and sam is just not impressed

“What is it now boys? I have told you many tim-“ Crowley started but stopped when his gaze landed on you with his mouth apart as he had stopped mid-sentence. He squinted his eyes making you tilt your head to the side in wonder. So, this was the king of hell.

He took in a breath and had a small smirk on his lips with a look intending to impress as he walked over to you. You felt Sam and Dean’s body tense next to yours.

“And, who is this lovely young thing?” he asked looking intensely into your eyes, as he stood just in front of you. You raised an eyebrow in amusement, silently chuckling to yourself. If he thought, you were an innocent little cupcake who would blush and melt at his words he was so wrong.

That is when a protective arm came in front of you, “She’s off limits Crowley so back off” came Deans rough voice as he glared at the king in front of you. Not breaking eye contact with you, “Hn…” Came his reply.

He kept looking into your (E/C) eyes that had seen things, been through things, no human should have gone through. Your eyes that held scars from the past, turning you into the bad-ass hunter you now were.

He tore his gaze away from you, and placed his hands in his pockets, looking at Dean. “What is it that you boys want?” he asked finally. “We want location of a vampire named Jackson” you spoke in your business tone, making him look at you, yet again. “We have reason to believe he had been working with a demon of yours.”

“Consider it done” he said in a split of a second making all three of you stare at him dumbstruck.

“Wait- what?” Sam furrowed his eyebrows and looked at Crowley, with confusion etched on his features. You all had thought he’d ask for something in return, anything no matter how small, never would you have dreamed he would say ‘yes’ just like that.

“In return..” Crowley continued, locking his jaws. Of course. There would always be a price, you rolled your eyes. “I want a name..” he said, raising his finger. “Your name”  he pointed at you.

He wanted a name? my name? He was becoming even more amusing by every passing second. “(Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N)” you blurted out before anyone else could say anything. “Beautiful name for a beautiful lady” he gave a flirtatious smile. “Ok, enough. As I said before, off limits ” Deans gruff voice said, not liking the way Crowley was flirting.

“Spoil sport” Crowley rolled his eyes and disappeared leaving dust in its wake as you blinked in surprise. “Does he do that often?”  

Imagine: Having to wear a dress for a Job. When Dean sees you he can’t help but stare.

“Oh c’mon Y/N, we need to get going!” Dean all but shouted.

“Aight, I’m coming… Just, don’t laugh at me please” you replied.

“Why would we-” Dean started but was cut off at the sight of you.

The boys asked you, well forced you, to wear a dress, a skin tight one, only to impress the vampire at the bar so that you could allure it and soon enough get out of the bar, where Dean would show up and chop off its head. 

“Oh God this is embarrassing” you mumbled to yourself.

“Woah Y/N, you look gorgeous” Sam told you, smiling at you.

“Uh t- thanks Sammy” you blushed and smiled back.

Then you turned your head towards Dean’s direction, he was staring at you, eyeing you up and down, licking his bottom lip every once in a while.

Thing, that got you blushing even more, you glanced the floor, not daring to look at him.

But soon enough, you found some courage and broke the silence which filled the room a few minutes ago.

“So Dean, what do you think?” you asked, a smirk on your lips.

“I- uh- hot… I mean… fuck uh” he stuttered, fighting for words that somehow, couldn’t be found.

You giggled at his ‘answer’ and instead turn around so that he could have a better view of your… well ass.

At that Dean gasped, his eyes widening.

“I take that as a yes” you answered chuckling.

Imagine distracting Sam from research

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Imagine: Distracting Sam from research. 

Word count: 309

A/N: I kind of tried to objectify Sam ;) Thanks to @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious for beta. I hope you guys like it. As always feedback is appreciated. ;)

You walked into your and Sam’s shared bedroom only to see your boyfriend lounging on the couch with his laptop still in his lap - probably doing some research - and still dressed in his Fed clothes, except the coat and tie. The white shirt he was wearing showed off his upper body just perfectly, his broad chest looking even broader, biceps egging to be freed from the white cotton shirt and the folded cuffs that gave you a splendid view of his impressive forearms. Your eyes moved towards his lower abdomen only to be mesmerized by how tightly the pants were surrounding his flawless thighs. You were practically drooling over Sam and then the realization hit you that he was all yours, so you started making your way towards him. Sam noticed you and after mumbling a barely audible, “Hi,” his attention was on the laptop again.

You sighed, thinking how indulged he was in his boring research, but you had your ways to distract him.

“Saaa-aaam,” you said in a sing-song voice, then started to pull the laptop away from him.

He let out a chuckle and raised his eyebrows in an inquisitive manner as you straddled his - now free from laptop - lap.

“You don’t give me your attention,” you pouted.

“Oh, Sweetheart, all my attention is yours.” Sam winked.

“Really?” You started tracing your pointer finger on his chest, making invisible patterns. “Let’s play then.”  

Just when the words were out of your mouth, Sam snaked his arms around your waist and stood up, his other hand guiding your legs to his waist.

You gasped at the sudden man-handling. “Someone was really into his research few moments ago.”

“And some beautiful woman just distracted him.” He gave a little tug to your earlobe and moved towards the bed.

This is a lot better than researching, you thought.

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Classism, anyone?

There’s something about the idea of Dean liking to read or Dean being a neatfreak that really seems to unsettle some people. At least that’s the impression I get by how people react to certain gifsets I made. Images of Dean reading or browsing through books keep prompting comments about how “confused” Dean is by them; my recent gifset on neatfreak!Dean has brought forth all sorts of attempts to prove that Dean is actually a slob, ranging from “Sam thinks he is messy (Tall Tales), so that must make it true” to “Dean doesn’t care about cleanliness, he just likes to complain a lot”.

Now, some of this might be down to the confusion as to what makes a character a character instead of a cliche. People argue: “Dean’s a hunter, so he can’t be a neatfreak.” But it’s intriguing contradictions like this which make a character come alive.

However, I can’t help but notice that there’s a classist attitude to which parts of Dean’s characterisation cause more controversy than others. In the first two seasons of SPN, the show itself deconstructed that classist attitude towards Dean piece by piece. So, honestly, I’m a bit at a loss as to why it’s still rearing its ugly head in fandom in season 12?

Lucifer & Wings

This was requested by an Anon! I hope you all enjoy this, because I DID. <3 <3

Word Count: 714

Warnings: wing!kink, things get a little intense.

(gif is not mine)

Time and time again, Lucifer would do whatever it took to distract you.  Sam and Dean just left and you knew Lucifer was waiting for you in your room.  He loved being alone with you.  It was when he could be as devious as he wanted to be.  Except this time it would be you that caught him off guard.

When you closed your bedroom door, you knew Lucifer would want to pounce on you from behind the door.  That’s why you quickly pushed him back against the door the second you shut it.  

Lucifer was slightly caught off guard by your sudden actions and by your impressive strength.  He could have easily pushed you away from him, but he wanted to see where this was going.  You had never been this feisty before.

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About Bi Dean

Well, impressive Larry-riding aside (and my god how into it was he?) there wes one thing-

Between the back of the bar and the forest, Sam informed Dean about various monsters. And the thing that stuck out for Dean?

Sirens aren’t always hot women. Sometimes they are hot men. And Dean’s all ‘huh’ about it. No disgust, no ewww homo. Just huh, that sounds interesting.


Bucky Barnes x reader

Alternating POV’s

Notes: swearing, Bucky being an ass, none other yet

Summary: Bucky has just joined the Avengers in the compound and has been confined to it since. When you return from a mission, you’re immediately handed the next one, being: protect James Barnes. He’s not too happy about it, but is soon impressed by your abilities.

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‘He seems a little on edge’

‘No wonder, after what he’s been through. It’s a miracle he didn’t snap’

‘Why does he need protection? From the looks of it he can take care of himself’

‘He can. But we’d like to prevent any public disturbances. The world is still afraid of him’

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anonymous asked:

I value your opinion because you always seem calm and rational in your responses. I still remember your post about Sam and that NYE pic, I was impressed, you were very objective, so I trust your judgement. What do you think about Sam liking that comment this morning? Do you think it means it's finally over and they're all moving on? Do you think he was just encouraging her for some reason? Or did he mean that she should keep going without caring about what others say? What's your take on this?

I’ve gone back and forth on even answering this since I don’t really want to give it any air on my blog, but wanted to make it clear on where I stand.

I don’t think that the like means anything. Sam doesn’t appear to follow the account that made the comment, but that doesn’t mean it’s not someone he met and wanted to like their comment as an acquaintance. He is very SM savvy and often uses all of his accounts for networking. We see him like MPC photos and comments and don’t give it a second thought. I think it’s the same here. He likes when people encourage each other and build each other up.

I will point out two things. The photo is two days old, so we know that Sam is monitoring a certain account, but doesn’t seem to be doing it regularly. We all know he often retweets Cait’s accomplishments before she even has the opportunity to do so herself, but here he waited two days. It also makes me feel like he’s checking up on that account to see what the person has been doing. If you’re talking to a person regularly, you’re not usually combing through their old IG posts. If she was getting hate she would have said something, so we know it’s not that. Maybe nothing, but in my mind it shows distance.


After finishing talking with the sheriff outside, you returned to the weight room, stopping mid-step at the sight inside.

“Dean!” you laughed, clapping a hand over your mouth. “What the hell?”

“Is he doing something stupid again?” Sam asked, not looking up from his phone.

“Yes,” you said, taking a few steps closer. 

“What? Come on. I used to bench this no sweat back in high school,” Dean said from under the bar, flashing you a grin. You crossed your arms and narrowed your eyes at him.

“Didn’t realize you had equipment like this back then,” you said. “Thought you’d have been lifting rocks and calling it gym, old man.”

“How dare you,” Dean said, eliciting another laugh from you. 

“Alright, well we’re all very impressed–”

“I’m not,” Sam said, still focused on his phone.

“But you need to put that down before you hurt yourself,” you continued.

“Nah, I got this,” Dean said, his playful grin returning as he gave you a wink. He puffed out a few breaths before grunting into the lift, trying to push the bar overhead, but it barely moved an inch before his eyes widened, his entire demeanor changing in an instant.

“You ok?” you asked.

“Son of a bitch,” he managed to get out. “Yeah–uh, I definitely pulled something. Little help.”


Sam Falk for NYTimes :: This 120-pound lunar suit, which made its debut in 1960 at the Republic Aviation Corporation in Farmingdale, Long Island. Because of the moon’s gravity the suit was reported to weigh just 20 pounds on the moon. Of course, the aluminum capsule looks quite clunky but this suit had some impressive gadgetry to offer: one of them being a tripod stand, a small shelf inside the suit where the lunar explorer can rest. This photo shows a model demonstrating tools that could be substituted for the suit’s standard gloved hands. / source: NYTimes on Instagram

Imagine Cas Getting Ready For Your Lunch Date

gif credit

He’s so nervous, he can’t stop messing with his hair or his tie. He doesn’t want you to know that he changed his outfit 3 times, going back and forth between raiding Sam and Dean’s closets before finally settling on his regular old suit and tie, deciding to forego the trench coat. Of course, he’s incredibly overdressed, given the fact that you’re only going to have lunch in a small cafe, but he doesn’t know that. He just wants to impress you.

Upon your arrival, his eyes widen at the sight of you, his heart skipping a beat. She looks wonderful, he thought, your smile warming him to his very core.

“You look very beautiful, Y/N,” he smiles shyly.

You giggle, looking down at your simple t-shirt and shorts before eyeing his suit. You notice how overdressed he is, but you don’t mention it, not wanting to make him feel bad. It’s one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen.

“So do you, Cas.”

Cas beams.

Nailed it.

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I think you were the first one to ever leave the king of hell this stunned. You were usually the quiet one of the group who stood off to the side but today you felt yourself exploding.

Dean was rather impressed by the out burst and he looked as if he was trying to keep himself from bursting out laughing. Sam however looked a bit concerned for you.

“[Y/N] you okay?” Sam asked.

You took a breath “yeah just needed to get that off my chest” you said glaring at the demon.


anonymous asked:

What are the benefits of having a ward, such as Jon Arryn did with Robert and Ned, or Hoster Tully with Baelish? I suppose it would be different with hostage wards, such as Theon, but Baelish being fostered at Riverrun was an honour for his family, so what does that honour entice? Are wardens ever consulted regarding marriage prospects of their wards? Do they arrange a possible squiring? I just don't see a point of having your children raised away if nothing comes out of it long term...

Thanks for the question, Anon.

Well, fostering can certainly lead to marriage alliances. Samwell Tarly was supposed to become a page to Lord Redwyne of the Arbor; young Sam did not impress the Redwynes enough to stay, but he is told later that if he had, he would have been betrothed to Lord Paxter’s daughter. That’s a pleasant arrangement for Lord Paxter: in taking Sam as his ward, he ensures that the next Lady Tarly will be a Redwyne, and the next Tarly heirs half-Redwyne - offspring who might then favor their cousins of the Arbor in alliances and other matters. Likewise, King Harmund II Hoare was fostered in his youth at Casterly Rock, and eventually wed his foster kin Princess Lelia Lannister; the marriage and fostering were part of King Harmund’s general program of peace and trade between the Iron Islands and the greenlands. Similarly, Myranda Royce presumed that Harry the Heir, fostered at Ironoaks, would eventually wed one of Lady Anya’s granddaughters, and while it’s not stated outright, I can imagine Lord Anders Yronwood took note of his daughter’s fondness for his foster son Quentyn Martell with the possible idea of betrothing them one day.

But beyond direct marriage alliances, there’s also the question of prestige. By taking in a ward - especially a ward from one’s liege family - a lordly House receives an invaluable sign of favor; that House is being singled out, trusted by the liege to raise its scion. In as personal a political system as feudalism is, these individual signs of favor involving the persons of the ruling House are so crucial to raising the status of one family over others. So, for example, the Crakehalls would be able to boast that they had been entrusted with then-heir to Casterly Rock Jaime Lannister, squire to Lord Sumner (even more important a boast in the Westerlands, where anything that gains a House closeness to House Lannister is eagerly seized). It’s the same story for the Dustins of Barrowton (who fostered then-heir Brandon Stark), the Gargalens of Salt Shore (who fostered Prince Doran), and the Qorgyles of Sandstone (who fostered Prince Oberyn); indeed, the Gargalens and Qorgyles are apparently still close to the Martells, as Lord Tremond Gargalen and Ser Arron Qorgyle accompany Prince Oberyn to the capital for Joffrey’s nuptials.

Sometimes, however, a ward is taken as a return of favor - obligation for obligation, so to speak. So, for example, in return for the fealty of House Frey to Robb’s cause, Catelyn agreed not only to betroth Robb and Arya to Freys, but to take in the two Walders Frey as Winterfell’s wards (a boon for House Frey, having two of its grandsons fostered at its new liege’s royal seat). Family ties also occasionally play into fostering choices. Merrett Frey, for one, squired for Lord Sumner Crakehall alongside Jaime, as Merrett’s mother Amerei was born a Crakehall. Cynthea Frey is currently a ward of Lady Anya Waynwood, as Cynthea’s mother, Carolei, was born a Waynwood (the same reason her brother Sandor is a squire to Ser Donnel Waynwood). Harry Hardyng was presumably made Lady Anya’s ward in no small part because his mother had been a Waynwood and Lady Anya’s first cousin (and his father was a Waynwood bannerman).

Ultimately, what any hosting family “gets” out of a fostering relationship is a form of kinship recognized among Westerosi. Even without the legal alliance of a marriage, foster kin are considered part of the family (hence why Theon is so scorned for seemingly killing his “brothers”, Bran and Rickon). A foster father or mother is put in a position of key influence over his or her ward in that ward’s formative years, with the ability to mold the ward’s views to match the fostering House’s. In the future, then, the fostering House can hope, and indeed expect, that its ward will remember his or her foster kin when making political decisions. We see this with Jon Arryn, with both Ned and Robert recognizing their foster father as a shrewd statesman and following his lessons (and Robert trusting him to be his first and nearly only Hand).

You mentioned Petyr Baelish; he is something of a unique case in fostering, as Hoster’s choice to bring him to Riverrun was purely personal. What honor his family would gain … well, House Baelish’s “Drearfort” is poor and politically isolated, with few opportunities for the Baelishes to mingle with their social betters and advance farther. By coming to Riverrun, young Petyr had the opportunity to live side by side with a Lord Paramount family, and to meet the sort of esteemed visitors Lord Hoster would entertain as a matter of course. Being the foster brother of the daughters Tully, Petyr may have expected as well that he would be made an officer of one of their households when they married the high-ranking nobleman Hoster arranged for their betrothals; it might have been natural for a Tully daughter - especially if she recognized Petyr’s early cleverness, as both seem to have done - to recommend to her lord husband that her foster brother serve their household (as indeed, Petyr had little to return home to in the Vale).

The Queen Regent (NFriel)


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Gif isn’t mine, it just fits!
Also, beware! Story plot as thin as a Listerine! Just a little funny idea provided by @imnoaingeal!


Damn vampires,” Dean muttered more to himself than Sam. Nevertheless, his brother responded, muttering back, “Let’s just wrap this one up quick, yeah?”

Dean couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately, they had come across a cunning pack. Not even a day into the case and an obvious trace was nowhere to be seen. Just impressive trails of bodies. Trails… plural. All dead ends, despite the messy bodies and despite the fact that there were too many kills to be inconspicuous… these attacks were still branded “animal attacks”.

They had their FBI getups on as they rolled up to the hospital. It was their standard procedure, even if it didn’t seem to ever usually turn anything up in cases like these. Looking for clues was better than reading up on abandoned real estate, Dean vouched. The only reason Sam turned a blind eye to this flawless logic, was simply because he, too, was sick of research.

They entered the building after double checking that they had their badges (FBI Agents Delroy and Eucie), and came upon you – the hospital receptionist.

Now, you were neither plain nor gorgeous (especially in your scrubs), but you certainly grabbed the attention of the shorter of the two men. He had grabbed your attention too, but perhaps not for the same reason.

“Hello,” he practically purred, leaning against the counter slightly and smiling down at you. You gave a small, and what possibly looked like a dazed smile in return.

Before you could speak, the two of them displayed their badges, charmingly asking for the directions to the mortuary.

Furrowing your brows, however, you swiftly and firmly, yet gently held the badges still in their hands between your index and thumb, looking between the two ID’s.

“FBI” the words spelled out, and looked all official-like.

The men above you shared a wide side-glance, but thinking that you hadn’t seen, their faces were suddenly cool masks, eyebrows up and teasing.
Dare question them? Read it and weep! is what their expressions read.

You felt a grin pull at your lips, and you laughed – a quick breath through your nose.

Releasing the badges, you smugly crossed your arms and leaned casually on your counter desk.

“Last time you two were here, you were U.S. Marshals,” you quipped lightly, your grin turning to a smirk as their eyes went wide again, confused and searching.

The tallest one’s – Noah Hill, as he was last time, you remembered – eyes suddenly widened in recognition, and he slowly brought a hand up, firmly rubbing down his mouth and chin.

“Now, I’m not stupid,” you continued, hushed now and staring intently at the men before you, your eyes conveying your seriousness. “I know whatever the hell was going on last time wasn’t some bullshit animal attacks, just how I know these aren’t either.”

They didn’t speak, so you continued.

“Our mort’s good with faces,” you said, sitting back in your comfortable swivel chair. “I’d bet my ass he’d remember you two. I’d head back to that sexy car of yours,” you nodded the way of the parking lot, “and grab those other ID’s for this one, yeah?”

The shorter one – “Paul Torres” – shook his head out of his daze. “How the hell did you remember us, huh?” His tone was neither serious nor teasing, so you didn’t know how else to take the question… You simply answered, “With a face like yours and a partner the size of a small building, you’re hard to forget, hon.”

You internally blushed. You were never this bold or flippant with pet names… Ugh.

Blinking, and without saying another word, “Paul” backtracked straight out of the hospital and to the Impala, leaving Noah to swiftly follow him.

“More like, with asses like that, you’re hard to forget,” you hear one of your co-receptionists murmur into her book.

“Shut the hell up, Karen,” you guffaw.



although not as impressive as LucasArts would have me think

Oh, what on earth would make a man decide to do that kind of thing?
Oh, windin’ up twenty-one thousand, one hundred forty pounds of string
What was he trying to prove, who was he trying to impress
Why did he build it, how did he do, it was anybody’s guess
Where did he get the twine, what was goin’ through his mind
Did it just seem like a good idea at the time

Answers from Atlas Obscura:

Question: do non-Americans think this is weird? More than Americans do?

Headcanon for Gabriel flirting with you (Sam and Dean’s little sister):

  • He smirks more than usual
  • He wiggles his eyebrows at you
  • He’ll wink at you too
  • His eyes are always on you
  • Sam and Dean get super annoyed, but that only eggs him on
  • He’ll flirt with you all the time JUST to annoy them
  • He’ll sit close to you whenever it’s just the two of you
  • When Dean and Sam come in the room he’ll put his arm around you
  • All fun and games aside, he wants to impress you because he likes you

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