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In the new episode where Love Sentence sang "Just Friends" the lyrics where so foreshadowing. The thing that made me cry is this one: "YOU ACTED SO SLOW AND YOU RAN OUT OF TIME" "NOW WE'LL BE JUST FRIENDS" and they also sang too little too late HOLY **** DO YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING HOLY S*** WE'RE GONNA DIE FFFFFFFF DBAKSNAABSJAJQAAAAAAAAAAAA

I hate foreshadowing and over-exposition through songs. It hurts.


Baekhyun lullabying Aeris to sleep - {{audio}}

Little Star lyrics: (the part Baekhyun sang)

Close your eyes and listen carefully to my story

Before my story ends, you will dream

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i first met you, you are so blinding

When i first saw your smile, it felt like i had the world

Little Star~ Tonight~ I will watch over you all night

When i see you fast asleep in my arms, i can’t take my eyes off you for a second

You’re so pretty, i feel like my breath will stop, how can i fall asleep

My love, my everything, my angel from heaven

we learned how to hide it, how to chomp back the bit of girls, braid the secret deep in our hair and leave it. we doodled two girls kissing and gave one short hair. made stick figures with only one in a dress. we tried not to stare too long at the tv when she was pretty because we sensed innately something was wrong with us. we watched the scene where she’s laughing maybe sixteen times before we felt creepy. we sang the lyrics loudly and in public changed the pronouns. in private we wrote our own songs that were tuneless and featured only her name ached out in music. we danced around the subject, we said, “ew that’s gay,” we identified as ally sometimes but wrinkled our nose if everyone else did in the room. and we were lonely. and terrified. like lying to a jury. like if we messed up for a moment we would be sentenced to the guillotine. on private blogs we wrote poems about the cloud girls we wished we could kiss, we google-searched “how to know if i’m a lesbian”, we made fake yahoo accounts to ask why looking at her made our stomach sick. in public it was different, the art of “no i don’t have a boyfriend,” or even worse, the art of pretending to find boys remotely interesting. the savage lies that curled into us until even we no longer knew what was fact and what was fiction. and that bitter anger we saw in others - always at ourselves, and our failures.


Comic dub of an Overwatch fancomic written by @dogtit​, all comicked up by @badpearl​, with instrumental version of Adele’s “Hello” provided by aatkaw, and featuring the voices of @totalspiffage as Widowmaker and Tracer (who also refined the lyrics and sang “Bonjour” in-character!), @hnilmik, Tiana Camacho and myself! Thass a whole lot of production people! This dub has quite possibly the largest number of people involved who weren’t just doing the voice acting!

On top of that: holy heck was this dub a doozy to do! This has some of the most complex visual transitions and layers of transitions Of any comic dub I’ve ever done. My brain hurt keeping track of how to implement some of the stuff I wanted to make work, but: work it did! I hope, anyway. Also, I don’t think I should ever do anything which requires mixing to the timing of a song ever again because that’s one heck of a powerful hell to walk backwards into.

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What would happen if you sang the full version of Rebecca Sugar’s “We are the Crystal Gems” into a voice to text program… and then sang the translated lyrics?


Featuring @chongoblog

Kim Seokjin

The oldest hyung
The one who takes care of the others
The one who always has their back

The selfless, the ever hardworking.

The man who created Eatjin
The man who perfected the flying kiss

The ever clumsy
The ever dorky
The awkward hyung

The one who works hard day and night, to help with music along with the rest of the members. The one who worked Day and night and is proudly able to show to the world that he holds two Daesangs with his group.

The one who wrote the only song that’s been able to make me cry, because every single lyric that he sang beautifully holds as deep of meaning as any other song on the album.

The under appreciated hyung who deserves the entire world.

The ever shining the very beautiful flower.

The one who stays up late at night to listen to songs with us, to share his thoughts and to talk to us.

The one who spends days practicing his singing,

The one who spends countless hours in the practice room.

Sweaty and Exhausted

Just to make us proud.

If no one has said this to you.

I am so proud of you, that even words can’t explain them.

I am proud of you, because you are unique.

You are one of a kind

You are Kim Seokjin

You mean the world to me.

I hope we were able to make you proud this year. And I hope we were able to make you happy.

Even if you can’t read this.

Thank you for always working hard.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for being the Jin that I’ve come to love so much.

Because you are someone who can never be replaced.

Bangtan is bangtan because of you.

Thank you for being the handsome prince who always takes care of these clumsy dorks.

Happy Birthday Kim Seokjin.

And if no one has told you,

You mean the world to me.

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that damn song.

you know the one….

the one that’s with every tragic ship in at least one post….

the one your mom probably sang to you as a kid…

those lyrics…

“you are my sunshine”  and you read it, you know what it is but you keep going.  in the post, there’s probably a drawing or picture of person A smiling at person B.

“my only sunshine” they’re probably kissing or hugging.

“you make me happy when skies are gray.”  Person A is crying, aren’t they? and person B is comforting them.

“you’ll never know dear, how much I love you.” here come the longing stares of three words left unsaid.

“please don’t take my sunshine away.” and then a gravestone, or a note, or a corpse.  and person A mourning.

yeah, fuck that song….

but I love it, and can’t resist it. lol.


In the first part of our V/T/S  LazyTown Trilogy, @chongoblog goes solo to answer a very simple question:

What would happen if you sang “We Are Number One” into a voice-to-text program, and then sang the translated lyrics?


GD trying to cover for Seungri during ‘Blue’ after realizing Seungri sang the wrong lyrics. That smile though.

Note: Vid not mine.  


Here are some more edits 😁 Hope you guys like it 😉


It’s Part 2 of our LazyTown trilogy, and I go solo to find out: What would happen if you sang “Cooking by the Book” into a voice-to-text program, and then sang the translated lyrics?

[170111] At his musical performance today, when performing 96000, Sunggyu sang “내인생은 infinite” (my life is infinite), instead of the original lyrics “내인생은 no limit” (my life is no limit) ^^ (source: 0609X0919)

Ah, also during yesterday’s performance, a lot of inspirits said that Sunggyu and Dongwoo kept dancing bits of The Eye choreography here and there during their performance xD

Send me ☑ and I’ll try to answer what I think your character has done at least once in their life. (contains: triggers)

been on a roadtrip | baked a cake (successfully) | asked someone out on a date | smoked | done drugs | taken medication | sang along with the full lyrics of a song | been heartbroken | dumped someone | had a pet | lost a loved one | driven a car | self-harmed | slept for over 24 hours | stayed awake for over 48 hours | skipped class | bullied someone | been bullied | broken a bone | punched someone | been tied up | taken nudes | played a video game to the end | been mugged | been sexually assaulted | won a contest | failed a test | used a fake ID | been in jail | been betrayed | been abused | been called names | stolen something | passed out | learned a dance routine | held a gun | lied about something important | assaulted someone | had sex with more than 15 different people | had a threesome | written a book | been food poisoned | travelled abroad | stabbed someone | rushed to hospital | seen someone die | gone to a wedding | gotten a piercing | been expelled/fired | cheated on someone | been cheated on | gotten away with a crime | done something they still regret | had sex in public | thought they would die | been depressed | sought serious help | kissed a stranger | had surgery | wanted to die | been in love | forgiven someone they shouldn’t have