and sarah is so tiny!

Honestly, I didn’t want to continue this challenge, because literally no one but me needs that, but Amy Acker, a known fangirl, endlessly talking about Root and Shaw/Sarah on SHCC, inspired me to draw Tiny and Cocoa puffs again. 

So, day 2 and sharing a milkshake. Actual 5 year old Sameen Shaw doesn’t share her food nor milkshakes, but Root doesn’t seem to follow her rules.


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40. Thalia to a school friend, when she loses Jason

“I’m running away.” Thalia told her friend, Sara. 

“What? You can’t just leave.”

“I need to leave. I can’t be at home anymore. Not after losing Jason.” Thalia thought she was going to start crying. 

“But you’ll be leaving your life. You’ll be leaving…me.” Sara thought she was going to start crying.

“I know. But I promise to write and call when I can.” She promised. “I won’t forget my best friend.”

Sarah smiled a tiny bit and hugged Thalia. “I’ll miss you so much.”

“I’ll miss you too.”

Here’s a tiny doodle I did of all of the Leda clones! But it was before we knew about Krystal so it’s outdated obvs…


You’re not the only one the government has betrayed and that’s why I want your help. Our nation is assassinating people with drones, holding them without due process and, yes, spying on its own people without cause or limits and in direct violation of our constitution. But we have a plan to stop it. If you join us, you will not only have your revenge, but you will help write a new chapter in American history.

guess who just reached 6K FOLLOWERS YO WHAT???

I don’t know what to say aside from…why the fuck are you following this blog?? LOL jk jk but I’m honestly gobsmacked. Thank you all so much for following this blog of mine, it’s been a crazy ride full of mikayuu, and gay and mikayuu and smut and….mikayuu, yes :D  I didn’t even know how to use tumblr a year ago when I made this but look at me now……..still a newb lmao 

Anyways! I just want to thank all of you again and especially some friends of mine who you should totally check out if you haven’t already ;) They’re all amazing people and without whom, I wouldn’t be here still writing fics for my lovely, beautiful babies ^w^ 

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(I might do some giveaway fic for this….??? I don’t know yet because I’m very busy with real life shit for now so we’ll see hehe )