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64.  “I’m not broken…”

Those words escaped his lips before he realized they existed, but he felt them cultivating in his lungs long ago, making it harder to breathe. His heart felt constricted within an ironclad cage, the pound of each stressful beat burdened his chest with a throbbing ache. But her jade eyes perceived his sentiments for what they were as her hands attempt to reach his shaking fingers. He instinctively pulled back, casting his stare to the sidelines, grappling for a distraction.

He couldn’t be repaired, a crippling aftereffect of the trampling traumatic actions of a remorseful, unbridled child. Sasuke wouldn’t accept apologetic regards aimed his way when he knew they held an icy undertone of uncaring vultures that wanted to pick apart his intentions and devour more of the straggling pieces of redemption still struggling to survive. The moment her touch landed on his cheek, the words poured out once more.

“I’m not broken, Sakura,” he repeated, palm laying rest over her hand to ensure the warmth was real. Her tender care wanted to prove to him that the love they shared wasn’t in vain, it wasn’t going to vanish. She was determined, an evergreen evanescence of her personality that managed to reach him many times in the past. She knew he was expressing a lie.

Sasuke lowered his gaze, aware her silence wasn’t meant to placate the notion. It was the opposite when matching her husband’s somber expression. He had to let her in, allow her to help him recognize he wasn’t ruined. Damaged maybe, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t strong enough to pick up the pieces. Or live.