and rolled out like a bear hug

Finn| Bad Intentions |Balor

Title; Bad Intentions

Pairing; Finn Balor/Reader, past Prince Devitt/Reader

Words; 6110

Summary;  Is it such a sin for me to take what’s mine?

Warnings; NSFW. Heel!Antagonist!Reader. Smut, choking, breathplay. Some angst idk? VERY unhealthy relationships. Emotional abuse, mental abuse, and grooming of a younger woman by an older man if you squint and read between the lines.

Author Note; IDGAF I wrote another terrible human being. Fight me. Diverse characters make the world go round, and that includes actual villains. This one was so much fun for me to write, and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. You know the drill.

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3 AM

Vegas | 3 AM | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: Read this so you can understand what’s going on a little better lol. So this is not v7. This takes place in between Vegas and Tease, so just keep that in the back of your mind while you read. This is the story of how Y/N got on birth control. Also, credit to @adothoe for a couple lines of dialogue she helped me with.

Word Count: 3066

Pairing: Daveed Diggs x Reader

Warnings: smut, lazy sex, pharmacy, little bit of jealousy, cursing

Tagging:  @jordanfishest @jazy2015 @alexanderhamllton @this-ally-loves-you @duckoffury @hamrevolution @curiositykilledthecompanion @thegirlonhamilton @shinymarbles @legattoassassino @nadialinett14 @an-abundance-of-hannahs @someonesblogger @the-ashy-phoenix @hamiltrashinn @texasprincess3 @patchesthed00t @teenage-band-loser @hetafairyaot @hmltntrsh51 @kkoolaid1 @londonbridgefalling @ashthewinchestergirl @aquamarrineee @pearltheartist @bluesnowyangel @iguanamineral @vickyvickerson @edge-oftonight @vishuddhakid @kink-george @loopietoopie @hamil-scribbles @iamgrayfox @zaire-is-worth-it @hamiltonwasbienough @butter-times @lilybutterworthstuff @velvetsirius @fandom-nerdness7 @snoozing-hippogriffs-23 @agent-fangirl @traash-canz @meand-mybrain @jadee-ee @oshlow @me—lancholy @ridiculousn3ssfangirl @newyorkyoucanbeanew @pearltheartist @bluesnowyangel @sitdownjohn-youfatmotherfucker @finnydraws @exhibits-no-restraint @secretary-thomas-jefferson @completehamiltrash @clamilton @for-god-sake-john-sit-down @pandoraspieceofcrapbox @thenutella-cat @manateegrl @meavenel @hamilsquadsrighthandman @seungcheoljpg @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @i-am-trash1828 @helplessly-hamiltrash @haletotheking24 @bootybiersack @thoughtfulbearpanda @5vibesofsummer @completehamiltrash @canadianfruitpunch @faatlouie @accidentally-impeccable @ask-sherlock-221b @missgallaxy @nonxstop @emilysyrup @erinlikestrains @basheverythingyesterday @yukiyoru @duckslier3 @drwhomtrenchluvr @sweetestjensener @pearltheartist @dulharp-a

Daveed sighed as he laid on his back in bed next to your sleeping form, restless because he’d been wide awake for almost an hour now. It was one of those nights where his brain was on overdrive. His mind wandered from replaying the lyrics to the new clipping. song he was working on to images of the small baby animals he saw while doing a voiceover for a Disney documentary.

Letting his eyes fall shut, he wrapped his arms tighter around you, pulling you up against his chest. He buried his face into your neck, trying his hardest to clear his mind as best he could.

You stirred in his embrace, awakening groggily and slowly due to the new feeling of Daveed’s warm breath on your neck.

“D?” you murmured tiredly, shifting closer to the warmth his body created.

“Mm,” He hummed against you, his voice rough from not using it for a few hours. He was tired, yes, but the way his train of thought couldn’t come to a stop kept him wide awake, awake enough to respond with no sleep evident in his tone at all.

“D, go the fuck to sleep.”

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Okay so everyone always has Jack proposing with this super elaborate gesture and I totally agree with that, but what if Bitty beats him to it? 

Like, Jack has this whole thing planned out. During a family skate, where Bitty is hanging out with everyone as Jack’s long-term bf, Single Ladies starts playing over the loud speakers and Bitty starts dancing with one of the kids on the ice and the lights dim and suddenly like a disco ball or something pops out and SMH all comes out on the ice and start dancing around Bitty and he’s laughing and when “all the single ladies put your hands up” plays Bitty throws his hand up and the music stops and Jack drops down on one knee in the circle formed by his friends and teammates and says “Bittle, if you’ll have me, this is the last time you’ll be a single lady. Will you marry me?” And Bitty is crying and Jack is grinning his stupid Jack grin and Shitty is bawling and Ransom and Holster are sniffing and holding hands and Bitty says yes and they kiss and the song starts again at “if he liked it he should have put a ring on it” and everything is perfect. 

At least, this is what Jack has planned. He told George and she had tears in her eyes and said that “of course she could make it happen” and the Falcs all think it’s great and all of their SMH friends set the date and plan on being in Providence come hell or high water. And it’s the night before and the thought of the ring in his hockey bag is making Jack want to puke and he and Bitty are curled up on the couch watching Cut Throat Kitchen and eating dinner.

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Love Me Honestly (Part 3)

Summary: After the events of For Your Convenience, you and Bucky officially start your life together as a couple (Modern AU).

Word Count: 691

Part 1 - Part 2

A/N: As always, thanks so much for the wonderful feedback! Just to let you all know, this series will be shorter than FYC. I only have a total of 12 parts and an epilogue planned out. I hope you guys stick with me for this ride of a series!

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When the car stopped in front of your home, you still noticed Bucky being a little off, still lost in his thoughts as his gaze flickered over to you. However, he hindered it with a smile as you both said your goodnights with a kiss on the lips. Though the kiss was short and sweet, it was intoxicating and you could never get enough, stealing your breath with just one touch. 

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17 djwifi please

“I hope you know that you are extremely huggable, and I love it.” Alya rubbed her cheek against Nino’s chest and tightened her arms around his waist. “You’re just a huggable, loveable Nino bear.”

“Uh…thanks?” Nino tried to pull away but Alya only held on tighter. He looked at Marinette helplessly. “What’s wrong with her?”

“She had her wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. I tried to tell her to stay home but she didn’t want to miss the Ladybug assembly later.” Marinette rolled her eyes but smiled. “I think she overdid it on the pain meds.”

“Nino, have you always been this huggable?” Alya beamed up at him. 


“I think I’m just going to hug you forever,” she sighed. “I live here now.”

“That’s going to make some things a little complicated,” Nino laughed, looking down at her fondly. 

“You seem to have this under control, so I’m just going to go,” Marinette said, taking a step back.

“Wait! You can’t leave her like this,” Nino claimed, grabbing for Marinette’s arm.

Marinette stepped out of reach. “She’s fine. She’s got her Nino bear after all,” she winked, turning and leaving the room.

“Mmm, Nino bear,” Alya echoed, nuzzling his chest.

Nino sighed and looked down at Alya. “What am I going to do with you?”

“Love me,” she replied dreamily.

“No problem there,” Nino said, kissing the top of her head.

Working through some of the writing prompts in my inbox now. :) Feel free to send me a prompt from this list and a pairing and I will get to it when I can.

Letting off Steam

A/N: An anon requested the dialogue prompt “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.” for Negan. I hope you enjoy it <3

Word count: 852

Warnings: Sexual innuendos (this is Negan we’re talking about after all)

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Your clenched your teeth as you slammed the door of the parlor behind you and stomped down the hall. Fuck all of them. You weren’t going to sit there and subject yourself to hearing the other wives make nasty remarks about your weight, your personality, or whatever bullshit callous excuse they made so they could act like assholes. So you decided to leave and blow off some steam elsewhere and wait for Negan to inevitably find you and have a talk about how you gave Sherry a pretty little shiner for sharing her two cents about you to your face.

You poked your head into the designated gym area in Sanctuary, breathing a sigh of relief when you found it empty. Negan’s men hadn’t brought back much equipment from their supply runs, but all you cared about was the trusty old punching bag that hung on the other side of the room. You’d never taken any self defense classes before the apocalypse hit, but after dealing with your ‘sister wives’ for so long you understood how cathartic it was to punch the crap out of something.

Without hesitation you took your stance and let your fists fly, connecting with a satisfying smack as the bag rocked from the force. You exhaled quickly with each punch, almost as if letting out every little grievance from your body. Grunting, you applied more force into your punches, adding in a couple of elbow jabs for good measure as you imagined how enjoyable it felt to punch Sherry in her smug fucking face.

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Could you write an imagine about the reader and Josh's wedding? I haven't really come across wedding imagines, only proposal ones. :/ Oh also, could Tyler and Jenna be the best man and maid of honor?


“You did it up all wrong,” Michael sighs with a little chuckle, gesturing at Josh’s tie from a spot behind him in the mirror. “Look Ty, he did it backwards. He’s nervous.”  

“It’s hard in the mirror.  Just tie it for me then,” says Josh, rolling his eyes as Michael bats his hands away and begins to loop his tie properly.

Behind them, Tyler paces dramatically with a notecard in his hand.  “You’re not allowed to be nervous,” he says, motioning towards Josh.  “I’m nervous enough for the both of us!  To be, or not to be,” he continues, outstretching his arm theatrically, and placing it on his forehead for effect, “that was not the question that Josh Dun asked Y/F/N on one fateful night almost a year ago.  My name is Tyler Joseph, and I’ll be your tour guide through this emotional rollercoaster–”

“Emotional rollercoaster?” Michael laughs.

“We’ll laugh, we’ll hope, we’ll cry.”

“Um,” says Josh, eyeing Tyler warily in the mirror as Michael laughs helplessly, “I’d like to think you’re just messing around… but you’re just messing around, right?”

Tyler opens his eyes wide, looking appalled.  “Absolutely not!  You made a choice, the right choice I might add, asking me to make the big speech.  It’s my moment, Josh. Everyone will be talking about it for years.”

Michael laughs even harder, patting Josh on the chest once his tie is done right, “There you go. Like a real gentleman. Don’t worry about Tyler,” he adds in a whisper. “I’ll keep him in line, I always do. ”

Tyler throws them both a dark look, one hand over his heart, before continuing, “Now what… What is real love? Come with me now on a journey and I’ll tell you.  Together, we’ll delve into the love story between two young heart throbs. Charming, sometimes incredibly tragic, but always pure and true.  Our tale begins on the eighteenth of June, 1988. Josh Dun was a summer baby emerging on a cool brisk evening–“

“You’ve only got like three minutes to talk,” Josh tells him, just in case he was unaware of the time limit on his speech. Just then, Jordan pops his head in.

“Practicing our speeches?” He looks at Josh and raises his eyebrows with an assuring thumbs up.  “Looking good, bro.”

“You’re just in time,” Tyler says, pointing at Jordan, “I was thinking you could act out my speech, like performance art.”

“No plays at my wedding!” Josh says, but he’s laughing too.  

Just saying the word ‘wedding’ aloud makes Josh’s heart leap a little.  He starts thinking of how Y/N probably looks right now.  She had fussed around nervously all morning, organizing and re-organizing things around the house, cleaning things that were already clean. The same way she always was when she got anxious.  Josh finally hugged her from behind and said, firmly, “Stop.”  

She had rolled her eyes but allowed Josh to tug her down onto the couch, wrapping his arms around her in a bear hug.  “It’s going to be perfect,” He had said.  

Josh then stands up from the chair, smoothing his hair down over his ear where it’s come undone.

“C’mon Michael,” says Jordan, still lingering at the door, “Your wife sent me in here to get you, she wants to get some pictures beforehand.”

“Duty calls,” Michael says, smiling lightly at Tyler and Josh before following Jordan out the door.

Once they’re gone, Tyler grins at Josh.  

“You ready for this?” he asks. Josh gives a little shrug. After month building up to this day, it almost feels like a dream – the hum of people collecting in the church, his shiny new shoes, the look in Y/N’s eyes earlier when she’d said in awe, “Next time I see you, I’ll marry you,” which Josh can’t stop replaying in his mind.

“Ready as I’ll ever be.  Any last words of advice?”

“Yes,” says Tyler seriously.  “Four, actually.”  Tyler says the words slowly and clearly, “Don’t – mess – it – up.”  

“Like don’t stutter when I’m reading my vows?  Or like, don’t be a horrible husband and drive Y/N away?”

“Both,” says Tyler, his face breaking out into a grin.  “See?  That’s why I’m so helpful.

“Ah,” says Josh, smiling.  “I see.  You’re the master. Thanks, Ty.” He meets his eyes, which are soft and fond.

“You deserve it, Josh,” he says. “All of this. I’m so happy for you.”

“Aw,” Josh teases, trying to conceal the lump in his throat, “are you going to cry?”

“I might,” says Tyler.  “Your bride certainly will.  She was already looking a bit teary when I left her earlier. We’ve actually all taken bets on how long it’ll take her to start bawling.”  

“What?” Josh exclaims indignantly. “Nobody told me that! Come on, I want in.”

“Sorry, but Jenna said it’s not nice to bet on your own wife’s wedding day tears.”  

“But I’d have the best chance at winning!”  

“Nope, not allowed,” says Tyler. “Although I’ll tell you my guess – she won’t last thirty seconds after she sees you.  And it will continue for the rest of the evening.”

“That’s – that’s probably true,” Josh admits. “What did everyone else guess?”

“Jordan said she’d cry during vows,” says Tyler, ticking them off as he counted on his finger.  “Micheal bet same as me, when she sees you, and Mark thinks she’s already crying.”

“I think I’m with Mark on that one,” says Josh with a little laugh.

Just then Ashley pokes her head into the tent, hair piled elegantly on top of her head, gesturing at him.  Tyler gives her a charming smile, which she returns.

“Josh, are you almost ready?  Everyone’s waiting!”  

Josh nods as Ashley sighs and crosses the floor to hug him, straightening his tie.  

“You look great,” she whispers.

“Thanks,” Josh says, swallowing another lump that rises in his throat.  “Alright, let’s get moving. I can’t be late to my own wedding.”

As it turns out, they all lose the bet – Y/N holds it together fairly well, misty-eyed and fond, through most of the ceremony.  It’s Josh who gets teary eyed the moment he sees her turn the corner and start walking down the alter.  Her arm’s latched with her father’s and the minute her eyes meet his the lump in his throat is back, only this time with some tears as well.  

She’s beautiful, in the most elegant and true way.  Her hair is pulled back, complimented by a veil.  Her face breaks out into a huge smile of triumph when she sees Josh.  She clutches tightly onto the assortment of flowers in her hand and makes her way closer and closer.  

Josh let’s out a shaky laugh, trying to cover up how emotional he really is.  After a few moments of just staring, in complete and utter awe, he has to wipe his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket.  

She reaches the front of the church, kissing her father on the cheek one last time before stepping up to the alter.  

Josh can’t help himself.  He’s smiling so wide, his insides bursting with love and affection and disbelief.  He was so lucky.  So so so lucky.  

The ceremony’s a blur.  Josh’s head is spinning and it all goes so fast.  Before he knows it, he’s saying his vows, the words falling off his tongue from memory. He’s clutching onto her hand so tight, squeezing out his anxiety from the event.

The phrase “you may now kiss the bride” barely leaves the lips of the priest before Josh’s mouth is on hers, pressing them together as close as he can.  

It’s after their first kiss that her fingers clutch tightly into Josh’s waist and she’s crying when she pulls back, smiling so hard her eyes are nearly closed.  Josh pulls her closer, holding onto her for dear life, his heart is so full he thinks it might explode.  

“We did it,” she breathes into his neck, a secret whisper just for Josh, even as everyone’s cheering and applauding from all sides. It’s almost too much – He sways against her, arms locked tight around her back.

“I knew we would,” he murmurs, kissing her on the cheek.

Tyler’s speech isn’t as bad as he’d promised – in fact, it’s incredibly touching.  Y/N, predictably, sniffles and giggles her way through the entire thing, much like the rest of the crowd.  

The day passes in a blur of relatives and champagne, Josh and Y/N slow dancing, Tyler and Jenna cozying up together.  Tyler wrapping Josh in a bear hug and muttering “I love you, man,” with tears in his eyes.  

Josh’s mom, who cried even more than Y/N, pulls her close and whispers, “I’d say welcome to the family, but you’ve always been.” She hugs her with tears prickling in her own eyes, at a loss for words.  

It’s frantic, fast-paced and fun, a sensory overload. Josh barely gets time to eat a slice of his own wedding cake.  He’s not sure what he’s going to remember about the day, but he knows that it’ll be something with Y/N’s hand on his back, her eyes locked on his even from across the dance floor.  The feeling of her cheek pressed to his while they dance, just swaying together under the soft lights.

“Will you kiss me?” she asks Josh towards the end of the night, when they’re almost the last two left dancing.  Josh smiles down at her, cupping her face, eyes incredibly fond.


Jimin - Stress Reliever

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Angst Smut

Word Count: 2k

Jimin x Reader

I was in the practice room with Jimin since he wanted to practice on his dance for “Boy Meets Evil” and “Own It” by Drake, since he already practice most of BTS songs like dope, fire, save me, I need you, etc. I was sitting in front of him with my phone in my hand checking social media. He was looking in the mirror as he danced to check if he made any mistakes.

He’s been very stressed out lately, he has tons of special stages and performances to practice and perform. I’ve been feeling really bad, especially since there was no way I could help. Whenever I would try to calm him down or relieve his stress, he would always push me away by telling me “he’s fine”. Or just blowin me off. When I really got worried was when one night he locked himself in the bathroom for over an hour. I was so scared.

I look up from my phone and he went from a black t shirt to a wife beater. He was covered in sweat and I could tell he was exhausted. His black fringe sticking to his forehead, and his eyes were a little red. I could tell he was pushing himself, and he was pushing himself a little too hard.

He stopped dancing. “Damn it!” He shouts. “I can never get this shit right!”

I jump at his loud voice of exhaust and frustration. He reach over to the CD player and turn it off. I look back at him and he has his face in his hands, sniffling. He was crying? He’s never cried because of his frustration at practice.

“Jimin? Wanna sit down?” I ask, a little scared if he might have another outburst.

Instead, he calmly walked over to me and sat next to me. He removed his hands from his face -covered in sweat and tears- and rested it on my shoulder.

I wrap my arm around him and rub his shoulder to calm him down. He was really sweaty so I didn’t want to touch him but it was worth cheering him up. “Don’t push yourself too hard, please. You’re stressed enough. Everything is fine with your dancing, I don’t know what you think you are doing wrong. I don’t want to see you like this and you know that.”

He slightly shakes his head. “I just wish things were easier for me.” He tells me with a soft and faded voice.

He brushes his hair back as he gets up from his spot. He holds his hand out for me to grab, “let’s go home.”

I shake my head at his sweaty palm. “I can get up myself.” I say standing up on my feet.

He chuckles. “You know how to make me feel better.” He tells me in a whisper.

I smile at his acts. He holds his arms open and tries to take me in for a hug but I quickly back up. “No hugs until you shower” I shake my head rapidly.

He continues to walk near me and I continue to back up. As soon as I know it, we are running around the practice room like 4 year olds. “No hugs ChimChim!” I shout getting tired.

His face dims down and his eyes become dark. He runs over me and gives me a bear hug. I groan in disgust, even though he is about halfway dry from how he was when he stopped practicing, he is still sticky.

“What did I tell you about calling me ChimChim?” He asked me in a sinister voice.

I roll my eyes playfully and sigh. I lightly push him off me. “Let’s just go home and relax, you need sometime off.” He smiles at me and asks for my hand.

I look at him like he’s crazy. “My hand is dry, jagi.” He smiles even wider. A grin breaks out on my face as I grab his hand with no hesitation.

We walk around the room to collect our things and leave, still hand in hand. We call a cab and we hop inside. We buckle up and the car begins to drive.

As I look out the car window, I can feel Jimin staring at me. I slowly turn my head to look at him and he continues to stare at me.

“What?” I quietly asks.

He shoots a sweet smile at me. “You’re beautiful” he informs me.

I shake my head and look out the window some more. I still feel him staring but I just let him be.

Minutes later

We arrive at our apartment and Jimin tips the driver. We exit the car and walk to our apartment.

We enter the elevator and I press the number 6 button to go to floor 6.

“Jagiya?” He ask. I look at him and raise my eyebrows, signaling him to continue. “Kissy?”

He puckers his lips waiting for me to reply. I try to refuse, until he open his eyes wide out of concern of why I was taking so long to reply.

“You’re too cute to ignore.” I walk to him and peck his lips, but he holds me in place to make the kiss longer. It lasted til we heard the elevator bell ring, alarming that we were at our floor.

He quickly grabs my hand and rushes to our room. He unlocks the door and he almost drags me inside and shuts the automatically-locking door.

He then connects our lips again. It was passionate, but he wasn’t. He needed a shower, bad.

“You need a shower babe.” I groan in the kiss, trying to push him off me.

He complies with my wishes and walks away from me. “You’re right, but I need you. You help me with my stress and anger, and your personality is truly amazing. You look absolutely stunning all the time, you are perfect to me.” His face softened up.

I felt so touched at his words. I held my self back from running to him to give him a tight hug and a kiss. “Hurry up and shower Jimin.” I demand him.

He chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief. “You’re so cute.” He grabs his towel and walks into the bathroom. “Don’t wait up.” He winks at me. He finally closes the door.

I know he was trying to be silly, but that really turned me on. I could feel myself warming up. I heard the shower turn on and I lay down on the bed impatiently. I was still feeling turned on and I couldn’t wait for him to come out. I slide my hands into my pants and start to rub slowly against myself, applying slight pressure to create better friction.

I moan quietly as I circle my middle finger around my clit. The sensitivity caused me to twitch strongly, but it felt great. I moan louder when I slowly insert a finger inside of my wet heat. That’s when the bathroom door opened.

Jimin came out shirtless with basketball shorts on. His hair was damp, his abs were slightly glistening from the small amount of water still resting on it. His eyes widen and I quickly pull my hand out of my pants. We had a moment of silence, staring at each other in shock. After what felt like an eternity, he walks over to me and the next thing I know he is hovering over me.

“You know I wanted you this whole time, right?” he asked me in a whisper. I felt his hot breath on my neck, sending me chills. He dives down and starts to land pecks all over the side of my neck.

I close my eyes in pleasure. He takes some of my neck in between his teeth. I bite my lip, trying my hardest not to let out my moans. He lets go of the skin, “moan princess, I want to hear you.” He tells me in a very soft voice, and licks from my collarbone to my jawline.(BTW His nickname for me is princess.)

With his encouragement, I let out a moan. He smirks and sits up. He grabs the hem of my shirt and slides it off of me, exposing my grey Calvin Klein sports bra. He bites his lips as he runs his hands up the sides of my body, hands going along every curve. He pecks my stomach as he slowly lifts up my bra to reveal my plump breast. He creeps up to my chest and passionately attacks my breast, licking the right one and messaging the other.

He moves over to the left one, and bites my tender nipple causing me to squirm from the shiver sent down my body. He moves down and takes my pants off along with my matching grey Calvin Klein underwear, which where soaked. He took some time to appreciate my body and to appreciate the fact that it was all his.

He then looked down to my dripping wet pussy, then looked deep into my eyes. “princess, every inch of you is beautiful.” I smile at him, he’s the sweetest thing. He then goes down to my heat and starts to lick my folds.

I let out soft moans and whimpers as the intensity raised. He inserted two fingers as he licks my clit. I let out a loud moan. “Don’t be scared to let your stress and anger out on me.” I inform him in a moan.

“ahh, j-jimin” I moan. “I’m close, ah”

With that he pulls his fingers away along with his tongue and I jerk from the feel of nothing. I whimper and look down at him with a confused face. “you’re not cumming just yet, princess” He reassured me, sucking on his coated fingers.

He gets up and slides his shorts off along with his underwear, leaving his long member standing tall for me. I feel my body heat up from the sudden sight in front of me.

He gets on top of me once again and lightly pushes my legs a little bit more farther apart for easier access. He slides his hard on inside of me and continues to dig inside of me until it was all in. I let out a loud and long moan as he does so. He starts to thrust inside of me, gripping onto my hips for more support.

“you’re tight huh?” He breathes out, panting. “My princess is so fucking tight.”

I buck my hips with the rhythm of his for more pleasure. As he speeds up, he cages me in between his arms. He starts to go to an inhumanly speed as I hear his load grunts and pants.

“Ji-Jimin Oppa, i’m a-almost there” I shout out with the last couple of breaths I had. Sweat was dripping from our bodies and foreheads. “you’re so b-big, I’m about t-to” I couldn’t finish my thought as I felt him start to throb against my walls.

“cum with me, princess.” He tells me. “I’m right th-” He got cut off by his pants and the waves of extreme pleasure rushing through our bodies.

He’s thrust got harder, faster, and stronger, and his dick throbbed harder and harder each second. He laid his head on my chest and breathed out airy breathless ‘I love you’s’ as my walls clenched tightly around his hard throbbing member.

Not long after, he filled me up with his white substance along with my strong orgasm, so strong i felt the pleasure go up and down my body. I saw all white as my eyes rolled all the way to the back of my head. With Jimin’s head still resting on my chest, he let out his last long moans and groans into my chest as he gritted his teeth together. Our sweat mixing together, and dripping down the curves and crooks of our bodies. our Bodies stiffened up with pleasure for what felt like an hour. Soon, the amazing echoing feeling wore off and Jimin rolled off of me and laid right next to me. He pulled me in and held me in a sweaty cuddle.

“we’ll shower tomorrow, I love you” he says as his breath becomes steady again. I smile and nod in agreement, “I love you too”

Hello to my horny sinners! It’s my first BTS smut! What do you think? If you want a certain kind of smut with a certain member, don’t be afraid to tell me! 

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BTS React to You Scared of Thunder

Awaken by the loud booms of thunder, you don’t just snuggle closer, you actually roll over on top of him to find comfort during the thunderstorm.

JIN: He’d immediately ask “princess, what’s wrong” and then wrap his arms around you tight but not so tight it’d be uncomfortable when he heard you whisper, “thunder”. At that moment he’d hear the big boom himself and run his fingers through your hair as he sang you back to sleep.

SUGA: He’s going to hand you earbuds and tell you to put them in. You’ll begin to wonder if that’s his idea of comforting you when your scared of the loud booms of thunder. Then you’d feel the covers being pulled up over your heads, his arms wrapping you up in a bear hug as his tongue technology begins to ring out in your ears.

J-HOPE: He’d be surprised to feel you roll on over on top of him and then he’d hear the thunder and know what was going on. He’d wrap his arms around you and tell you everything was alright. You were in his arms and he’d keep you safe because he was your hope after all.

RAP MONSTER: He’d snuggle you close as you lay on top of him during the storm. He’d remind you that you were his baby and like always in every situation he would protect you no matter what it’d take.

V: He’d most likely be half on top of you the way it was. When he felt you jump from the sound he’d roll over, pulling you over on top of him, hugging you tight. He’d start acting goofy in hopes you’d start to laugh forgetting all about the storm going on outside.

JIMIN: He’d most likely start grinning mischievously but before he could put his thoughts into actions he’d hear the thunder. He’d just giggle as he wrapped his arms around you. He’d coo your name and play with your hair until he felt you begin to relax.

JUNGKOOK: He’d hold you close to him there’d be no doubt about that. He’d try to convince you to think of thunder as being him playing the drums. Since you loved hearing him play the drums.

Dear Reader,
I was woke up this morning by thunder and to do a reaction about this came to mind.

Felt Just Like Vacation
Bomb The Music Industry!
Felt Just Like Vacation

Bomb the Music Industry! - Felt Just Like Vacation

In truth, December destroyed me. January crushed me. By February, I was not myself. March rolled in like beatings and rolled out like a bear hug. In April I stared out the window for a fucking month. I don’t want October. I don’t want November. I don’t want to feel those crippling blows that I can’t explain to myself, my friends or you so I soften them with hours of Nintendo.

shutter-effect-deactivated20170  asked:

OH YA OKAY SO WAIT AM I ALLOWED TO SUGGEST SOMETHING, IF SO, THEN HERE, BABE ♥ draco meets sirius for the first time. like. without all the enemy thing going on. draco is just harry's boyfriend trying to make a good impression on the one person could actually have an affect on their relationship. so he tries to change, and he tries to be the person he wants to be.


So here it goes:

  • “I don’t know how I feel about this kid Re, I mean his father tried to kill Harry more than once” Sirius said, distressed.
  • In an hour Harry would be coming to visit with his new boyfriend, Draco Malfoy
  • “Sirius Orion Black, you know far better than anyone, that you can not judge people based on their family,I mean look at you for Christ’s sake, look at who your family is, then look at you, the bravest, kindest man that I have ever met” 
  • Remus took a step towards Sirius, placed his hand under his boyfriend’s chin and lifted his head up so that he could look into those stormy grey eyes.
  • Sirius, unable to lie when those eyes were looking at him, those beautiful green eyes that had entranced him from the moement they met he said, his voice a whisper “I just don’t want him to get hurt, he’s my godson, I love him”
  • Remus wrapped both arms around Sirius and laced one hand through his hair “I know, just give this boy a chance”
  • “okay”

  • “Harry, I don’t know if this is a good idea, I mean, they know who I am, they know who my family is, who my father is, they’ll hate me”
  • “Draco Lucius Malfoy, no one in their right mind could ever hate you, you are not your father…look at me” 
  • Draco brought his gaze up to meet Harry and Harry brought his hand up to Draco’s cheek and brushed his thumb against his pale skin.
  • “You are not your father, they know that, I know that and you need to know that, trust me they are going to love you…they’re going to love you because I love you”
  • “okay”

  • Draco had been dreading this moment since he and Harry had starting going out.
  • Draco had changed, changed into the man that he had wanted to be, into the man that Harry could love.
  • But that wasn’t good enough for some people, they still see the traditional malfoy skin, hair and eyes and therefore that made him into the evil no good death eater they thought his father was.
  • And they were going to think that too, he knew that they would.

  • The doorbell rung
  • “That’ll be them” said Remus whilst trying to straighten his jumper “wait pads! your coller is turned up” he walked over and turned the coller down on Sirius’ leather jacket “I don’t know why you insist on wearing that thing, especially when we are eating in the house”
  • “Because moons,it makes me look like a badass and it will show the Malfoy boy that if he messes with Harry, he’ll have me to deal with”
  • With a sigh escaping his lips and a “okay pads”, Remus walked towards the door and opened it.

  • Harry and Draco stood before the door leading to Remus and Sirius’ house and Harry pressed the doorbell.
  • “Harry, do I look okay? Do I look presentable? Do I look like I could be Harry Potter’s boyfriend?”
  • Harry gave a chuckle “Of course, you always do, a little over dressed maybe but…”
  • “Really? Bloody hell why didn’t I think of that, now they’e going to think I’m a snob and-”
  • Harry cut him off “Draco I was joking, you look amazing as always”
  • He stepped forward and tugged on Draco’s tie to bring him closer and also down to Harry’s height, Draco wasn’t much taller than Harry but he secretly loved how tall his boyfriend was.
  • He tugged a bit harder and pressed his lips against Draco’s.
  • He wrapped his arms around Draco’s neck while Draco placed one of his around Harry’s waist and the other resting against harry’s cheek.
  • Their kiss didn’t last long before they heard the door open and a small choking noise coming from the inside.

  • Well he did not expect to see that
  • Sirius gave a small choking sound from behind Remus, clearly shocked.
  • The boys turned to face Remus and Sirius.
  • Draco looked like a deer in the headlights while a faint blush arose on Harry’s cheeks.
  • Harry strolled into the house as if nothing out of the ordinary while Draco stood stiffly in the door way.
  • “Sirius! Remus!” Harry hugged both of them tightly.
  • “So…this is your boyfriend” Sirius said stepping closer to Draco
  • “Yes, this is my boyfriend Draco, Draco this is my godfather Sirius”
  • “It’s a pleasure to meet you Sir” Draco put out his hand.
  • Sirius looked the boy up and down before he felt a nudge in his side from remus and he reluctantly shook the boy’s hand.
  • “Nice to meet you Draco, well I suppose you know who I am considering I taught you DADA during your third year, I’m Sirius’ boyfriend, you can call me Remus now” Remus said kindly and he shook Draco’s hand.

  • Dinner was, awkward to put it lightly.
  • It consisted of Harry bragging about Draco’s achievement, Sirius asking questions about Draco and his family, making him extremely uncomfertable and Remus giving Sirius a nudge, cough or death stare everytime he did this and being overly nice to Draco to make up for this.
  • “Why don’t you two sit in the living room while Sirius and I get all of this cleaned up”
  • Remus watched as the boys made their way out of the room and then he turned to Sirius “I thought you were going to give this boy a chance, can’t you see how hard this boy is trying while you’re waiting there trying to make him slip up at every opportuinity!” he spoke in a hush but stern tone.
  • “I’m sorry. I, I just wanted to make sure that he is good enough for Harry, not every pureblood is like me, even now I’m not sure that I’m good enough for you, I just need to know that he will do anything for him.”
  • “Sirius, first of all, you are good enough, you are more than good enough, you’re everything to me” again Remus lifted Sirius’ face so he could look into his eyes when he said this, his voice had become much softer now “Secondly, if you hadn’t been continuously testing this boy you would be able to see the way he looks at Harry, as I recall it’s the same way that you would look at me when we were their age, Draco loves Harry, it’s clear to seem so please give him a chance”
  • “I’m sorry Re, I’ll be nice this time”
  • They finished cleaning up and made their way to the living room however they stopped outside of the door when they heard it.
  • “They hate me”
  • “They do not hate you Draco”
  • “It’s obvious Harry, they think I am no good like my father and they despise me because of it”
  • “They do not think that at all Dra-”
  • “It’s fine Harry, do you really think that this is the first time that I’ve had to deal with this sort of thing? I’ve had to deal with these kind of things my entire life, no matter how much I try to change and no matter how hard I try to be a good person, people alway associate me with him. Lots of people have hated me over the years because of him Harry, it’s nothing new, It’s fine honestly. I should probably go now” 
  • Sirius’ heart sunk as he heard what this boy was saying, for after all hadn’t he felt the same way, hadn’t he had those looks off of people when they found out who is family was. But then he found James and Remus, the people who liked him because he was Sirius and didn’t hate him because he was a Black
  • That was what this boy needed.
  • Sirius heard th boy get up to leave and he burst into the room with a huge grin on his face.
  • “Hey, where do you think you’re going, sit down I want to get to know my godson’s boyfriend, for real this time. So Harry tells me you’re a great seeker”
  • “Oh well, I’m alright, nothing compared to Harry of course he’s brilliant” he replied with a shy smile
  • “Well, I don’t think anyone’s as good as our Harry here, I don’t think James could even play up to his level. That is an excellent suit by the way”
  • “oh thank you, i just bought it brand new”
  • “maybe next time you could help Harry pick out some clothes, he may be the chosen one but he can’t dress to save his life” 
  • “Hey!” Harry said with a wide grin as both Sirius and Draco burst out laughing
  • After a lengthy conversation of Draco and Sirius complementing each others hair, asking which products the other used and Harry and Remus rolling their eyes at their amazing boyfriends, it was time for them to leave.
  • “It was nice to meet you again Remus” Draco said shaking Remus’ hand “and it was a pleasure to meet you Sirius” he held out his hand once again for Sirius to shake.
  • Sirius looked him up and down before enveloping him into a giant bear hug.
  • Harry hugged Remus and Sirius then took Draco’ hand, walking out of the house, closing the door behind him.
  • “I quite like your godfather Harry, actually I might prefer him to you” Draco said, his smile turning into a smirk
  • Harry smiled “no, you love me too much”
  • “yeah I do” said Draco, pulling Harry into a kiss.

  • “I quite like that Draco” Sirius said as both him and Remus watched Harry and Draco through the window
  • “Oh do you now?” Remus replied looking at his boyfriend.
  • “yeah, he reminds me of-”
  • “you” Remus finished
  • “Yeah… They’re in love, aren’t they”
  • “Yeah, it reminds me of-”
  • “Us” Sirius finished
  • “Yeah”
  • “I love you moons” Sirius said pulling him into a kiss
  • “I love you too pads” Remus managed to say.

  • On the other side of the window:
  • “I love you, Harry”
  • I love you too, Draco”

Sorry it’s quite long but I really got into this one, I based most of this off of a dream I had about Drarry tbh

Spellbound 03: “Chained”

Main Characters: Matsui Jurina, Miyawaki Sakura

Pairings: JuriSaku, WMatsui, NanaSaku/SakuNaa, YuriAnnin, JuriMomo (friendship); [Mayu/?, Saya/?, Yui/?].

Summary: Matsui Jurina is the immovable ace of St. Hildegard’s School of Magic. Considered a protégé by many Wizard Saints, her technique and mastery is second to none. Enter Miyawaki Sakura, talentless, unrefined and socially awkward. Her golden ticket for admission into the elite school is her late father’s legacy.

What happens when Sakura suddenly gets transferred to the Special Class because of a lottery? Will the mysterious ace take interest? (Magic School AU)

Author’s Note: First, just a shout out to @thelonewolf48​ for putting up with all my rants/ramblings, without you this update wouldn’t have been possible! Thanks!!

Second, things are heating up this chapter, do tell me what you guys think about the unfolding of the events.

Third, I’m trying to flesh out characters as much as I can, so I’m sorry if some scenes might be draggy. 

Fourth, for those who read the [Early Access Ver.], there is an extra scene in this final version.

Lastly, I hope you guys enjoy reading this update~! Feedback is always loved!



Sakura stared at her reflection in the mirror; her blank expression was unreadable to anyone who would dare decipher her thoughts. Internally though she felt a wave of pride, her spirits were high from the recollection of Togasaki-sensei’s challenge yesterday. The Special Class was not something to trifle with. Was their gym instructor right? Would there come a time that she would choose between the weight of duty and her life?

Her gaze did not leave her apparel. She was fully clad in her school uniform—her white coat was possibly the most pristine thing she had ever owned. In her left hand was the fleur-de-lis badge symbolizing her position as part of the Academy’s special program. She pinned it on her collar with great delicacy. Everything still felt surreal.

Would her father have approved of her joining the Special Class? Sakura was nothing like her father, whose genius in magical engineering was unrivaled. He was always skeptical of her using magic, always saying she was better of not knowing how. It was almost as if her father wanted Sakura as far as possible from the arcane world. Though she was quite sure her mother would have been nothing but supportive. Would she have been a better mage if her parents did not leave her prematurely? Part of her could not let go of the hypothesizing, of the ‘what ifs’ and ‘maybes’.

“Saku-chan?” Kodama Haruka knocked on her door. “Let’s go. We’ll be late for class.” She prompted. From the other side of the door, Sakura felt Haruka’s concern. She was like an immovable pillar in Sakura’s life, always compassionate and supportive…always giving without asking for anything in return. Sometimes Sakura felt as if she was weighing Haruka down, pulling her back when the other girl could clearly sprint away with her perseverance and skill. 

“I’m coming.” Sakura unbolted the door and greeted the other girl.

Haruka noticed the pin on Sakura’s collar and couldn’t help but smile. “Although it’s late, congratulations!” She was absolutely elated about Sakura’s transfer. Having an ally to go through the toils of school life was a welcoming development, especially amidst the dog-eat-dog atmosphere of the Special Class. While she did have amicable relations with her new classmates, especially Okada Nana and Kizaki Yuria, being with Sakura always felt like home. “I do regret not being with you yesterday. How was it?”

Sakura scratched her nape hesitantly. “It wasn’t as bad as I expected, despite messing up the falconry match.” The two girls made their way down the staircase, walking through the old corridors of the east wing connected to the main school building.

The gargoyles in the whispering corridor turned to them as they passed by; it was as if the stonework breathed a life of their own. Sakura could not deny she felt uneasy to hold their gazes. She felt like she was being picked apart.

The statue of a Minotaur shifted, pointing it’s drawn bow and arrow against them but never releasing it. “The beast of yore sleeps in the shadows; the beast of grace lingers in the heart of a wanderer; but as the new moon rises, the beast of chaos will devour the world.” It said in a raspy voice never breaking its cold stare.

Sakura instinctively pulled Haruka’s sleeve, as if seeking refuge from the other girl.

Haruka bowed at the Minotaur “Good day, Asterion.” She called it by name. “Don’t worry, Sakura. The gargoyles only speak their dreams.”

They passed by a cloaked figure without a face. Like a death god, the statue’s garbs seemed to engulf its whole being. “Do not stand on my grave and weep, I am not there. I do not sleep.” It whispered and a chill ran through both girls’ spines. The words were spoken like the kiss of death—cold, detached and foreboding.

“We’ll be on our way, Erebus.” Haruka acknowledged the cloaked gargoyle. Few students talked to Erebus because of its eerie visage.

“What are they?” Sakura muttered, it was her first time to behold such creatures. Mobility spells casted on non-living things was not uncommon but for stone to have its own character and mind was something eccentric.

“Guardians, they say.”

“Why must the Sun tempt me so, her beauty unrivaled? I lust for ascension against the rays of reason! Woe to me for I have received the oblivion.” The statue of a man with broken wings engaged them next, offering his hand to Sakura for a curtsy.

“That’s Icarus,” Haruka whispered as they passed him. She waived at him, “My apologies Icarus, we can’t stay long.”

The other gargoyles seemed to understand their haste and interacted no longer. 

Sakura was endlessly amazed with the level of craftsmanship. “Who was powerful enough to enchant the statues with a looped magical sequence?” A normal magic sequence would only last for as long as the mage casting it still had astral force to fuel the spell, which would mean that the one who created these gargoyles had an immense stockpile of aura.

“It’s not a mobility enchantment, Sakura.” Haruka corrected the other girl’s faulty assumption that the gargoyles were brought to life by some great force. “It’s more of a prison than anything.” There was a melancholic edge to her tone. 

Sakura’s brows furrowed deeply at the realization that those statues were much more than what they seemed. “You mean, they’re real beings trapped in stone?”

Haruka genuinely found the circumstances of those gargoyles cruel. “They were summoned by the first Headmaster and were bound to this school. Story says they regain their true form when danger is afoot.”

“How depressing,” A life chained to duty; a never-ending cycle without reprieve was despair itself.

“It is.” Haruka recalled their previous topic before being side-tracked. “I heard what happened during the falconry match. You really need to train your spell casting, Saku-chan.” She emphasized, she was already informed by multiple sources regarding yesterday’s hullabaloo and she genuinely felt that it was her duty to look after Sakura. Her attachment to the clumsy girl went way back to middle school—after Sakura’s parents died and she was left to her grandmother who was, incidentally, Haruka’s grumpy next-door neighbor. It was never the same ever since.

“I know…I know I suck.” Sakura conceded. “But those girls were all so intense. It was just an exhibition match for heaven’s sake.” She would not deny her utter surprise over the sheer competitiveness (and skillfulness) of the students of the Special Class. She was expecting an assortment of honor students not overpowered beasts. If this were an RPG, she would have been the rookie facing off a level 60 boss in a sudden-death battle.

“Well, it is an elite unit.” Haruka supposed but Sakura just shrugged.

“By the way, thank you for this.” Sakura pointed at the emblem on her lapel. She found a red box with Haruka’s beautiful cursive writing this morning and honestly felt like bawling over the gift. Haruka had always been there for her since that fateful night summer rain washed out the colors of Sakura’s world.

“You were out cold when I dropped by last night.”Haruka wanted to tease her for her very un-lady like snoring but her good nature decided against it. “Also, I asked the Student Affairs Committee to expedite your cloak and Senbatsu pass.”

Sakura unexpectedly locked her in a bear hug, “Just what will I do without you?”

“You’d be screwed, I’m sure.” Haruka almost rolled her eyes. She would never say it, but she felt somewhat gratified every time Sakura relied on her.

“Wait, what’s a Senbatsu pass?”

Haruka adjusted her glasses. “It authorizes you to take missions from Central Dogma.” She had not used it yet, being only their first week in class, but she heard stories from Nana and Yuria.

“You mean the biggest organization for mages and hunters?” Excitement filled Sakura’s eyes. Haruka recognized the other girl’s euphoric reaction; it was the same face she made each time they ate at that hole in the wall ramen shop back home.

“Precisely, usually students from the Special Class get the hardest missions. But since the training program is embedded in the school’s general curriculum, we can even have joint missions with the regulars.” It was part of the Academy’s prospectus to have out of school exercises as a way to immerse the students in actual combat.

“That’s so coool~” Sakura exclaimed, unable to control her self, she grabbed on Haruka’s sleeve to shake her enthusiastically.

By the time the two girls finally reached the study hall, students from the regular class were also flocking to the Academy’s biggest lecture room.

“Ah Haruppi, Sakura-chan, good morning.” Okada Nana’s cloaked presence greeted them as she came down from the staircase. Her impeccable smile would not fail to warm up anyone on the receiving end.

Her voice triggered a flood of students who started to call out her name 

“Naa-chan is here!”

“Naa-chan, good morning~!”

“You’re so cool today.” 

It was crystal clear to Sakura that the upbeat girl was definitely popular among the regular students. They crowded around the 2nd Year, battling for her attention. “This is ridiculous.” Sakura’s mouth almost gaped. She could only wish she had half of the reception Nana received.

Not long after, Nakai Rika entered the scene with laminated photographs, key chains and paraphernalia of Okada Nana in hand. “Naa-chan goodies limited stock now on sale~!” She yelled, immediately earning the interest of some students who readily paid for the merchandise. “I have special pictures never released before~!” Nakai giggled.

 Sakura was at a loss at the trade-offs happening in front of her, was this how sports enthusiasts felt during draft season? She met gazes with Nana who was at the center of the chaos but the latter only smiled lightly, as if used to the commotion over her.

“You haven’t seen half of Momoka-senpai’s fangirls.” Haruka commented and ushered Sakura inside the lecture hall, it was their first joint class with regular students and the tide of people coming in was getting thicker. 

“S-seriously?” Sakura yelped while being dragged by the neckline of her uniform. Just before she could completely lose sight of the happenings in the corridor there was a loud outcry of annoyance from a very pissed off student.

“What the hell is this commotion? Get out of my way.” Kizaki Yuria, clad in her black bomber jacket that was reminiscent of gangster sukajan, parted the crowd like she was Moses before the Red Sea. “Annin shut them up.”

 Behind her a deathly pale beauty in the persona of Iriyama Anna languidly followed. “Shhh.” Iriyama gestured a finger in front of her lips, saying nothing more. It was enough to silence the deluge of girls, nevertheless.

 “Kizaki-chi, you’ll scare them all away.” Naa-chan patted the girls on the head as if consoling them because of Yuria’s insensitive actions. “Please excuse Kizaki-chi’s vulgar mouth.” Her smile was ever present it made most of the girls swoon.

 “Learn to freakin’ control your human barricade, Jesus Christ.” Exasperation was evident in the grouchy girl’s voice as she and Annin entered the room. “What are you looking at newbie?” Yuria called out Sakura who was standing in front of her, apparently staring.

 “Nothing.” The aforesaid girl wanted to shrink behind Haruka.

 Yuria turned to Haruka for some kind of confirmation after eyeing the transferee from head to toe. “You’re seriously friends with her?”

 “Yes Yuria-chan, so please treat her well.” Haruppi instinctively moved forward as if to shield Sakura from the pair’s hard gazes. In all honestly, Iriyama Anna was more intimidating despite not uttering a single word. Her dark eyes were like hell-pits of nothingness and her skin was fair enough to see blue veins and capillaries beneath. She looked like the harbinger of death with a different name and in spite of it, she was ethereal.

 The ill-tempered girl shrugged, “Whatever, as long as she’s not stuck up like those leeches around Shiroma.”

 Sakura wasn’t exactly sure if that was a good thing.


 Yokoyama Yui’s strides were soundless as if she was walking on thin air rather than the newly polished marble floor. She scrunched her nose ever so slightly; the infirmary always had the smell of powerful chemicals and strange compounds. She walked towards the bed adjacent to the window and farthest from the door.

 Momoka sat on the bedside, devoted like a sentry. She watched over the unconscious girl incapacitated in bed.

 “She hasn’t woken up since last night?” Yui asked, trying to figure their next course of action.

 The bodyguard simply shook her head, gaze not even leaving Jurina’s face. The blonde girl wore a pained expression even in her sleep.

 “The Headmaster ordered me to administer a lucidity potion.” The Student Council President revealed a small vial with blue liquid in her palm. “He says it’s more…beneficial for Jurina to remain sentient.” She was half-hearted to carry out the mandate.

 Momoka’s eyebrows furrowed, the slight change in her countenance reflected her disagreement. Is that what they were to Akimoto Yasushi? Mere tools that needed to be exploited as much as possible? “Don’t even try.”

 Yui returned the vial in her pocket, knowing that pushing the matter further would be counter-productive. “Should I call Sayanee now? She was with you the last time…Jurina was—”

 “She wont come.” Momoka’s gaze dropped to the floor at the mention of Yamamoto Sayaka’s name, she did not even allow Yui to finish her sentence. “It’s a waste of breath.”

 Yui clearly sensed the bodyguard’s sudden agitation but was still committed to alleviate the Ace’s condition. “How about Nakai? I could fetch her to heal Jurina.” She recommended, genuine concern flowed from each utterance. She was unsure how to tread on uncharted territory.

 Momoka appreciated the President’s attempt to help out but knew it was futile at this point. “Tell the Headmaster we’ve finished the mission with Asphodel; if that’s what he’s so anxious about. Jurina’s burnt out.” She was resigned to wait it out. “It’s nothing serious. We should just let her rest.”

 “Very well then, but give yourself a break Momo-chan. You haven’t slept all night.” Yui still tried to persuade the bodyguard although she knew it would fall on deaf ears.


 Haruka studied the expression on Sakura’s face, “What’s bothering you?” She asked as the other girl fumbled with her pen. Sakura had stopped halfway in taking notes and momentarily glanced behind them as if waiting for something. Haruka was mixing potions in a beaker to achieve the perfect balance for a stamina elixir as part of their practical exercise.

 “Jurina-san and Momoka-san didn’t attend our morning classes with the regulars.”

 “You’re right, they usually come in late.” Haruka nodded, her gaze set on the empty chairs at the back row. 

Beside them, Nana interjected. “It’s not surprising. Seniors are sent to field duties more often. Especially Jurina-san because of her rank.” She explained for the first years. “You’ll get your missions soon, we might even work together.” 

“That’s something to look forward to.” Sakura replied. She began administering red liquid to Haruka’s concoction, just two drops would do. “What kind of missions, Naa-chan?”

Nana handed them a thermometer to check if the potion had reached the perfect boiling point. “It depends, some are more dangerous than others. But don’t worry, freshmen are never sent alone.” 

Veni ad me—There was a voice; soft and alluring. Sakura shifted her glance to the side, looking for its source and wondering if she had just imagined it. She then turned to Haruka who simply continued with her task. If she heard it surely Haruka, who was just beside her, would have also noticed.

Regnet exitium—There it was again, a cold whisper that tugged her soul; almost numbing her mind. 

“Ah!” Sakura suddenly cried out, a vial of dragon fire slipped and burnt her fingers.

“Careful!” Nana immediately tried to cast a healing spell on the injury. The scorched flesh began to mend itself under the blue light radiating from her hand.

Professor Shinoda approached them quickly. Although she was satisfied with Nana’s prompt reaction, it would be proper to have Sakura’s hand checked by the medics. “Miyawaki-san, please visit the infirmary, dragon fire is a very potent substance. Also, did I not tell you to use your gloves when handling corrosive solutions?” Mariko frowned severely. “That’s 5 points deducted from your performance card.”

Sakura bowed, “It won’t happen again, Professor.” She acknowledged her lack of due diligence as the proximate cause of the mishap.

“Do you know where?” Haruka asked, almost volunteering to accompany her.

“Yes, I remember.” Sakura did not need to convince them that she could head out on her own.


 A few rounds of ammunition fired from a modified gunblade echoed inside the training room. The clinking of empty bullet shells followed each shot. The cyborg seemed lost in the sound of gunshots reverberating like a staccato composition. Each bullet flawlessly hit the target board’s vital spots.

 The training room was clearly out of place against the gothic backdrop of St. Hildegard’s Academy. It was one of the few rooms in this school polished to scientific perfection. The latest models of magically enhanced technological weapons were mounted on the left wall panel. On the other side of the room was an enclosed area filled with supercomputers—the perfect coalescence of magic and science.

 Mayu’s trance was only broken when the training room’s metal door slid open. She took off her special visor and turned to the new comer who disturbed her drill. “What brings you here, Sayanee?” She asked point-blankly, certain modifications in her system had led to a deterioration of her emotional quotient. 

 “I should ask the same thing, why are you cutting classes?” The ever-deviant girl responded.

 “I don’t think I owe an aberration like you any explanation.” As expected, Watanabe Mayu was as transparent as it could get but she meant no offense in all fairness.

 “Touché” Sayaka smiled faintly while procuring a modified berretta that hung on the wall. “I need to distract myself from a few things, that’s all.” She loaded the weapon before taking her place beside Mayu.

 “Like your old pals getting themselves into trouble again?” Mayu was daring as always, hinting on the mishap that transpired last night. She knew the reason for the disturbance in Sayaka’s mind without the need to activate her ability of spatial calculation. After all, she was there when Momoka carried their ace to her quarters, unconscious and soaking. Mayu saw the dilemma painted on Sayaka’s face as she struggled within herself on whether to go and help the bodyguard tend to Jurina or lock herself in her own room.

Sayaka tried to brush it off, to act as if the synthesizer’s prodding did not affect her the slightest. “I’m sure that was just Jurina not taking care of herself again. She probably skipped a few meals and ended up collapsing.” Sayaka wondered if she was trying to convince herself.

 “Probably.” Mayu’s tone was indifferent as ever. The machine in her tried to rationalize Jurina’s condition but the human part wanted to show concern.

 “Tell me the truth Mayu,” Sayaka held the cyborg’s emotionless gaze for a few seconds before starting with her firing streak. “Last night…” Each bullet hit the target’s chest area effortlessly. “You felt it too, didn’t you?”

 Mayu wanted to laugh, of course she knew what was going on. Her free arm morphed into a cannon that fired a large plasma ball completely annihilating her target board, it bore a dent on the metal wall. “Why do you think I stay here? When half of my power, half of my body has been obliterated?”

 Sayaka did not find it in herself to reply. Mayu’s wounds, Mayu’s resolve; she had no elegant way to walk over them. Watanabe Mayu stood at the pinnacle of greatness once. She was the prodigious star, now reduced to a broken shell—a shadow of her former self.

 “I swore an oath, same as you.” It was duty she clung tightly to. The force of duty that kept her alive.


“Shall I release you now?” Said a voice that leaked with deceit, each word dripped with venom. 

Jurina was trapped in the labyrinth of her mind; chains extending out from the abyss bound her body. The only light in the darkness was the burning tree of life a few feet from where she stood. The fire raged like unbridled fury.

She did not respond. Like in all her other deliriums, she was powerless. 

“Or perhaps, you wish to vanish in this darkness yourself? Child, are you not weary? The burden is too much to bear for you.” The serpentine voice continued to tempt her. The thought of liberation, of the end to her anguish was nothing but beguiling.

The vision of her father locked in a golden birdcage manifested in the darkness. “Father,” She tried to speak out but the scenery vanished into smoke as swiftly as it had materialized.

“Say it, one word and I will erase everything.” The chains that bound her transfigured into vipers crawling on her skin, constricting her so that it grew difficult to breathe. The snakes wound around her, sizing her up but never bearing their fangs. It was almost as if they knew, their prey could not put up a fight.

 The mark of the Great Serpent burned on her wrist.

 “Say it and I will save you from all this.” The voice echoed as the great fire that consumed the tree of life died out.

Matsui Rena’s smiling face was the last thing she could recognize before unyielding blackness fell upon her.



White curtains waltzed with the soft kiss of the afternoon breeze. Sakura found herself walking inside the immaculate room. Everything in the infirmary was bathed in white–bed sheets, curtains, dressers and alike.

“Hello?” She called out unsteadily. “Is anybody here?”

She heard some rustling from one of the partitions enclosed by white curtains

Sakura took a few steps towards the source of the sound and almost had a heart attack when the white curtain swooshed open.

 Matsui Jurina’s disheveled countenance greeted her, blonde hair and white robes in complete disarray as she struggled to stay upright on the mattress.

“Jurina-san!” Sakura yelped at the sight of the other girl who had skipped three of their subjects today. Sakura internally debated if she should move closer to help the blonde or just maintain safe distance. 

Jurina seemed half-awake, still. She hazily stood from her bed with one hand pressing on her temples to soothe a splitting headache.

Sakura finally decided to close the distance between them as she held the ace by the arm to assist her. Too close. She told herself as the heat from Jurina’s body spread to her due to their close proximity. “Are you all right, Jurina-san?” Her touch seemed to have broken Jurina’s daze.

Bright amber eyes searched Sakura’s visage. “To be seen like this is quite unbecoming. Isn’t it?” Jurina murmured as she gradually regained her own bearing. Soon enough she was able to stand without Sakura’s support.

“I don’t think you should be out of bed yet.” Sakura was unsure how to go about the developments. She came to the infirmary to be treated. Seeing Matsui Jurina was the least of her expectations. She woud not be surprised if her mind decided to short-circuit any moment at the protracted conversation she was having with the infamous Ace.

“Could you do me a favor, Sakura?” Jurina’s silken voice made it impossibly difficult to refuse. She laid a hand on Sakura’s cheek fondly. Sakura tried it with all her might not to flinch in sheer embarrassment. To be held so tenderly by someone other than her mother was certainly not a normal thing for her. How many years has it even been? Since she last felt physical affection from another human being?

The freshman nodded although uncertain at first. Sakura was unsure if the blood rushing to her cheeks was because of the Ace’s warm palm or her own self-consciousness.

“Please accompany me to the old solarium before Momo finds out I’ve come to.” Jurina tugged on Sakura’s blazer as if to highlight her sense of urgency.

“But Jurina-san, if you disappear from here you’d worry Momo-senpai, very much.” Sakura, of course, had experienced first hand how much of a worrywart the blonde’s bodyguard was. The “knight” pointed a rapier on her neck at their first meeting, ‘worrywart’ was probably an understatement.

“She knows where to find me.” 

“What she’d do to me after is what’s unsettling.” It was safe to say that Sakura’s dry humor amused Jurina at best.

“I think I haven’t failed in the ‘protecting you’ aspect.” The blonde gave a small smile and Sakura swore she felt her cheeks flush a few shades darker.

 Both girls made their way out of the infirmary; Sakura’s real reason for dropping by all forgotten.


A woman decked in a basil green trench coat rested her elbow on the train’s window frame. Her slender fingers ran through unruly dark hair. Based on her garbs with distinct golden lining she was probably a noble. She uncrossed her legs just to cross them back again. It was quite obvious that she was restless from the long journey. 

“Yuko, you didn’t have to come with me.” The person sitting in front of her spoke. Noticeable was the huge ribbon that held the other woman’s chestnut hair in a half pony tail. 

“And be left at Central Dogma to go through the pile of documents you’ve abandoned?” The one called Yuko raised an eyebrow as she sank further against her seat.

“You know, paper work’s part of our job as well. And it was quite hard for me to leave them all to Atsuko. ” 

 Yuko blew on her bangs, completely bored. “I’m not doing any desk job, Takamina. Besides, you’re visiting St. Hildegard Academy aren’t you? I’d get to see Nyan-nyan.” 

“Is that the only reason you tagged along? Jeez Yuko.” Takamina sighed deeply, sometimes Oshima Yuko was unbelievably stubborn and free-spirited. 

“You think a lot has changed since we graduated?” Yuko inquired, watching through the glass window as the panorama of a small village whizzed past them.  

“I’m sure some things are different.” 

“Hmmm…that feels kinda lonely.” Yuko whispered under her breath as she recalled fond memories of her time in the Academy.

“Anyway, I’m excited to meet the new recruits!” Takamina raised her fist in the air enthusiastically.


It was quite a long walk to reach the old glasshouse. Sakura would check from time to time if her companion was too fatigued to carry on. Thankfully, Jurina seemed to posses a good amount of stamina despite being unwell.

“Why do you wish to go here at such a time?” Sakura pried as they made their way.

Jurina exhaled sharply, “To calm myself.” She said while looking at her wrist, scrutinizing the non-existent mark that burned each time she used too much magical power. 

“I always seem to inconvenience you.” Sakura’s gaze fell to the pathway and then their feet. She recounted their first meeting in the greenhouse and then the falconry match. “I’m sorry Jurina-san.” She loathed the feeling of being deadweight.

“You’ve done nothing to apologize for.” The blonde reassured her. “You see, my decision to overexert myself during the exhibition was my own carelessness.”Jurina’s voice was unbelievably kind and encouraging. For someone of her lofty stature, Sakura expected a level of arrogance, but Matsui Jurina was modest although sometimes quite reserved.

 “Say, do you wish for me to tutor you?”

 “Ehhh?” Sakura’s eyes widened at the sudden proposition. She started to fumble with her fingers, her tongue lacing up the words she wanted to say. “Are you serious?” The freshman blurted out. 

Jurina laughed lightly, enjoying the effect she had on the younger girl. “Well, no offense…but you are lacking in magical proficiency.” She threw an arm around Sakura too nonchalantly. For once in a long while she felt like she could lighten up a bit. It brought her back to the good times, when Momoka and her could just fool around. Surely, there was something about this girl that made her break inhibitions. “And I’m the best tutor you can have.” Sakura almost giggled at Jurina’s confident remark, it seems the ace  could be quite smug if she wished. 

Fate was ever mischievous sometimes. Sakura never imagined forming working relationships with the nobles of St. Hildegard Academy but here she was. “I—I would be forever in your debt.” The shorthaired girl bowed deeply.

 As Sakura rose to eye level, she saw a lance darting towards Jurina’s back. “Jurina-san!” She hastily pulled the girl out of the weapon’s trajectory a few milliseconds from contact.

 The Ace instantly reverted to her combat-ready mode as the lance that was now impaled on the ground, instead of her body, disintegrated to light particles. “Stay behind me.” She told Sakura, the air of severity around them worsened as a half-masked figure cloaked in black materialized before them. To be able to breach the security of the Academy, surely this person was no ordinary mage.

“Good day, Matsui Jurina-sama.” The intruder made a dramatic curtsy before a barrage of bladed weapons fell from the sky targeting Jurina and Sakura.

Smoke cleared and both girls seemed unharmed thanks to protective sphere that surrounded them. A magical ring wrapped around Jurina’s outstretched hand as she bolstered the shield.

“Who are you and what do you seek?” Jurina demanded; her tone seethed with silent indignation at the treacherous attempt on their lives. Her free hand reached for a black card with a golden crest engraving from her pocket. A magical seal activated on it as the Ace pulled the card out fully; it vanished into light particles and a wave of white light suddenly surged past them engulfing the surroundings in a heartbeat.

The masked assailant held her lance in an offensive stance. “I’m here for the girl.” She pointed at Sakura.

“What?” Sakura was bewildered as everything seemed to slow down and finally freeze, save for the three of them.

“Don’t worry Sakura, I activated my Senbatsu Pass. This is Valhalla—an alternate dimension that prevents magic from leaking to the outside world.”

 “Don’t we need reinforcements?” Sakura queried but before Jurina could respond another rain of weapons came down upon them; several swords pierced the Ace’s barrier.

 “Shit.” Jurina hissed, she was not prepared to handle brute force in her current condition. She fought to keep the barrier secure but a spear successfully penetrated the crack and grazed her shoulder. Blood started to pool on the ground.

 Sakura’s eyes reflected the red liquid; for a while she was in a trance-like state. Jurina tried to get through her, only to realize it was in vain.

 “Sakura! Sakura!” The shouts were but mere echoes.

Red was the color of sunset;

Of the floor;

Of the ceiling;

Of the walls of their old house by the river.

 Red was the color of her parents’ blood,

Sprayed on the furniture;

On her face.

Red was the color of death;

Of hate

Of spider lilies blooming in despair.




Red was the color of her rage.

A feral scream escaped Sakura as an unfamiliar magical insignia of a Celtic cross with triquetra knots materialized around her.

Jurina’s barrier which was in danger of shattering against the rain of swords seemed to reform itself. It grew bigger and bigger until mere contact with the weapons disintegrated the said instruments.

The ace eyed the freshman in disbelief; confusion was evident in her face. “What is this…“

Their cloaked attacker gave a knowing smile not even slightly taken aback by the sheer display of power.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Morningstar.”

Happy New Year!

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Raphael x Reader

Happy New Year!

Prompt: Raph’s girl has been home for the holidays, but comes back New Year’s Eve to surprise him!

Note: I took a little liberty here. Okay, so reader is not officially Raph’s girl. Yet. But boy, does he want her to be. Because I’m a ho for scenarios where the two are crushing and then finally get together. So yeah. Enjoy.

You walked into the lair quietly, each step carefully placed as to not make any noise. Raph was right there watching the New Year’s Eve broadcast with his brothers, and you were going to scare the shit out of him.

Mikey spotted you, but you continued, raising a finger to your lips to quiet him. He nodded silently, dragging his pinched fingers across his lips.

“Boo!” You shouted, reaching around him to cover his eyes as he jumped in shock. “Guess who.”

“April.” His gruff voice offered. His brothers smiled as they watched the exchange.


“Well yer hands are too small to be Casey and (Y/N) is in California with her family, so…”

“Take a peek, Red.” You removed your hands from his emerald eyes. They widened at the sight of you.

“I thought ya were-”

“Came back early to surprise you. Couldn’t miss New Year’s with my boys, right?” You smirked and hopped over the back of the couch. Raph’s cheeks flushed and he managed a small nod and a smirk. But what you had meant to say was: couldn’t miss my chance at a New Year’s kiss, right? You knew he probably didn’t feel the same way about you, but it was worth a shot.

“I missed you, angelcakes!” Mikey went in for one of his signature bear-hugs, causing Raphael to roll his eyes and huff softly. Was this jealousy, or just Raph being Raph? It was hard for you to decipher, but you hugged his youngest brother anyway before plopping back down next to Raphael.

“So uh, how was Christmas?” you asked.

Lonely without you.

“All right.” Raph grunted, arms across his large chest. “Yours?”

“It was nice. Mom and Dad miss having me close, but they know how much I like it out here.”

“Yeah? Why’s that?” A smirk tugged at his lips. You shrugged.

“I dunno. But I have a bunch of cool friends here, so there’s that.” You playfully nudged him. He chuckled. “Anyways,” you opened the large gift bag you had brought in with you. “I picked up some of the non-alcoholic white grape sparkling champagne whatever,”

“The what?”

“Here.” You handed him one of the bottles to check out. He nodded before handing it back. You poured some into glasses and distributed it to everyone. Raph took a little sip, but you put your hand on his large arm. “You’re supposed to save it for the ball drop!”

“Oh, sorry.” He lowered the glass. “New Year’s is new ta me.”

“I know.” You smiled. He smiled back, and you feared your heart would leap out of your chest. God, Raph didn’t smile often, but when he did, it was the handsomest thing you’d ever see. Gorgeous. The way his eyes would sparkle a little and the smile seemed to light up his whole face.

“Hey (Y/N),” Mikey leaned in to whisper in your ear, but he was whispering way too loud, as he usually did. “Maybe you’ll get a New Year’s kiss!”

“Shut up!” you playfully elbowed him. Raph pretended not to hear, but he did. A smirk tugged at his lip as an idea crossed his mind. Maybe you would get a New Year’s kiss…


You and the boys were all standing now, counting down the ball drop at the top of your lungs. Raph couldn’t help but smile at how excited you were. Mikey had a legion of party poppers, Donnie had the noisemakers, and Leo was sprinkling confetti.

“THREE, TWO, ONE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!” You looked up at Raphael, who towered over you. He smiled softly as he looked down at you. There was something soft in his eyes. Something gentle. Raph reached down and stroked your cheek with one of his thick green fingers, brushing the hair out of your face.

“Happy New Year, Raphael.” God, he loved the sound of his name on your lips.

“Happy New Year.” He replied. And with that, he bent down for a gentle kiss. He defied expectations when it came to kissing. He kissed you as though you were made of glass, a china doll that would shatter under his touch.

“Yeah! Get it, Raph!” Mikey cheered. Raph fought the urge to beat his little brother and instead, continued kissing you. Both of his huge hands held your face to his, and both of your hands came to rest on his plastron. He had to bend waaay down to kiss you, but he didn’t mind in the slightest. When he pulled away, he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

“Sorry ‘bout that. I uh-”

“I liked it. A lot.” You stood on your toes to kiss his cheek before heading to the kitchen to reload on pizza. “We should do that more often.”

“Yeah…” He held a hand over the bright red lipstick mark on his cheek, stuck in a daze as he gave his little brother a high-five. “We should…”

does this make sense | drabble 02

• pairing: min yoongi x reader
• original series/chapter: dtms 03 
• words: 1,613
→ request: Yoongi’s pov when the reader is ignoring him at the party 

Yoongi didn’t even know what he was doing right now. Never in his life had he acted like this before. He knew something was up with you. You’d been ignoring his calls and texts all week, and when you had answered them, there had barely been a response. He’d been suffering in silence, not even sure why he was so bothered. Usually if a girl wasn’t interested anymore he’d just leave it, but he was so sure you were, just like he was.

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You’re My Girlfriend - Cody Fluff

Request: Hey boo thang, I just have a small lil request for you! I was wondering if you could do a Cody imagine where he thinks Woody likes you and he gets hell possessive which ends up driving you away, but then like after he’s like hell sweet with like heaps of fluff as he like apologises and explains himself Thanks girl X

Warnings: Mild language

Notes: Sorry for the lack of gifs in this one.

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess   @kindfloweroflove


“Y/n!”, I heard someone call from behind me, making me turn and was met by my best friend, Woody.

“Oh, hey Woody”, I smile and make my way over to him. He embraces me in his infamous bear hugs. 

“How’ve you been? I haven’t seen you all weekend!”, Woody laughs. 

“Oh you know. This and that”, I laugh. 

“This and that?”, I heard Cody say from behind me. “Y/n, can I talk to you?”

“Yeah, in a minute”,  I say, turning my attention back to Woody and starting up a new conversation with him. Cody sighed and grabbed my hand, pulling me away. 

“Cody!”, I exclaim, not knowing what’s going on. Cody has never acted like this before, it was strange and quite scary. “Cody, what the hell?!”

“You’re my girlfriend, you shouldn’t be talking to him”

“What the fuck, Cody! He’s a friend!”

“Who likes you!”

“I - what?”, I raise an eyebrow, before rolling my eyes and walking away. 

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“Away from you. If you can’t trust me with other guys - especially Woody - then I don’t think we should be together”


It’s been a whole week since I last spoke to Cody. He’s attempted to talk to me at the end of class, but I always end up rushing out; avoiding him. I don’t know whats gotten into his head; he’s never been the jealous type - especially with Woody.

“Hey, Y/n”, Woody smiles and pulls me into a bear hug. I huff slightly and snuggle into the crook of his neck. 

“You miss him, don’t you”

“Of course. I just don’t understand why he got possessive suddenly. I mean, you’re just a friend”

“Ugh, yeah of course”, Woody said quickly, avoiding eye contact. i give him a weird look, but decided to shake it off.


A knock was placed on my bedroom door of the deck, and I sigh before answering it. 

“Cody? What’s this?”, I ask Cody, who was stood at my door holding a giant bear, flowers and chocolate. 

“I’m so sorry. I love you so much and it kills me to not spend time with you”

A Grad Night to Remember

Fandom:  Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: @yourtropegirl requested Reader/Bones/Jim graduation night fun!
Word Count:
Warnings: Fluff, sex, smuttiness, etc
Rating: R/18+
Tags: @outside-the-government​ 
 Author’s Note:If you feel like you’ve read this before, you probably have!  I just moved my blog to a new account, so please feel free to re-like and re-follow, as I will soon be deleting the old blog! <3

Cheers erupt around the auditorium as the master of ceremony finishes his last speech.  That’s it, you’ve done it!  You have officially graduated from Starfleet academy.  You hop up and down and cheer with the others, excitement pouring out of you. You turn to Leonard, cheering beside you, and throw your arms around him.  He wraps his arms around you in a giant bear hug, grinning down at you.

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Sometimes Damian sneak out of the manor and have a sleep over with jon,colin,billy

Damian’s eyes snapped open and looked around his darkened room. He checked the bedside clock and smiled to himself, father was surely safely off on patrol, and Pennyworth was in the cave. Damian rolled out of bed Titus lifted his massive head off his paws and looked at him. “you won’t tell on me will you boy?” The dog put his head back down and Damian smiled. Crossing the room he grabbed a pre-packed backpack and swung it on. Alfred the cat jumped up onto the bed and mewed softly, Damian scratched behind his ears, “try not to miss me”

Damian slide open the window, he’d already disabled the window alarm. He swung out wrapping himself around the drain pipe and slid to earth. Damian wove his way through the grounds, dodging motion detectors and cameras. In a few minutes he was at the back wall, then over it. His backpack thudded to earth and Damian landed on it a moment later. Dusting himself off he looked up and down the dirt track that ran behind the manor ground. A single powerful headlight lit up the road. “Will you turn that off Colin!” he hissed with a loud pop the light went off “sorry!” Daman ran up to the trike and swung on behind Colin. “Hang on”

“tt- i will not fall off the bike I got you”

“well I’m not moving till you hang on”

“tt!” but Damian wrapped his arms around Colin’s chest “thank you!” Colin had a big smile and gunned the trike down the path and onto the road. They drove taking twisting turning back roads till they reached the spot. “You ready?” Colin yelled back at Damian who reached into his pocket with one hand while holding onto Colin with the other and squeezed the Eye of Horus amulet in his pocket and barked out the magic word that Billy had drilled into him. It burned coming out and felt awkward and stiff like he was trying to speak with jell-o not air. The world rippled around them and then they were parked in an parking garage. 

“Hi guys!” Jon stood a few spaces away. “Jon!” Colin jumped off the trike and ran to give Jon a bear hug. Pulling apart Colin looked up annoyed, “You’ve grown and it’s not fair” Jon blushed “I’m sorry” Damian rolled his eyes “Colin, Kent come along, Batson is waiting” 

“and for once he’s not talking about himself” Colin said Jon giggled and Damian glared to which Colin just stuck out his tongue. A few minutes later they were standing at Billy’s door. “Hi guys!” Billy grinned at them high fiving Jon giving Colin a one armed hug and kissing Damian on the cheek which made him blush. “Everyone got their sleeping bags? cool let the movie night begin!” 

2p! Canada relationship Headcanons

• A very awkward lover, cannot express his feelings very well through words.

•^^^ But will gladly show you in actions.

• very Outdoorsy person, ends up being followed by or bringing home another animal.

• Extremely protective, can sense danger from a mile away.

• Best. Bear. Hugs. Ever.

• Would rather cozy up to the fire with you then go out for a date.

• Wear his clothes. Wear them.

• Very lovable person once his walls come down.

• And like his brother, he loves going on road trips.

• “looks like he can kill you, but actually a cinnamon roll” or whatever.

• He has insecurities about his scars, so love him dearly.

( I love him, he’s my favorite 2p)