and sassy dialogue

Animated movies that don't get enough love
  • Megamind: Strong female character, funny jokes, anti-bullying, great animation with touching scenes, and strong moral messages
  • Wreck it Ralph: Again strong female characters, plus overcoming mental hardships, proving that being different is okay, amazing moral messages, beautiful animation and a hella rad plot
  • Brave: Strong female characters, different views, wonderful animation, proved that you don't need a man to save you, cutting your own destiny, awesome characters, magic broken by actual love, and strong mother-daughter relationship
  • Peabody and Sherman: Is packed with witty dialogue, good morals about unconventional families, fatherhood, and childhood struggle, it respects the intelligence of its younger audience, does actually manage to teach some history to its watchers, and has well animated characters (plus mr. peabody is a boss ass bitch)
  • Atlantis: whats this i smell? Its...its more STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, roots for the underdog, over coming physical and mental hardships, shows religious differences, beautiful animation, witty character dialogue, sassy one-liner dialogue and humor, and a detailed plot and story line
  • How to train your dragon 2: Beautiful animation, MORE STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS, plus characters who aren't physically strong being portrayed as strong, showed that war isn't always the answer, major feels trip, shows friendship and compassion, mother-son relationship rekindled, DRAGONS, ADORABLE PRECIOUS DRAGONS, CANT BELIEVE THIS MOVIE GOT OVERSHADOWED BY FROZEN
If Ravus Was A Party Member... (Banter II)

Because a dear anon gave me all the more reason to finally act on my urge to write more banter. c:

Prompto: “Food time! Let’s go get some grub!”
Ravus: “Will there be cake where we are going? I have a strong craving for cake.”
Ignis: *scoffs* “Is my cake not good enough for you, Ravus?”
Ravus: “It is, Scientia. But desperate times call for desperate measures.


Gladiolus: “Another battle fought, another battle won.”
Ravus: “Only victors may utter such words, Amicitia.”
Gladiolus: “…Did you just call me a loser?”


Ravus: “Argentum.”
Prompto: “Y-Yes, sir?”
Ravus: “…Excellent work last fight. You have been improving.”
Prompto: *gasps* “You hear that guys? Rae just complimented me!”
Noctis: “Making progress there~”


Gladiolus: “Need a hand, Ravus?”
Ravus: “That better have not been a snide joke, Amicitia.”


Noctis: “So you and Ardyn used to work together or something? What was that even like?”
Ravus: “Imagine if Scientia harassed you every five minutes for you to eat your vegetables. That is what it was like to work with Chancellor Izunia.”
Noctis: “…God, that sounds awful.”


Prompto: “Man… I wonder what Cindy’s doing right now.”
Ravus: “Not thinking of you, I’m sure.”
Prompto: “You don’t know that, Ravus. You’re not a psychic.”
Noctis: “I doubt you need to be a psychic to know that, Prompto…”


Noctis: “Man… Getting sleepy…”
Ravus: “Ironic, considering you hail from a city named Insomnia.”
Noctis: “You’re not even a little bit tired, Ravus?”
Ravus: “No. Sleep is for the weak.”


Ignis: “Ravus, was that you humming Prompto’s chocobo song earlier?”
Ravus: “I do not know what you are uttering about, Scientia. I would never do such a thing.”
Noctis: “What’s that song anyways? ‘I want to ride my chocobo through the hay?’”
Ravus: “’All day,’ you uncultured heathen. ‘I want to ride my chocobo all day.’”
Ignis: *chuckles* “You are quite the terrible liar, Ravus.”


Prompto: “You know, Rae, you’re really photogenic. You ever consider modeling?”
Ravus: “Is Caelum not your typical model, Argentum? I would not wish to steal the Prince’s spotlight of attention.”
Noctis: “No, please do. I’m not complaining if you do.”
Ravus: “Then that would merely be giving you what you wish, Caelum. Good luck in your modeling endeavors for the next eternity.”
Noctis: “Ravus, please…”


Gladiolus: “How’d a beanpole like you get so good with a sword anyways?”
Ravus: “By throwing people like you into cars.”
Ignis: “Well, he certainly isn’t wrong about that.”
Gladiolus: “You won’t ever stop bringing that up, will you?”
Ravus: “Never.”



I mean, where do I even begin?

  1. Loki’s constant irritation about everything is fucking mood tbh
  3. the jokes
  4. Badass (WOC) female characters who aren’t there to be love interests for the males
  5. brotherly love ♥️
  6. (read: “I’d hug you if you were here”)
  7. Badass villain
  8. I mean, goddess of death, it doesn’t get better than that
  9. Highly dangerous and yet highly adorable murder doggo
  10. Bruce finally having his voice heard hallelujah
  11. Bruce has seven PhDs wow you fucking nerd
  13. Tangible character development
  14. acting
  15. And, lastly (I could go on for hours about this but these were the best bits) the dialogue
  • “I love you, my sons”
  • *cue genuine surprise*
  • “it starts with a b”. “trASH”
  • Literally anything precious korg said
  • “Surpriiiise”
  • Anything Hela said (with that air of “fuck u I’m the boss)
  • Sassy dialogue ™, brought to you by Valkyrie

Other tiny appreciable things:

  1. Thor’s actual realistic scream instead of that weird ass man-growl all Guys™ are expected to do
  2. Again, murder doggo
  3. Friendship™
  4. The "revengers”
  5. Skurge’s turn around (eh, maybe a little predictable but great nonetheless)
  6. Multi dimensional female character(s?) (I can not stop talking about this)
  7. Korg my precious son
  8. That fucking snake story
  9. Thor fangirling about the Valkyrie
  10. Tony’s respect for Bruce + Hulk
  11. “sun’s getting real low” **

Tl;Dr movie was fucking amazing, lived up to all the hype, and still managed to further the plot line while not becoming exceedingly gritty and serious (quite the opposite actually). The movie Thor actually deserved.

**Thank you @splitseam for the valuable addition :)

Snarky Shapeshifter/Teleporter Prompts

Anonymous asked: “Can I ask if you’d do prompts for a sarcastic shapeshifting teleporter? (It’s sounds really odd, but I think you’ve been asked weirder) she gets underestimated by other super humans a lot, and isn’t taken seriously.”

1. “Your powers aren’t for battle. They’re for running away, and for blending in. They’re for a coward, little girl, and you should learn to accept that now.”

“I can appear from nowhere, destroying my enemies before they even know there’s a war, so tell me: Do you really want to argue with me?”

2. “What’s the matter? Can’t keep up with me? I thought you had superspeed.”

3.”What even is your power? Money?”

“You should show me more respect, actually. I decide whether or not you’re accepted into our League of Justice.”

“Why couldn’t you just call it the-”

“Don’t say it.”

4. “Could you man the phones while we take this one?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, sorry, ‘woman’ the phones?”

“I’m a superhero, not a secretary. You want someone answering the phone, hire someone who wants that sort of job.”

5. “No offense, but I just don’t think you can handle this mission.”

“No offense, but I don’t think you can handle the fact that I’m better than you.”

6. “You’re officially banned from using your powers. Defiance of this ban will be considered treason.”

“Treason? I saved the world! Weren’t you paying attention?”

“You got lucky. If I hadn’t shown up when I did-”

“Yeah, your little glorified boomerang to that last guy’s head definitely turned the tides of the fight.”

7. “I’m sick of this. Now I get why people become supervillains.” 

~I hope these help! And you’re right, definitely not the weirdest request I’ve ever gotten!~


i need to make some infographics and powerpoints about paperinik and scrooge’s weird frenemy thing they have going on
(at least in the comics i’ve read :’D)

(i’m still searching for that one comic where Paperinik has to play bodyguard for Scrooge during a treasure hunt through India - so much sassy dialogue from both of them)

(paperinik is donald duck’s superhero alter ego who sometimes abuses his powers to steal from/play pranks on Scrooge, he’s called The Duck Avenger in English most of the time :D)

Jughead’s Dream: Riverdale 1x07

Okay a lot of people are confused about what the opening dream sequence is about that I thought I might offer my analysis.

It’s not just about surface reasons like being involved with Betty or linking in to his homelessness and a dream of a warm, safe place.

It’s about Jughead usurping Archie’s place in the narrative.

Jughead is presented as someone keenly aware of his place in the story as the self-designated narrator.  He considers himself to be completely detached from the storylines of the “main” characters. At first.

Archie is supposed to be the center of the narrative. I mean that in terms of the audiences expectations, knowing that this takes place in a version of the Archie universe. However, the show is called Riverdale, not Archie, and the central narrative is Jason Blossom’s murder.

Archie is only involved as the central character while his affair with Grundy could possibly be linked to the events of July 4th, and he and Grundy are under directly under suspicion by multiple characters. Once Grundy exits the story, Archie’s conflicts hold no real weight over the events of the central narrative.

Meanwhile, Betty and Jughead become increasingly involved in their investigation of the murder, even before Grundy leaves. They become the central characters who drive the story forward with each new revelation. Which makes a lot of sense, as they have their reasons for seeing the narrative resolved.

So when we see Jughead as the centerpiece of the dreamy dinner scene, in a callback to the style of the comics, he’s sitting where Archie should be.

Someone we thought was going to be (and has proven to be) a popular supporting character that would spout off sassy dialogue but would always take a back seat, turns out to be front and center not just for the episode, but the larger story at work.

Of course, both Jughead and the writers are aware that this comes at Archie’s expense. Which is why when Jughead sees his father during the dream, he hesitates, and Archie appears. FP’s appearance is a reminder to Jughead that his place at the table is stolen, or at the very least temporary.

His reality (at least in Jughead’s mind) is cold and lonely and depressive.

Ultimately, the dream is the culmination of Jughead’s time in the central narrative with Betty, his fear that it will end soon, and the anxiety that he has taken Archie’s place.

Dialogue I : Speaking of Love (Scriddler)

I love you.

Do you?


I don’t believe you.


You’re not capable.

Of what?


What makes you think that?

Look at you. Look at me. We’re not… we’re not.

But I am. And so are you.

You can’t say it like I’m your mirror.  I’m not.

You might be someday.

I have no mask to match yours.

You don’t need one. You have a face.

Am I that ugly?

Am I ugly to you?

No… no that’s not what I meant.

What did you mean then?

It’s just that I’m not like you. Not that being you would be bad.

There is nothing wrong with being you either.

I haven’t said it’s wrong. I like myself…


No buts.

There’s always a but with you.

It would be illogical to call being yourself ‘wrong’. This would imply the ‘right’ way to act is to be different from whoever you think you are.

Still you’re scared to show your true self. Hiding behind those clothes and that cane.

I’m not scared. I’m careful.

You don’t have to be careful around me.

Good joke. What about Scarecrow?

We both know this is not about Scarecrow here. I don’t take toxin to our bed.

What is it about then?





Why are you careful?

Listen, I’m kinda complicated as you might suspect. Actually I’m an eternally changing riddle, a puzzle. And I get more complicated the more one gets to know me.
 The parts you find today won’t fit tomorrow.


People are not fond of complications like that. They like easy things. Little games to lighten the mood.

I’m not ‘people’.

That’s what people say.

Oh Edward.

See? I annoy you. Complicate you. It has begun. And it will make you leave someday. That’s just how it goes. And that’s why I don’t believe in love. It never stays.

You annoy me since the first time I laid eyes on you but it never made me choose to leave. I’m a grown man. You’re no game to me.

Everything is a game if you treat it as such.

Then love is a game as well?

It’s the most unfair game humans ever encountered. No winners, only losers. Still, they try.
 And age is of no matter to them.

So you were in love before?

I… not in particular.

You never let someone get that close then.


Because you feared they could find out about your complications.


Because you feared rejection. Feared to be abandoned.


You fear it right now.


Yes, Edward?

Stop psychoanalyzing me! I know what you’re up to. Does it pleasure you to mock me like that?
 Ah hell, of course it does.

I never had the intention to mock you.

But you do.

We seem to have different definitions of mocking.

Fine, then you’re violating my definition.

Edward, look at me.

Stop asking me questions.

Does it bother you so? Forgive my curiosity.

You know damn well it’s more than sheer curiosity driving you.

Perhaps it’s love.

If that’s love then why do I feel like you try to tear my heart from my chest?

Some might say this is what love’s all about.

Quite the poet, but it’s not.

How would you know? Didn’t you say we weren’t capable of love in the first place?

I said YOU were not capable.

You said 'we’ were not. My memory doesn’t fool me.

Maybe your love does.

I don’t think so.

And why is that?

You don’t look foolish to me.

Why? Why me? Sometimes I just – are you smiling?
 Why are you smiling!?

Now you are the one asking questions.

As if I’d need your permission!

Usually you’re a man of answers. That’s what makes it funny.

And usually you’re not that talkative.

A bad habit I’ve copied from you, my dear.

Always my fault then.

Not always. But you’re prone to influence my way of thinking and acting more than I could calculate.

You calculated the influence I could have?

Didn’t you as well?

…Can we sleep now? I’m tired. I feel my brain shrinking while this needless conversation.

Of course. Shall I rest on the couch tonight?

If you dare to get off this bed I will cut your legs off and play hopscotch with them.

Charming. But you’re softer than the couch anyway.

Excuse me did you just intend I’m getting chubby!?

I wouldn’t dare. And even if - just means more of you for me.



You’re an idiot. Intelligent, but an idiot. An intelligent idiot. A paradox.

I’m aware of that. That’s why I’m here.

I… might feel the same too.

What? Love?

Constipation. OF COURSE love. Or at least something akin to it.

For me?

No, for Batman you asshole.

Oh. Why this sudden change of mind?

I… ah fuck me.

But I already did that yesterday.


We can repeat yesterday though.

Get off me you prick – AH!

*falls off the bed*

There he goes. Such beauty. Such grace. I’ll mourn you later.

Shut up and help me!

I can’t get off the bed after your horrendous threat. I really do like my legs you know.


“Character A, you’re hurt!”

“Hm? No, it’s fine. It’s nothing,” replies character A, but one hand is pressed awkwardly against their side. Their friend gives them a skeptical look.

“Show me. Move your hand.”

“It’s fine.” Character A grits their teeth.

“You can’t fool me. It is not fine. Take your hand away,” their friend insists.

Reluctanty, character A moves their shaking hand away, revealing a bloody wound beneath.

“Shit,” murmurs their friend and quickly presses the character's hand back against the injury.

“Oh, I thought you wanted me to take my hand away,” says character A snarkily.

anonymous asked:

What is your feel on Akira's character, him being a silent protagonist and all?

If you don’t mind me combining my own personal interpretations as well, and excuse the fact that I’ve only just beat the second boss, then here are my thoughts. I will gladly change my interpretation if I find new facts/observations.

TL;DR: Akira grew up with parents who didn’t necessarily physically abused him, but deprived him of love and what proper parents should be, and most likely emotionally abused him. Thus, he goes out of his way to be a good person who genuinely cares about people and wants to prevent more people turning out like his parents or that of the shitty society that forced him into his current situation.

From his upbringing, he’s probably wanted to rebel against his parents all this time but didn’t get a chance to do it safely/freely until he becomes a Persona user. He’s a decent guy who actually gets shit done when he sets out to do it. He’s a scheming, courageous, bold guy no matter what situation he’s in. Akira’s also kind and charismatic enough to know how to handle people and would be an excellent boyfriend.

Also he’s bi AF, fight me ATLUS.

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