I have.” He growled in a low voice that had Alec hoping he could stay upright against the wall.

Magnus crashed his mouth to his, making Alec smack the back of his head against the door frame but he hardly noticed. He felt Magnus’ tongue flick against his lips and he felt his knees buckle.

“I love this jacket on you, Alexander but I know where I’d rather see it.” Magnus crooned, pulling back from him, knowing full well how much his kisses were affecting him.

“Oh yeah? Where’s that?” Alec said, smiling back with half closed eyes.

“On the floor.” Magnus told him and slid his hands underneath it and over his broad shoulders pushing the jacket off them. Alec let his arms hang down behind him and felt the silky lining material slide over his hands before the jacket fell softly from him.

Magnus took his lips again, deepening the kiss even further. Alec returned it with equal force, his hands working at the red silk shirt, reefing it from the waistband of his jeans, his hands searching for the feel of Magnus’ lightly tanned skin with its firm muscle beneath it. He gave a small hum of pleasure as he reached what he was looking for, his hands sliding over the smooth surface, his fingers digging into the firmness of his lower back. He took in a deep breath, trying to gain some control over his raging desire.

“You sound all hot and bothered, my love, let’s get rid of another layer, shall we?”  Magnus took hold of the top of the zip on the hoodie and slowly pulled it down over the length of his chest. Alec could feel the vibrations of the metal teeth giving way and tried to press closer against Magnus but he held him back so he could remove the soft material from him.

Alec felt the coolness of the room against his super- heated skin but didn’t care about the goose bumps starting to form across his arms. He knew it wasn’t all caused from the loss of his clothes. His hands went to the front of Magnus’ waistcoat, his haste making his fingers clumsy. Magnus stilled his hands and he gave him a questioning look.

“Let me save you some time.” He purred and with a click of his fingers and the appearance of the magical blue flame, the waistcoat opened as did the front of the shirt. Alec groaned as he saw the narrow expanse of Magnus’ toned body. His hard pecs, the ridges of his abs were too hard to resist. His hands pushed inside the opening and he spread his fingers over the contours of his body, taking his mouth at the same time. Magnus moaned into the kiss, the sound devoured by their near out of control need for each other.

“By the angel, guys, can you take it someplace else? I thought you two were going out for dinner?”

Magnus and Alec were brought crashing back to reality with the sound of Jace’s voice. He was standing there with his hands on his hips giving them an exasperated look.

“Next time you two plan a date, it might be better if Alec meets you at the loft, not the Institute. Not everyone would appreciate the floor show you’re putting on out here.”

Magnus looked at his boyfriend with a lop sided grin. Alec was trying not to smile back but it wasn’t working, his face was going a deep pink. Magnus turned towards him and put a hand up against his cheek.

“I love you, Alexander Lightwood.” He said softly, his eyes shining. Alec pulled him close and kissed him, smiling down at him.

“Love you too, Magnus.”

Jace made a sound of disgust and covered his eyes with one hand, shaking his head.

“Can you two just go to dinner already?”

Magnus looked back at Alec, smiling.

“At least we can say we’ve already had dessert.” Alec laughed.

“I don’t know about you but I intend to have a second helping.” Magnus said softly.

Hate (Care For Series)

Originally posted by elvenking

Pair: Thorin Oakenshield x Healer!Reader (a pretty short one too lol)

Genre: Arguing, Angst (lots in this one so fair warning), Fluff (eventually)

Inspired by prompts from imaginexhobbit + “I hate you!” + “Why do you hate me?!”

A/N: Thorin and Y/N’s relationship is getting nowhere, and with the road to Erebor seeming to be endless, will Rivendell be able to act as a tonic for the two hot heads? Or will Y/N decide that her place is no longer needed in the company?

PREVIOUS (Mistook)

I cried out as I threw all my weight behind my sword towards an incoming warg who was sent skidding across the plaines along with its orc master. I couldn’t help but smirk as I continued behind the other dwarves. Well that really wasn’t how I was a couple of minutes before.

I allowed my eyes to flutter close as I rested within the confides of a large oak tree, beneath its towering branches that sheltered the morning light from my eyes, the trickling of water a lullaby upon my senses as the stream continued to flow. As a young child I had always found comfort within the branches and roots of trees that towered over me, knowing that I would be guarded, but the idea of being in nature always made me feel safe—

My eyes snapped open once more at the sound of twigs snapping beneath a large amount of weight, sitting up and calling out instantly, ‘Guys? You there?’


‘Guys come on, where are you? I’m not in the mood for jokes at the moment.’



I laid my head against the forest floor as yet enough twig snapped, this time much closer. The footsteps that echoed through the earth did not belong to one of a dwarf. The nagging in the back of my head got louder as I slowly and finally, I pulled out my sword, trying to avoid scraping the delicate metal against the sheath.

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NCT: When You Get Jealous

Taeyong: Squeeze you with cuddles

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Taeil: Keep repeat ‘no’ so many times and keeps kissing you

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Johnny: Acts as if everything is all good

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Yuta: Slightly smirks

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Doyoung: Allows you to hit him slightly

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Ten: Laughs because he would never leave a pretty girl like you

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Jaehyun: Tells you that there’s nothing to worry about

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Winwin: Turns pink

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Mark: Tells you that you shouldn’t feel like that way around him

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Renjun: Stares at you until you smile again

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Jeno: Scruffles your hair

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Haechan: Hugs you tightly

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Jaemin: Aegyo all the way

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Chenle: Still doesn’t have a clue at this point

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Jisung: Serenade you

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