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Help! My friend is a Gryffindor, and she always say that I should stop being so Slytherin-ish when it comes to goals. The other day I spend 2 hours of my life befriending (?) the Rector (IDK if that's how you say it in english so lol) of my career, cause, I mean, he has the power and he knows people duh, and she was angry because we didn't lunch toguether. How can I said, in a nice way, that I need the power to succes in life and that she isn't being clever? I mean I love her, but *sigh*

I think it’s genius talking and getting to know someone with a higher job title. Connections people. I mean I purposefully had lunch with my superiors (boss etc) 2-3 times a week this summer for this exact reason. Obviously your friend doesn’t understand in order to succeed one must become acquainted with the ones who’s jobs will be up for grabs eventually 😂😂😂

I have zero patience for people who look down on aces and aros and think treating said groups like shit can be justified (because they hate us lol), they’re bad people and that’s all there is to it

Same for people who think they’re brilliant for trying to shut down anyone talking about aces and aros being harmed by yelling “lol you’re not oppressed!!!” and not even bothering to read what we’re actually saying because they KNOW the stuff aces and aros who are upset say, don’t we realize we all have ~oppression fantasies~ with our ace/aro privilege lol

Like the anti-ace/aro crowd can shut up forever no one needs your arrogant hateful bullshit

This is the last week of the first term of my postgrad degree, I can’t believe it’s here already.

Today I got to the library early and did some work in the postgraduate room until my meeting with Wendy, a Royal Literary Fellow who works part-time at the university to help students with their academic writing. I went in feeling anxious and overwhelmed but she read what I had and said that it was a really good idea and that all I needed to do was let myself write instead of stressing about not having done enough research.

Then I went to my tutor’s office hours and took her a vegan mince pie to say thank you for the lectures and all of her help with my essays. She didn’t know what a mince pie was because she’s not British so I explained that it isn’t meat(!) and then we talked a little about my other essay and she was also really encouraging. She said that the revisions I had made would really focus my essay which made me feel like I’m finally ready to start writing.

Then I worked in the library for a couple of hours before my philosophy class. It was my last one, on The Law in These Parts (dir. Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, 2011) and Wendy Brown’s Walled States, Walled Sovereignty, discussing the philosophical problems of law and law-enforcement in reference to Israel’s occupation of Palestine.

Then I went straight to a lecture by Jack Halberstam entitled ‘Trans*: A Visual History of Gender Variance’ which was hosted by by the Goldsmiths Centre for Feminist Research. It was a really interesting lecture looking at ambiguous identities in the media and the idea of an uncertain, ‘vibrating’ image of the trans* person in visual culture. Afterwards, we went for a quick drink at the pub to chat more about it which was nice.

It was such a busy day and the start of a busy week! I am feeling really energised about it and confident about my essays. Hopefully this week will be very productive and I will feel more ready for the winter break soon :—)

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I think you’d enjoy knowing a story I have about Michael. So my mom came to RTX 2015 because she listens to the podcast and also needed a vacation. So while she was in the elevator up to her room Michael got in and starting talking to her. She didn’t recognize him at all and figured he was like a guardian or something. Eventually we asked her if she was enjoying the convention and she said she was but she wished she knew which bars to go to. Which led Michael to give her his top 5 fav bars.


Ezra Day #15

A happy little something for December 11!

Here’s a lovely Ezra fact for today: he said if he could be remembered for anything after he’s gone, he wants to be remembered for giving the generations after him a clean environment and dealing with climate change. “That is what I usually think about when it comes to legacy and generational stuff. They are not going to care if we were cool and if we made cool films. They are going to care if they have clean water and clean air to breathe.”

Here’s a delightful photo of Ezra to look at today:

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What should one do if they've asked their INTP friend a question, but the INTP hasn't responded, and several days have gone by, but one wants to discuss other things, but doesn't want to annoy said INTP by texting multiple times despite no response?

You probably won’t annoy the INTP by texting multiple times. Believe me, we get actually annoyed by very little. 

Also, my guess is that your INTP friend is not actively ignoring you, but rather is not currently available. Sometimes we’ll even notice a text and intend to respond and then forget about it for a few days, even though normally we’d be really interested in talking to the person who sent the text.

Actually, that just reminded me that I have a FB message I need to respond to …

Okay, so yes. We do this often. It’s nothing personal against you. We’re just forgetful and possibly a bit more self-absorbed than we should be. 

I hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by. 

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I love someone. We were in a relationship for almost two years. I struggled with depression and anxiety and couldn’t get myself out of his bed most of the time. Summer came, I met some cool new people. Still didn’t want to break up with him, but just pause the relationship. Started doing drugs, had the time of my life, while he sat at home, crying. Now he has a new girlfriend and hates me for thinking spread roumors and lies about her. I didn’t. What the fuck do I do

You do nothing.

Said person is no longer a significant figure in your life. Let people talk, for it has no effect on what you are doing now, with whatever you may be doing; Studies, Work, Drugs (Yay).

We have no obligations or no need to resolve the problems other people have with us, when, they are no longer apart of our routine, our life. Block them. It serves no purpose apart from lingering in the past.

- Promethean Dread


Sam’s POV

I could sense the anger practically falling off Kyle and K.C in waves. I know telling them these things won’t get me any fans. I’ve done terrible things and I can never take them back. However, I’m saying it for my little girl’s sake. I don’t know what will happen anymore and my heart is aching. I just need Kyle to know how I feel.

Kyle turned his eyes to the ground and K.C stepped to his side as the silence grew thicker. He was the first to break it. “We should go now.”

“Kyle,” I said in a whisper.

“No,” he said sternly, looking into my eyes. “I’m going to say goodbye to Sora, then we’re leaving. I’ll call you if I want to talk to you.” He turned to leave, but I quickly grab his wrist and step in front of him to stop him. I don’t really know what else to say after all of that, but I just couldn’t let him walk away like that. I don’t know what I expected of him, but I certainly didn’t expect him to jerk his hand away and slap me across the face.

“No, I am done!” he said firmly. “I’m tired of playing house with you, Sam. I’ve tried and tried, but you keep pushing me and I can’t take it anymore. That was the last damn straw. Just, no.” He took a shaky breath before K.C tugged him close and pulled him away. I place a hand to my cheek, completely unaware of them leaving the room. When I finally gain my composure, I turn to the coffee on the table next to the door and sigh.

I walk over to the table and pick it up. I take a long sip before going back to my seat and slumping back in the chair. I decide to wait for them to leave before saying goodbye to Sora. It would definitely be for the best not to piss Kyle off anymore than I already have.


Dr Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

“Dr Jekyll, you’re needed again.” Dr. Helena Jekyll looked at her assistant with disappointment. “Don’t give me that look ma’am. It’s a job, isn’t it?”

“Yes I suppose so.” Helena said, grabbing her coat and heading for the door. “Let us be off Ms. Poole, we’ll discuss the details on the way.”

As the two ladies headed to the docks, they talked about the new job: a werewolf infestation in an old warehouse. An anonymous merchant had requested the aid of the infamous “monster of the night” to take care of it for them. As the doctor watched her assistant walk back to the office she felt a familiar presence behind her.

“You’re punctual as always my dear.” She said, turning around. Before her stood a goliath of a woman, seven feet tall, with short black hair and fierce red eyes. “And as beautiful as ever.”

“Doctor, you’re making me blush.” The woman said with a smile that revealed a row of sharp teeth. “You know what they say about you?”

“That I turn into a monster and rampage around London? Yes, but I’d rather it be that than put you in danger.” The doctor said with a smile. “If you’re ready Ms. Hyde, we should really get started.”

“In a moment.” Hyde said, leaning down and kissing the doctor. The two remained that way for a few moments, savoring each other’s love, before Hyde pulled away. “Now I’m ready. You always get my blood flowing.”

“Oh you big softie, let’s just go.” Helena said with a chuckle.

The women found the warehouse a few minutes later, its door torn open. Something wasn’t right. Doctor Jekyll drew her pistol and spun around as Hyde’s nails grew into razor sharp claws. They stood back to back for a moment, awaiting the nearby threat with bated breath.

It happened in a flash. Three man sized wolves leapt at them, one from the roof, another from the warehouse, and the final one from the nearby water. Jekyll fired a bullet into the one from the water and as the silver pierced it’s chest the, the beast roared and stumbled back. Hyde grabbed the one in midair and sent the other flying back into the darkness of the warehouse with a swift kick.

Another gunshot rang out across the British waters as more silver buried itself into the werewolf’s body. The doctor fired again and the beast’s leg shattered from the impact. The final shot was sent straight into the monster’s brain and as she turned away she saw Hyde fighting her own battle. One werewolf was bloody and was missing an arm that Hyde was currently beating the other monster with. Jekyll smiled to herself and lined up a shot at the injured one.

“You steal all my fun.” Hyde said as the wounded werewolf’s head exploded.

“I just don’t want to see your beautiful body get hurt.” The doctor said, reloading her weapon. “I like your body quite a bit after all.”

Hyde grinned and threw the remaining werewolf across the docks, sending it crashing though a pile of crates. As it began charging at her she held out her hand towards Jekyll expectantly. As soon as the gun was in her hand she fired it rapidly, all four shots destroying its limbs. Hyde approached the wounded beast and grinned at it, showing it her teeth.

“I’ll eat well tonight!” She shouted, her claws devapitating the monster.

An hour later the two women were at home. As they finished their bath, Jekyll gave Hyde a sly look.

“So, what did you mean when you said you’d be eating well tonight?”

“Well I impressed you right?” Hyde said as the doctor pushed her onto their bed. “Aren’t you going to reward me?”

“Only if you reward me back.” Jekyll said as she climbed into bed alongside her lover.

You’re Mistaken pt. 6

Here’s part 6!! I had intended on this being the last part, but we’ll see! Once again, I do not own Arthur. He belongs to the writers/creators of SPN. 

Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5 

Warnings: Slight angst, arguing mainly. Teeny bit of fluff if you squint. And there’s a cliffhanger. 

Pairings: Arthur Ketch x fem!reader, Y/S/N

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So what does happen now?

“I think that’s something your mother and I need to discuss…privately,” Arthur said after a moment of silence. Y/S/N nodded before speaking up again. “Mom? Can we go home now? I’m hungry.” You laughed lightly. “That sounds like a plan.” Your son asked if Arthur could join you and you agreed softly. Arthur was right. You would have to talk about the future now that he knew about Y/S/N.

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so here’s what i’m thinking

we know that max is a second gen indian immigrant

and yes, indian, as in india (since for SOME reason y’all keep tryna “forget” that)

we also know that he really does give a fuck about racism and isn’t afraid to call it out

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

and what i see nobody really talking about is this tidbit from the season 1 finale:

now if we’re thinking logically, only preston, nerris, and maybe dolf would have the skills needed to make said garb, but even then i refuse to believe that they would have had the knowledge of indian fashion to do so. max would have had to be the one who brought all that to the table.

basically, what i’m trying to say is that max cares about his culture. A LOT. and the reason that i’m saying this is, aside from blatant whitewash of the character, the fandom tends to forget that. a lot of times what i see is artists and writers alike associating his racial and cultural identity with his abusive parents, which really isn’t anything that’s okay to do.

so let’s start recognizing that max gives a shit, and stop portraying him as someone completely separated from his heritage. maybe he speaks hindi, or celebrates Holi. And on the dadvid front, don’t forget that interracial adoption isn’t always cut and dried. maybe david could do research on it, and take the time to learn about indian customs and religions. 

just, please, show us a max who is involved with his culture

You don't want to play fair? Fine! I'll just shut the whole thing down!

This happened in high school

For a little background about me, I was not the most outgoing person back then. I didn’t like to make waves, just wanted to sail through my four years and avoid as much drama as possible. The only time I really put myself out there was for Drama and Improv Club. It was my place, and where most of my friends were too.

Improv Club was basically a bunch of us Drama geeks getting together and practicing short form improv…like Whose Line is it Anyways. We were led by a cocky, sexist, ass of a senior. Let’s call him Dean. Dean had been a part of his old school’s Improv Club, and decided to bring it to life at our school. The drama teacher usual sat in the back of the auditorium, grading papers, to “supervise” us while he ran the show. He trusty side kick (a transfer from Dean’s old school), we will call him Rick, was also there to tell us what to do. Rick was also a cocky, sexist, ass, but he was a junior like me.

Dean and Rick clearly favored their close friends in the group. When it came to getting ideas for a skit, if Dean didn’t like the suggestion given, he’d say “I’ll put it in my pocket” meaning he didn’t want to act it out so….tough shit. You could go up there and have everyone holding their sides laughing, and at the end he’d tell you it was “an ok scene. We’ll work on it.” and list some bullshit things you needed to work on. He hated the idea of ANYONE being a little better at improv than him. There were several other seniors in our club (Important later), and for the few who weren’t besties with Dean and Rick, they would rip them to shreds with “things they could improve” when in reality all they really needed to was talk a little louder, or stop turning their back to the audience.

The end of the year rolled around and Dean announced that he got the vice principle to give us permission to have an end of the year improv show! We were all excited. Dean and Rick said they would come up with a roster for who would play which improv games. Dean mentioned that some of us who had a little more to work on would be in the pre-show that got the audience warmed up instead of the actual show. They assured us (and this is important) that seniors would be picked first to be in the show and, that those who were in the pre-show would have opportunities next year to be in the real show. Fair enough.

The roster came out. I was in the pre-show, whatever! But wait! Three of my friends, who were some of the best out our group, were stuck in the pre-show. Four of the five seniors in our group were also in the pre-show. The rest of the roster for the real show? All of Dean an Rick’s besties in the club included themselves. It wasn’t fair. The seniors who got stuck with the pre-show deserved to be in the real show! This was their last year! They didn’t have any opportunities after all this! Next year they’d be at college and back to square one if they joined an improv troop there.

I was livid. We had dealt long enough with Dean and Rick. Mess with me, fuck it. Mess with my friends and what’s right? Watch out! I pulled Dean aside after that club meeting. I remember the conversation like it was yesterday. (For perspective picture a small 5 foot girl ready to punch a lanky 6 foot dude, and you have the scene)

Me: Dean we need to talk about the roster. You need to put the seniors in the real show. It’s not right!

Dean: Well they aren’t quite there yet. They’ll have other opportunities.

Me: Oh don’t pull that bullshit with me. They’ll be gone after this year and won’t get a chance next year. You know that!”

Dean: Listen, you’re in the pre-show, is that why you’re all upset? If you’re really that hung up about it I’ll wiggle you into the real show…


Dean: Yea….or what? You’ll tell (Insert drama teacher’s name)? She approved the roster.

Me: I’ll shut the whole fucking show down!

Dean: No you won’t!

Me: WATCH ME! You have until the next club meeting to change this, and if you don’t I’m getting this whole thing shut down.

Dean gave me a smirk that only people who think they are the shit get, when really they are just plain shit. My friends were scared of me for a day or two after that. They never thought quiet little me would ever get into someone’s face and lay it on them. The next club meeting rolled around, and SURPRISE Dean and Rick didn’t change a damn thing. So I kept my promise. The next day at school I excused myself from study, and spoke to the vice principal. She was not happy with what she was hearing and immediately pulled Dean and Rick out of their classes to meet with her and I. They were shocked to see me sitting there. At one point Dean tried to flip it back onto me.

Dean: Ma’am I think this is just about her being upset that she is in the pre-show. This is all just a misunderstanding.

But she saw through his bullshit.

VP: Gentlemen I expect a new show roster on my desk by the end of the week, with all the seniors included in the show. Now if you don’t agree with that, we’ll just have to cancel it. And if I find out this is happening again, I will have to shut down the whole club!

They agreed and we were dismissed from her office. They weren’t too happy with me, but in an attempt to suck up they asked if I wanted to be included in the real show on the new roster. I smiled and said “You can actually take my name completely off the roster. Now that this has been all sorted out, I want nothing to do with this show!”

Dean seemed a little pissed that after all the trouble I went to I didn’t even want to be in the show. Just to put the icing on the cake, I didn’t even show up to the last few club meetings. When asked I didn’t hold back the truth. I would not be going back to improv while Dean was in charge. The next year Rick took over Dean’s position, and when it came time for the end of the year show, he made sure to do what was right.

Seaside Sabbatical (M)

Summary: After an accountant in your firm is sent to prison, you are assigned to clean up the mess he left behind. Sorting out your clients’ disastrous business records proves beneficial when you meet the fisherman who teaches you the value of taking a break.

Pairing: Jin x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Smut

Word Count: 11,145

Warning: Fisherman!Jin, Accountant!Reader, sexual themes, oral sex, profanity, discussion of taxes, terrible fishing jokes, unnaturally high levels of wish-fulfillment

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: This has enough wholesome fluff to give me a cavity, but it just felt right. Pardon the cheesiness, as there was no way to avoid it in this type of fic. Hope you enjoy!

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The Point III

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Billy Hargrove x Reader



The stares and murmuring about Y/N in the hallways made her just about ready to scream as she got to her locker. Word spread like wildfire the second the fight happened. Various stories and rumors were circulating Hawkins High, most of which were obviously not true. Y/N had been questioned frequently with each class that passed. She did her best to just ignore anyone that asked, but it was…grating, to say the least.

Y/N had to stay overnight at the hospital for monitoring. She apparently had a minor concussion to go along with that broken nose. Whether it was from Billy’s indestructible elbow or the floor, she would never know. Her under eyes were swollen and tinted various shades ranging from purple to blue, then fanning out to a light yellow. She couldn’t see her nose under the bandage, but she could definitely feel it, and if it looked anything like it felt, she knew it wasn’t good.

She felt like a freak.

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