and runs for homecoming king

ten songs i really like

1. hypnotized - set it off

2. out running karma- alec benjiman

3. homecoming king - andy black

4. not today - twenty one pilots

5. its almost halloween - panic! at the disco

6. sinner -memphis may fire

7. broken home - 5 seconds of summer

8. drugs and candy - all time low

9. the mourning - halsey

10. champion- fall out boy

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My mom found out that I’m running for homecoming king at my school. As a trans man (especially one that hasn’t started T yet) living in such a conservative town and going to a small school can be difficult. I am one of 3 guys running for homecoming king. My mom saw something on Facebook and got very upset. I’m afraid that my parents are going to stop supporting me financially because of this, they’ve threatened it before for other things. I keep wanting to apologize to them, but I’m not sorry. The whole reason I’m running for homecoming king is for more representation for the lgbt+ community and because I’m proud to be trans. I’m tired of feeling shameful, guilty, unworthy, embarrassed, afraid, ashamed, and gross for who I am. There is nothing wrong with being trans, and if my parents can’t see that then they are the problem. I am not the problem. I am not the problem. I am not the problem. Transgender people are not a problem.

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Let's talk homecoming! Do you have a date yet? If not, who do you want to go with?

I do! It’s pretty early, but Bianca and are are officially going together. And I guess this is just the time to make the announcement, but we’re also running for Homecoming King and Queen. So – vote for us?
One Direction to appear on 'Family Guy': Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson recorded dialogue |

One Direction are now taking a break, but you will see the guys reunite this year in, of all places, Quahog.

Yes, the ridiculously popular British-Irish boy band will appear in an upcoming episode of Family Guy, EW has learned exclusively.

The episode, which centers on Chris running for homecoming king, features the foursome — Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson — in a campfire scene with Stewie, who tells them a scary story involving non-skinny jeans. Payne and Tomlinson were the only two band members who recorded lines of dialogue for the episode.

1D founder Simon Cowell is also included in the scene, although it has yet to be determined whether Cowell himself or someone else will voice the role.

“There are not a lot of shows that, in the same season, feature guest-star appearances by both Frank Sinatra, Jr. and One Direction,” Family Guy executive producers Richard Appel and Steve Callaghan said in a statement to EW. “And we really enjoyed their time with us, until we realized we were both old enough to be their fathers.”

One Direction — whose most recent album, Made in the A.M., was released in November — played their last gigs before the hiatus onThe X Factor in mid-December, and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2016 (which was pre-taped).

The episode, titled “Run, Chris, Run” is slated to air in May.


my cousin(the handsome one) is in the running to be homecomeing king at UC irvine and the more likes he gets on this video the higher his chances to be king