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Rome, 71 AD, “Well we’ve conquered the rest of this island, as well as basically the entire known world, we should be able to steamroll over Caldonia pretty easily.” 

The Caldonians, AKA the Scottish People; “If you don’t get tae fuck…. “

(Cue several decades of misery on the part of the Romans)


The Caldonians, AKA the Scottish People; “AN’ DON’T COME BACK YA BAWBAGS.” 


I know a lot of my followers are American and maybe don’t know what’s going on with Scotland/Brexit/independence referendums, and I’m really fucking mad about it, so I wanted to make this post.

Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister, has told us we aren’t allowed to have another Independence Referendum before 2019. Scotland’s first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, had been meeting with the PM to try and negotiate a suitable time for us to take another vote on Independence, and she (along with most Scots I would think, I know I am) is shocked that the PM has turned around and said no to a vote before 2019.

Why do Scotland want another Independence Referendum? We want one because Scotland voted to REMAIN in the EU. We don’t want to leave, and if we stay a part of the UK we will be forced to leave the EU. We don’t want this to happen, we’d rather be a part of the EU than be joined with England any longer. That’s the shortest way to say it, EU > UK.

Why 2019? Nicola Sturgeon and other members of the SNP (Scottish National Party, the party that holds the most chairs in Scotland) have been thinking about making autumn 2019 a good time to hold another referendum. This means, if we chose to leave the UK, Brexit wouldn’t be in full effect yet and we could happily stay in the EU. It’s also far enough away to give everyone a good amount of time to campaign, and think about how they want to vote.

Why has Theresa May said no to 2019? May has said no because she wants to give Scotland an ultimatum. Basically by saying no to 2019 she’s telling us, sure, you can have another vote after that time all you want, but you can’t have it before the whole UK is already out of Brexit. She’s done this because she thinks that us Scots should give Brexit a chance and see what it’s like before we go leaving the UK. It also means Scotland would have to go through the hassle of joining the EU again, and she thinks this will deter us from voting for Independence.

Why is all of this a problem, and y u so mad about it Moody? Well, friends, lemme tell you a thing. First of all Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party, a party which out of 59 available House of Commons seats in Scotland, only hold 1. They hold 1 seat. And they’re dictating to us when we can and cannot hold a vote. Forget that she’s the PM for a second. Think about that. 1 out of 59 seats in Scotland, and she’s telling us how to run our country and thinks she understands what the Scottish people want? No.

Secondly, she’s made this decision before she even hears what the SNP have to say on the matter. The SNP are holding a meeting on Wednesday (from me posting this, next week) to talk about another referendum. May doesn’t even know what the SNP fully want to do yet because they haven’t had their meeting yet, and without hearing the SNPs general opinion post-meeting, she has said no. Jumping the gun a bit, huh?

Thirdly, it’s not up to her, it’s up to the Scottish people. I mean sure, she’s the PM, she’s said no to 2019, that was her decision. But what exactly is that achieving? Other than making it harder for Scotland to join back with the EU after we leave the UK. Nothing. She just doesn’t want to deal with Brexit and Scotland leaving the UK at the same time. Learn to multitask, PM, or hand your job over to someone who can.

Scotland want independence because we are sick and tired of having to follow everything England does. The entirety of Scotland voting one way could be overruled by the entirety of London. Just London, one city. We have less say than one English city. We’re sick of this bullshit. Did you know that England’s nuclear weapons program, Trident, is located in Scotland? That’s right, just in case someone decides to bomb us to get rid of our weapons, they put them in Scotland so they’d bomb us instead of England. Tough shit on you if we get our independence, looks like you’ll be having to deal with your own nuclear weapons from now on. Get that shit away from us.

I am angry because my country doesn’t have a say in its own future, I am angry because the English government that rules over us doesn’t give a crap about us, I am angry because we are treated as worthless ‘lesser Englishmen’, when our culture and people are entirely different to England’s. I am angry because I’m tired of the English government shitting all over my country. Fuck you, we want Independence, and delaying it won’t stop it from happening.


Hey! To all my brothers out there who have to deal with school’s skirt or just skirts and dysphoria.
You don’t look like a girl nor a butch lesbian. Do you remember the stereotype of Scottish people? With the kilt and all. They doesn’t look like girls, but manly men with traditions, and that’s how you look! A manly man.
Stay happy, stay safe!

oliver wood using scottish slang



“fred yer aff yer heid mate”

“aye, marcus is lookin’ bonnie today”

*before a quidditch match, staring intently into the mirror* “whit’s fur ye’ll no go past ye”

“pure dead brilliant, harry!”

*before a quidditch match, making a pep talk* “and remember, we’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns on the pitch” (harry: what?, fred: no idea, he says this every time)


*fred beats a bludger in his direction* “gonnae no do that”


I found this really cool book at the bookstore today. It’s a collection of fairy tales, and folklore from Insular Celtic cultures. The stories are mostly of Gaelic origin coming from Scotland, and Ireland. But there’s also some stories of Brythonic origin coming from Wales, and one from Cornwall.

lovelytornado  asked:

hey Liam, can you use Scottish pounds in England? I took a trip to the UK a while back and when I was leaving I went to pay for the bus at Heathrow with money from Scotland and the guy told me Scottish pounds were worth half as much so I should pay him double. I couldn't tell if he was joking and I was tired out of my mind and it just sounded ridiculous to me so I just stared at him until eventually he took it. I don't actually know any Scottish people to ask & it's still bothering me, thanks!

That was a joke but he was definitely being a prick about it.

Scottish pounds are still pounds sterling, just printed from a different bank. Some countries occasionally treat the two as separate when it comes to exchange rate, but in the UK they have equal value. But if you’re going between England and Scotland often, you should expect to see a lot of that shite.

I’m so mad right now.

Are people actually using the Scot’s and Celt’s and Vikings as EXCUSES to say to POC that white people wore dreads?


I’m Scottish and have never once been told about dreadlock care, or how meaningful it is to wear as a people. What I have been told about is tartan and kilts and braids. Tattoo’s don’t hold as much meaning to us anymore though, but they did before.

Yet no mention of dreadlocks. (and if you use any roman accounts as evidence I swear to fucking god I’m going to punch you in the neck)

For one we didn’t even fucking wear dreads. It was all about braids. And another thing, even if by chance we did (which we didn’t) that wouldn’t give you the right to fucking wear them. If it was cultural, then it would be of value and meaning to us and solely us as a culture, like how we have Ceilidhs and how we throw the Highland games. Just like it is with POC and their dreads. It’s something that they have done and always will do. Now the reason why us Scot’s DON’T dread our hair is very simple. Our natural hair isn’t meant to do that. Braiding and curling and beads and feathers, yes. Dreads, no. Not even slightly.

SO DON’T YOU FUCKING DARE SAY THAT US AND THE PICTS AND THE VIKINGS DID IT.. No. No we fucking didn’t. I can’t believe you’re even using that as an excuse. Fuck off with your bullshit and stop appropriating other goddamn cultures for fashion. It isn’t edgy, it isn’t cool. You’re just a goddamn asshole.

Dreads are beautiful on black women and men. They know how to care for them properly and I think they’re the most gorgeous wearing them, when I see someone POC wearing dreadlocks, they always look so stunning. Us whitey’s look fucking stupid with them because guess what! GASP! It’s not our thing. It will never be our thing. Stop trying to convince people otherwise because I can point you to about 6 Scottish folk who will kick your fucking ass for trying to use us as bargaining chip because you’re so desperate to set yourself apart from the crowd.

While we’re at it, you just stink. Like seriously stink. You have no knowledge on how to care for your dreads. You have no idea. Neither do I since IT’S NEVER BEEN MENTIONED EVER AS A CULTURAL THING. Funny though how every POC with dreads smells lovely. I’m guessing, and I say this with all the shade at the idiots who think they can get away with it, I’m guessing it’s because they have accounts and accounts of evidence as to how to properly maintain the locks.

So just fucking stop. Stop stealing from other cultures. You’ve taken enough from them. Stop it.

jewish-fangirl-life  asked:

Mom mom mom! How is Nathan gonna keep kosher if he's a werewolf? I think I might have missed whether or not he can control himself while he's a wolf, but how does it work?

True blooded werewolves in Hunger Pangs are better able to control what they do as wolves, with full moons being the exception where the human brain takes a backseat and tries not to cringe too hard at the stuff that goes on. It’s sort of accepted mythology that an agreement with the gods was reached, and that in exchange for their powers they have to go through the change once a month without fail as payment for their long lives and supernatural abilities, and as with any culture when new people come into it, certain new traits and beliefs shifted and changed over the years, and at some point the werewolf culture in Nathan’s part of the world, began to include the practice of keeping kosher during human phases of their life, as a means of separating themselves from actual wolves.

And I’ll level with you at this point, this idea is something purely from my childhood. 

My dad was raised by his Jewish grandmother, he grew up keeping kosher and went on to become a kosher butcher and our household was kept kosher purely out of habit and familiarity even though us kids were all baptized Christian. 

He was also a story teller and liked to mix and match his myths, and at the time when I was getting super into the local Celtic mythology and reading everything my grubby little hands could reach in the library, was also when my dad started writing stories for me and telling me about Great Grandma who was Different from my other Grandma and also why we had two kitchen sinks in the house and two fridges and two sets of knives for everything, and why the family sometimes lapsed into Yiddish when arguing, because I dunno if you’ve ever heard angry Scottish people arguing in Yiddish, but it’s a damn fine way to be expressively ticked off.

One of the stories was a werewolf (wulver in Celtic lore) whose angst came from needing to atone for the things he ate as a wolf, not because he was inherently a monster, but because he was Jewish and couldn’t keep kosher on full moons. And my dad made it funny, he made up stories about all the things this wulver would do to try and keep to his faith, about going to see his Rabbi and asking really specific and weirdly obscure questions and the Rabbi was eventually like listen, kid, whatever is going on, take it up with the Big Guy, you’re doing your best and that’s all you ever can do. If He doesn’t like it, that’s His problem for letting it happen, tell him that…in the meantime…make amends however you see fit for…whatever you got going on. Just be a good person, kiddo, or…whatever you are. G-d will understand.

Which was how my dad worked in the Celtic lore part about how wulvers would guard children and feed starving families and give money to charity and just generally be a swell guy who after the end of every full moon had a tendency to brush his teeth really hard while muttering about being chosen for this life. In the end, the man realizes it is not a curse, but a means to help people who need it the most. What is actually a small inconvenience to him (ie not always being able to keep kosher due to circumstances outwith his control), has prompted him to do great wonderful things for those around him, and perhaps without his monthly suffering he would not be the good, kind person he became. Which I suppose was my father’s heavy handed way of trying to tell me—in the way his grandmother told him—you can overcome suffering, and that which you cannot overcome, you persevere with and try to do good anyway.

A little thickly laid on perhaps, but it stayed with me, evidently, as some 20 years later I write about a werewolf who doesn’t quite know if he believes in gods, but still keeps to their in-world-version of kosher out of habit and looks at the suffering in the world around him and decides kindness is the remedy.

Ireland. Home. And one thing I will say about Ireland, we don’t eat boiled cabbage, and what’s that thing that everyone eats here for St. Patrick’s Day? Corned beef? We don’t have that. That stopped in 1743. Past. We don’t do that — so don’t eat that for St. Patrick’s Day.

Scotland. Second in the world to Ireland, really. It’s like a poor cousin, but it’s like a cool poor cousin. Like a poor cousin you’d like to hang out with, but not eat any of their food because it’s just weird. They fry everything — Mars Bars, pizzas, seriously.

-BuzzFeed 2015

Cait: You know, Scottish people are, they are hilarious and they have a fantastic sense of humour and it’s funny, you know, occasionally people on the street will make a comment but it’s always something very fun and very sweet, so yeah I love being here and it’s kind of like home but it’s different enough to feel like you’re away  

-Golden Globe’s Flashback Interview 2017

Sam (to a fan): You don’t wanna go to Ireland, spend all your time in Scotland.
Cait: Hey!
Sam: It’s a poor relative of Scotland. Dark…
Cait: Wow
Sam: Depressing…terrible, terrible beer. (looking at Cait) I was in an Irish pub last night, I promise it’s ok…
Cait: Irish people are like elephants. We don’t forget. (both laughing) […]
I: What should she (the fan) see?
Cait: Well I do Scotland and you do Ireland (laughing)
Sam: Great idea…ok
Cait: I would say go to Loch Rannoch in Scotland, it’s where we film all the stones scene and it’s the most beautiful place I’ve been.
Sam: Don’t go there, there is a lot of crazy fans (both laughing) it is beautiful, isn’t it?
Cait: Yeah.
Sam: It’s amazing
Cait: And you can climb Schiehallion while you are there.
Sam: You can! It’s great and it can be your first munro. […]
Sam: Ireland… I would say Dublin is an amazing city, if you go north the Giant ‘s Causeway is incredible, It’s really a fun place and you can go to Bushmill distillery, you can go to Guinness… it doens’t all revolve around alcool but it does… sometimes… for me, it’s a great country

-Emerald Comic Con 2017

gandoilfo  asked:

Okay i need help : i just bought somehting called "Scottish Porage Oats" because of the package, but i have no actual idea of what to do with it (can you eat that with milk alone ??). Any suggestions please ?

Are there no instructions with it? As for can you eat it with just milk, nah. Porridge is a cereal made from oats that needs to be heated first. It can be used cold in other things (like if you make flapjacks) but if you want to eat it as actual Scottish porridge it needs to be cooked either in a microwave or stove.

The way I do it is actually with water (dealing with a possible dairy allergy atm) so you can swap the water out for milk if you want, but it’s basically ¾ cup water brought to a low gentle boil (if using milk let it steam but don’t burn it), and a ¼ of the oats added in, lowering the temp down to low and stirring regularly over 10 mins to create a creamy hot cereal.

You can at this point add in something to sweeten if you like. Scottish people have a tendency to add salt or butter in but I don’t like that. Some other people like to add in fruits or even yogurt too.

You can also up the amount you add, I find if I use ½ cup, 1 and ½ cups liquid works best. Porridge is a cereal that likes to soak up moisture. You can also add more liquid if you think it’s too thick, and just stir it in over the heat.

If you’re using a microwave you’ll need to keep taking it in and out to stir it, (I know some instructions say stir well and throw in a microwave for 3 mins and you’re done but that never works for me) which is why I just prefer to throw it on a pot on the stove.

You can also make old fashioned flapjacks with porridge oats, but I forget the recipe just now.