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BTS Intro Post

Title; BTS Intro Post

Genre; Info(??)

Type; Intro Post

Group/Member; BTS – OT7

Authors Notes; Enjoy! I’m soo terribly sorry it’s so late! Hope it’s what you wanted!! 😊 Also this is a rlly rlly long post with lots of facts and photos so um ye…have fun. Tbh all this post does is just prove what a big ‘ol piece of trash i am because 95% of these facts were from memory, I typed all dis shit out guys…im fuckin dead now. These are all facts from websites that I remember, certain nicknames are not necessarily what I call them but some dso. kbye 😊 x


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I want a variety where all the loudest Idols play games together.

Give me the loudest mess ever recorded, I want to witness PURE CHAOS.

BAP’s Youngjae & Daehyun : Being noisy af and verbally abusing everyone.

VIXX’s Ken & B1A4′s Sandeul : Running everywhere screaming bloody murder

BTSV & J-Hope : Who knows? Certainly doing something weird but fucking loud. It would give a break to Jin & RM.

17’s Seungkwan & DK: Oh boii.

And lastly, Jackson of GOT7 : Just being himself in general, reacting and laughing at a deafening volume.

BTOB and/or Monsta X should be MCs

Can you just imagine the fucking mess? Plz.


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MAMAMOO's Moonbyul Talks About Her Squad Of '92 Liners

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Talks About Her Squad Of ’92 Liners

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MAMAMOO appeared as guests on the July 5 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

During the braodcast, Moonbyul talked about her well-known celebrity friend group “’92 Club.”

She shared, “Our group consists of six members, including me, B1A4’s Baro and Sandeul, EXID’s Hani, BTS’s Jin, and VIXX’s Ken.”

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“We do have a group chat, but we can’t meet up these days because we’re…

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My boyfriend one day just grabbed my hand and said "let's get married" in the middle of breakfast and I may or may not have choked on pancakes

IS HE STILL YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HE YOUR FIANCEE NOW I’M !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O MY GOODNESS IM SHAKIGN 

  • Bin flopping around in bed because it’s like 9am in the morning
  • Nobody should be awake at 9am in the morning
  • 9am is 4 hours too early to be awake 
  • Bin nudges closer to Eunwoo’s side of the bed, trying to find his boyfriend for cuddles
  • Weird
  • It’s cold 
  • Bin huffs
  • Eunwoo probably got hungry and woke up early 
  • And sure enough, Bin catches a whiff of strong coffee and something sweeter 
  • He groans 
  • It means Eunwoo’s going to come barrelling in soon to haul Bin out of bed and to the dining table 
  • he might as well get up early to go help
  • and so Bin drags his ass out of bed, sleepily rubbing his eyes and slipping on his chunky black glasses 
  • cue Bin, stumbling into the kitchen with hair like a bird’s nest, eyes still half-closed and the cutest pout on his face, 
  • Bin, whining: “why did you get out of beeeeeeeeeeeeeed”
  • Eunwoo, turning around to kiss his boyfriend awake: “I didn’t want to but your stomach was growling in your sleep so I thought I’d just get breakfast running?”
  • Bin, mildly embarrassed and slightly grumpy 
  • But 
  • it’s Eunwoo’s pancakes
  • and if there’s anything Bin loves half as much as Eunwoo and loves more than food, it’s Eunwoo’s food
  • Bin backhugging Eunwoo through the whole pancake flipping process
  • small Binu kisses !!!!!
  • Binu sleepily resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder 
  • Eunwoo laughing and telling him to go get utensils and pour coffee because he’s nearly done with the pancakes 
  • Bin whining and trying to kiss Eunwoo some more
  • Eunwoo gently untangling clingy cuddly sleepy Bin (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and pushing him slightly towards the coffee machine
  • Eunwoo dousing half his pancakes in maple syrup 
  • Bin laughing at him for having a sweet tooth 
  • Eunwoo just humming and saying that “it’s a good thing you’re sweet enough then”
  • Bin being flustered and feeding Eunwoo a mouthful of pancake to shut him up 
  • Eunwoo just chewing and beaming softly at his boyfriend 
  • and wow
  • Bin is so so so so so so in love 
  • this beautiful angel that somehow fell in love with him too 
  • he can’t believe !!!!!
  • eyelashes sweeping his cheeks as he looks down to cut a piece of pancake to feed Bin in return 
  • bright, sparkly eyes as he tries to get Bin to open his mouth 
  • which Bin does, of course, because 1) food and 2) who can resist Eunwoo he sure can’t 
  • he really can’t
  • long fingers waving a forkful of pancake in Bin’s face, fingers Bin really would like to see adorned with a ring 
  • his ring 
  • and so he just reaches out his hand to cover Eunwoo’s own 
  • nearly knocking over his cup of coffee in the process because he’s Moon Bin 
  • but wow 
  • and Eunwoo’s looking at him with soft, questioning eyes and a loving smile and Bin’s heart really can’t take it
  • Bin: “let’s get married.”

I think I just got cavities

also bless yall for getting pancakes pancakes are the best breakfast food 

Jin singing B1A4 Sandeul’s “Stay as you are” in a Bangtan Bomb 

so this is love.

↳ college au

pairing: min yoongi | reader
genre: romance, angst
implied sexual activities, themes of cheating and heartbreak
word count:
description: there are three things they don’t tell you about getting cheated on.
author’s note: i suggest listening to sandeul of b1a4′s mini album “stay as you are” because this was written by listening to said album on repeat. enjoy and thank you for your patience!

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There are certain things they don’t tell you when you get cheated on. Not that there were any universal secrets to the concept, but it’s something that happens in the weakest moment of someone’s life. A betrayal. An unforgivable one at that. And, it isn’t simple either.

First of all, you’ll still love them. There isn’t some magical response that you’ll suddenly stop loving that person, because you still will. The love will remain as potent as it was when you just realize that you love them. Even so, it feels as though in that moment when you find out they’ve cheated on you, it’s like you remember every moment that led you fall for them in every fine detail as if you’re brain wanted you to suffer enough. Like being in some sort of limbo, you watch the first meeting, the first dates, the first talks, the firsts… all the works. It’s etched into your brain, and as if on replay, it continues to go on and on, reminding you of what was while you suffer through the current moment. You’ll think to yourself, What could I have done to turn this around? Where did it go so wrong?

But maybe some things are out of your control.

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[TRANS] WM Entertainment Artists’ Support Messages for ONF

B1A4′S Jinyoung:

Our B1A4 younger brother ONF’s track has been released! Because the song is so good and exciting please listen to it and support it a lot~~^^  

B1A4′s CNU

Our younger brothers, congratulations on your debut. Don’t worry when people wonder what kind of name ONF is, your older brothers are called B1A4… If you work hard, there will come a day where people will get used to it. #onoff there are many hardships. You’ll shine even brighter as you work harder!

B1A4′s Sandeul

Wow~I’m an older brother~~haha exciting~!! ON/OFF fighting~!!

B1A4′s Baro

Our younger brothers #on/off have made their debut!! Please show them lots of interest and support~~~~ 💡

B1A4′s Gongchan

ONF have finally emerged. Meanwhile you’ve suffered a lot right? Younger brothers, now lets cheer up and only walk on the flower path^^👍‬

Oh My Girl

ONF! Fighting!👍👍 Your song is great and the music video gives off really good vibes!! #WeLikeYourSong #Fighting

I (Cha Yoonji)

ONF!!! Many many congratulations on your debut, I’m supporting you!!💪 #IveBeenHummingItToMyselfAllDay

translation by: fy-onf take with full credit  

SHINee’s Onew, 2AM’s Changmin, And B1A4’s Sandeul Appear On “Fantastic Duo 2” For Collab Performance
cr: soompi

A source from SBS confirmed on May 31 that an upcoming episode of “Fantastic Duo 2” would be featuring a special performance by a number of idol group singers and vocalist Kim Yeon Woo.

The source stated, “During the recording of ‘Fantastic Duo 2’ that took place on May 30, SHINee’s Onew, 2AM’s Changmin, and B1A4’s Sandeul took to the stage with Kim Yeon Woo for a collaboration stage.”

The collaboration performance, according to the source, is a rock version of SHINee’s popular track “Lucifer.” Plus, all three idol group singers have greatly admired Kim Yeon Woo for a long time, making the collaboration all the more significant and special for them.
"Weekly Idol" PD wants to invite idol squads to the show?!?

If you don’t want to read the whole article, just know that the PD for “Weekly Idol” is considering having ‘idol friend groups’ on the show. Yes, that’s right, IDOL SQUADS could have actual screen time together, not just fan-cams of hugs at awards shows, random posts on Instagram, or call-outs in interviews. 

The PD, Kim Dong Ho, specifically mentions “the ‘92 liners club, which consists of B1A4’s Sandeul and Baro, VIXX’s Ken, BTS’s Jin, EXID’s Hani, and MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul.”


  • This Squad: SHINee’s Taemin, EXO’s Kai, VIXX’s Ravi, Wanna One’s Sungwoon, BTS’s Jimin <<< I personally would be over the moon to see this squad on “Weekly Idol” together. 
  • As this is a Wanna One blog, here are friendships I’m aware of that would be cute to see on the show: Lee Daehwi with Jeon Somi, Park Jihoon with ONF’s Laun, any reunion of W1 members with former PD101 s2 contestants 
Idk about y’all, but I’m seriously excited about this and am 100% supportive of this idea. Anyone know how to help promote this becoming a reality?


26번째 생일을 맞이한 B1A4 멤버 산들 군의 생일을 축하합니다. (@SANDEUL920320)



We congratulate B1A4′s member Sandeul on his 26th birthday. (@SANDEUL920320)


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