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Bad Idea

Characters: Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean and reader have sex for the first time (together, not first time ever).

Word Count:  3041

Warnings:  Smut and Language

A/N:  This was inspired by an anon ask for more light-hearted, less kinky, more playful sex. I decided to make it more realistic for once, not everything is perfect. Sex is sometimes awkward and strange while also being awesome. So here you go.

Tags are at the bottom. As always, feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.

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Bad Idea

I’m not really sure who kissed who, to be honest. Just a few minutes ago, I was up to my elbows in dishes, scrubbing dinner away. Now Dean’s lips are on mine, his hands roaming freely beneath my shirt, exploring my skin.

I mean, I did splash him with the water. And he did kinda chase me around the kitchen to exact revenge. And we were sorta flirty about it all. But we always have been. It’s just us, just the way we are together. Have you seen Dean Winchester? Of course I’m going to flirt with him.  

But now I’m pressed up against him, my head spinning in the most wonderful way. There are good kissers in this world and bad kissers. I’ve experienced both. Dean’s kisses, they take my breath away. His lips mold to mine, his tongue dances along mine, he tastes like beer and pie. Kinda like you’d think he would.

Listen, I wasn’t really expecting my night to go this way. Maybe I should have seen it coming, we clearly have some sort of chemistry, but I thought maybe Dean was too professional to hook up with a hunter he was living with.

Anyway, like any of that matters now. His lips are on mine, his hips are pressed to mine, my fingers are running up and down his biceps. So here we are.

Eventually, we have to come up for air. We’ve been attached at the lips for what feels like an eternity. Time is irrelevant during a good make out session. I can feel the heat stinging my cheeks, it’s like a tiny acrobat is doing millions of somersaults in my belly. My heart is thud-thudding so loudly it’s a wonder Dean can’t hear it.

He grins at me - is that a bashful smile? From Dean fucking Winchester? This man oozes confidence and sexuality, and now he’s looking at me like…that? Impossibly, my heart races faster.

His green eyes meet mine as he clears his throat. “Do you wanna…keep going?”

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Fingertips Between Us (Chapter 1)

Ta-da! It’s finally here! I’m sorry for such a long wait! First chapters in a story always take me a while >.< they do after all, set the stage for all the events coming forward! 

As always, please leave me asks about what you think when you’ve finished reading!

Something warm and wet presses against your forehead, and you crinkle your eyes in mock annoyance, a smile already forming on your face.

“Mmm…stop that.” You mumble, turning to the other side of the bed to escape whatever disturbed your sleep. Or, whoever.

Strong arms drape around your body, giving a sharp tug. You feel yourself roll back the other way, returning to the exact position you had just escaped from.

“Good morning my love.” A kiss to your nose.

You feel the weight of the ring on your finger shift as he plays with it absent mindedly.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” A kiss to your cheek.

You carefully peek one eye open, “Did you really wake me up just to tell me that?” Though you try your best to sound stern, even you hear the giggling tone in your voice.

“I need to go to work love.” A kiss to your other cheek.

You turn your head to look at the clock, was it that late already? Turning back you finally notice that Jumin isn’t in his sleeping attire, the fabric of the striped suit staring at you tauntingly.

“I’m sorry…I hadn’t meant to sleep in so late.” You mumble ashamed at how you had even slept through him getting ready.

A gentle hand sweeps over your hair lovingly, “You worked late last night. It’s alright.”  Jumin stands from the bed, your arms still thrown around his neck. Instead of detaching them Jumin opts to take you with him to the door, lifting you up from the bed, carrying you as he walked. Your legs wrap around him, and in the short 300 steps it takes to get to the front entrance you sprinkle kisses along his jaw and on his neck.

When he finally arrives at the door you step down sorrowfully, “Have a good day at work.”

You stand over him as he sits to put on his shoes, a frown on your face. Your hair is still disheveled from sleep, lips still swollen from last night’s kisses, your voice is husky, muscled and toned with half awakeness.

Jumin turns from his shoes to glance at you behind him. He lets out a small smile at the very displeased frown on your face. He stares at your messy hair and listens to your musky voice. You’re so beautiful. He always hated leaving you in the morning.

“Will you be home for dinner? You remember our plans right?” You grumble, knowing deep inside that you shouldn’t be acting like such a child. But you couldn’t help it, after all, life was so much better when you both were together.

Jumin tightens his left shoe and stands, turning to face you.

“Yes, yes.” He says dismissively.

There’s a large grin on his face. “I’m heading off now.”

You almost roll your eyes with amusement. Ever since you both had gotten engaged Jumin made it clear to you that he would not leave to work, or anywhere for that matter, without a goodbye kiss from you.

“My, what a doting husband I’m going to have.” You tease, taking steps towards him nonetheless.

“Mmmm, of course.” A kiss to your lips.

It takes you by surprise, “Weren’t you the one who insisted I be the one to kiss you?”

“Of course” He says teasingly, and you look down to discover his eyes closed slightly, his lips pouted out towards you expectantly.

With a mock sigh you move onto the tips of your toes, and press a kiss to his lips softly. A satisfied rumble escapes his chest and you almost let out a laugh at the thought that he resembled a large black cat purring.

Jumin can feel your smile on his lips, and a small growl slips through his mouth. He nips your bottom lip, as if asking how you could dare to think of other things. You pull away, cheeks flushed and your heart a flutter for more. Always more. Jumin’s thumb runs over your lip slowly, as if he were preparing himself to part with you for eternity.

“I’m going love.”

With a nod you smile at him, handing him his brief case and waving him goodbye out the door.

With a sigh you stared at the door. Honestly, it wasn’t like he would be gone forever. With a huff you rolled your eyes at your own clinginess.

Something soft and warm brushes in between your legs, and you look down with a smile.

“Good morning Elizabeth. You just missed your father.” You laugh, scooping her up into your arms. The cat begins to let out purrs instantly.

You laugh, “Like father like daughter.”

You spent the rest of the day tidying the house and baking sweets. Baking had always been your passion, and you thought that you were pretty good at it! You ran a small bakery, and even sold your goods online!

You set a small plate of lemon bars on the counter, saving them for Jumin before scooping Elizabeth the Third up and settling onto the couch to watch some tv.

Flickering through the channels you smiled as your phone chime went off.

Jumin : I miss you.

You: I miss you t-

“…Mr. Han! Please, tell us your thoughts on your son’s engagement!”

Those words catch your attention, and you stop mid text, your eyes returning to the tv screen. Elizabeth the Third meows loudly.

It was no secret to you that Mr. Han wasn’t fond of you. Jumin had taken you along to enough business parties for you to begin noticing Mr. Han’s annoyed glances towards. Or his refusal to speak to you. Mr. Han didn’t approve of you, but there was no way he would claim that you and Jumin weren’t engaged on national television was there?

Jumin and arguments with his father often about you. It always killed you to see Jumin argue with his father, knowing full well just how much Jumin respected him. In the end, the arguments were always one and the same. If you belonged in the Han family.  

“He isn’t a bad man MC.”

Jumin had once whispered those words into your ears. And though you wanted to believe him, how could you?

Your eyes refocused back to the images on the screen. Mr. Han’s stern face was masked in unamusement. And you fiddled with the engagement ring on your finger nervously. Next to you your phone begins to ring loudly. It’s Jumin. Ahhh…he must have realized that you’d be watching.

You pick up the call quietly, pressing the phone to your ear, knowing full well he’d just continue to call if you ignored him. Your eyes never leave the screen, and your heart begins to beat rapidly as you wait for Mr. Han to respond.

“Turn it off.” Jumin’s voice booms through the cell phone, angrily. Worridly.

“It’s alright.” You reassure him. “I just…want to see what he says for myself.”

You hear Jumin let out an exasperated sigh, “My love-”

“What engagement?”

Those words echo off the tv, and they cause your heart to stop in your chest.

On the screen Mr. Han stares directly into the camera, as if knowing that you would be watching.

“My son has no partner. My son is not engaged.” He states, his eyes never leaving the screen.

The reporter lets out an awkward laugh, “But sir, we have reports that Mr. Jumin has gotten engaged to MC. We even have reports that they live together.”

Mr. Han lets out a patient sigh. “ Simply puppy love. He’s just infatuated with the girl. He is my son after all.” He jokes, causing the sea of reporters around him to laugh as well.

Your lips tremble slightly as you turn off the tv. Rejected. Mr. Han just rejected your engagement to the whole wide world.

“MC.” Jumin’s voice calls out from the speaker, and you jump slightly, having forgotten that he was on the line. From the sound of his voice, you can tell that he too, watched the broadcast.

“I’m alright.” You state, lips trembling a little more, the diamond ring on your finger shining brightly at you.

“I’m alright.” You whisper again, covering your shaking lips as tears fall from your eyes. You refuse to let Jumin know that you’re crying.

Jumin’s soft curse under his breath lets you know that you’re failing at masking your voice.

“I’ll call him right now. I’ll make him announce our engagement. I’ll-”

“It’s okay Jumin.” You cut him off.

“Let him be, it’s alright. I’m alright.” You say gently.

The other side of the line grows quiet, and then finally, “I wish I were there to hold you.”

You let out a small laugh as a sniffle escapes you, “That would only spell trouble for Jaehee.”

“Doesn’t matter.” The smile in his voice makes your heart loosen slightly.

“Come home quickly, I miss you.” You say no longer caring just how needy you sound.

“I’ll try my love. After all, we do have very important guests coming later tonight.”

You smile at that, “You adore my younger sister way too much.”

Jumin lets out a deep chuckle, “And our niece is even cuter.”

You let out a content sigh as you examined the table spread you had set up. An elegant white table cloth clothed the smooth ebony table, held in place by a vase full of peonies (Easter egg! Go read peonies if you haven’t ^^) that you had placed as a centerpiece. White plates with gold spirals stood guard along the edge of the table, the gold matching the faint yellow of the napkins.

You smiled as your eyes drifted to the corner of the table. A child’s high chair stood right in between two dining ones, and you let out a laugh as you saw how out of place it was.


The sound of the doorbell draws your attention away from the table.

“Coming~” You say as you make your way towards the front door.

You swing the door open with a large smile on your face.

Your younger sister stands in the doorway, a similar smile on her face.

“Hey!” She greets cheerfully, and you quickly pull her into a hug before making way for her to enter the penthouse.

“Wow…’ She breaths as she enters. She sets the car seat in her hands gently on the floor, looking around the penthouse in wonder. “You know, I’ll never wrap my head around the fact that you live here.”

You laugh in answer, you attention solely on the angel strapped inside the car seat. You snap the handle back, and smile down at the little girl buckled inside.

“Hello Akari” You whisper quietly as you lift your niece out of the seat.

She giggles in your arms, blubbering when you rub your nose gently across hers.

“How old is she now?” You ask your sister, turning to face her as you place Akari on your hips.

“She’s about a year now.” Your sister answers, eyes bright as she watches the two of you.

The two of you play with Akari for a while, watching her explore the penthouse and babbling away.

The sound of the front door opening draws your attention away. Jumin’s home!

You snatch Akari up from the floor, ignoring your sister who laughs at you, as you make your way to welcome Jumin.

“Akari, look who’s ho-” You stop short as you look up from the baby in your arms.

Rigid eyes greet you. Slightly shorter. Slightly more grey hair. Mr. Han.

The smile falls off your face instantly.

“M-Mr. Han.” You stutter out, your mouth suddenly dry. Why was he here?

Mr. Han looks around the penthouse slowly, eyes stopping briefly to look at your sister, at Akari, and then finally, back on you.

“I see that Jumin isn’t home yet.” He states.

You nod quietly, giving a little jump as you reposition Akari.

“Ms. MC, my son tells me that you’re quite intelligent.” Mr. Han says.

You backtrack. What?

“He flatters me Mr. Han.” You reply curtly.

You finally move your eyes to his own, and you instantly regret your choice.

An ugly sneer replaces his emotionless face. “Yes, it would seem that my son does flatter you. A little too much. You would think that someone with intelligence would take the hint after watching today’s interview.”

His words pierce your heart. But Mr. Han isn’t finished.

“And would you look at this!” He exclaims, gesturing to your sister and Akari.

“I’ve read up on your family Ms. MC. Your sister got involved with a bad man. Not only did he swindle her of everything, he even left her with a child! I’m not sure how you tricked Jumin, but I can see right through you.”

You rush to explain, “No Mr. Han it isn’t like that, I promise you! Most of the debt is already paid, Jumin doesn’t even know anything about i-”

“I will never accept you as my daughter-in-law.”

Mr. Han’s words cut you off harshly. He glares at you from where he stands, until his eyes slowly fall onto Akari, as if remembering that an infant were present this whole time.

“I won’t ever accept you. You, or your future children.”

His words come out like venom. They poison the air and taint the feelings in your heart.

As if on queue, Akari begins to cry, loud wails echoing off the empty walls. Off of Mr.Han. Your heart wrenches in your chest. It’s almost as if Akari cries for you.

Instantly your sister rushes forward from off the couch to take her daughter and you let her, stuck frozen in place from Mr. Han’s words.  After a few moments Akari’s cries turn to sniffles, and Mr. Han clears his throat as he prepares to leave.

“Please don’t let this drag on Ms. MC.” He says, before shutting the door firmly behind him. Shutting the door, on you.  

Annnnnnnnnd that’s that! I swear it’ll get more interesting soon!!!! Like I said before, I’m simply setting the stage at the moment. 

As always, thank you all for your endless support, and look forward to chapter 2 ^^

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“you’re really invested in your tv show/book/etc and i don’t think you understand how much your absentminded petting is getting to me but like hell am i gonna ask you to stop“ !!

Poe has a thing about his hair. Touch it and he purrs. Pet it, he melts. Pull it… well. Yeah. That’s… yeah. His hypersensitivity has never been an issue before. People who get close enough to get their hands all up in his curls are generally doing so with pretty specific intentions, and even if they’re not, they learn fast how the tide’s rolling. 

But then people aren’t Finn.

Finn who learns scary fast, but is still playing catch up when it comes to a lot of social cues, particularly those centred around touch. Poe has a feeling Finn might have been a tactile person anyway—takes one to know one—but growing up in an insulated body glove obviously hasn’t done him any favours. 

These days Finn touches everything - fingers tracing the gouges in the mess hall tables as he eats, palms pressing against the bark of the megaflora that surrounds the new base like he can feel the sap pumping if he concentrates hard enough. Poe finds it both endearing as hell and teeth-grittingly motivating during those missions he gets the First Order square in his crosshairs.

Finn’s not as physical with people yet — or at least not ones he doesn’t know well. Poe’s obviously not in that category though, which brings him back to his current predicament. 

Finn’s leaning back against the head of the bunk, a data pad propped on his knees as he reads something distracting enough that he hasn’t noticed what’s going on with Poe yet. Poe’s not really sure if that’s a blessing or a curse, to be honest. Because on the one hand, Poe probably looks a special kind of stupid right now, processor parts forgotten on the floor in front of him as he all but drools into his own lap. On the other, if Finn keeps this up too much longer, Poe’s libido is going to start knocking insistently on the situation and that’s… not ideal.

Because Finn’s his friend. Finn’s his friend who’s still learning what it means to have friends and Poe doesn’t want to fuck that up for him. Which means Finn’s deft fingers twisting through his hair and scratching lightly against his scalp is fast becoming A Problem.

Finn hums lightly behind him—a noise Poe’s come to associate with him reading something particularly interesting—and Poe has to bite his lip against humming for his own more inappropriate reasons as Finn’s fingers card through the closer cropped curls at the nape of his neck.

Poe clears his throat. Then has to try again when he almost whimpers instead. “Ah, buddy?”


Finn’s petting doesn’t even pause. Poe’s done nothing to deserve this sort of temptation.

“I’m ah… getting a little distracted down here.”


Finn’s touch halts but he doesn’t pull his hand back and Poe finds himself swallowing hard against the instinct to push back into Finn’s palm.

Finally Finn says, “In a good way or a bad way?”

And that’s… huh. Poe cranes his neck back to look up at Finn’s face and finds a soft smile waiting for him, Finn’s eyes amused and… knowing.

“Fuck,” Poe says. “Who told?”

Finn huffs a laugh, thumbing lightly behind Poe’s ear. “Jess.”

Of course it was Pava. Poe would be annoyed but the way Finn’s looking at him as he smooths his fingers back through his hair, he has a feeling he’s gonna end up buying her a cake.

Poe lets his eyes flutter shut as he feels Finn’s movements turn deliberate, fisting a grip at the back of his head and… yeah. Shit. Poe’s breath catches which is probably the only thing that saves him from flat out moaning.

“You should come up here,” Finn says, voice drawn tight and Poe would be relieved he’s not the only one affected here but he’s too busy giving himself over to Finn’s very nice, very competent hands.

“I should definitely come up there,” Poe says. He’s about to get right on that when Finn’s grip shifts and twists and Poe’s hips go rogue, bucking instinctively up and fuck, he’s hard, when did he get hard?

“Oh wow,” Finn says. “Jess wasn’t kidding.”

“I’m gonna kill her,” Poe says, strangled.

Finn laughs like he’s just so delighted and Poe would bask in the warmth of it but Finn’s also taken it upon himself to manhandle Poe up onto the standard-issue mattress, a move that makes an entirely different sort of heat suffuse Poe’s limbs.

Force, did Pava just write out an itemised list or something?

Poe finds himself flat on his back, Finn braced over him, grinning like Poe’s a new dessert he has yet to try. It puts Finn’s very nice shoulders in optimal clutching range and Poe isn’t going to shirk that opportunity, no sir.

“Hi,” Finn says softly and Poe realises he’s grinning so wide his cheeks hurt. Fuck he hasn’t felt this stupid for someone since…ever.

“Hi back.”

Finn dips down, mouth dizzyingly close and Poe very nearly whimpers when he stops just short of his lips, because fuck.

“I ah… you should probably know I have no idea what I’m doing,” Finn says, and ah, that answers that question then.

Poe slides his hands up to scritch through the hair where it’s growing out at the nape of Finn’s neck, easing the nervous tension the best way he knows how.

“Well,” Poe says, struggling to gather his thoughts in the face of Finn humming into his touch like a spoiled loth-cat, shit. “We can slow our roll a bit. Pull back and talk a few things through…”

“Or?” Finn says, dipping toward Poe’s mouth again like a faulty grav drive. The move brushes their noses together, something that probably shouldn’t make Poe’s toes curl but here they are.

“Or,” Poe swallows harshly against the instinct to just tip his chin up, turn things wet and hot and fast, but no - this is Finn’s show. This needs to be Finn’s show. “We can wing it. Do what feels right, speak up when something doesn’t…” 

Finn’s eyes snap back up to his at that and Poe very nearly chokes on the want behind the look. “You’ll show me how?”

Fuck. “Yeah,” Poe says, and he’s gonna need some sort of award for how steady his voice is here because seriously. “Yeah, I’ll show you how.”

The smile that slips across Finn’s features is like a sunrise, slow and syrup sharp. Poe wants to taste it. “We’re gonna do this.”

It’s not a question, but Poe answers it by meeting Finn’s mouth on a groan anyhow.

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Umm.. How about Nekoma kiss headcanons? thanks

Can do! Sorry this took so long! Reminder that Fukurodani kisses have been requested and are in the pipe, so they are coming! Please enjoy!!
~The Admins

Kuroo: If you ask him, he’ll say with a completely straight face that he’s a jack of all trades type (Yaku will say he’s more of a master of none). Kuroo has a kiss for every occasion and he’s very good at reading the mood before he makes a move and so far he hasn’t been wrong yet. Generally, his hands are usually either cupping your face or on your shoulders and how close or tight he’s holding you depends on the intensity of the kiss. If he initiates the kisses, he’s all smooth and has that shit-eating grin on his face, but if you initiate the kiss, his eyes will get a little wide and what’s that? Is that a blush you see? He has no problems with PDA, but if you’re not comfortable with it he’s ok with that too. He does tend to save the heavier kisses for when you’re alone. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your temples.

Kai: Best kisses; super soft and gentle, very easy going with an easy flow to them. He always knows where to put his hands, where to hold you, when to pull away and when to surge forward. His lips are really soft and supple (they’re full and plush plus he has a Chapstick problem) and he loves to put his hand against the back of your neck. He pulls you towards him a lot, and he’s low key weak for when you stand on your toes for him. He’s not completely opposed to PDA–he just takes a very traditional approach to it. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your cheek.

Yaku: Dominant kisser, through and through. Do you like to take the reins during kisses? Well, too bad, because Yaku will high key dominate you. His kisses are rough, demanding, and bordering on painful, but they are so good. He likes to bite, nibble, and kiss your breath away. The only time he’s weak for long hair is if he’s wrapping a ponytail around his fist during a make out session. Did I mention he’ll pull your hair, no matter the length? Because he will. He’s surprisingly neutral about PDA–doesn’t matter to him, although he will tone down the sex vibes in public spaces. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing just below your ear or the top of your head. (Don’t mention how much he has to stand on his toes for this)

Kenma: A surprisingly deft kisser, and he’s actually super into it. He’s not super handsy during kisses, but he loves soft, gentle, lingering kisses that leave him begging for more. And he will, too, because once you get him going he doesn’t stop. Each kiss after the first will get deeper and more intense until he’s a shaking, shivering mess. He might actually pause his game for it if he gets super into it. He’s not big on physical touch, but he is weak if you run your fingers through his hair while you kiss him. He’s a hard nope on PDA–not super into it, and gets really embarrassed thinking everyone is staring at him when you’re kissing, so please respect his wishes, because he’ll kiss you all you want at home. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your shoulder.

Yamamoto: A bit stiff at first; he’s not sure what to do, where to put his hands, how much tongue to use… high key, he just… doesn’t know what he’s doing, poor child. But once he figures his life out, watch out, because he gets very enthusiastic. He uses quite a bit of tongue and teeth, but once he gets it down, it’s so good. He really likes to hold your face still and just press kisses all over you because he loves you, and is so grateful for you, and this is how he shows it. He wants to try it, but low key he’s really bad at PDA. He just gets so flustered and embarrassed and loses control of the volume of his voice. It can be fun to embarrass him, though. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the back of your hand or your forehead.

Fukunaga: Undeniably the best kisser in the world–God tier, amazing, kiss-your-socks-off sort of kisses. But no one can confirm or deny. The legend goes that he loves to kiss all over your body–every inch of skin he can reach–and he’ll leave hickies in places that will make you melt. But no one has seen it for themselves. Will you be the first to see for themselves?

Inuoka: Gets super flustered when you ask for a kiss, but never says no. He might need to psych himself up with a few deep breaths but he’ll be ready to go after that. His kisses are either one of two speeds: super chaste pecks or long and soul-restoring. For those longer ones, he likes to hold your hands and you can definitely feel him smiling into it. He also thinks it’s super adorable if you have to go on your toes to kiss him. He’ll also say thank you after almost every kiss because he feels so grateful. His teammates tease him all the time because he’s shy about PDA. His whole face turns red and he gets really loud. To him, if you ask for a kiss in public, it means a kiss on the cheek unless specified otherwise. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your cheeks or hands.

Lev: Tries his best. Really he does. Sometimes he moves in too quickly and you bump noses or teeth. But the important thing with Lev is that even if a kiss ends up sour, he’s always willing to try, try, try again. It’s endearing really, the lengths he goes to make you happy. Other times he’ll be a lil shit and make you hop in place so you can pull him down for a kiss, but the teasing never lasts very long because more often than not, he loves kissing more than the buildup to it. He’s doesn’t mind PDA in front of strangers but if you kiss him in front of his family or his teammates, he’ll get really flustered. It’s worth it. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing the top of your head.

Shibayama: He’s very self conscious about kisses and he’s always worried he’ll mess up. He’s more of a nose nuzzling, head bonking, cheek booping kind of guy and he’ll absolutely melt if you return the favor. He’s very affectionate in this regard, but when it comes to kisses, he’s a little shy but is very soft and gentle. He also likes to linger a little after the kiss and usually he’ll laugh softly because he’s so happy that you return his feelings. As far as PDA goes, he’s not afraid to be affectionate and will definitely hold your hand without prompt but he’s a little nervous when it comes to kissing. If he’s not kissing your lips, he’s kissing your forehead (it’s adorable if you’re taller than him because he’ll go on his toes!)

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How about pastel!Dan and punk!Phil pet play with Dan being a kitten? Bondage and that good shit is always welcome :P

ncould u do a breeding one?? srry its weird buT thats my shit xx

It’s OK anon it’s mine too/// Our queue has been running low and it’s easier to write short things, so send a short, simple prompt and mark it with * at the beginning, and a one-two paragraph hc goes into the queue. The amount of time it takes for the queue to post is less time than it takes for us to write a full length hc.

We hit 2.8k followers!!!

This turned more into businessman!Phil and pastel!Dan but you know I’m just not sorry

Tags: Pet Play, Overstimulation, Tail Plugs, Mouth Fucking, Bondage, Breeding, Double Penetration, Degradation, Creampie

Nothing was added bc I felt it had to be ~

- Phil’s been away traveling for almost a week, he’s stressed, and he misses his boyfriend/kitten, Dan. When Phil gets stressed out, he normally takes it out on Dan, because they have a d/s relationship and Dan says it’s okay, they have a safeword and all that, and the cuddles are unparalleled afterward. So it’s safe to say that Phil needs to get home to Dan. To make matters worse, his flight gets delayed by few hours, so he texts Dan not to wait up for dinner but he’ll be home before Dan goes to bed.

- At about eight o’clock that night, Phil slips into his flat and shuts the door behind him. “Dan,” he calls when he doesn’t see the boy in the lounge. As Phil takes off his coat, Dan crawls into the room with his kitty ears on his head, pastel pink lacy collar around his neck, and tail swaying behind him. “Hey, kitten,” Phil says fondly, reaching down to pet through Dan’s hair. The action earns him a satisfied purr and Dan tilting his face up to nose into Phil’s palm. “I’ve missed you. Think I can show you how much?” Dan’s lips curve into a smile and he scrambles to his feet, bouncing on the tip of his toes. 

- “Eager kitten. C’mon.” Phil calmly walks to their room, which has been lit with nothing more than fairy lights rather than the lamp. It leaves the room feeling much warmer, and Dan definitely did it to set a mood. “Get on the bed and don’t move or touch yourself, I’ll be right back.”

- He wanders into the huge walk in closet and returns with rope, a whitehead gag, lube, and a couple of toys to use on Dan. He doesn’t need to say anything for Dan to spread his arms and legs for Phil to tie him down. Dan wordlessly opens his mouth for the gag, letting out a small whimper as his lips are held open. Phil just smirks and kneels, fully clothed at the foot of the bed, easing the tail plug out of Dan’s hole and setting it aside as he watches Dan clench around nothing. “Look at you, already so open for me even though I just got home. You’re just looking to be filled up with my cum, aren’t you kitten?” Dan whines and nods. His back arches when Phil runs his fingertips up Dan’s inner thighs. He knows better than to touch himself without permission except for his tale, and he’s sensitive at the best of times, so every touch sends sparks up Dan’s spine. “Have you been good while I was gone?” Phil doesn’t wait for an answer, but moves up the bed and unbuttons his pants to push them down his hips a bit. He settles on Dan’s chest, his cock millimeters from Dan’s lips as he strokes himself.

- “Show me.”

- Immediately Dan lifts his head from the mattress and takes as much as he can into his mouth, unable to suck Phil properly around the gag, but doing his best. Phil’s eyes flit down to Dan’s for permission, which he sees, so Phil buries his hands in Dan’s hair to steady him and starts fucking his mouth. He goes until a familiar heat pools in his stomach and Dan’s face is messy with tears and drool. After pulling out, Phil removes the gag from Dan’s mouth. “What do you say kitten?”

- “Thank you Master,” Dan says in a slightly hoarse voice.

- Phil smiles and pats his cheek affectionately. “Good boy.” Now he sets his sight on working Dan up, slowly peppering light kisses up and down Dan’s neck. They gradually have more pressure until Phil chooses a spot to suck on, leaving a dark bruise just above the edge of Dan’s collar. He moves down when Dan starts to whine and rut his hips up into Phil’s, biting marks into Dan’s chest and playing with his nipples.

- Dan’s fists are clenching and unclenching and his toes curling and he thinks he might come just from this because he’s so sensitive and he’s missed Phil so much. “M- aster please, I…” Dan moans, voice breaking in the middle of ‘Master.’ 

- “Aww, look at my pretty kitten, falling apart even though I haven’t even touched you.” Phil’s hands skim over Dan’s waist at the same time as he moves lower to mouth wet, sloppy kisses along Dan’s inner thighs.

- “Please, please, let me come, let me come, Master,” Dan pleads, head thrown back onto the pillows at the head of the bed.”

- Raising an eyebrow, Phil looks at Dan, observes how he’s hard and leaking, how his hole keeps clenching around nothing, begging to be filled. “You can come if you come untouched.” To his amazement, Dan comes a few seconds later, splattering his stomach and moaning. Smirking, Phil picks up the toy he brought out earlier and covers it in lube to slowly push into Dan. He turns on the vibrations and makes sure it’s pressed against Dan’s prostate.

- A quiet whimper escapes Dan’s mouth and his back arches off the bed. “Master, too much, feels so good-”

- It’s not like Dan’s not used to a big stretch, but it burns a little in the best possible way when Phil slips a slicked up finger past Dan’s rim alongside the toy. Dan practically screams, but to his credit, remains relaxed and allows Phil to keep stretching him. “I’m gonna fill you up with my cum,” Phil says in a low voice as he gently pushes in a second finger. “You’ll be so wrecked, stretched out from me and a toy at the same time, dripping with my cum and yours, fucked out and perfect for me.”

- He starts sucking the head of Dan’s cock to distract from the burn of adding a third finger. Before long, Dan’s coming down his throat with his second orgasm of the night, still panting and begging Phil to fuck him. Phil pulls completely off of Dan despite the small noise of protest and lubes himself up. His eyes flicker up to Dan’s for the permission he already has before pushing in alongside the vibe. Dan’s tight around him, even tighter than usual, and it feels so good, especially paired with the toy pulsing along the underside of his cock.

- “Please, Master, move!” Dan pleads, pulling even harder at the ties holding him in place. “Hurts but it feels so good, please, move, Master! Fill me up, breed me like a good bitch, please!”

- Phil starts slowly, but gradually moves faster, transfixed with the way that Dan’s so full that he can see a slight bulge moving under Dan’s taught abdomen every time he thrusts forward. “That’s what you want, huh, slut? To be bred like the fucking whore you are, shown your place? You’re nothing more than a hole to be fucked.”

- For a moment, Phil pulls out, drawing a sound of complaint from Dan’s lips to untie his legs and pull them over Phil’s shoulders so he can get deeper into Dan when he goes back to fucking him. The new angle has Dan nearly screaming with every thrust, and he comes a third time, only a pathetic dribble of cum dripping from his red and abused cock. “Please, Master! Please, hurts, Master! Cum, please, I need it, I need it so bad! Need to be filled up, claimed, need it, please!”

- That’s what finally drives Phil over the edge, allowing himself a small sound as he pushes as deep into Dan as he can, his high seeming to last forever. When he’s done, he winces and pulls out, turning off the vibrator and removing it as well. Everything’s sticky with cum, and it leaks slowly from Dan’s red, open and abused hole, still trying to flutter closed around nothing.

Damn I have a thing for overstim someone stop me. I didn’t include aftercare but it’s really important, esp after a scene like this!


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Mission: Impossible Probably Doesn’t Have This Much Gay Panic

aka that ridiculous super tropey cliched jeremwood gta fic i started ages ago and have now finished as a valentine’s gift for @ryanthepowerbottomguy
rating: m for nonspecific dick mention
content warning for bad humor, deliberately vague heist details, and ryan “you can’t catch me gay thoughts” haywood
on ao3

“It just needs another minute.”

“We don’t have a minute,” Ryan says. He presses an ear against the door and shuts his eyes, tense, waiting, mapping out a dozen escape routes in his head. “We have maybe thirty seconds. Does that work?”

“Look, the thing—it says it needs fifty-three seconds, okay, do you want me to argue with the computer?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what Gavin does!”

“He—okay, wait, no? He definitely doesn’t just argue with the computer, what the hell, what exactly do you think Gavin does when he’s—” Jeremy cuts himself off, goes still and quiet when heavy footsteps stop in front of the door.

“Alright,” Ryan murmurs, shifting to move into a better position to intercept the guy when he comes through the door. “I’ll try to take him down quietly and maybe we won’t, uh, no, what are you doing,” he says, bewildered, when Jeremy vaults himself over the desk neatly and starts moving in Ryan’s direction.

“I saw this in a movie once,” Jeremy says seriously, and then he’s grabbing Ryan by the lapels of his ill-fitting suit and hauling him down to kiss him.

Fully. On the mouth. With tongue. It’s a little dirty.

Ryan wants to say he plays it cool.

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Just Give Me a Reason

Originally posted by guille-eav

Request: Hey I’ve just discovered your blog and I really love your writing! I was wondering if you would write a Sebastian fic where the reader and Sebastian are dating and finally announce it to their singing groups at one time. The room descends into chaos because no one approves whatsoever and people begin making plans to “rescue” their beloved group member. After multiple plans on both ends are pulled off, they eventually do break up and it’s not pretty. After that the ex-couple’s performances aren’t as good as they had been and both sides begin to realize what they did to their friends. So they team up without the reader or Sebastian knowing and make them both learn half of a duet for some special performance and when that night comes it’s revealed who their dear partner is. Thank you!

Notes: So I only realized after I wrote the entire imagine that I changed it a little, instead of Y/N and Sebastian learning the duet earlier they’re just forced to sing it together. And I didn’t really do ‘multiple plans’ because it would take just way too long, but anyways I hope you enjoy!!

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#90- Foot Fetish (Sam x Ruby)

Anonymously requested for my kink list (master list here).

Warning: smut, foot fetish (obvi)

Word Count: 1100ish

A/N: This list keeps me writing new things! Hope y’all enjoy. XOXO

Ruby is a master of sex. And not just the actual fucking part. She’s a master at figuring out what turns someone on, at seduction, at reading men and giving them exactly what they want, at figuring out how to get exactly what she wants.

And good fucking with Sam comes pretty easily, because he’s a master, too.

Still, Ruby prides herself on being able to figure out people’s kinks. Sam has a few, some dirtier than others, but only one that’s surprising.

He has a thing for her feet.

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robronfanatic  asked:

I have really been enjoying your Robron vignettes. I'm really impressed, and thank you so much! I'd love one for #47 xx

47. We go on three…

He’s drenched in sweat, Aaron’s fingers clenched around his shoulders, skin bleached white around each tip. His hips have stopped working but only because he’s not in control of them anymore. Everything hurts, in that achey, fucked out, perfect way it always does when they’re like this.

Aaron’s still catching his breath, face red. His knees haven’t dropped away yet, still up around Robert’s waist. He can hear the ocean under the sound of Aaron’s panting, can smell sweat and sea salt. His head feels fuzzy.

Aaron’s legs tighten when he moves to pull out, dick softening now and it’s going to start getting uncomfortable soon.

“Hang on,” Aaron say, legs squeezing. “Just wait a minute.”

Robert sighs, drops his head down into the crook of Aaron’s shoulder, lets his breath steam against the pillow there, stays exactly where he is, where he should always be - inside Aaron. It’s too hot and too much and he doesn’t care.

Aaron’s hands are smoothing over Robert’s back, slip sliding through sweat but gentle. Always gentle.

“I love you,” Aaron says and Robert can actually feel his chest expand with it. Can feel it down to his toes.

“I love you,” he says back. They don’t bother with too.

It feels like they drift there for hours, curled together just breathing. In reality it’s probably only a couple of minutes before Aaron taps at his hip. “Alright, go.”

Robert grins. “We go on three?” he asks, not entirely sure he’s got the strength left to lift himself up.

“You’re an idiot.” Aaron pushes at him until Robert can roll free, sprawl of tanned limbs across white sheets.

“Happy birthday,” Aaron says softly, fingers drifting to Robert’s chest.

Robert grins, feels smug right down to his bones. “Yes it is.”

baker151910  asked:

"Help me." Ginny said.

“What was that?”  Mike leans closer, cupping his ear with his hand.  “I didn’t quite hear you,” he teases with a smug grin on his face.

She huffs out a breath, narrowing her eyes, before slapping her good hand down onto her thigh in frustration.  “I said, ’Help me.’   Or are you hard of hearing, old man?”

“That’s what I thought,” he says taking the jar from in front of her, making a show of struggling to get to get it open, only to easily pop the top with a satisfied grin.  He jokingly flexes his arm, and she finds herself rolling her eyes with good humor.  

“You are so ridiculous,” she says, before moving to the cabinet, her bare toes coming to balance her as she reaches for a bowl.  A sliver of her stomach is exposed as the grey hoodie she’s wearing slides up on her left side, her sling exaggerating the lean in reaching for the dish.  She can feel his gaze sliding over her, burying itself in the pit of her stomach, before his hand comes to rest on the small of her back, steadying her as he reaches up and takes the bowl down easily.  

She can feel his warmth hovering above her, the gentle pressure of his hand not leaving her, instead guiding her back over to the island, as he closes the cabinet.

And then as if realizing his mistake, quickly removes his hand.

“So uhh,” he says rubbing the back of his neck, and she can’t help the smirk that comes to her lips, watching him nervously navigate their new living situation.  “What are you doing today?”

“Oh, you know,” she says while pouring the salsa into the bowl.  “I thought I’d do some heavy lifting, maybe throw a few before doing laps in the pool.”  She throws a grin at him, and he shakes his head.

“Cute,” he quips back.

“I don’t know,” she says, grabbing the bowl and motioning for him to get the chips.  “I’m not used to having this much free time,” she says as she settles onto the couch, pushing herself all the way back, crossing her legs like a kid, and settling the bowl in between her legs.

He flops down next to her, opening the bag for her, not wanting to see the struggle again, before setting it between them.  She’s digging in before he can respond.

“Well, what did you do as a teenager?”

“Baseball,” she responds with a full mouth.  

“Yeah, but what else?” He pries.

“That’s it,” she says with a one armed shrug.

“That can’t be it,” he says, taking a chip for himself, reaching over to dip it in the salsa resting precariously up against her crotch.  He swallows a lump, and she fights back a grin.  “You just finished practice, you’re sitting in your room, and you’re doing…” he goads.

“Staring up at your poster,” she says with a wink.

He nearly chokes on his chip, her good hand coming out to pat his back.

“Shit, I didn’t meant to kill ya, old man.”

“Warn a guy, Baker,” he says with watery eyes, the coughing causing him to tear up a bit.

“Sorry,” she laughs out.  “Well, what did you do for fun?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” he teases back with a wink of his own.

She scrunches up her face in disgust.  

“No, I would not,” she affirms, shoving another chip in her mouth, this time losing part of the salsa, flopping onto her chin.

He reaches out, the pad of his thumb smudging over the drip, a tingling traveling across her jaw, before he takes his thumb, putting it in his mouth, sucking away the spill.

She openly stares at the gesture, her tongue jutting out to taste her own lips, the salt of the chips lingering.

“Well…” she starts.  “Your teenage life was clearly lacking without a Ginny poster to keep you company,” she recovers.

He raises his eyebrows at her statement, and realization seems to dawn on her.

“Eww, no.  Not like that,” she reaches out slapping his arm.  “Don’t be gross.”

“You said it, not me,” he feigns innocence.

“Just…” she almost stutters, her cheeks heating up with embarrassment.  “Turn on the TV or something.”

“You know I can get you that same poster for your room here, make it feel more like home,” he jokes, elbowing her arm.

“Nah, I’ve since met him, not that great.”

“I hear he’s great,” he retorts.

“The offer goes both ways though, I can get you that Ginny poster that was missing from your life all those years ago,” that dimpled smirk appearing again.

“Nah, I’ve got the real thing, I don’t need a poster,” he says, turning the TV on.

“Yeah,” she whispers out, focusing her eyes on the illuminated screen before them.

This new living arrangement might not be so bad.

Leave the first sentence of a fic in my ask box and I will write the next five sentences.

Troublemaking Waters- Joe Sugg Imagine

Word Count: 1,063

Request:  21 with Jack/Joe or Mikey, “If we get arrested, it’s your fault.” (from Si and Liv’s prompt list)

Author’s Note: I titled this a Joe imagine because that’s who the reader is with. But Jack and Mikey are also a big part of the story. 


It was a late Friday night, you were sat cuddled with your boyfriend Joe on your sofa. He made the trip down to Brighton to see you. Jack and Mikey were sat on the other side playing Call of Duty. They decided to come too. You didn’t mind, you loved spending time with the boys. It was never awkward and no one ever felt like a third wheel.

You looked around the room at the boys, lounging lazily on the sofa. You let out a deep sigh.

Joe heard you, staring down to meet your gaze. “What’s the matter love?”

“Some Friday night huh?” letting out another sigh.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

As much as you appreciated the boys coming down to hangout, you didn’t want to sit home and watch them play video games all night. You had something more exciting in mind.

You wriggled out of your boyfriend’s arms and sprung off the sofa. “Boys we’re going on an adventure! Grab a change of clothes, a case of beer, and some towels. Meet me at the car in 10 minutes!”

The boys stood around, exchanging weird glances. Until they just shrugged their shoulders and followed your instructions.

Here you were. With the boys driving around Brighton at 11:30 at night. They had absolutely no idea where you were taking them. Until you started getting closer to the sea.

“(Y/N) why are we at the beach?” Jack asked with confusion.

You pulled up to the curb and parked, “You’ll see. Just grab the stuff and follow me.” smiling as you got out of the car.

You all had your hands full, as you walked along the pebbles down to the waterfront. “Well here we are!” you announced with your hands in the air, cracking open a beer. They all nervously laughed, setting down the stuff in their hands and grabbing a bottle.

Mikey put his hands down at his sides, “Yeah uh…that’s great (Y/N), but what are we doing here?”

Jack and Joe looked around at all the things you asked them to bring, then looked back out to the water. That’s when it clicked, “Mikey, she brought us here to go skinny dipping!” they laughed.

Before Mikey could say another word, he quickly looked back to see your clothes on the ground and you running naked into the sea.

“Come on boys the water’s fine!” you waved at them to come in.

“Is she actually serious?” Mikey motioned at the boys.

They both shrugged and started to tug at their clothes.

“You are one crazy girl, you know that (Y/N)?” Jack shouted out to you, while stripping out of his clothes.

“Yeah I know!”

“Hey back off mate! She’s my crazy girl!” Joe piped up. He quickly ran out and swam over to you. You reached for his hand, pulling him close to you and giving him a kiss.

“Hey love birds! No getting it on in the water with me here! Alright?” Jack said covering his eyes.

You, Joe, and Jack were all swimming and splashing about. Mikey was still on shore, holding a towel around his waist.

“Come on Mikey! Just jump in!” you yelled to the shore.

“Mikey don’t be such a wuss! Drop the towel and get in here!” Jack chimed in.

He ran his hand nervously through hair, then shook his head. “Alright, alright fine! If we get arrested, it’s your fault!

Just as Mikey was about to drop his towel, you saw headlights in the distance. “Shit! Car!” the three of you quickly swam to the pier, so you could hide underneath. Your clothes were sitting on the rocks.

Once you all had your clothes on, you looked down the beach a few feet to see Mikey, scrambling to grab his clothes. All while trying to hold up the towel around his waist.

Suddenly you heard footsteps coming toward the beach and people talking. “Mikey come on let’s go!” you whispered sternly.

Before Mikey could take one more step, you heard someone say, “Hold it right there buddy! Hands where I can see them and don’t move.”


Jack and Joe grabbed your arm and snuck back to the car. Tip toeing quietly, so you guys wouldn’t get caught.

All three of you were able to get in and drive off undetected. You didn’t know how, but you did. You also felt bad for leaving Mike behind, you hoped he was alright.


The next morning you and Joe were sat at the breakfast table. Jack tiredly walked in the kitchen, holding his phone in his hand, “Guys I got a text from Mikey.”

You perked up in your chair, “What did he say? Is he okay?”

Jack smiled and let out a chuckle, “Yeah he’s alright. We just have to go pick him from the police station.”

You couldn’t believe they held him overnight. You thought they would’ve just questioned him, then let him go.

Joe grabbed the car keys and the three of you drove to the Brighton police station. You pulled up to see Mikey standing out front in his sweats, holding a plastic bag with his wet clothes inside. He looked exhausted and annoyed.

You quickly got out of the car and gave him a hug. “Thank god you’re alright!”

Jack stepped out of the car with his phone out, taking a snapchat, “Cor! Picking up the jail bird.” he giggled behind the camera. Joe joined him.

“Seriously guys?” you glared at them, helping Mikey to the car.

“No it’s alright (Y/N) let them have their fun. If they ever have to spend the night in a holding cell for drunk public indecency, I’ll snapchat and laugh my ass off.” he said with a sarcastic tone.

Jack and Joe poked fun at Mikey the whole way home. You thought he would’ve been more pissed, but he wasn’t that phased by it. He was used to taking the pissfrom the boys. There was finally a silent moment in the car, the teasing had stopped. Mikey spoke up and shrugged his shoulders, “Well, at least this will make a great thumbnail and storytime for my video on Monday!” You all just looked at each other and bursted into laughter.

Who knew a Friday night that started out so boring, could turn into such a memorable one?

anonymous asked:

Can you PLEASEEEE write an "All I Ask" by Adele Zimbits fic? EVERY TIME I HEAR THE SONG I CRYYYY

A great song! This fic is suitably melodramatic and emotional. It’s a canon-divergence from Kiss The Ice.

             ~~~            ~~~            ~~~            ~~~            ~~~            ~~~

Bitty watches Jack. He’s normally not so obvious with it, but tonight, knowing it’s the last night that Jack will be here, and with only the stars and a flickering fire to light the group, Bitty lets himself watch.

The orange light does something to Jack’s features, making them almost glow as he smiles and laughs at something Holster says. Jack looks over to Bitty and Bitty laughs along with him, not really sure what he’s laughing about. He keeps drifting in and out of the conversation, his own thoughts too loud.

Jack’s graduating tomorrow. And Shitty, of course, but in Bitty’s heart, Jack’s the one he’s going to miss more. He feels a little bad for thinking it, but he doesn’t have to admit it to anyone but himself.

Bitty pulls his hands further into the sleeves of the jacket Jack lent him, bringing his hands up to rest his head in them. This way, he can smell the traces of Jack on the sleeves. Soap and shampoo.

Ransom and Holster are the first to leave. Bitty nods off slightly against the wall after the volume of conversation drops with their departure. He blinks, and when he opens his eyes again, Jack’s moved himself closer and Bitty’s head rests on his shoulder.

“Sorry,” he whispers to Jack beneath the conversation Lardo and Shitty are having.

Jack looks down at him. “I don’t mind.”

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Title: Making Up is Hard to Do
Code: JD0009
Requested by: anon & anon :)
Words: 1,000 even because I’m magic, apparently.
Note: I got two requests for this, and then found another. After a bit of a delay, here you are. Thanks for being patient! For anon, anon, and anon :)

You sighed, pushing yourself out of the chair, and waddling down the hallway for yet another bathroom break. Getting your over-grown self onto the toilet was proving to be quite the difficult feat, and it didn’t help that your raging hormones had you nearly beside yourself. Where was he? Finishing up, you washed your hands and pulled your phone out of your pocket. You dialed the number and listened to it ring. Once. Twice. Three times. Four. Five. Six. “Gibbs.” You opened your mouth to curse him out and ask him where the hell he was when you heard the recording continue, “Leave a message.” You sighed, waiting for the beep.

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I Want To Know You- Spiderman x Reader

Request-Hey, can I request probably a one-shot where the reader has powers kind of like starfire from teen titas but insteed of green gold and her and peter go to the same school and she is in team cap and when they are fighting peter recognised her, and then she was hurt when the tower fell, so she they get back to Queens he tries to get to know her and become friends. I know this is probably long but could you please try. Thanks
Hey, sorry this took so long but I kept changing it…hope you like the finish product lol.

Key: (H/N) - Hero Name (F/F)- Favorite Food (E/C)- Eye Color (H/C)- Hair Color (Y/N)-Your Name (Y/L/N)-Your last name Warnings: Violence, fluff, romance, pushing people away (idk is that a warning?) __________________________________________ You tug your jacket tighter against your freezing frame as you try to make it home without any trouble, not that you were scared of getting attacked, you knew you could take anyone on. You were worried about running into any criminals. One-because you were tired and didn’t want to have to be (H/N) tonight, and two-because your Mom was making (F/F) for dinner and you didn’t want to miss it. You walked through the night, your messenger bag tight at your side filled with your mask and boots in case any baddies decided to pick the wrong night. Just as you were beginning to feel hopeful, you heard a scream. Surpressing a groan you ran into the nearest ally and pulling off your over clothes to reveal your black and silver form fitting spandex. You dig through your bag, pulling out your leather boots and mask You press your mask on and tug on your boots as fast as possible. “Somebody help me!” you hear a woman screech and you spring into action. Your feet lift off the ground, and speedily you fly your way towards the voice, hoping you didn’t take too long. When you get to an abandoned ally you see at least five beefy thugs all surrounding a terrified blonde woman. You land on the dumpster, folding your arms and clearing your throat for their attention. Their heads snap up to you, the first thugs eyes flittered with fear for just a second before you start talking, “You know if you want a girl, maybe you should ask her out first.” you say sarcastically, tilting your head as the thug growled, “Of course you’d have to shave the beard though, no offense but you are NOT pulling it off.” you joke, chuckling slightly at the glares you were getting from the men. “Get out of here (H/N)” One of them growls, pathetically trying to scare you off as the woman by the wall starts whimpering in fear. Your eyes snap to the woman before returning to the disgusting men, “You know usually I give a warning,” you say, hopping off of the dumpster to be face to face with one of the men, “But when it comes to men like you, you don’t get warnings.” you growl, now staring up at the man that almost looked afraid. Before you can say anything else, the man swung his fist at you, a move you easily dodged, backflip kicking him in the jaw and landed easily. He stumbled back as the other men came towards you throwing punches left and right in which they all missed. You perched your arm on the wall and yawned mockingly, “Oh come on, is that all twinkle toes?” you ask, raising your brows. Another one comes toward you and you simply kick him in the stomach. He doubles over and you kick his head, knocking him out. You sigh, “Guess so. Alright, I’m done.” you say as gold energy surges around your fingers. You feel your energy all pouring into your hands before aiming and blasting the energy, knocking them all into the wall of the ally behind them. They all remain still and you cross your arms in triumph, proud that you knocked them out before turning to the woman who was now sobbing quietly on the ground. You approuch her carefully, “Hey,” you say, gently placing a hand on the woman’s shoulder, “It’s alright, your safe now.” you assure her. Her crying dies down a bit and she turns to you, lifting her face out of her hands, “Thank you.” she whispers. You smile at her, standing up and offering her a hand in which she gladly takes, “thanks,” the woman says, her eyes bleeding with sincerity. “Just doing my public duty.” you joke, “Not a lot of jobs that require flying and blasting energy out of your hands.” you chuckle, “So this will have to do.” your eyes drift over to the unconcious men and you sigh, “Maybe I should get paid.” you mumble, before you see a red figure land not too far from you. Your head whips around to see none other than the infamous Spiderman, leaning on the wall to your right. “Spidey!” you exclaim to your least facorite superhero, “You’re just in time,” you tell him, pointing at the men, “You don’t mind binding them would you?” you ask, “I don’t exactly carry hand cuffs with me, never really been my kink.” you joke and Spiderman looks slightly uncomfortable, “Y-yeah.” he stutters, and you tilt your head in confusion. This wasn’t like Spidey, he was acting nervous. He shot his webs at the men, binding them to the ground as he turned to you with pride in his stance, “All done.” he declares, “Although I’m pretty sure you owe me a thank you now.” he teases and you roll youer eyes, walking past him and patting his shoulder. “Make sure she gets home safe,” you say, pointing at the woman, “I got a plate full of (F/F) with my name on it, and I really don’t wanna eat it cold.” you say, beginning to lift off the ground. “What so I’m doing your work for you now?” he jokes and you supress a grunt. God he could be so annoying. “Oh come on Spidey,” you say, crossing your arms over your chest, “I’m pretty sure you owe me.” you say, recalling the memory. He scoffs, “And why would I owe you?” he asks, beginning to get agitated. You smirk, “Because I’m pretty sure I’ve saved your ass quite a few times in the past.” you say, putting a hand on your hip. He rolls his eyes (at least it looks like he does under the mask) “Yeah right,” he says folding his arms across the spider on his chest, “You’re the one who always needs saving.” he grumbles and you raise your eyebrows in amusement, knowing that he was wrong. “Whatever Spidey,” you sigh, flying higher, “I don’t have time fir this.” you say, “Cold (F/F) remember?” you joke, finally turning and flying off, leaving Spidey with the damsel he would be making sure got home safe. ——————————————————————– You stood outside the doors of Midtown High, waiting out the rain as you sat by one of the pillars. You sigh, leaning your head against the pillar as you stare over the many students out in the rain, walking home as if the water didn’t even effect them. Usually you didn’t mind the rain, but right now, you just didn’t want to go home. You didn’t want to be alone because you knew what your thoughts would drift to. The accords. Apparently the government wants to be in check with all of the Superheroes, making sure that they’re safe. As much as you thought it made sense, you couldn’t help but feel as though that meant giving up your freedom. It wasn’t just the accords that were getting to you, it was Steve. Steve was now known as a fugitive according to the News. He went against the government to save someone known as “The Winter Soldier.” You recognized him from the pictures as you saw him on the news, he was Bucky Barnes. You didn’t know how but somehow he was still alive. Steve had told you about Bucky and you knew how alone he must have felt after he died. You didn’t care what the news said, Steve always did the right thing. Whatever he’s doing now has to be a good reason. Your snapped out of your thoughts by a figure sitting next to you on the concrete. You turn your head to see the dark eyed Sam wearing a navy blue baseball cap. Your eyes widen and you smile wide, “Sam,” you whisper shout at one of your closest friends. He chuckles slightly, looking you up and down, “You’ve grown.” he declares and you laugh slightly, “Well it has been months.” you say, “What are you doing here?” you ask, your smile dropping as you think of the only reason he’d be here, “Would you believe me if I said it was because I missed you?” he asked with an amused smile on his face. You rolled your (E/C) eyes, giving him a face as he laughed. “Alright, alright.” he surrendered, putting his hands up in mock defense. Your dear friend took a deep breath, looking at the sidewalk warily before his chocolate orbs connected with yours. “Steve needs your help,” he started, “I’m sure you’ve heard about the–” “accords, Yeah…” You interrupted him before trailing off. “I’ve heard. Bucky is all Steve has left. He needs him, I know that.” Sam nodded at your words, “They’re forcing us to be put in check, anyone who didn’t agree had to retire, obviously Steve didnt agree.” Sam explained as you nodded, “Did you hear about The Winter Soldier taking down that building?” he asked and you nodded, not wanting to interrupt. “It wasn’t him, But of course nobody will listen.” Sam sighed, “Tony’s after us. I could barely get here.” he explained as you set a comforting hand on your shoulder, “I know I shouldn’t have, you’re just a kid and–-“ “I’m in.” you interrupted him. Sam studies you, making sure you’re certain, “You could get hurt.” he says firmly and you smile, standing up and brushing yourself off, “Eh, couldn’t be worse than what I deal with every night.” you joke and Sam smiles, “(Y/N), you dont have to do this.” he assures as you stare at him intently, “I want to fight for the right thing Sam.” you tell him seriously before he nods. You both break out into big grins as you engulf each other in a big hug, “Missed you kid!” he says muffled between the embrace. “Missed you too Tweety bird.” you tease as he groans. —————————————————————- Part two is coming soon!! Hope you like this part! 👍

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Young Justice Batmom: Part 3

Prompt: Batmom in the young Justice universe

words: 393

AN: I love diving into this universe. This first part is a little short, but the next parts will be longer. Thanks to my wonderful Beta’s who are plowing through my stories!

Part 1, Part 2

“So, how’d the talk with Clark go?” Bruce’s scowl tells you everything you need to know, “That well huh?”

“He insists that he’s not the boy’s father.”

Your small little laugh has Bruce frowning, and you immediately move towards your husband. Going up on your toes you pull him in for a kiss. It’s long and slow, and totally inappropriate for a workplace setting. All you can think is that it’s a good thing that Bruce’s office is locked. You have about three more hours until you have to pick up Dick and head to the mountain.

“What else did he say?”

Bruce takes a seat before gently pulling you into his lap “That he needs me and Red.”

You smile “Maybe he’s right.”

Bruce raises an eyebrow at that, “You want to adopt him?”

You shake your head, “We obviously can’t do that, too many roads would lead to you being Batman. That doesn’t mean that we can’t make ourselves available, that we can’t be there for him. The kid needs somebody, and right now Clark isn’t up for the job.”

Bruce just smiles, before gently cupping your face and kissing you, “My beautiful crazy wife.”

Three and a half hours later finds you back at the mountain. You watch the training for a bit before watching Superboy wander off on his own. You follow him outside where he’s sitting on a ledge.  You sit down next to him, but you don’t say anything. You know that he’ll talk when he’s ready.

Sure enough, after about ten minutes he says, “Robin says you’re a good person to talk to.”

You smile, “I’d like to think that it comes with the whole mom territory.”

There’s another moment of silence before he says, “I feel lost. Superman wants nothing to do with me, and I have no one. When I was being fed those pictures and information by the genomes they sometimes showed me this picture of a mom, a dad and a kid, of a family. And it makes me mad that I don’t have one of those.”

The boy sitting next to you is bigger than you, but he’s just that, a boy. You lean back and take a deep breath of the ocean air, “They have this saying that blood is thicker than water,” You pause, and make sure to look him in the eye for the next part, “I hate that saying. Family comes in all different forms and shapes. In the grand scheme of things, unless you need a transfusion, I find that blood means very little. Caring about someone, loving someone, that comes from the heart, hun. You have a family, here with the team if you choose to accept it. And me, I am always here for you,” You hand him a card, “You need me, have a question, or if you just want to talk, you give me a call.”

“I …I don’t know what to say.”

You lean forward and hug him. He’s very stiff for a moment before he relaxes into it. Then, after a moment he begins to shake, and the sobs come a moment later. You just hold him closer and stroke his hair and you say, “Let it out it baby boy, let it. It’s okay to cry. Just remember that you are so very loved,” When his arms encircle you, you know he’s heard you.

You don’t let go until he does. You offer him a tissue, which he gladly takes, and then you wait for him to compose himself. He gives you a small smile before heading back inside, along with a thanks. Then you just sit there and wait.

Sure enough he comes out of the shadows a moment later, and sits on the opposite side Superboy had been on. He snuggles into your side and you wrap your arm around him. Your hand goes to his head, and you run his fingers through his hair. It’s coarser than it had been when he was eight. You suppose that comes from his time spent in the elements. You kiss his forehead before asking, “Were you jealous baby bird?”

“No, Superboy needed someone, and as Batman says, you were the best one for the job. As long as it doesn’t become a regular thing, we’re okay.”

You let out a little laugh “Dick!”

“It’s Robin, Batmom, Robin!”

The smile doesn’t leave your face as you kiss his head, “Baby Bird, you have a bad case of only child syndrome.”

“I do not!” You look at him for a moment and watch as he visibly deflates, “I’ve already lost one mom; I don’t want to lose another.”

You squeeze him tight in response, “You’re not going to lose me, Robin. You might have to share me a bit, but you’ll never lose me.”

“Share you?”

You look him in the eye as best you can, and curse the fabric hiding both your eyes and his, “A lot of your teammates don’t have a mom, Robin, and in some instances they’re going to need one. My job here is to be not only your support system but theirs as well. That being said, you automatically get more time with me.”

He perks up a bit at that, “So I’m your favorite?”

You give him one more squeeze before standing up and walking back into the cave. You pause at the entrance to grin at your son, and teasingly say, “Mother’s don’t have favorites, Batmom, especially doesn’t.”

He just grins and races after you, grabbing your arm and chatting your ear off the entire way back to the main cavern, as he tries to convince you that he’s the best one.


this is solely based on a post by @klanced and @pikotan thanks for letting me write this

[read it on ao3]

The door slides open when he taps the panel, and Lance takes in the slumped form on the bed, trembling and covered in sweat.

“Hey, uh…” Lance says, rubbing the back of his neck and leaning against the doorframe. “I heard you shout, from my room - are you, ah…okay?”

It’s hard to get out, just because he can feel Keith’s snappy reply coming. It would be laughable if Keith didn’t look like he’d just seen a ghost. His breath is coming out in puffy gasps, and Lance can see where his fingernails are digging into his wrist. Keith glances up at him, eyes wide, blinks a couple times, and says, “I-I’m - fine, I’m fine.”

“Bullshit,” Lance replies cheerfully, stepping into the room. The door closes behind him as Keith snorts softly, tucks a strand of his hair behind his ear, and scoots back to lean against the headboard. “You wanna talk about it?”

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never dead

for this prompt from anonymous; ao3

Zoro has never seen the cook like this.

And he has seen a lot of the cook, even when he loathes to admit it — Sanji was a fascination, and then he became an important nakama, and before he knew it Zoro could no longer take his eyes off of the other man, can’t help goading him, demanding Sanji’s attention. It’s an old song and dance for them, one they both know the steps to by heart, except now the song changes and the tune is unfamiliar to Zoro.

It is all just because of a ship.

A peculiar-looking ship, granted — the shape of it reminds Zoro of a large den-den mushi — but in the grand scheme of things, it is neither the largest nor the weirdest ship Zoro has ever seen. He can probably slice it in half in five or six swings, and he’s sure Sanji could do the same with a couple of well-placed kicks. And yet —

Zoro chances another glance at Sanji through the galley window.

Leaning against the kitchen sink, Sanji looks visibly shaken. There are shadows in his eyes that Zoro doesn’t think he’s ever seen before, and he is hugging himself, like someone has told him repeatedly that he’s taking too much space for existing and there’s nothing he can do but curl into himself until he disappears. Right outside the galley Usopp accidentally drops his kabuto, and Sanji jolts in response, the shock rippling through his body, hands trembling.

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Sweet Talker

For @svu-stories! Because we all need some Rafael at the end of a long day…

“What’s all this?”

Jingles jumped up first as you struggled in the doorway with a tray of fried chicken. Any love that might have been meant for you disappeared as she stretched up and pawed the tin foil. Your arms ached, your legs felt worse as you pushed the tray towards your husband and stumbled back to the hallway for two white paper bags.

“You could have called from the street,” he said. “I would have helped.”

“Like I was in any position to grab my phone.”

“What about the cabbie?” he asked as he tried to give you a quick kiss.

“That would mean a bigger tip and as it is we’re about to be down an entire income!”

It came out sharper than you intended and you lazily patted his arm as you kicked off your shoes and sank to the couch.

“Do I not want to know?” he asked.

“Just leave me here for five minutes to die.”

“Okay. But if you’re still breathing in five minutes and one second, we are going to have a proper conversation.”

For now, he left you in silence, rummaging through your cursed cargo as Jingles kept circling his feet.

“Sort of makes me wish I hadn’t already eaten,” he mumbled.

“It’s not time yet!” you cried out with one hand over your eyes.

“I was addressing the cat,” he shot back. “And it’s a compliment to the chef.”

“I wouldn’t know what that sounds like.”

Peering through your fingers, you saw his eyebrows stretch towards his hairline as he plopped a lime-flavored potato croquette into his mouth.

“You could eat at a time like this,” you said.

“Far be it from me to turn down a free meal.”

“Perish the thought.”

“Are you going to keep me in suspense or what?” Rafael asked.

“Ninety more seconds.”

“Fair enough.” Rafael pet Jingles as you stared up at the ceiling, sighing heavily as the day you’d rather forget flashed before your eyes in unwanted waves.

“Time’s up,” he said. Looking at him again, you noticed a chicken leg conquered and a piece of sweet corn pudding half gone.

“Were you a competitive eater in another life?” you quipped.

“Well from the sounds of it I am going to need a second job.” He laughed lightly as he sat by your side, bringing your feet to his lap as he massaged them tenderly and waited for you to share the rest of the story.

“We had to audition today.”

“Are you turning actress on me? I can see that. A touch of Bette Davis in her Warner Brothers days.”

“Someone’s been watching TCM when he should be going over his legal briefs.”

“I can multi-task, mi amor,” he said as he kissed your toes. “And you can do anything that you put your mind to.”

“Hardly.” His hands moved up your legs until for your fingers were in his grasp. You liked the look of it, but the image started to blur as your eyes hazed over.

“The client wanted a tasting.”

“You can do that with both hands tied behind your back.”

“Tell that to a certain Wall Street banker… or should I say his fiancée by way of Georgia.

“You less than perfection?” he asked as he nuzzled your neck.

“She criticized every dish we put in front of her.”

His face turned somber as he caressed your ankles, hitching up your black pleated skirt to peck your knees.

“I should call Rollins to see if she has outstanding parking tickets or something,” he teased. His free hand found its way to your hair, stroking the strands that had been your French braid many minutes and blocks ago.

“It wouldn’t matter.”

“What made tonight different?”

“Tonight, there were five other caterers waiting and watching in the mix,” you said. “I felt like was on a fucking reality show.”

“Now if someone has ruined your love for MasterChef forget whatever Rollins might dig up. We’re pressing charges right here in Manhattan.”

He started to rub your back when you hung your head, tears spilling down your cheeks.

“It was horrible,” you sobbed. “Some of them were people that I trained under. Or took passes on. And to have to stand there while that bleached blonde bimbo put me down…”

“No accounting for taste,” he soothed. “But it’s not the end of the world. So you didn’t land one little job.”

“Um… did I mention that I turned my pineapple upside-down cake right side up? In the Southern Belle’s lap?”

“Oh,” he said as he released your hand.

“I know, I know. It was a dumb thing to do. But I was just so angry and…”

“So in between my new career as a competitive eater, I’m going to have to rescue you from an assault conviction.”

“I hope it won’t come to that,” you said as you slipped back to the cushions. “What is current the precedent for attacks by pastry?”

“I don’t know.”

“A legal fact not on the tip of your tongue, darling?”

“I’ll do some research,” he assured you. “Worse comes to worse I bet I can plea you out for a batch of brownies at no charge.”

“You’re not listening. My food is a bust.”

“A little melodramatic, no?” Rafael brushed a lock of hair behind your ears, his lips nearly on yours as you shrugged way from him. Your speech came slowly as your stared at your hands that used to be able to do no wrong, that you had counted on from the instant you learned to boil water and prepare the perfect plate of pasta.

“What if I’ve plateaued?” you finally asked. “What if I’m never going to do anything amazing ever again?”

“Come on now.”

“It might be true. And it’s coming at the worst time. Now that we… that we want to start a…”

You swallowed the word family back and felt your legs trembling.

“Who would give a baby to a screw up like me?”

He turned you to face him, his stare hardening as he fondled your arms.

“One Georgia Peach who should probably stick with the drive thru does not mean that you should throw in the towel.”

“That was mean,” you giggled.

“And bleached blonde bimbo was charitable?” he challenged.

“Point taken.”

“And you forget,” he continued. “You’re going to be the most amazing mother the world has ever known. So no more talk about being past your prime or whatever this is. Mi amor, you are about set the gold standard for the second time.”

“When was the first?” you asked.

“When you made a short lawyer with a big mouth the luckiest man in the world.”

He folded you into his arms. Any and all lingering tension melted away in his embrace, and you took a deep breath as you looked into his eyes.

“Better?” he asked.

“That big mouth of yours… when I need it most….”

“I can keep it up all night,” he said with a wink.

“Such a sweet talker. But I think there’s a much better use for said mouth.”

He smiled knowingly as he lifted you into his arms. You squealed as he started to carry you towards the bedroom when a rustle from the counter claimed your attention.

“Oh no!”

Jingles was there, picking at the fried chicken. You disentangled yourself from Rafael’s hold to put the kibosh on her unexpected feast.

“It’ll make you sick, sweetheart,” you gently scolded. The anguish was writ large on her feline face as she sulked back to her tiny pink bowl, her dinner gone as she batted the ceramic before flopping on the floor.

“Sometimes she’s so fresh,” you muttered as you started to load the refrigerator, only to look back to see Rafael polishing off the corn pudding and feeding Jingles by hand.

“Seriously?” you asked with your hands on your hips.

“What? If it makes her happy. And I think I need to work up an appetite for… what you have in mind.”

You sighed as you kissed his beautiful mouth, his taste sweet and sure as you winded your arm in his.

“Guess I’m going to have to be the disciplinarian in the family,” you teased, the word coming out easier as he hugged you close.

“Want to start practicing with me?”

“Not another audition,” you moaned.

“Please. You already have the part. Your hands alone are worthy of awards.”

“Either you’re psychic or I’m in love,” you said.

“Let it be the latter,” he whispered.

“You’ll soon find out.”

You led him to the sheets, adoring the idea of everything you would do to him… how marvelous he had already… how he always made you feel…

““I love the way you never give up, mi amor.” 

…and the way he always said the right thing.