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Something Else (NSFW)

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Pairing: Sam x Reader
Characters: Alpha!Sam Winchester, Omega!Reader
Warnings: ABO dynamics, dirty talk, smut, shameless smut, knotting sex, breeding kink, straight PWP. I’m using @kittenofdoomage ABO rules here. @bloodstained-porcelain-doll beta’ed this.
Prompt: “I love hearing your voice when you sing, but baby, right now Daddy needs you to use your mouth for something else…”

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“Nasty, naughty boy” was playing so loud on your headphones that you wouldn’t be able to hear a shot if someone used a gun by your side, but who cared? You were alone in the bunker, Dean had left with Castiel when you reached pre-heat and Sam was on a supply run. So, you could dance and sing without anyone interrupting you. You danced slowly, singing loudly and not even caring if someone walked in on you.

You felt Sam’s scent seconds before he pressed himself against you. Your legs weakened instantly when you realised how hard he was and how strong he smelled. His rut had hit earlier than expected.

Your headphones were pulled out and tossed on the table a few inches from Sam’s hands, and he put his face in the crook of your neck.

“I love hearing your voice when you sing, but baby, right now Daddy needs you to use your mouth for something else…”

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Chris Markus: We always wanted to approach Sam through the prism of a being fellow veteran. Someone who could speak to Steve on that level as opposed to, you know, because he’s Captain America. And also we brought up the idea that Steve, in addition to everything else he’s gone through, spent four years in World War II. That’s very traumatic stuff. And he has never had a chance to decompress about any of it. 

Anthony Russo: One of my favorite lines from him is, where he says: “I’m more of a soldier than a spy.” I just loved that so much because it speaks to his relationship with Cap and their nature.

Joe Russo: You guys did a great job with this scene. This is probably the hardest scene in the movie because it leads to the biggest buy in the film, which is - well, maybe there’s a couple of other big buys - that Cap is gonna go back to a guy he met jogging on the Mall when his life is in danger because he’s the only guy he can trust. So it was important that these two connect on a very deep level, an emotional level in this scene.

Chris Markus: It’s always a credit to Mackie.

Steve McFeely: Yeah. I trust Mackie.

Chris Markus: You would go to Anthony Mackie. Some people you wouldn’t go to. 

Joe Russo: Let’s talk about Mackie for a second. It’s a reason we cast him is one, you know, I’ve never not seen a truthful moment from him on screen, and two, he has this incredible ability to combine charm and integrity. A difficult thing to do is to be funny and convey integrity at the same time.

Steve McFeely: He’s not shallow.

Joe Russo: He has great depth as an actor which allows Steve to feel the depth, the audience to feel the depth, which makes you believe that Steve would trust this guy even though their relationship is so new. 

- Captain America: The Winter Soldier Blu-ray Audio Commentary

J2 NolaCon 2017 Main Panel
  • J2 jump onstage!
  • Jensen moving the chairs closer together before the panel even starts :)
  • Jensen doing the Who Dat song for the New Orleans Saints. 
  • Jared says the city killed his phone: “I’m trying to navigate to where Jensen is and it won’t work. Saw a lot of the city!” Referring to his adventures last night walking around NOLA. 
  • He was wandering around Bourbon Street trying to get cell service: “Searching…my buddy had already left and gone to the hotel.” 
  • Jared stopped at a bar for WiFi and someone told him, “Oh, so you’re dressed up as Sam Winchester from Supernatural” and they weren’t impressed when they found out he was the real deal. “So, you dress like him, too?” 
  • Since Jared’s phone died on him he got to rediscover what it’s like to walk around a new city without any phone gadgets. 
  • Jared says there’s gonna be Alex in the gag reel, and s13′s reel might be really long. 
  • J2 hopes that Alex will come to conventions soon!
  • Jared says “hazing” and Jensen says “welcome package” on the breaking-in of Alex. 
  • Jensen on Alex: It’s the first time they had to wrap me and him (Jared) first so the other person could work lol. 
  • J2 to Alex, who was worried about laughing in so many takes: “It’s okay, all your bosses know we’re assholes.” 
  • Question about lead roles. Jared: You mean Sam or Dean? You said lead roles. 
  • Jared jokes Misha has the best job in showbiz because he barely works and people think he’s a lead. If he could play anyone else it’d be Cas. 
  • Lead supporting roles? Jensen: I hear those come in briefs, also. 
  • Jensen jokes about Misha’s presence in the black room at the end of 13x03.  
  • Jensen, referring to the end of 13x03, says: Misha filmed that last scene in his bedroom. Jared: They took out all the toys…VFX’d away all the toys. Jensen walks away laughing. 
  • Jensen would be a wendigo ‘cause he’d be taller than Jared :P
  • Jared jokes that he wants to be a shapeshifter so someone else can play their characters but still get paid. 
  • Jared: I’d be a shapeshifter. Oh no, I shift myself… ba dum dum. Jensen tried so hard not to laugh. Couldn’t do it. Instead: “you shifted yourself AGAIN.” 
  • Jensen: Dean is in a turbulent state, lots of anger that’s a stage of grieving. You’ll see a transition in Dean about Jack, between now and ep 10. 
  • In s2 when Jensen saw the script saying he had to take a crowbar to the Impala he was like nooo. 
  • Jensen talks about taking things apart with his hands. J2 are now miming correcting a picture on the wall. 
  • During a scene there was a painting that had to be crooked for continuity and Jensen threw something in the scene and it swung into place lol. 
  • Jared: How funny would it have been if instead you just stopped and casually fixed it? 
  • Trick to emotional scenes? Jared doesn’t lie while acting, he just tells someone else’s truth. 
  • Jared: I love Sam! His hair is so great! Jensen: You say his hair is so gray? *makes face behind him* Jared: Dude I can see you! Jensen feigns innocence. 
  • Jared: I don’t like the word “tricks” when talking about being emotional. Jensen: I like to use tricks. 
  • Jensen: We’ve lived with these characters for so long that we naturally get emotional and no longer have to delve into our own emotions. 
  • Jensen is answering for Jared about how they get prepared and into the character’s heads for emotional scenes. 
  • “I love these characters…so if they’re going through something, I feel that. “
  • Jensen whispered “instinctual” right before Jared did. 
  • Jensen talks about how Jared reads script over and over whereas he goes into it more visceral and Jared builds on Jensen’s answer, links to Sam’s tendency toward research versus Dean being more reactive. 
  • J2 talking about Kim Manners. Jared: “He set the tone.” He wanted to make sure they had fun making the show. 
  • Jensen could talk for a week about how amazing Kim Manners was. 
  • Jensen about KM: “He put us on a path to succeed and we’ve been honoring him ever since.”
  • Jared: Kim truly cared about people. 
  • Jared goes wide-eyed when a baby screams in the audience. 
  • Jensen is excited about Stranger Things. 
  • Therapy question. Jared to a fellow parent: We also take our kids to a therapist because of our situation. Daddy isn’t around a lot. They want to help the kids understand why he’s not around so much. 
  • Gen and Jared go to counseling to learn how to parent the best they can especially with Jared not being around often. 
  • Jensen says acceptance is one of the biggest things we’re teaching in his home. Wants to teach his kids that they are loved and they give love. 
  • Fan. Hi I’m (name) from (St) Jared: Why did you have to read your name off your phone lol? 
  • J2 are fighting again about gif vs jif lol. Jensen: Jif is peanut butter! Gif is on your phone. 
  • Jared says single best part of being a celebrity is sending gifs of yourself to non celebrities. Jensen agrees. He loves text battling their friends with SPN gifs :P Jared’s fav gif of himself is the L’Oreal ones. Has sent it to everyone he knows lol.
  • Jensen: There are a lot of Supernatural gifs. I was like, hey, Jared, we’re popular…
  • Jared deferring to gif because Jensen said so. Jensen: Jared can be taught. 
  • Fan: First of all I wanna know if you have any single friends? Jensen walks over and points at Stephen . 
  • Do you like classic rock? Jensen: I like Big Butts. Jared: He does. 
  • Jensen: I named my kid Zeppelin. 
  • They’ve been trying to get Metallica on the show since day one. Finally got them this season. 
  • Jared: I have put everything I have into Sam. Jensen: makes a surprised/smirky face ;) Jensen laughs and Jared whispers something, Jensen laughs again. 
  • Sam has taught Jared a lot, including how he perseveres. 
  • Jared used the word indubitably while answering. Jensen: Did you just say indubitably? We talked about this, you’re embarrassing me. 
  • Jensen says there was more of a connection between he and Dean in the beginning seasons but now there’s a separation. Jensen: Sometimes I say, what would Dean do? 
  • Jared: Sam’s current position on Jack is how he feels about himself. Sam wants to believe he can be good. So he needs Jack to be good. 
  • Jensen talks about directing and how Bob Singer doesn’t need a bunch of notes like Jensen. While Jensen had a complete road map, Singer just had one note, “the ole switcheroo” to remind him of how he wanted a scene to go lol. 
  • Jared mentions Will and Grace. Jensen: Who will you be in this scenario? 
  • If there was an SPN movie, Jared wouldn’t want to use foul language. Jensen: *horrified face* Jared: I know words longer than four letters :P
  • Fan asks a question about what filming was like for Jensen and Sam Smith when Mary saw Baby for the first time. Jensen is confused, thinking Sam the character. Jensen: The scene took on a different tone in shooting than it had in the script. Jared: for Dean or Jensen? 
  • Last question: The scene where Dean sees Mary remembering what happened in Baby wasn’t scripted. That was Bob Singer. 
  • J2 thank the fans and give a fist bump before heading off stage :)

Info via: Fangasm, Cherie, Eileen, LullysSil’s livetweet list


Like he comes up to her and says, “Yo I’m looking for this dude who’s new on the scene, who’s flashing this fresh tac, who’s got like bomb moves right? Who you got?”

She’s like, “Well, we got everything nowadays. We got a guy who jumps, we got a guy who swings, we got a guy who crawls up the walls, you gotta be more specific.”

And he’s like, “I’m looking for a guy that shrinks.”


13x04: oh you have a meta list to make canon do you?

- Jack watching Star Wars just made me laugh so hard - @margarittet‘s excellent meta about how this whole thing is a star wars parallel

- Sam and Jack being honest whilst Dean in contrast is not

- Sam (& I love that Jared delivered this line) talking about the positives of therapy YES (for real life) but also amazing given what Cas is going through this episode.


- Dean: “What gets burned stays dead” - CUTS TO CAS
- Dean: “I have no hope left” - CUTS TO CAS

- Dean’s big pause with the same face as in 02 (the you don’t know how I’m feeling direct parallel to Sam/Jess) when Sam is talking about grief and “moving on….from mom” with the CLEAR undertone that this isn’t just about mom for Dean (or Sam? is he actually referring to Cas here himself? Hm!)

- “He’s not our intern” LMAO @elizabethrobertajones :p

- Monsters have a choice to be good or bad. Re-emphasised again by Kelly “it doesn’t matter who you are but what you do”. Did they just quote Batman? *insert Dean I’m batman gif* anyway, one of the gifs I’ve been using as a theme of season 13 since APRIL?

- Sam’s grief over Mary killed me, just…. YES this needed saying and I’m here for it. Sam is suffering for what he never had, the loss. Sam addressing it himself but also pushing back on Dean.

(also yeah I really really don’t want to make everything about Dean/Cas but the theme of grieving for something that was right there within reach but you never got the chance to have? COME ON!) 

- Dean accepting at the end that yes he has valid reasons to be grieving but he shouldn’t take it out on Sam *happy dance*.

- Dean’s grief for Cas has already been shown over the last 3 episodes, I’m so ok with what we got here, it was great. We didn’t need more grief for Cas, we had actual Cas in this episode and we had another clear at the END of the episode link between Dean’s nihilism and Cas being his sunshine. Excellent.

- Oh, Jack talking about having emotions sometimes but feeling empty? Nephilim/grace issue? LINKED TO CAS TOO. PLEASE yes continue this theme I, human!Cas aficionado need this so badly.

- Depression!Cas:

x  and the link to season 9′s “who do you love” opener all about CAS. YES :D


- Catharsis. Mentioning catharsis on the show. Which is what this whole show is with it’s psychological aspects for so many people, it’s what drags so many of us in. NOW THEY TALK ABOUT IT IN THE SHOW!! Addressing this. Amazing!

*Tink stares into the camera*


- Dean addressing that the needs Sam to have faith because he has none. Because he is nihilistic, because he doesn’t believe in a damn thing…what is the difference here between Sam and Dean?

If they’ve both addressed their grief for Mary this episode? What is the additional thing Dean is dealing with? Why does he need Sam to be strong for him? Because he can’t? WHY IS IT WORSE FOR DEAN?

=> CUT TO CAS feeling the sunshine on his face in his new depression-less visual representation outfit.

Merideth can stay :p

I mean….. everything we have talked about is being made TEXTUAL. Not just Dean/Cas but all the rest too.




Picture Perfect - Dean Winchester x Reader x Sam Winchester - Chapter 2

Title: Picture Perfect

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader, Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: —

Warnings: None

Prompt: I got it! Can you do a fic where Sam dies while (Y/N) is pregnant with his child and so Dean helps her raise the child and they live the apple pie life and right when Dean wants to propose to (Y/N), Sam returns to life & ANGST. Please and thank you

Read part 1 here!

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“Sammy-” Dean’s voice was thick as he stared at his younger brother, you on the other hand coul not take your eyes off the ground. A heavy weight was sitting on your chest. You had your arms wrapped around your waist to keep yourself from shaking. Although it was impossible.

“There are things that- you need to know.” he breathed out in a low and rough voice. You shut your eyes for a moment, trying to keep the tears from slipping. How could any of those words be uttered. How could Dean or you ever tell him all that has happened in these past five years? How could you ever tell him that once you had won the war against Amara, in a way, she had actually granted Dean a wish that was both a blessing and a curse? Blessing because yes, deep down even if he didn’t know it, he wanted to have a family with you and a curse because that required his brother to be dead?

It had shaken you to the core when you realized it all. But there was no changing that and quiet honestly you were more focused, back then, in helping Dean get past his guilt and self-loathing than anything else. There was nothing you could do to bring Sam back anyway.

Or so you thought back then.

“Th-things?” Sam asked in a low voice and you could swear every time you heard his voice, even if you weren’t directly looking at him, you held your breath. He glanced at you, his eyes lingering on your form that was almost curled on the couch. Every fiber in his body screamed for him to gather you in his arms and not let you go ever again. It was close to five years for you and Sam could only imagine how hard it would have been for you. He almost found himself reaching out for you but held himself when Dean cleared his throat. He definitely had missed his brother too but the look that was on his face made Sam frown for a moment.

“Listen man we- we are both happy that you’re back. Trust me I-” Dean’s voice was shaky and laced with emotion “- You know I would have never wanted anything more.” he breathed out and Sam smiled. He knew it had always been hard for Dean to express his feelings with words so even this little bit, he knew, meant everything for his brother.

“But-” he got a little serious, swallowing thickly “It’s been four years, hell almost five. And things just… changed.”

“Changed? As in what?” Sam blinked, his eyes casting on you that as it seemed for the first time were looking at him “(Y/n)?” he whispered, holding your gaze “Is- is everything alright?” he walked closer towards you.

“Is it- is it about our daughter?” he asked softly, his eyes welling up with tears.

You felt a pang in your chest, as if someone had just stabbed you. It had never been said out loud ever since you and Dean got together, even if it was constantly in your mind. But with Mary calling him dad, there was never any need to say it out loud- and quiet honestly none of you dared to. But now, Sam was here. Alive, very much alive, and uttering the words as if it was the most simple thing. Not knowing how hard it really was.

“Her name’s Mary.” you choked out as your eyed were locked with his “I- I named her Mary. After your mother.” you whispered and saw how his eyes widened but soon filled with all sorts of emotions.

And gosh you hated it, but there was one more to come. One that would manage to overshadow any other kind of emotion.

You heard the car pull over and it all moved almost in a slow motion as Jody opened the door with the keys you had given her – just in case – and the little girl run in. You saw how Sam stiffened for a moment but the anticipation was written all over his face. Just as was the adoration when he saw the small person he helped create ran inside the house and shout the one thing he would have dreamed and longed for wherever he’d been all these years.


Although the moment the words left her lips Sam’s smile vanished and you could see his entire world crumble down when she ran right into Dean’s arms, the older Winchester giving an apologetic and hurt look to his younger brother.

But that would never be enough. Not anymore. Not now,

bullets, bacon and booze

So… what did Dean get up to in his “wild party night”? My guess is: not much, if anything at all. Because the whole thing - it was too perfect. 

Sam obviously didn’t come with him, otherwise he wouldn’t look in Dean’s bed for him. Dean never slept in his bed because it was perfectly done.

And then there’s Dean, sprawled out, with a tie on his head, boot at his neck, a whip in hand, booze… all the things you’d expect from the Dean Winchester who just had a good time. But his clothes are perfect, with just one button undone and hell even his pose is perfect – if he had really just passed out from too much alcohol, wouldn’t he rather lay on his belly?

What’s even worse is that Dean’s right in front of Sam’s bed. Mind you, the door was here: so why the fuck would Dean make ALL the way to Sam’s bed instead of either passing out in front of his bed or maybe making it at least on top of it?

Maybe Dean went into a strip club, we don’t know, and he probably drank himself into a stupor, but there was a lot of performing Dean in here, but a discount one: he didn’t want Sam to see everything he was up to, so he crafted the perfect “just got laid, drank a lot, my life is awesome” persona for the aftermath.

Dean looks much more like a bachelor who was forced to do all these ridiculous things because “YAY AWESOME” and not because he really wanted to do some sexy things with a stripper or whatever. It’s not what he is (and never was, I don’t recall him ever being so ridiculous about going to a strip club) and it’s supposed to look off.

And then we see him coping with the other things he still can hold onto: bacon, booze (provided by Sam, which JFC SAM YOU DON’T DO THAT) and bullets, meaning the case for which he ends up dying for (and he would have, if Billie hadn’t send him back).

All these “coping mechanisms” result ultimately in his death. Because they’re bad. Of course there’s nothing ultimately wrong with bacon, booze, bullets, or going to a strip club, but here, they are framed as bad and off and ridiculous. Dean taking off his sunglasses like in CSI:Miami was ridiculous. And we’re supposed to see it. 

So there's this guy on one of the craft groups I follow...

His name is Sam. And he knits jumpers

And then takes photos 

Of himself in front of the things that inspired them

And he just makes me so happy

Because he has such great talent

And he is everything I want to be in life

You go, Sam. You live your dreams

EDIT: Sam has a website where you can check out even more of his fabulous work! Www. Colorknit . Com
11x18 v 13x02

So these are both Bucklemming episodes, these “heart v head” scenes are intentionally contrasted, it’s fantastic. Kudos really. I don’t want to, but I’ll give them the kudos here.

Good Ideas v Bad Ideas. Heart choice v Head choice.


- Dean might be emotionally compromised over Cas? Never!

- Sam: but Cas might be our only shot at defeating Lucifer! He’s more emotionally removed from Cas and he wants to focus on defeating Lucifer because of his own issues and motives. Cas/Jack are a way to potentially get what he is focusing on. He is not emotionally removed from everything and logical. His emotional focus is just elsewhere and he frames it as him being more logical and Dean being more emotional because of the immediacy of the conversation.

Originally posted by thefanaticallife

Sam claims Dean is making the heart choice whilst he is the poster boy for the head choice. But his choice is also from the heart, it’s just different and less obvious because it’s more internal, about himself, and it also aligns with a general big picture view, whereas Dean’s is more obviously open worry about Cas first and foremost.

The key thing here is that before they start arguing both Dean and Sam are 100% on the same page versus Crowley. They both agree that they need Lucifer to take out Amara. 

HOWEVER that is where it ends. Why? Cas.

Sam: “DEAN’S RIGHT. Priority is to set the horn of Amara into Lucifer’s hands to take out Amara”.
Dean, nodding: “After we exorcise Lucifer out of Cas and put him into a new vessel.”
Sam (now the conflict arises): “What? Really?”
Dean: “Yes really, I’m not gonna send Lucifer into battle inside of Cas, what if he doesn’t make it?”
Sam: “Dean, it’s a strong vessel, it’s held Cas for years and we know what he’s been through, I’m guessing it can hold Lucifer”.
Dean: “It’s not an IT, Sam, it’s Cas!”

This is the only thing where their priority is not the same in this whole narrative, as emphasised by this conversation where they start off 100% on the same page, using worlds like “Dean’s Right” and “Priority” then shifting completely into an argument about CAS.

Cas IS what Dean is focusing on, Cas IS Dean’s motivation. Sam is focusing on something else, his motivation is to defeat Lucifer and Cas comes second to this (Lucifer is key to his own story). 

Sam: Defeating Lucifer comes first to saving Cas.
Dean: Defeating Lucifer comes second to saving Cas. 

Dean’s focus is to get Cas back, then defeat Lucifer and Sam’s is to end Lucifer regardless of Cas. Yes he wants to do this to save the world but it’s also so he can forgive himself for everything he’s ever done regarding Lucifer, the demon blood arc, letting him out in s4, everything. His motivations aren’t 100% selfless even if they are good, he needs to do this for the world but for himself too. 

Their motivations are not the same so their focus is not the same. Neither is emotionally removed and neither is 100% right or wrong.

13x02: I can’t gif it so here’s some screen caps:

The first shot it of Jack (in Cas’ spot, sleeping in precisely the same place Cas did the one time Dean watched him do it and commented on it. Cas again is all over this scene. Not to make a point of it really as Cas is all over every scene in 13x01-02 and particularly scenes with Dean but yeah, they made it clear again). 

Sam: “Look, losing mom and Cas, it’s a lot to process Dean, especially on no sleep and the kid”.
Dean: “The kid? Come on man you know how this plays out, when we try to bend the rules, pretend that the bad guys aren’t that bad or that things will get fixed, thats when people that we care about get hurt. Then we end up doing what we should have done in the first place which is end the problem. So this time let’s start with the obvious. As soon as i find a way to take care of … it”.
Sam: “Dean, the problem might be our only shot at saving mom”.
Dean: “Moms gone. There’s no fixing that”.

Bucklemming purposefully mirrored this conversation with the whole “IT” thing and making Dean pause before saying it for emphasis.

So Sam is emotionally removed from the Cas situation and apparently focusing on the bigger picture. However he is completely emotionally compromised about Jack specifically because his motivation to save Jack and him not be evil is a reflection of himself. This is the same as his motivation of self forgiveness re: Lucifer in 11x18. 

Neither is 100% right or wrong in either scene, it’s just all about showing their individual focus and how they come to a loggerheads sometimes because they are different people with different motivations and priorities.

Later Sam tells Dean (and us) he thinks they’ve been this far down before, thinks they have experienced this before. Thinks they are experiencing this in the same way.

Sam keeps using “we” to describe their feelings. But this is just not accurate. He and Dean are not experiencing this in the same way. Sam keeps talking about Mom then Cas then Jack. Dean is heart wrenchingly focused on Cas then Mom then Jack, that was clear all throughout 13x01. They are not in the same place here, they are not experiencing the losses in the same way. 

Dean is right. They are not on the same page.

At all.

I am 100% done with the discourse about who is right and wrong in 13x02. Neither is. They are both human and making their own choices, they both have their own motivations which are GOOD even if they don’t always make the right choices and sometimes make mistakes. Neither is 100% a perfect cinnamon roll whilst the other is a mean nastie poopooh head. They are human, they have their own stories, motivations and choices to make and just because sometimes they’re not 100% right doesn’t make them bad people worthy of vilification. 

That is the key message of the show!

Dean and Sam are not the same, they are not one coherent ball of “Winchester”. They are their own individual people with their own individual motivations, making their own choices and with their own individual endgames. 

Even if they are close, living/working together every day, generally having the same, best intentions for the world and the big picture, they are still their own separate people with their separate wants and needs and lives and I am so here for that.

Imagine being a single, pregnant mom and Dean wants to be the father of your child because he’s been in love with you for years and wants to have a family with you.

“Dean, you really don’t have to do this.” you whispered, placing a hand over your belly as the older Winchester fixed on the last shelf for your books.

“Come on, (Y/n), you have more books than Sam himself. You needed the shelves and I had nothing better to do. What else was I supposed to do? Let you get it done on your own?” he scoffed, shaking his head as he kept going with his work.

“Dean, I could have done it! It’s not that hard, you forget I was able to put up with you and Sam ever since I was a little kid?” you teased with a smirk as he shot you a glare, but at the same time couldn’t help a grin.

“Shut up, you know you love us.” he mumbled and you giggled, nodding your head.

“Yes I do.” you whispered, wanting to bad to say you loved him more and in a much different way than Sam, but holding yourself back in the end “But I mean it you know. Just cause I’m pregnant doesn’t mean I can’t do a thing on my own and you know it. I could have just as well carried everything and put it together on my own, it’s no science Dean.”

“No it’s not but-” he let a small breath as he got back up on his feet, having finished his work “There was no way I was gonna let you carry anything on your own, 9.5/10 pregnancy books say that especially during the latest months of your pregnancy you are not allowed to carry anything heavy, not to mention overwork.” he shrugged as if it was nothing, putting back all of the tools in one place.

“Wait-” you smirked, raising an eyebrow “You- you- how do you know that?”

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13x02 “The Rising Son”
The Thing about Getting Saved

There was actually so much packed into this scene - even though there wasn’t a whole lot talking going on. But like so often, much more than the words, the facial expressions and body language say more than all the words in the dictionary could. This entire scene is painful, because clearly Dean is in pain and so is Jack. Both for very different reasons, but in the end it is pain as such that does definitely connect them.

Though actually it’s much more than that. Like I said in the gifset I posted before this one. The struggle of identity, of something evil within beyond your control is no longer just something that Sam may could relate to, Dean can too - when he had the mark he also lost control, killed people without wanting to, didn’t know how to control it.. So when Jack tells him that “he will hurt someone”,  he may not consciously think about it here (since really when you see how exhausted and “dead in the eyes” Dean looks here, I think there is not much more Dean can think about than everything they lost - and partially because of Jack’s birth), but it is definitely something Dean experienced as well.

And if all that wasn’t just gut wrenching enough, they also had to insert the entire “saving” aspect, which of course is a recurring and major theme for Dean from 1x12 “Faith” onwards. Dean doesn’t think he “deserves to be saved” and said himself he is “past saving”, likewise Jack expressed this episode that maybe he “isn’t worth the effort” - really him and Dean aren’t too different and maybe deep down that scares Dean. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but to me Dean definitely shows some level of understanding, but you can just see that he is too tired to give Jack the chance to prove him wrong, because the consequences would be impossible to live with, the situation right now is unbearable already, so…

Yes, painful and powerful ending scene - I actually am really curious how Dean’s and Jack’s relationship unfolds - so far there a few compelling aspects to tackle. And last but not least, I need to express my love for that ending with Jack looking into the mirror and us just seeing his face through that mirror. Mirror shots have a looong tradition on SPN and they are always connected to issues of identity. And well, that’s one of the big themes here.


Characters: Dean x Reader, Castiel, Sam

Words: 2110

Summary: The reader has been sick for the past week, but when Dean has to go on a hunt and Cas takes care of the reader, Castiel reveals that the reader isn’t actually sick.

This one shot is dedicated to @soaringeag1e , in honor of her baby girl coming in September!! :D The idea came to me and I just had to write it. So this is for you Megan. And special thank you to @the-thirteenthhour for helping me with this! :) Enjoy!!

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Here’s what we’re gonna do

A/N: Reader is Dean’s twin. There will be a part two! 

Warnings: Teenage pregnancy

Word Count: 1558

John x Daughter!Reader   Dean x Sister!Reader  Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by heytheredeann

You swear you could hear the blood rushing through your ears while you stared at the pink plus on the pregnancy test. This couldn’t be happening. You were supposed to just have a stomach bug, not be pregnant. You sat down on the edge of the motel bed, grateful for your decision to stay home today and that Sam and Dean were still at school.

Hours passed as you sat on the bed thinking about the situation you were in. What were you going to do? You were only seventeen years old. You couldn’t raise a kid in this life, hell you weren’t sure you’d be able to safely carry a baby in this life. What would Sam and Dean think? Hell, what was your dad going to say?

A sob ripped through you as it began to sink in just how screwed you were. You buried your face in your hands as you thought about it some more. How were you supposed to afford a doctor? How would you afford baby stuff?

Closing your eyes, you tried taking deep breaths you attempted to collect yourself. You needed to think of some sort of plan before Sam and Dean came home. Dean would be able to tell something was wrong the moment he looked at you, it was that weird twin connection the two of you shared.

The motel door unlocking and opening quickly grabbed your attention; it was too early for Sam and Dean to come home, which only meant one thing, dad was back early from a hunting trip.

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The Ultra-Scientific Study of Winchester Wall Slams (& More) – Seasons 1 – 12

aka - A Comparison of (Randomly Chosen) Violence Against Dean and Sam


Once upon a time, I just wanted to get a firm count of how many times Dean got slammed into a wall (or  the ground, or other things). @obsessionisaperfume suggested I also track Sam getting choked or getting hit on the head – which was a good suggestion, since those are things that Sam is known for. I eventually decided to track everything for both brothers, and that’s when things got… interesting.

The charts below are the culmination of months of work (which was me watching the show and making ticky marks in a notebook, which I then entered into a spreadsheet). I am attempting to keep my commentary to a minimum, instead allowing all of you draw your own conclusions from the results. (However, there are a few places where I can’t help making a comment because I’m chatty.)

There are several different ways I can present this data, so there is a slight chance that this may be part 1 of 2. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy Dean getting slammed into walls.

We begin with the Wall Slam, which, as many of you know, is my favorite of all types of randomly chosen violence. 

Wall Slam Criteria: A brother must be thrown or pushed into a wall by an outside force (such as a physical shove, telekinesis, etc). For this purpose, a ‘wall’ is defined as a wall or something relatively flat that is resting directly against a wall (such as a mirror or a bookshelf). A bookshelf that is in the middle of the room is not considered a wall, though - those are classified separately, as ‘other.’ Closed doors also count as walls, regardless of whether or not a brother is thrown through the door. (Glass is certainly a popular material for doors. Rich people, man.)

For most of the series, Dean was the reigning Wall Slam champion, clocking 11 straight seasons of winning the non-existent Wall Slam competition. In season 12, however, Dark Horse Dabb certainly made a statement in his first season as show runner: Sam, for the first time in series history, was thrown into more walls than Dean. 

* The reason for the 0.5 slam for Dean is due to a half-wall/half-ground slam that occurred in episode 12x10.

When a wall is not available, the ground will suffice.

Ground Slam Criteria: A brother must be thrown or pushed into the ground by an outside force (such as a physical shove, telekinesis, etc). ‘Ground’ is defined as the ground or a floor.

Despite Sam taking the Wall Slam crown from Dean in season 12, Dean continued his winning record when it comes to the ground. Dean has been slammed into the ground more than Sam, winning 9 seasons to Sam’s 3. 

Other Slam Criteria: A brother must be thrown or pushed into anything other than a wall or the ground by an outside force (such as a physical shove, telekinesis, etc). This is including (but not limited to) fences, people, tables, and piles of trash.

Season 1 is the outlier, being the only season where Sam was thrown into things other than the wall or the ground more times than Dean; Dean has an 11-season streak going since season 2. If there’s a thing, Dean will likely be thrown into it. 

Choked Criteria - A brother must have something (usually hands, but may also be rope or cord) wrapped around their neck or they must have otherwise lost the ability to breathe. This includes when dick angels take away a brother’s lungs, or when a demon pretends they’re Darth Vader and force chokes a brother. 

I am now convinced that the reason Sam has such a reputation for being choked is largely due to the 1st season, where he was choked several times and Dean wasn’t choked at all. Dean has actually been choked more times than Sam throughout the series, winning 7 seasons to Sam’s 5. 

Hit on Head Criteria: A brother must have been hit on the head by an object other than a fist (because if I had tried to keep track of them getting punched in the head I would have run out of paper).

Hit on Head Criteria Exception: I counted a hit to the head by a fist when the fist hit resulted in unconsciousness.

This was especially interesting because there is an apparent pattern with the changes in show runners. Kripke was showrunner from seasons 1-5, where Sam was reigning champion of the head hit until they finally tied in season 5. Seasons 6-7 were run by Gamble, and Sam still reigned supreme. When Carver took over for seasons 8-11, and then Dabb in season 12, Dean was then consistently smacked on the head more than Sam. 

Now let’s add all Wall Slams, Ground Slams, (Other) Slams, Chokings, and Head Hits together. 

There is one firm conclusion I can draw from this: Sam was beaten up more in season 1, and then Dean became the favored punching bag for all show runners. 

I’d like to also present the exact same data with a different visualization:

What are your predictions for season 13?

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 4 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 5,487

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here! l Read Part 3 here!

And he asked te question he needed to be answered more than anything “There’s no (Y/n) and Dean, they are just friends… aren’t they?

“Baby, what is it?” you frowned, tilting your head to the side “Why are you asking me all these questions now?”

“I just- I figured there were some things I wanted to hear from you, some things getting complicated with Dean… and his role, and Sam so I just… yeah.” he pursed his lips, frowning at himself when he realized that sounded so not convincing.

“Is it about Sam or… Jared?” you asked with a raised eyebrow and his frown only deepened.


“Baby, if you still are jealous over the scenes we have I- I seriously don’t know what to say, now. I thought I’d done enough to show you how much I love you, I didn’t know you still doubted yourself so much about it.” you whispered “But- but if I have to say this all over again, every single day of my life then I will. Jens, you know he is my best friend, he is like a brother to me and quite honestly there is no man on this Earth that could ever make me feel the way I do about you. There is no man that I could love more than you, baby.”

“He’s… a great guy. He’s literally perfect.” he breathed out, not entirely meaning Jared but rather his own brother “I wouldn’t… really blame you.”

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Birthday Plans


Could you do a platonic Avengers x reader chat with them talking about what to do for the readers birthday and maybe competing to see who can do the best. (P.S: I’ve been reading (and loving) your stuff for a while now but have never requested anything so I thought that I’d give it a shot. It’s alright if you’ve already done one like this)  A/N: thank you for requesting bc this chat was so much fun to write! <3    

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has added Bruce, Vision, Rhodey, T'Challa.

Tony: Have you guys decided on what you’re getting Y/N yet for their birthday?

Bruce: Don’t tell him. He’ll just steal your idea.

Tony: I would never.

Tony: y tho

Tony: do you have a good gift….

Tony: what is it…

Bruce: See what I’m saying?

Rhodey: You’ll just have to wait and see.

Vision: See, there must be self-control when it comes to gift buying. As you have none, you’ve bought Y/N almost anything imaginable, resulting in you finally being out of ideas.

Tony: That’s not true.

Rhodey: You buy Y/N a gift for every single holiday, all of them being very luxurious.

Tony: I do not… Okay…. Maybe I go overboard sometimes.

T'Challa: Seems like your gift must be… Sentimental….

Bruce: Good luck with that, T-Bone.

Vision: He will fail terribly. Do not waste luck upon him.

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Night Moves

Written for Baby’s Big 50 Birthday Challenge, hosted by @butiaintgonnaloveem​​. My prompt was “Night Moves” by Bob Seger. Happy Birthday, Baby!

Summary: Dean and Sam go see an old friend while recovering from a rough hunt. She helps them admit what they really want.

Pairings: Sam x Dean, Sam x Dean x OFC (Katherine)

Warnings: Smut, feels, Wincest

Word Count: 4150

A/N: I loved writing this one. Hope y’all love it too! Feedback appreciated. XOXO

Dean slides the cassette into the deck, grinning when the music starts. He’s got the itch under his skin and he needs to drive, needs to breathe fresh air and see some new trees.

“You ready, Baby?” he whispers, and he swears she purrs back a yes.

Sam comes out of the motel room, looking sleepy and relaxed, blinking into the early morning sunlight. “What are we doing up this early?”

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Did you multiply? (Dean X Sister!Reader)

Characters: Dean Winchester X Sister!Reader

Universe: Supernatural

Warnings: Killing, injuries, mild swearing

Request: Perhaps a brother Dean x sister reader imagine? Where she really admires him and dresses like him, with leather jackets and works out in order to become a good hunter. Dean taking her under his wing and taking her seriously perhaps with an astonished Crowley “Wait have you multiplied?”.

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

You may have only been the half-sister of Sam and Dean, but you had that face. You had their expressions, their attitude, everything. When they found out you were their little sister, they were worried you’d be like Adam, only to find out when they met you, that you were a little them, and by little, I mean it. You were pretty young when your brothers showed up into your life.

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