and scores exceptional goals


Leafs 2016-17 Re-Watch Game 1/82


Leafs fall to Sens 5-4 in OT (10/12/16)

◆How many rookies is too many?◆

◆In his NHL debut Auston Matthews scores 4 goals◆

◆Mitch Marner is snakebitten after an exceptional preseason◆

◆Matt Martin gets in his first fight as a Toronto Maple Leaf◆

◆Auston’s second goal features an undressing of the senators defense◆

◆Ema Matthews becomes an icon for Leafs Nation◆

aftg gift exchange!

@callron hi i’m your person! i have no idea if this is what you wanted but it’s what i wrote so i hope you like it!! i tried to focus on neil since you said you love him (i also love him), plus renison. (also: i use v minimal japanese in this but in case anyone comes for me, just kno i’ve been studying it for six years. i still make mistakes all the time though lol)

ok please enjoy!! @aftgexchange

By all accounts, it was not a game meant for winning.

It was not a death match. They were not playing a nemesis, or even a friendly rival. They were not playing anyone they knew. It was a Japanese team from Fukuoka touring the States for practice, or fun, or murder. They were one of the first official college Exy teams on record, and had sent an astonishingly high percentage of their players to the Olympics. Kevin had nearly cried when Jeremy told him they shredded USC.

Simply, they were out of the Foxes’ league.

They would have stood a chance, Neil thought, with Andrew in goal, but Andrew was currently out of commission. No one was quite sure how he’d done it, but the monster had somehow managed to contract pneumonia. He was over the worst of it and had returned from the hospital, but still refused any drugs beyond those that were absolutely necessary. Wymack nearly blew a gasket the last time Andrew opened his mouth to complain about being sick. It hadn’t been pretty.

So Andrew was on house arrest, or Fox Tower arrest. Renee had filled in seamlessly during the local scrimmages scheduled that week, but Neil could tell the team had silently come to terms with the fact that their match against Fukuoka would be, in all likelihood, a wreck.

It was not a game meant for winning.

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Reviving Memories

Title: Reviving Memories

Athlete: Michael Latta

Word Count: 2,160

Requested?: No

Author’s Note:  I know I said Torment Anew Part III would be next out but my Latts muse just sort of grabbed ahold and wouldn’t let go until I got this one written.  I hope everyone enjoys this one about ½ of the brobeans.

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“You need to see the picture I just put on Instagram.  #TBT never looked so good.” Throwing your phone back onto your bed you went in search of another box.  “Y/N.  I’m serious.” Was the next text received from Jasmine while you were out of the room.

Taking a seat on the floor you logged into the app.  The notification you had been tagged in the picture making you a little more interested.   Once it loaded, you found a picture you had not seen in years.  You and Jasmine in your freshman year at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee was staring back at you.  Your first Milwaukee Admirals game attended, both of you proudly showing your UWM pride in matching hoodies.   #bestroomiesever  #LetsGoAdmirals were hashtagged to add emphasis.

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listen i love all of vox machina like they’re my Kids but i have never felt more like a soccer mom than grog’s hdywtdt on kevdak in the kill box

like i felt like i just watched my son score a goal and win the game for his soccer team except the goal was a person being split in half and the game was a battle that would’ve gotten them all killed if it didn’t turn out the specific way that it did

what i’m trying to say is i love grog strongjaw very much and i’m very proud of him

"Muddy football girl" - Jily oneshot

Yeah okay maybe I couldn’t think of a proper title and it overall really sucks. I’m kind of in the midst of a writer’s block so yeah. Thanks for reading though.

Jily week, day one: games/travel

Words; 1,089

Lily had always been her father’s daughter. Growing up, there was always a football in the garden, muddied and sometimes almost beaten to its final game. There were numerous times she’d come home with a scraped knee and hair tousled all over her head. Her mother would usually sigh when she came in covered in mud, wearing an apologetic look as if to say “sorry, mum, I’m not sure if this stain will come out”. Her father would whoop and cheer when she’d come in wearing a grin; she’d beaten the other girls again.

Lily didn’t worry about her clothes or make-up or shoes. Her sister, Petunia, heavily disliked the tomboy traits in her. ‘How can people still see you as a girl when you’re all muddied and yucky?’ or ‘Lily, please, I helped mummy choose this dress for you, please don’t ruin it!’

And as Lily grew, the mud on her shirt and her dishevelled hair slowly disappeared. When her Hogwarts letter came and she’d arrived at the castle, she didn’t care as much for sports anymore. It was abnormal, girls shouldn’t play sports, was what she’d been taught countless of times.

‘What’s that?’ a voice broke the awkward silence in the kitchen. Lily’s sister had invited her boyfriend – whale was a better word for it, she crossly thought – and the witch had to escape to the kitchen to avoid any nasty looks or bragging about Vernon’s new car or Vernon’s own business or Vernon’s whatever it was now. And of course, with her bad luck, she found James Potter in the kitchen, arrogant – though handsome – Chaser of the Gryffindor’s Quidditch team. She had mindlessly answered one of his owl’s with a message along the lines of ‘please come and save me from this muggle’ and apparently he’d taken that quite seriously.

‘A football, Potter,’ she replied, finding the object of James’ confusion.

‘What’s it do?’ smirking to herself, she stood up and gestured for him to follow her. He slowly walked up to the round sports’ ball, a foot or two behind Lily, maybe fearing it’d bite if he got too close.

‘Kick it,’ Lily said, standing a feet away from it and crossing her arms with a smirk on her face.

‘What?’ his hazel eyes met her green ones, a timorous look in them.   

‘I said, kick it.’ And thus the boy gave it a soft kick, jumping back half a feet.

Striding forward, Lily picked up the ball and tossed it at James, who caught it like a second nature. ‘It’s like a Quaffle, you see. It doesn’t bite. Muggle things don’t bite, James.’

She walked towards the end of the garden, grabbing a few things out of the shed before placing two neon green pylons in the grass and standing in between them.

‘Now, put the football down and kick it towards me. If you manage to get it past me, between the two goal posts, you score a goal and get a point. It’s like Quidditch except there’s no Snitch or Bludgers,’ she smiled before tying her dark red hair up in a ponytail.

And James kicked it a feet or two in front of himself. Striding forward, he went to pick it up before Lily yelled ‘NO’ and he jumped back, his hands above his head as if he were to be arrested. Biting down on her lip, Lily had to admit James’ face was really attracting when scared, like a deer in headlights.

‘Only the goalie can touch the ball with his hands, the rest of them are not allowed,’ Lily said, kicking the ball up high with her feet, catching it mid-flight. She placed it down again in front of James. ‘And your kicking, bloody James, you’d think Gryffindor’s best Chaser in years could kick a little bit harder against a muggle football.’ She winked as his hand went through his hair again and the frightened expression turned into an arrogant smirk.

‘Now let me show you how to properly kick against a football before the poor snails around here get hurt,’ she laughed before walking a few feet back and standing across James. ‘Like this.’ She said, giving a proper kick against the football and it landed a feet or two in front of him, before walking back towards the other Gryffindor. ‘Show me your moves.’ She grinned.

Winking, he kicked against an imaginary football towards Lily, his heel running through the soaked grass and mud and – splash. Loose drips of mud flew through the air, hitting Lily all over her clothes and face. There was an eerily silence, James awaiting Lily’s outburst. He obviously hadn’t known her in the mud-covered years of her life.

‘James Potter, how – ’ splash. He mistakenly had looked down and was now paying for the mud on Lily’s new fancy clothes Petunia had forced her to wear, with mud in his jet-black hair.

‘Lily!’ James’ voice came out in surprise and another handful of mud hit him. Lily didn’t have time to duck when his handful of mud – obviously twice if not thrice in size – came flying towards her. Soon laughter filled up the garden and once in a while Petunia’s angry face appeared behind the window, but Lily – who had been specifically told to behave properly and neat to leave a good impression on Vernon, not that she could for her sister had told him she was on a school for ill-mannered teens – didn’t mind it at all. All she cared for now was James’ gorgeous, rumbling, deep laugh echoing through the garden and his eyes full of joy. They’d been too busy laughing and before they actually noticed it was raining, it was full on pouring from the clouds.

Unthinkingly Lily flung herself against James and hugged him with her arms around his neck, still laughing. His arms found themselves around her waist and he breathed in her strawberry scent, his laughing sounding in her ear.

And as she looked up to him with those wonderfully beautiful almond-shaped green eyes, he couldn’t contain himself and kissed her full on the lips. She went stiff in his arms for a few seconds before letting go of herself and tangling her fingers in his hair and deepening the kiss. If it hadn’t been for her mum calling out for them in the rain, they’d probably would’ve stayed there for hours and gotten pneumonia.

But as they both later thought back, cuddling under the same blanket with steaming cups of tea in their hands, they probably would’ve risked pneumonia for each other.