and save some lives

Alfred Nobel (1833 – 1896) was one of the first club members and the desk on which he actually wrote his testament in 1895 has been saved. (Born in Stockholm, he lived in Paris for some 20 years, died in San Remo.) The desk can thus still be seen with a facsimile of the hand-written document. As you may know, the Nobel Prizes are attributed by different Swedish academies and institutions, with the exception of the Peace Prize, which is attributed by a committee of members of the Norwegian parliament. This is explained by the fact that Sweden and Norway formed a Union when Nobel wrote his testament.

if you’re an adult that works with kids of any age do me two quick favors:

  • learn the symptoms of adhd and autism and their presentation in all genders. you dont have to be an expert, just know a bit about it beyond popular knowledge.
  • learn to recognize signs a kid is being abused in any way. beyond bruises and black eyes. learn to recognize the fearful apologies and hesitation. do some research.

do me these two favors and save tens of lives.

that’s no exageration either. after teaching my mom basics about mental disorders, she started spotting neurodivergent kids in her classrooms and helped them get help. almost every child she’s helped has been diagnosed with the disorder she predicted and none of them would have been diagnosed at a young age without her help. knowing this stuff matters.

learn. save lives. don’t make kids grow up in fear of their symptoms and family.

MBC Gayo Daejun outside stages that were not aired. 

Seventeen – Mansae
Red Velvet – Dumb Dumb
VIXX – Desperate 
BTS – Save Me

I wanted to make this post for fans of all four groups who may not know that these fancams exist and who would enjoy seeing them. These stages not being aired does not mean one or any of the groups were “played dirty” as I keep seeing people say. They were literally not scheduled to be aired and were part of the show for those who were in attendance at the live event. 

No one has idea how much it hurts in my chest to see the Earth being destroyed little by little. I just wanted to have power enough to make some difference and save all the beautiful lives in the forest, in the sea and everything else.


I am so embarrassed. This disgusts me. The “clique” attacking others and fighting with people in The Chainsmokers comment section after they told a clique member to “fuck off” for creating a meme about them saying “what was that?” After Tyler and Josh’s AMA performance. I don’t want to be know to be part of this “extra” group. I am so upset that this is what the “clique” has come to and how other people see it. Call me extra all you want but to some people this music is extremely important and saved lives. Let me get this clear though. YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE CLIQUE IF YOU DISCRIMINATE AGAINST SOMEONES MENTAL ILLNESS OR ISSUES. I saw people in the comments with tøp inspired usernames telling people to kill themselves for being extra. I wanted to cry. I am embarrassed and all those clique members should be ashamed of themselves to say that they even have the privilege to listen to this music that saved thousands of peoples lives. |-/

My goal was to found a program for magical Black girls that taught them from an African-centered lens and Black Feminist and Womanist framework to be body positive, sex positive, LGBTQ affirming and trauma-informed.

I came to my sister friend Gabrielle Clark & Briana Monique (love y'all) late Feb./ early March and said please join BLM Philly because I have a program idea and it will change and save some lives. They both said yes, took the lead on the program and if all goes well we will have this program in other cities. It’s called #FromOurMothersGarden . It’s inspired by Black Feminist, Ntozake Shange, and her book entitled “Sassafrass, Cypress & Indigo” and also Womanist, Alice Walker (In Search of Our Mother’s Garden).

My heart is full. I love you Gab. You kept me informed every step of the way. You are a force, and the leader that Black women and girls need to see.