and sassy dialogue

“Character A, you’re hurt!”

“Hm? No, it’s fine. It’s nothing,” replies character A, but one hand is pressed awkwardly against their side. Their friend gives them a skeptical look.

“Show me. Move your hand.”

“It’s fine.” Character A grits their teeth.

“You can’t fool me. It is not fine. Take your hand away,” their friend insists.

Reluctanty, character A moves their shaking hand away, revealing a bloody wound beneath.

“Shit,” murmurs their friend and quickly presses the character's hand back against the injury.

“Oh, I thought you wanted me to take my hand away,” says character A snarkily.

Title: i got all i need when i got you and i
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition
Author: bisexualcullenrutherfords/rebelkbex (AO3)
Characters/Ships: Cullrian (Cullen Rutherford/Dorian Pavus); Cullen Rutherford, Dorian Pavus
Summary: “There is something I need to get off my chest.”
Notes: I found the post for the Cullrian Dialogue Prompt Challenge by @fightmeyoongs, so after reading Gentle Beast Both by @stonelions, I just wanting some stupidly fluffy, ok? And this is sort of hard mode, cause I worked in another sentence from the dialogue prompt. Go me. Also tagging @akielosrises, because I wouldn’t even be writing Cullrian fic if it wasn’t for you.

(Read it here or on AO3)


“There is something I need to get off my chest.”

Dorian stops where he is standing, faced away from Cullen, heading towards the door that leads from Cullen’s office to that space that Solas calls a room, and silently curses. He’d been waiting for the other shoe to drop for weeks now, ever since Cullen had kissed him breathless over their chess board in the garden; and now, on a perfectly decent day, that started with the pair of them curled up together in Cullen’s surprisingly cozy bed, it seemed like that shoe was finally dropping.

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i love how link has zero tact lmao

like random person: “hey you look like the swordsman that fought ganon 100 years ago! but he’s probably dead by now lmao”

link: “lmao yeah actually that’s cause i am that swordsman!!!!”

random person: “what the fuck”

HEY YOU. Yes you.

You should be watching Wynonna Earp.

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It’s my favorite show currently on tv. It has everything, a demon killing gun, sassy dialogue, an amazing sibling relationship (also her sister is bi),

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Then there’s Agent Dolls, badass government demon hunter. 

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Then there’s Doc Holiday, and it’s a mystery where his loyalties lie. But he sure has a fancy mustache. 

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Then we have a cop whose actual name is HAUGHT. Nicole Haught. OFFICER HOT. She appears to be Waverly’s love interest.(the ship name is WayHot how can you resist that)

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There’s also a ton of demons, including a dude who has a VERY strange beard. WHAT IS UP WITH IT? 

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So that’s a good rundown of the characters, but you need to know something about the actors: They are super twitter active/interactive. Livetweeting this show is so fun because the cast is there to play with you.

And Emily Andras, the woman who brought us Lost Girl, is behind this one too. (she also left before Lost Girl went down the tubes, so this show shouldn’t have any Lost Girl season 4/5esque weirdness)

The show isn’t doing too well in ratings which sucks because it’s SO DAMN FUN.