and sarah is so tiny!


1x05 | 3x10

Honestly, I didn’t want to continue this challenge, because literally no one but me needs that, but Amy Acker, a known fangirl, endlessly talking about Root and Shaw/Sarah on SHCC, inspired me to draw Tiny and Cocoa puffs again. 

So, day 2 and sharing a milkshake. Actual 5 year old Sameen Shaw doesn’t share her food nor milkshakes, but Root doesn’t seem to follow her rules.

so anyway i’m a terrible human being and an absolute failure and also my heart keeps palpitating and i’m too deep in my own brain, how are you?

thenightscircus  asked:

tuck everlasting ? for the musical asks thing

ugh my Brand i would die for this show

Favourite Character: miles tuck my sad sad son

Least Favourite Character: man in the yellow suit. not that he’s a bad character i just love everyone else

Favourite OBC Cast Member: sarah charles lewis. she’s so tiny and talented and led a new broadway show at the age of eleven (11)

Favourite Current Cast Member (If Applicable): not applicable bc it was closed and im forever bitter

Favourite Song: time! time! time! time! time!

Least Favourite Song: join the parade?? i guess

Favourite Act (If Applicable): hmm probs act 2 bc nothing can beat the story of winnie foster ballet

Favourite Ship: angus/mae

Least Favourite Ship: jessie/winnie,, cmon guys

If There is Something I Would Change about The Musical: FOR IT TO STILL BE OPEN

Ratings: it’s perfect/10

Leda Clones [x]


You’re not the only one the government has betrayed and that’s why I want your help. Our nation is assassinating people with drones, holding them without due process and, yes, spying on its own people without cause or limits and in direct violation of our constitution. But we have a plan to stop it. If you join us, you will not only have your revenge, but you will help write a new chapter in American history.

Here’s a tiny doodle I did of all of the Leda clones! But it was before we knew about Krystal so it’s outdated obvs…