and scout just smiling like a little shit

Imagine working a case at a carnival and getting more than you bargained for.

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Walking along the main fair way, you were easily blending in with the masses weaving through the maze of rides, attractions, games, and random assortment of booths. You spotted Sam in his carnival staff shirt trying to fix a broken down ride. Chuckling softly, you wondered how he was ever going to keep his cover past tonight but hopefully that wouldn’t be needed. 

You eyed the attraction just ahead where your mark was running the show. The dude was chomping on sweets like nobody’s business but still had a physique that made Sam look like an amateur. If that didn’t scream Pagan God, you didn’t know what did.

Dean had argued that he was too easy. That the guy probably scarfed down so much protein and worked out for hours that all he wanted in his down time was sweets. Of course, he thought the best bet was some old blind guy and then said he knew what he was talking about. Sam threw out that just because that was how an old case turned out, it didn’t mean this one would to. They argued for a bit and didn’t explain it much further.

You caught the sight of Dean’s jacket and smirked as you made a beeline for him. He was throwing some caramel popcorn into his mouth when you slid your hand into his back pocket. “Got some for me cowboy?”

Dean grinned, “I’ve got something for you alright.” He tilted his popcorn bag. You grabbed a couple and popped them in your mouth. “So how’s Roidy the the strong man turning out for you?”

“Legit. How’s Mr.Magoo?”

He side eyed you as you watched a group of teens chatting in line for a spinning ride called the Gravitron. Two of those teens were extremely close and secretly touching in the back of the pack. For some reason, it made you smile.

“You wanna go make out in the gravitron?” Dean wiggled his eye brows when you cast a glance his way.

“Put up or shut up.”

“Really?” He glanced at the ride again and you bit your lip at the nervous look on his face.

“What? Never made out while hanging upside down?”

He looked back at you his brow in a deep v. “What? I thought it just spun.”

“Yeah, so fast that you can flip upside down and your still pressed against the wall. It’s trippy and awesome.” He looked back at the ride with apprehension. “I’m just kidding. I was talking about the bet. Your guy or my guy. What’s the wager?”

He turned towards you forgetting about the ride. “I don’t know, let’s say.. buys drinks after the case?”

He was going light because he thought you were going to lose. “I was thinking more along the lines of.. Loser can’t drive baby for a whole week.”

He gasped and narrowed his eyes. “Really that confident, are you?”

“Oh definitely.”

“Fine then. I’d like to add the loser not only buys as many drinks as the winner wants but also has to wash baby once a week for a month.”

You hiked up your brow. “Woah, woah, woah. High stakes for a blind man.”

Dean grinned and stuck out his hand. “What? Too rich for your blood?”

You grabbed his hand and tugged him towards you. “Stakes this high and its sealed with a kiss.”

“Don’t mind if I do.” It was the perfect kiss for a deal.

“Ah, guys. You’re supposed to be on the job.” Sam’s voice broke the two of you apart.

“We are on the job, just making a friendly wager.” You turned to Sam with a lazy smile.

“Your guy just walked off his post.” Sam glanced at dean and you could see the smile he was holding back.

“Shit. Where?” Dean scanned around and you chuckled.

“Won’t matter. He’s not our guy.”

Sam frowned, “come on, guys. We’ve got three possibles. Just stay focused until we’ve caught him.”

“We’re on it. Don’t act like you don’t love it here.” Dean patted Sam on the back and the taller brother rolled his eyes.

“No more fraternizing. Got it. Scouts honor.” You grabbed Dean’s caramel corn and held it out for Sam. “Come on, just a little pick me up. You’ve been working hard.”

Sam eyed it then took the bag. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.”

“Spotted him. Meet you guys later at the car.” Dean weaved through the crowds and disappeared.

A radio squawked from Sam’s belt. He pulled it free and listened to the crackled voice calling out a ride that needed a check. “This place sucks. I hate carnivals.”

You gave him your best sympathetic look. “Maybe after the jobs done we can ride some rides and just have fun.”

A small smile flashed across his face. “I know you’re trying to make me feel better but these rides are the reason why this sucks.”

You cringed. “Yeah..”

He gave you a quick hug, “thanks for trying anyway.” Then he was off towards his next project.

You looked in the direction of your suspect and strolled by the rides. The different music pulsing from each attraction like they represented different decades. A fun house was blasting current top of the charts hits while a ride only two spots down called the spinner (really creative there) was blasting 50’s doo wop. Eclectic always was a carnival’s forte.

You were only a booth away from your muscled pagan when you felt an immense amount of pressure in your head. You cringed and opened your mouth wide immediately trying to pop your ears. What you didn’t expect was the loud pop before the pressure finally cleared.  

The muffled tone of the music disappeared and one of Buddy Holly’s top hits, maybe a bit scratchier than before, was blasting from the ride behind you. You shook your head and worked your jaw wondering where a pressure like that would have come from.

Then you spotted an outfit that really matched the music. You shrugged it off as a worker until another person in the same type of get up caught your eye. What’s with the skirts? Was it 50’s night or something? You glanced around and realized everyone was decked out in Leave It To Beaver garb. What the hell?

You picked up your pace towards the booth Roidy the strong man operated, the not so subtle nickname Dean had given him but you couldn’t stop referring to him as it since. You strode past a fun house mirror and froze. You backed up then stepped closer to the mirror. Your eyes grew and your jaw dropped at the wavy image. You were decked out head to toe like an extra in Grease. “Holy shit.”

“Oh well, I love you gal. Yes, I need you Peggy Sue.”