and rupert graves was so cute oh my god

The Team Players with Rupert and Amanda

Not too many notes that I took at this panel, but here’s what I’ve got:

- The host went right in asking about mollstrade, he was great, his name was Dick and I loved him

- The last night of filming in Bristol for Sign of Three they got Ben drunk to chill him out after all of his work on his long lines

- Last two eps of series 4 in particular are great

- They get the scripts about 2 weeks prior to filming

- Amanda has started working on doing some writing and is talking about doing something with Loo (more about that from Loo’s talk)

- When asked what life advice they would give – Amanda: “Be nice.” Rupert: “Have fun.” Both: “Enjoy it.”

- Amanda finally dropped a fuck’s sake at the end, I was waiting for that the entire time

- Martin is “properly filthy” to Una and apparently Rupert is just as bad, they both go out of their way to make her blush and work her up (THESE CUTE ASSHOLES)

- When asked who they would play if they weren’t their characters – Rupert originally said he wants to be Mary so he could shoot Sherlock, then he said he wanted to do Mrs. Hudson (because he’s a dirty fucker and I love him oh my God), Amanda wants to be a female Moriarty (THANKS AMANDA I LOVE YOU TOO)