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Many thanks to @crwilley, @urbanhymnal and @bittybae for their help in fashioning Dex-centric headcanons to feed this fic!

Everybody knows that Nursey annoys Dex. Nursey annoying Dex is a fact of life, like the sun coming up or Bitty baking pies. Nursey’s privileged as hell, and he thinks he’s a special sweet poetry-reading snowflake, and no matter how close they’ve gotten there will always be something about Nursey that just rankles Dex to his core.

But Nursey’s not the only thing that annoys Dex. And Dex feels fucking lousy about it. Because Nursey deserves it. But Chowder. Damn it, Chowder annoys Dex too, despite the fact that he’s never done a thing to deserve it.

It’s not even Chowder himself, really. It’s the way people respond to him. He’s everybody’s favorite puppy dog in goalie form, and everyone treats him like that, lining up to feed him or scratch him behind the ears. Dex doesn’t get that kind of treatment. He doesn’t have the right temperament. And who needs to be babied and coddled and loved on like that, anyway? It’d be humiliating, he’s almost sure of it.

But damn it, sometimes he wishes someone would treat him like he’s special, too.

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