and rupert lestrade

This has probably been addressed, but I just want to go on my own little rant about why I love Lestrade…

1. Humility. He’s NEVER cared about getting credit for anything. He just wants the bad guys caught so people stop getting hurt or killed. That’s all he cares about. Saving people. He knows Sherlock’s methods work.

2. Faith. In the car park…how long did it take him to go from “Sherlock’s definitely super dead” to “Oh, you bastard.” ?????
I think I counted like 6 seconds.

3. Brains. He’s in no way dumb. He’s Detective Inspector. In that pub when Moriarty’s interruption flashed on…even in slow motion, you can tell he immediately recognized who it was, and what the implications meant. Yet he’s not afraid of Sherlock making him LOOK dumb, because like everybody else, he’s in awe of his mind. Maybe he’s trying to learn to think like him.

4. His hair always looks amazing no matter what.

5. He’s so happy for everyone. All the time. Like, genuinely happy. And you can tell it’s because he really loves and is so proud of everybody. I feel like his happiness is the purest, because Rupert Graves is so genuine. Every Lestrade smile is a full-blast Rupert smile. I feel like his smile is so infectious, it causes any actor who happens to glance at him to smile 100X brighter because of it. You can see it when Martin Freeman smiles like a madman after looking at him when Sherlock finally says “Greg” for the first time. Rupert Graves and Aiden Turner are a lot alike in how, when you see them genuinely smile and laugh, you feel immortal for a few seconds.

6. He’s a huge goober.