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kpop parenting: feeding your kids
  • Suho and Lay: we only feed our kids organic, gluten free foods. Kyungsoo! let go of Chanyeol! Baek! jongdae is not a chew toy!
  • JB and Jinyoung: cool. I think ours ate? Right jinyoungie? I know Jackson did, he kept whining 'appa fed me' so I caved. Brat...
  • Seokjin and Namjoon: well ours get home cooked meals frequently. Only the best for- Namjoon, where are the boys?
  • I thought you knew... shit.
  • Jeonghan and S.coups: uhm, I think I saw one of em eat something off the ground? It was the blonde one? No wait.. the other one. What?! You try keeping up with all of them!
  • Minhyuk and Jooheon: well Hoseok had noodles. And I'm pretty sure Hyungwon runs off sass. I had Kihyun handle the others. He's my little helper. Kihyun! do not push him. No that is not 'helpful'

i cant believe that hating funko pops is now apparently synonymous with hating poor people because they’re “accessible” and cheap like it’s not that deep, funko pops plague every convention scene, 1/3 of the exhibits at some of the comic conventions i go to are filled with tables of funko pops instead of original artists selling their stuff

i don’t even go to san diego comic con anymore because the merch places are literally walled off with funko pops and other similar merch. there were other, better cheap figurine products but they were run off the market because of funko pop. also i’m poor so stop trying to say that i somehow hate myself because i think funko pops are nothing more than a cheap money-grab gimmick that put other places out of business to make a monopoly on the cheap figure market 

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WHERE DID MEGANE NOBU GO??? ������ But hold a minute… Helllllo guys~~ Who might you two be?? ����

Heheh megane nobu is in my drawer lol. They’re the Fujibayashi Twins~ (Genya and Sakuya) part of the new Love Ballad app (Tenka Moon) like slbp but they’re all ninjas :D and MC is a ninja too!

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What would be going through the guys mind as they raced to get to their s/o but as they look into their girls eyes know they would make it in time to save them, but She has a look of understanding (Haha sorry its so dark)

AH YES ANGST [I kinda went overboard with Donnie lmao]


He can’t keep his cool.

He yells as his running and your tipping off the edge, he doesn’t stray and just yells your name over and over like somehow if he yelled it loud enough it would keep you from falling. But it didn’t.

You locked eyes with him just seconds before you fell and his heart skipped, his breathe staggered and through misty eyes he knew you forgave him.

But he didn’t want forgiveness, he wanted you. To be okay and to be here, with him. He tried force himself to believe you didn’t fall. That you were okay and that he got to you in time because he was the hero. The leader. He could do things others couldn’t. He tried, tried so hard to believe you were okay.

But you weren’t. And he had to come to terms with that.

The next few weeks, he didn’t say much, ate almost nothing and there was nothing in his mind but those forgiving eyes. But he’s still so sorry.


He’s desperate.

His chest is tight with panic and he feels as if he can’t breathe.

That car hurtling towards you wasn’t stopping. It wasn’t stopping and your foot was stuck and he was racing to save you, desperately hoping beyond all hope.

But God had other plans for you.

Raph locked eyes with you, and you smiled. Your eyes shined in a way that gave him calm, but he couldn’t feel it with all the blood rushing through his head. He knew what you were trying to do. You knew he wasn’t going to able to get to you in time and he saw that look and understood. But he didn’t accept it. He didn’t want to.

Just before the truck hit you, he felt a lightning bolt of panic. Anger. He felt everything.

That truck hitting you.

The screaming he was doing, but not hearing.

And that forgiving look you gave him, it was like fire in his head, one that for the life him he will never able to put out.


Hope. He has a world of hope in his head that he could catch you before you were consumed by the explosion.

His eyes never left yours, the rapid beeping like shock-waves that made him push himself farther, harder.

He felt his mouth moving, but he couldn’t here himself saying your name because his eyes, his mind was on you.

And the look you were giving him.

The look that said “it’s okay, I know.”

The look that told him “I forgive you, Mikey.”

The look that he will never forget, “I love you.”

He was blown back by the shock-waves, the ringing in his ears like the twitters of a songbird. He was distraught. Unbelieving. He made a promise to you, that he would never let harm come to you. But he broke it. He couldn’t feel the tears bubbling in his eyes and streaming down his face. He knew they were there.

As his concerned brothers surrounded him, all he could let leave from his bleeding lips was your name.


He calculated. He mapped. He was sure of it. The tremors, the quakes before the storm. He knew what it all meant. He had everything thought out.

Except one factor. You.

He didn’t count on you wanting to surprise him with a new phone. He was counting on your appearance in the lair.

But you didn’t come and that’s what sent him rushing out into the open. He was always calculative. He always thought things through. But he could barely keep his balance, fraught with worry and panic as the ground cracked underneath him.

He spotted you. In the crowd of screaming people.

You were looking down and that’s what shook him to his core. You were going to fall.

He sprinted towards you, calling your name. Over and over, louder and louder still. He didn’t care if the screams turned to him. He didn’t care if the throngs of people saw him. All he knew was you.

And you looked to him. He was so far away but that look made him feel so very near. It was a look that understood. It was a look that tore his heart because he knew that you knew. He couldn’t save you.

You smiled at him and just before the ground crumbled beneath you, he lets out a strangled cry. He wasn’t counting on you dying today.

He wanted to grow old with you, he wanted nothing more than to see you come back to him. He always kicked around the bush and the small, black box in his pocket reminded him that the most precious person in his life is gone.


Her throat was sore. Her hands felt numb and her shoulders shook.

Just please hold on. Please for one minute more, Y/N.

You clung to the edge of the bridge with everything you had and there were tears in her eyes as you slipped further.

She couldn’t lose you. There wasn’t a chance. If you died she would go running, and kick down Heaven’s gate just to bring you back.

But then you slipped.

And it was so surreal. It seemed like an hour pasted between your hands slipping away and your eyes meeting hers.

Her lips seemed numb as she mumbled frantically, denying for her tears that you were gone.

But you were. You were had slipped before she could get to you.

Before she could tell you. Before she could hold your hands and see you smile. Before she could says those three words that were left dying in the back of her throat.

And the worst part was that you forgave her. And she knew it. And she hated herself for it.


Knox: Kay so before everyone goes running off like always, I have a surprise in the backyard for everyone!

Hazel: Uhhh, that actually sounds kinda creepy…

Knox: It’s not I promise!

Astrid: I would rather cut off all the toes on my left foot than go outside to see whatever death trap you have set up out there.

Knox: Why does no one trust me??

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Tell me the most convincing Point to start watching Gotham. (I will probably anyway but ya know)

In general, it’s incredibly aesthetically pleasing. The sets are always beautiful, the lighting department in phenomenal, the casting directors have done an incredible job, and the hair and makeup and costumes are always perfect. It’s just all around very nice to look at.
As for the story, I love how everyone comes together to come apart and then back together again. It adds another layer of depth to all of the previously established relationships. I know a lot of people complain about the fact that it isn’t “canon compliant” but if we’re going based off of that then one could argue that even the comics aren’t canon compliant since there’s always different storylines that contradict each other going on.

Here We Go Again (Harrison Osterfield)

Originally posted by hazosterfield

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader, Tom Holland x Reader (briefly)

Warning: None

Summary: Harrison and Y/n were best friends as children before life pulled them apart as teens and though Y/n dated Harrison’s friend, they still didn’t really cross paths until they see one another again in New York.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: This fluffy fic was requested by an anon who asked, “Can I request a fluffy Harrison imagine where you knew each other as children but grew apart and you meet again years later and he asks to see you again? How reader and him meet is up to you. Thanks!”

Age 9:

You ran through your neighborhood streets, squealing as Harrison chased you.

“Tag! You’re it!” He hollered triumphantly, placing a hand on your back.

“Aw, man! No fair!” You cried.

“It’s so fair, slowpoke!” Harrison squealed before running off.

You chased after him, yelling at him to slow down so you could tag him. You finally caught up to him and tackled him to the ground in a heap of giggles.

“I can’t breathe!” Harrison said with a groan.

“Sorry!” You laughed, rolling off of him so that you two were laying side by side.

“Do you think we’ll be friends forever?” He asked you.

You looked at him with a smile. “Of course! You’re my best friend.”

“You’re my best friend too.” Harrison said. “I think one day I’ll marry you so we can be best friends forever.”

You grinned at the sound of marriage, like other little kids, you dreamed of being an adult, getting married and playing house.

“Do you really mean that, Haz?”

“Of course! I wanna marry you when I’m grown up.”

“I wanna marry you, too.”

Age 16:

You watched as Harrison laughed with his new girlfriend in the hallway of your school, sighing softly. You two had grown apartment since you were nine, ever since you two grew into different interests and friends.

The only thing that had you two close to one another was your boyfriend and his best friend, Tom. But, you three never hung out together, nor did you talk to him at the parties you both went to.

Harrison looked at you and smiled before he looked back at his girlfriend.

You smiled back before holding your books close to your chest and wondered if he also thought about the promises you both made when you were young.

And that was the last time you saw Harrison for a few years, since you moved away the next day.

Age 20:

You sighed as you stood on the street corner, watched the light to tell you you could cross the street and put your headphones in.

You had moved to New York City when you were sixteen and hadn’t moved since, not even for school. You had been debating on going back home to England to finish schooling so that you could be closer to your family, but you were still unsure.

You cheered quietly as the long light changed and you hurried across the street to the Starbucks on the corner, hoping to get your coffee before going to your early morning class.

The smells of coffee and the quiet sound of music made you feel at peace, a different mood than when you were outside in the street. You smiled at your friend who worked behind the counter and got your usual.

“You’ll never guess who’s here.” Your friend smiled as she handed you your coffee.

You took the cup gratefully and took a sip. “Who’s here, Trisha?”

Trisha pointed to someone behind you, causing you to turn around.

“No way.” You mumbled under your breath.

In front of you sat Tom and Harrison, your two old friends. You took in a deep and shaky breath before walking up to the two boys you hadn’t seen in years.

“Tommy? Haz?” You asked, standing next to their table. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Y/N.” Tom was the first to say your name before he stood up and enveloped you in a hug. “Oh my god, I haven’t seen you in years.”

You hugged back and laughed. “I know. It’s been too long. I’m so sorry I never stayed in touch like we promised. Things got hectic for me.”

Tom pulled away and smiled at you. “It’s quite alright, Y/N. Things got busy for me too.”

“I know! I heard about your part in Spider-man. Congrats, by the way. I know how much you’ve dreamed of something like this.” You said before hugging him again. “Oh, I’m so proud of you.”

“Well, have a seat with us. If you don’t have anywhere to be.” Tom invited.

You took a glance at your watch. “I have about an hour before I have to be in class, so I’d love to join you.”

You took a seat as Tom smiled at you. You two had to break up due to your big move, but that didn’t mean you guys weren’t friends afterwards, even if you drifted apart.

“Class?” Harrison asked. “What are you studying?”

“Oh, I’m a med student at a university in town.” You explained. “Being a doctor’s always been a dream of mine and I thought I’d actually do it.”


“Yep. Things have been busy. How have you been, Haz? I don’t think we’ve seen each other in forever.”

“Well, I’m traveling the world with Tom and working on my acting career.”

“Oh, really? That’s great.” You smiled, feeling as if things with the boys were falling back into place as they did when you were young.

After two coffees and an hour later, you had to leave, even though the two boys (mostly Harrison) had begged you to stay with them and chat some more.

“I’ll talk to you guys later.” You said as you stood up. “Hell, I’ll call you tonight if you want me to.”

Tom agreed before you said your goodbyes and made your way to the door and out the coffee shop.

“Hey, Y/N, wait up!” Harrison’s voice caused you to stop in your tracks.

He rushed up to where you were standing and caught his breath.

“Can I see you again? Without Tom? We’re in town for a few more weeks, so I was wondering if you’d want to go out sometime?” He rushed out.

You smiled, your heart swelling in your chest.

“Of course. I’d love that.”

14. Part 2

Hearing Liana talking in my bed made me wake my ass up, my eyes shot open looking to the side of me and seeing my little lady smiling at me “who you talking too?” I said all groggily “you silly” blinking my eyes several times, I am so tired and mind you I have had all the hours sleep, I feel worse. Liana got me sleeping early, I got bored and fell asleep “you should be sleeping in your princess bed baby, not mine” Liana pushed the bed covers back “I sleep here, I like it” watching Liana slowly slip out of my bed “where you going?” watching her run off, well happy birthday to me. Even my daughter is running away from me, I am shocked that I am spending my birthday like this but I wouldn’t change this for anything. Laying on my side facing the door, I can hear Liana doing something but I am too comfortable in bed to even move and check on her.

The bedroom door flew open “daddy, mommy got this” seeing Liana hold a card and a box. Lifting my head up from the pillow frowning, Liana ran to my bed, placing the things on the bed. Picking the card and box “help!!” Liana shouted, she can’t get her ass up on this bed “you can stay there now for getting out of my bed” shuffling up on the bed “daddy!!” Liana whined, I chuckled reaching over. Pulling Liana up “where did you hide this? I swear I looked in your bag” placing the things in my lap “mommy” Liana is a snitch, I can get information from this girl “so mommy got this?” I asked, Liana looked at me all wide eyed nodding and then shook her head “is it a yes or no baby?” she is confused or Robyn told her to shut her mouth “she say no tell” Liana mumbled “but you just told me” letting out a low chuckle “thank you so much baby” lifting the card up from my lap, Liana wrapped her arms around my neck.

Pulling the card out, turning it around “me!!” Liana shouted, seeing the picture of me and Liana at the side of the card, reading the other side of the card “Happy Birthday to my hero” I read out, swallowing the lump in my throat. Opening the card, seeing Robyn’ writing on the right hand side of the card, looking on the left side “did you draw this? My little artist” looking at Liana, she grinned “it’s so pretty, like you” I have no idea what that is but it is art from my daughter, reading the right hand side “thank you for being the dad any girl would love to have, no matter what or what anyone says you are a hero to us both. You will be Liana’ first love and that is all wanted for our daughter, have a great birthday Chris” closing the card smiling “thank you so much” pressing a kiss to Liana’ cheek. Lifting the long black slim box “do you know what this is?” I asked Liana, she shook her head “well this is a surprise for the both of us then” opening the box slowly, seeing a gold diamond encrusted bracelet “wow” this bracelet band is thick and the gold, looks so beautiful “your momma spending money on me, I love these. Thank you” placing the bracelet in my lap, wrapping my arms around Liana pressing kisses to her face “appreciate you women in my life” so blessed.

Placing the pan in the sink “you should be making me breakfast, not you making me do it. You like your eggs though, did I make them good for you?” Liana nodded chewing her food, well I did well if she is eating it, and she is making a mess on the kitchen counter though. She didn’t want to sit down, she wanted to sit on top of the kitchen counter island and eat on there “so shall we hit up a party tonight baby? I was thinking we should go to the club” holding my plate in hand with my phone, tapping Robyn’ text she sent back.

From: Robyn

To: Chris

It’s ok, have a nice birthday x

Placing my plate down, texting Robyn back but the buzzer went off “you stay there ok? Do not move or you want to get off?” If she falls I am a dead man “I stay” she likes my food which is a blessing, making my way to the door. Jogging up the steps that lead to the door, opening the locks and opening the door. Seeing someone stood outside the gate, looking behind my door and unlocking the gate. I should really put a top on, my nipples are playing havoc. I would usually be having sex for my birthday, this is a whole different vibe. Seeing this little woman walking over to me with roses, a box and a balloon “Christopher Brown” she said my name, she is acting like my face doesn’t answer her question “uh yeah” I said, taking the bunch of roses from her “oh wow it is Chris Brown” she said all wide eyed “yeah” smiling at her “I mean, I didn’t think. Wow, well this for you. Happy Birthday” taking the balloon and box from her “thank you” now she is in shock, at first she was acting all normal with me.

Making my way to the kitchen “wonder who sent these baby” Liana held her hand out, she wants my birthday balloon. Placing the roses and box down, passing the balloon to Liana “unless uncle Mijo sent me roses, I doubt it. Unless it’s your momma, you think she would do this” looking at the roses and grabbing the small card “I think it’s your mom anyways” pulling the card out, blowing out air seeing just a winky face on there. That was useless, placing the card down “let’s see what is in this box” pulling it open, seeing the box filled with what was supposed to be chocolates, it is filled with gummy bears “candy!!” Liana yelped, chuckling lightly “this has to be your mom, I did the same to her” placing the lid back on.

Watching Liana push her baby in the stroller around in my living room, she is in a world of her own. I have been watching her just talking to herself, feeding the baby and then telling the baby off because her hair was a mess, which Liana made it a mess herself. I wouldn’t have it any other way, I didn’t think I would have had my daughter with me, I didn’t think I would have ever have Liana in my home or have Liana with me alone. Robyn trusts me after Ava taking a picture of Liana, I guess because Ava is totally dead and gone and I have a new home Robyn is moving on too “Liana” I said rubbing my face “you think we should go and surprise mommy?” It is my birthday so I get to be mischievous and can ask for things and hopefully get away with it “we see woof woof dad!” I guess that means yes, I’m going to bring my birthday to Robyn and annoy her life.

I hate Chris, I told him to stop with the flowers and I did it back to him, he did warn me about this. Staring up at this disgustingly huge bear in the middle of my reception lobby “thank you” I said through gritted teeth, I have a dog, bear, roses upon roses, pictures, food. I do not know what to do anymore, I keep saying I forgive him and to stop but he won’t listen. I may post this on Instagram, actually fuck it I am going to do that right now. Pulling my phone out from my pocket, stepping back. Coco has already made herself comfortable near the bear, pointing my camera at the things. The world will think I got a secret admirer when in real terms, it’s just Chris Brown. The man that brings every emotion out of me. Captioning the picture ‘when he don’t take no for an answer :)’ he literally will not stop.

Stroking the top of Coco’ head, her eyes are half closing. I have kind of fell for little coco now, even though at first I wanted to ship this thing back to him. The home is so quiet without Liana, I usually like having people around and I am so proud of myself because I don’t feel scared at all being on my own, seeing my phone vibrating at the side of me. Seeing Jay z’ name, picking the phone up. Pressing the phone against my ear “hi Jay” Coco woke her ass up straight away “hey Rih, just thought I would call to see how you was” Coco started to try and climb up on me, her little bark “I’m good thank you, it was nice to see you at the show. Blue looked beautiful” which she did “thank you, Liana is a princess. A diva” my baby is a diva “I just wanted to say how is yours and Chris’ relationship, it is strictly baby father and he sees Liana right?” furrowing my eyebrows confused “uhm yes, why? He is around for Liana” why is he even asking this “I just want to protect the person I love, Chris is not a good man. He will bring your name down, you both looked too close at the show backstage” rolling my eyes “he was there for Liana, like honestly Jay. It has nothing to do with anyone. I don’t mean to be rude but he is a great father” the phone beeped in my ear, moving my head away from the phone and looking at who it is trying to call me “Jay, I will call back. I need to take this” I don’t wish to speak to Jay actually.

Answering Joyce’ call “hey Joyce, how are you?” someone I want to speak too “Hiya sweetie, sorry to call. But do you know where Chris is?” blinking several times, am I Chris’ keeper. The buzzer went off at the door, what is happening today “erm no, he has moved. I mean he is in the rented property with Liana, did he not give you the address?” getting off the couch slowly “he never gave me the address, that boy drives me crazy. I am at his home, nobody is here besides his dogs” shuffling towards the door, the buzzer went off again “I will give you the address actually, I can text you it” unlocking the door, pulling the door back. My mouth gawked in shock “Liana!?” seeing my daughter in front of me dressed like the girl version of Chris, looking around her and seeing nobody here “What the hell?” I spat in shock, Liana giggled. Then his stupid face popped out of nowhere with a cake in hand “happy birthday to me” he said, Liana clapped with Chris as they both danced in front of me. Staring at both my daughter and Chris in shock “uhm Joyce, I will call back. I have some uninvited guests here” disconnecting the call.

Waiting for Chris and Liana to stop being stupid, crossing my arms “what is this?” I asked, Chris let out a laugh “well uhh. We bought you some cake, birthday cake, cake, cake, cake” he started singing, Liana just adores Chris. He starts singing and his support act starts dancing, trying to keep a straight face “you can take this bear with you actually” opening the door for them to come in “I thought I had a daughter, why are you dressed like a little boy. Who did your hair?” Liana pulled her sleeves back on the Bape sweatshirt “daddy” she ran inside seeing this huge bear “did you just buy that?” I questioned seeing the cake “yeah, nobody else finna buy me cake unless I am doing a house party. I went to Walmart” closing the door behind him “you should have told me, I might have took pity on you and bought you a cake. Maybe even a fleshlight” grinning at him, Chris did a sarcastic laugh “well as long as it is shaped like your pussy then we good” hitting his arm “stop it” Liana doesn’t need to hear filth “you can drop the cake off and leave” I still need to figure out where I am going to put this bear.

Chris seems like a lost puppy, he is so damn used to being the hoe he is. He should be going to the club like he usually does “your mom is actually looking for you, shall I tell her to come here?” Chris shook his head “oh nah, I’ll text her” watching Chris sit his ass on my kitchen counter top “so you made yourself at home now” he pulled candles out from his bomber jacket pocket “I know you didn’t want to miss my birthday so I bought it to you” I cannot get angry with him, why is he like this. The buzzer at the door went off, glaring at Chris “I swear to god” Chris had this cheeky grin playing on his face “you better tell me right now, is it you!? What is it now” Chris shrugged “I don’t know what you are speaking about, could be a dildo on special delivery. We just don’t know” he said with the biggest smile on his face, slowly walking backwards “seriously done with you” I said trying to keep an angry face with him.

Pulling open the door “Dominoes” I said, my face scrunched up. The female stared at me all wide eyed and then looked down at the paper “Badgalriri? Dang! I should’ve known” the girl stomped her foot looking like she is about to have a breakdown “the Rihanna Fenty, my god. I love you so much” is this even for me “these are for you” she pulled out two large pizza boxes and four smaller boxes, taking them from her in confusion “man, I just. I love you” she walked off backwards staring at me, she pointed at me as she did. I feel like I am in a twilight zone, what is even happening. Kicking the door shut, walking to the kitchen with the pizza boxes in my arms “ayyyyy pizza is here Liana! Party has just started” Chris jumped off the counter top, placing the boxes on the side “you ordered this?” I pointed “yep, I was hungry and so was Liana. I told you, we wanted to make you feel wanted” Liana slapped my leg “food” she lifted her arms up at me, what am I going to do with these two.

Chris didn’t even touch the pizza boxes, just stood watching “I am not touching these, you are staring at me all suspicious” I don’t trust him “nah Robyn. I am just being a gentleman and letting you go first, don’t be like that” Liana whined in my arms, she is hungry. Moving the small boxes off the pizza boxes, lifting the lid of the pizza. Pushing it back, I sighed smiling “why are you being like this?” he really got them to do a heart shaped pizza “being like what? You not read the message” he pointed, looking up at the message “life without you is like a pizza without cheese. I love you” placing my hand over my mouth giggling “I give up” I said through my laughs “I knew you would love it, I think about these things” he is forever making me laugh “that is the corniest thing to happen to me, only you would come up with such a thing” shaking my head smiling.

He has totally gone overboard with the pizza, there is so much here. I will leave this for him to take home, grabbing the small box and throwing it in the trashcan. Seeing the birthday cake in the middle of the island with the candles at the side, Liana is awake still and Chris is about to fall asleep with the amount of pizza he has had, let me do this for him. I always keep a lighter handy as I lit the candles on the cake, I feel somewhat upset like he deserves so much more, but I wish he just said it. Placing the lighter on the counter. Picking the cake up and making my way to the living room, I would sing Cake to him but my daughter is here and I need to act right “this is not much but here it is. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you” I sang as I walked over, Chris sat up with Liana on his lap with the biggest smile on his face. Leaning down with the cake in hand “make a wish” Chris closed his eyes poking his lips out “when you’re ready” Chris opened his eyes “come on Liana, blow the candles with me” Liana lifted her head up helping Chris to blow the candles out.

Sitting down on the couch across from Liana and Chris, they have both fallen asleep with the dog. They all look so cute, warms my heart to see this and it is something I do love to see but I just feel like Chris is being too good. This is not Chris, he should be somewhere in Vegas forgetting his name with some random hoe. I really wish he was always like this, I just still have that doubt in back of my mind. Picking my phone up from the side of me, shaking my head lightly unlocking my phone. Checking my messages, my sound engineer is booked for New York, I have no idea how long this album is going to take, I have a lot of ideas for this “you look in deep thought” Chris said out of nowhere, my head shot up to him “creep” was the first thing that came to mind, locking my phone “just reading some things” placing my phone to the side of me “can tell” clearing his throat “if you want to go out, I can take Liana for you. I won’t hold it against you, I feel like you haven’t had a good birthday” Chris chuckled “this is a perfect birthday, I got this bracelet and I am spending it here with the both of you” pulling a face “that is boring” he shook his head “not for me, it’s perfect.”

“You going to stop with these gifts though? Stop giving fake names to these people too, you know how many of them be having mental breakdowns” I am not even lying, they just be telling me how much they love me out there “same to you, I see you got me back” smiling at Chris “well I had too, but are you going to stop now?” Chris paused thinking “only if you let me take you out or you come to mine, just to talk. I will stop then, but if not then I need to keep doing it. So you know you are loved and I mean it” Chris drives a hard bargain, he is never equal “there is nothing to talk about” I shrugged “hmmm, there is and you know it. Just to talk without Cassandra telling me to leave you. I meant when I said we can take this shit slow, if you didn’t want me then you wouldn’t have had me here on your couch.” he always clocks me, I hate when he does that “I guess” I mumbled looking down at my nails.

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you were quite the savage child weren't u

…i was quite the mischievous/curious child who loved to run everywhere and at any time and constantly stressed out my mom because i never stayed in one place lol

as soon as i was ever put down (as soon as i started walking) i would take off running

also when i mean by being mischievous and all i knew how to unlock and open doors by the time i was 2 and my mom’s been locked out of the house with me inside with two dogs (and as a result my mom had to call my dad who was at work to come back home and unlock the house lol)

i’ve also managed to unlock the back door a time or two and ran off in the old neighborhood i lived in years ago, and as a result my parents had to child proof/lock all main doors of the house so i couldn’t get out and they couldn’t lose me xD

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I can't help but laugh at the image of Warren's son just getting a running start off of the roof and Warren looking like a football player the way he's running on the ground to catch gotta kid that's damn near swan diving. And the fact that it's the 10th time this week the kid's done it

but imagine the day their wings are big enough to hold their weight– that’s the day warren isn’t fast enough to catch them for the first time in his life and they just SOAR and warren falls to his knees and starts sobbing because it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen and it’s all he ever wished he could have done as a kid

To Genjis it may concern...

I understand you need healing, but as Lúcio, I can’t heal you faster if I just used Amp It Up to make sure Roadhog survives the 2v4 you tried to backdoor your way around. However, there is an alternative! The Payload will actually heal attacking players who move up with it! In addition you might find that I, your only healer, tend to hang around the payload anyway. So instead of spamming your low health alert from up on a ledge, you’re invited to help move the payload for a moment to refresh your heath before running off again! Thank you.

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Okay! *turns around and stops them in mock seriousness* Now... no matter what happens in today's war... we have to stay friends! *breaks into giggles* okay seriously though, let's go! You'd better be ready for a snowball fight to end all snowball fights! *thinking to self* time to make alliances hahaha... ~🐢🎼⚾️

Astro: *are pumped* YEAH~~~

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MJ: Of course we’ll stay friends, Y/N~ *winks*


*Sanha and MJ run off to build a fort*

RK: *taps your shoulder* Hey, Y/N…

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I was wondering if you might want…

*drops a handful of snow down your coat*

Some snow~? *grins and runs away cackling*

Astro RPs/Bias Talks are open!

I'm So Sorry (Jake X MC)

Title - Im So Sorry (Jake X MC)
Request - “Hey sorry about the other request that I recently sent. It’s okay that you can’t do it cause when I think about it, it doesn’t really make any sense lol. So instead of doing that, I thought of something else. Do u think u could do a situation where MC runs off and is angered by the fact that Sean and Jake were fighting. They both feel sorry about it and apologize to him/her. But Jake doesn’t feel like that’s enough and personally talks to MC and they have a moment? Thanks so much!!😊” - @xnice-vibesx
“Request to Sean calling Jake ex-military: like Sean calls him that in a chapter of the book then points out to Jake that he probably doesn’t have anything to go home to. Could you like alternate it where they have a major fight and mc has to break it up and then my chacter talks to Jake after they fight and have a kiss scene at the end. And yes could it be a MC X Jake?” - Anon
“Fixing my request: in one of the chapters Sean kept offending Jake and said that Jake doesn’t want to help because he doesn’t want to leave the island because he doesn’t have anything to go home too. Well Jake ended the arguement by punching Sean in the jaw, instead of him ending it could you make a continuation to the arguement and mc talks to Jake after the arguement. Jake X MC” - Anon
Pairing - Jake X MC
Word Count - 1001

I hope you guys don’t mind that I kind of combined these into one fic because I have another request to rewrite the fight scene (two actually that in combining) because I feel like writing the fight scene five times all of which really similar is just over doing it.
I really do hope you all like this though!! ❤️

“Why do you think you get to call all of the shots?!” Jake fumed, his anger overcoming him, fists formed tightly at his sides, “You’re no leader, you’re just a bossy kid who won’t admit your own confusion!”

“Whatever, all you could hope to be is what I am. You’re nothing compared to me,” Sean retorted, their noses almost touching as he stood tall and straightened his back, “You’re nothing compared to any of us!”

“There’s nothing to compare me to! You guys haven’t even gotten your chance in life to do something great to blow it yet!” His words flew from his mouth without thought.

Though their aim lied elsewhere you couldn’t help but feel like he was talking to you as well, that you had just become part of a misunderstanding crowd who’d soon forget him, and you resented that thought.

“Stop fighting!” Your words rang out and through the tears that began forming in your eyes you caught a final glimpse of their faces before running off to your room.

Racing through the hallways, your feet hitting with a gentle thud, you came across your door.

After fiddling with the key for a short moment you flung open the door and quickly slammed it shut, locking it behind you.

You stood in front of your mirror and regained your composure as best you could, pushing the thoughts out of your mind.

Once you were alright you ran to your bed and laid on your back, staring hopelessly into the ceiling.

Your thoughts interrupted by a quiet knock on the door, “MC..?”

You heard Jake and Sean murmur for a moment before knocking again, “Come on, MC… open up…”

You reluctantly arose from your bed and stood in front of the door, placing the key slowly in the lock and turning it to unlock it.

As the click of the lock resounded you opened the door slowly and saw Jake and Sean standing there.

“Can we come in?” Sean asked rather bashfully and soothingly.

“Y-Yeah…” you sighed and let them in, finding your seat on your bed.

“We’re sorry, MC. Really,” Jake apologized, you could hear and almost feel the sincerity in his voice.

“Yeah, we didn’t mean to,” Sean sighed, resting his hand on your shoulder gently.

“It’s okay guys, really. I overreacted,” you chuckled softly, rubbing your eyes.

“No, you didn’t. We shouldn’t have been fighting, it was foolish of us,” Sean sighed apologetically.

“Yeah, we’re really sorry MC,” Jake agreed.

After a moment of reassurance Sean left, but Jake lingered near you, his fingers grazing your arm as he sat down next to you.

“MC… I know this isn’t like me, but I really am sorry…” he sighed, pulling your head gently against his shoulder and resting his head on yours.

“I know you are…” you reassured him softly as he ran his fingers through your hair.

“Are you going to be okay?” He asked sincerely.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” you smiled and your eyes met.

His eyes were soft in your presence but you could still see all the pain in his eyes, all the hardships he’s experienced, enough pain for more than a lifetime. You felt sorry for him in the slightest, you wished you could help him through everything, and you had never forgiven someone for their actions as deeply as you did now.

His eyes drifted closed with yours and your lips met slowly and gently.

His hand reached up to hold the back of your head and you rested your hands on his slight stubble.

You both broke away, not for air or in passion, but to see each other’s eyes again.

“God, your eyes are gorgeous…” he breathed.

“Yours are too,” you smiled and placed another kiss on his lips.

This one evolved slightly quicker and he soon pushed you back onto the bed and fell with you, rolling around a little before he stopped above you and gazed once more into your eyes.

“I love everything about you.”