and rome

jathis  asked:

Roman au where someone thinks Matt is a whore and Techie cannot help but laugh.

“How much?”

The whisper catches Matt off guard as he stands in the market square and he blinks in confusion.

“How much for what? I’m not selling anything,” he squints slightly, the man is standing a little too close to see his features clearly. 

“Don’t play dumb,” The man rattles his purse and Matt can hear the clink of coins. “How much for an hour?”

Heat bubbles in Matt’s stomach, the familiar thin tendrils of anger winding through his veins. He grits his teeth, and takes a deep breath, fist clenching as he does. “For the last time. I am not selling anything. I think it would be for the best if you walked away, right now.”

It is at this point that Techie finds him, winding an arm about his waist and smiling through a mouthful of honeyed figs. “There you are, I found a carving knife you might like, who’s your friend?”

The man scowls, “No one. I see this whore is spoken for.”

Techie’s fingers clamp tight on Matt’s elbow as he tries to push forwards, “What did you just call me?” He bares his teeth in a snarl, trying to shake Techie from his arm when he hears a light, pleasant laugh.

Techie smiles at the man, eyes cold as flint, “You seem to have made a mistake, friend,” his voice lowers and Matt feels a shiver up his spine, “this man is my lover, no one else’s. His hair may be the same colour as your Roman harlots but rest assured, his body is not for sale.” He smiles again, bright and sunny, “Come along Matt, let’s have some figs. This man won’t be bothering you again.”

Matt feels himself being led away, Techie’s hand firmly set on the base of his spine and turns to smirk at the man. His face is turning an interesting shade of puce that only intensifies when Techie’s hand drops lower to give a little squeeze. 

Matt throws his arm around Techie’s shoulder and leans in to brush their lips together.

Techie tastes like honey.