and risked his family's lives for his

Bail Organa is a normal-as-heck senator that looked at the flaming ruins of the space wizard hangout and went “I should go check this out to make sure everything’s ok.”

He’s a guy who saw one of the young students there get gunned down and went “I should go find what survivors I can.”

He’s the guy who dropped off Yoda to go try to assassinate the Emperor and picked him up when it failed and everyone was looking for Yoda.

He’s the guy who gave sanctuary to the only two Jedi he could find and the two Jedi that would be the highest of the Emperor and Vader’s list.

He’s the guy who watched one of his closest friends die after giving birth the children of the second most dangerous/evil guy in the galaxy, and began making arrangements for the children’s safety.

He’s the guy that took the daughter of the mass-murdering sorcerer who ruined the galaxy and decided to put himself and everything he held dear at risk to raise her as his daughter, give her a loving home.

He’s the guy that taught his daughter, who has the genes of the most powerful Jedi that’s ever lived, to channel her passions into righteous causes and the aid of others.

He’s the guy that started the Rebellion before there was even an Empire and who constantly put himself, his family, and his people at risk so that people across the galaxy could continue to fight against tyranny.

Bail Organa is too good for any of us.


Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Rating: Explicit - 18+ only
Summary: Reader, being reckless gets hurt on a mission. Days later, when she gives her final report to her boyfriend Steve, it provokes an argument between them.
Word Count: 3.5k
Genre: general fiction containing explicit sexual content.
Warnings: argument, mild swearing, mentions of death. NSFW/SMUT: makeup sex, praise kink, soft dirty talking, nipple play, oral sex (female receiving), slow fingering, overstimulation, multiple orgasms, and semi-protected sex. - This fic assumes Reader is on the pill. [Cover your stone before you bone!]
Author’s Note: especially written for @always-an-evans-addict‘s writing challenge. I hope you like this one, sweetie.

   New Avengers Facility

“Steve, you read my report and Wanda told you what happened. That’s it. Can’t we just move on?”

“That’s it? That’s it?!”

Behind the closed door of your boyfriend’s office, you uncomfortably explained yourself, keeping in mind that people around you could probably sense the walls vibrating under the force of your voices.

You’d never thought that blowing out the last Hydra base found in Argentina would provoke such a drama within the team, or between you and the super soldier. Usually, you and Steve argued about the group’s mistake, not yours. When the incident happened in South America, you realized that if Wanda hadn’t been there, you probably wouldn’t be alive today.

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This little piece of SHIT

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I used to FUCKING love him.

AND WHAT FOR?  The fact that he can crack a nerdy-ass joke once in a while?

And now THIS SHIT.  I’m starting to realize he’s not a likable person at all.

Think I’m over-reacting because “oooh but Simon’s been through soooo much?” 

Well, FUCK that.  Every character in the show has got their life turned upside-down and loved ones who died.  They’re in a BRUTAL WORLD.

Let’s review what a shithead Simon FUCKING Lewis is:

  1. Season 1, he’s turned, but then is suddenly taken in by Raphael and his clan, from the start.  Simon NEVER TRULY HAS NO ONE.  In return, Simon blackmails Raphael, his mentor, for just a few bloodbags, saying he’ll lie to the Clave about the circumstances of his undeath and the subjugates and have Raphael lose the position he worked DECADES to reach and he’ll threaten the safety of his new family unit.  He knows full well that without Raphael, things will go back to how they were under Camille’s rule.  Does Simon FUCKING Lewis care?  Fuck, no!
  2. Raphael says “don’t talk to Camille, keep her imprisoned, it’s for your own safety, too”?  What does Simon Fucking Lewis do?  SIMON FUCKING LEWIS SNEAKS HER OUT AND ENDANGERS THE ONLY FAMILY HE HAS.  All because he wants Little MISS CLARY FRAY’S GINGER CONNIVING MANIPULATIVE ASS.
  3. Cus let’s be real.  It’s not about her mother.  And all Clary would get out of Camille is a scrap of info they probably can’t rely on.  Just for that, he betrays the people person who took him in, who fed him, who trained him, who FUCKING clothed his bony, scrawny, pasty little ass.
  4. Simon Fucking Lewis signs the Writ of Transmutation saying he ALLOWED Camille to change him.  HE KNOWS THIS ALLOWS CAMILLE TO TAKE BACK THE CLAN.  It’s COMMON SENSE.  He KNOWS what a tyrant she was, he KNOWS how ABUSIVE SHE WAS.  WHAT THE FUCK SIMON?  JUST WHAT THE FUCKKK?
  5. Even after ALL THAT SHIT, Simon is UNWILLING to fix what he did by helping find Camille.  DICK.
  6. Simon throws Raphael under the bus to Aldertree - a genuine mistake, true, but did he apologize for it?  FUCK, NO! (also plz see point 10)
  7. Raphael’s response?  “WE are your family.”  EVEN after Simon’s betrayal.
  8. What does Raphael do when he realizes Simon can’t focus on finding Camille cos he’s distracted by his panicking mother?  He goes to CALM SIMON’S MOTHER DOWN so that she won’t bother Simon and so Simon can fulfill his duties undistracted.  It’s not Raphael’s fault that Simon bursts in on them as Raphael’s in the middle of his bullshit fake story.
  9. Rapha uses this moment to get across the idea that ‘don’t forget Simon, I’ll be watching  you, I’m welcome in your home’.  He wasn’t threatening Simon’s MOTHER, but what does Simon do?  HE FUCKING OVERREACTS AND MOUTHS OFF TO HIM.  It’s like SHUT UP boy and for ONCE grow up and fix your mistakes.
  10. Simon sees just a little bit of the FUCKING UNBEARABLE TORTURE Aldertree did to Raphael for which SIMON HIMSELF was RESPONSIBLE and how does Simon FUCKING Lewis react?  “YOU LOOK LIKE CRAP!  BRING IT ON SCARFACE!”  Think about it.  That’s FUCKING AWFUL!
  11. Does Simon fucking care that Aldertree threatened the lives of Raphael’s beloved clan, Simon’s new family?  FUCK, NO!
  12. But even after ALL THAT, when Simon’s hungry in his bedroom, what does he do?  Oh, he expects Raphael to go out in BROAD FUCKING  DAYLIGHT JUST TO FEED HIM!  The NERVE of this little SHIT!
  13. Simon’s in trouble cos Mamma Lewis caught him sucking down a rat? “Raphaeeeellllllll come save meeeeeee!”
  14. ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING THANK YOU, ONCE AGAIN after Raphael encantos Elaine.  It’s like “Kiss my ass, Santiago.”
  15. Even after ALL THAT, AFTER THE WAR, after Raphael risks his life against Valentine and many of his clan members die, Simon still treats Raphael like the enemy??  Doesn’t trust Raphael about being a daylighter, while he’s so quick to blab to Maia, who’s barely more than an acquaintance?

Conspiring with Isabelle, Raphael’s new junkie ABUSER, to use POOR ROSA AS BAIT?  The only BLOOD Raphael has LEFT?  The only TREASURE in Rapha’s miserable, bleak, undead life?

Then looking into his eyes and saying “You’re lucky your sister doesn’t know who you really are. Because if she did, she’d hate you” THIS IS A NEW LEVEL OF SICK!

Fuck this shit.  

Oh sure, deep down, Simon has a pretty good heart, but heres the thing:

He’s spent too many years around Clarissa Fucking Fray and it’s turned him selfish and manipulative, and it’s made him such a fucking pushover that he ignores basic right and wrong just because someone says “go fetch”.  Not only that, but besides all that justification, he’s just an ass!

Even if by some miracle, Simon grows up one day … Raphael Santiago  is TEN TIMES THE MAN SIMON FUCKING LEWIS WILL EVER BE.

Symbolism of V and Kaneki

I was thinking about the V that was not only on the wrist in Ishida’s new art but also Kaneki’s face.

The first thing that came to mind was the organization of V, but also the good old Roman numeral for 5 which means TAROT CARDS. The fifth tarot card is the Hierophant which is symbolistic of tradition, religion, conformity, and beliefs.

Which can tell a lot about the current situations and the future which is insert the cut

Which fits with V which is an organization built to keep the Washuu’s lie in tact, and keep this system, the birdcage intact. It makes sense that it would be a force dragging Kaneki down, as it is what he is fighting against. But it’s caressing him in this case as if it was a lover. Which gives the impression that it’s someone who really cares about him, or someone trying to in a figurative “dark side” look more alluring or tempting him to go there. Yet, the way that the V looks on the arm, it looks like it was carved in and bleeding, like someone forced the mark onto them.

Yet, the one on Kaneki is a bit of a different story, as the meaning of the Hierophant tarot card has two very particular meanings that fit Kaneki;tradition and beliefs. Kaneki is someone who has been traditional, on for example would be with the way that after Touka told Kaneki she was pregnant he asked her to marry him something that is very traditional in a sense. Another and even bigger is the way that Kaneki is stuck in his beliefs. One of the major examples of it is with the lessons that his mother taught him and his own personal beliefs he has built over time. One of the major beliefs that he has is from his mother that iconic 

Which as much as Kaneki seems to have seen the bad part of that logic, it’s still a major part of him, and his willingness to take the burden on himself instead of others. Taking fault in anything even something not necessarily in his control as a lack of strength. This is combined with Kaneki’s his strange and select form of justice, where only certain people are allowed to live. Those include humans as a whole, as he has never killed a human himself, and a select few ghouls

Yet there is something that has become very apparent and that is the fact that his whole entire reason for even putting up a fight against V and the CCG is because of his love for others. He decided to go along with what Arima asked him to fix the wrongs that had been down to him for a future generation. Kaneki went through with it  because it was someone he cared about and Eto manipulated him into believing becoming the king was the only way. Yet, as we all know that he was using it as an excuse to live, in a situation where he had little will to live. A part of him doesn’t want this change, he doesn’t want to hurt humans and in doing so, he has made little progress in that regard of actually making a difference.

However, there has been one major change in Kaneki which is centered around one character in particular and that’s Touka. He married Touka and is having a child with her, and in his own words he loves her, and wants to live to protect her.

Since this we have seen a small change in Kaneki with him both deciding to try to take a more active approach, no more passive aggressive.

He also has taken an active approach in the survival of goat through going to get a proper source of food. Which conveniently is the reason that he isn’t there doing his one desire to live which is protect her. He might have left people there to protect the 24th ward but he wasn’t personally there himself. What if instead of Touka being killed she was taken by the Oggai instead, thus in many ways would be a chokehold on Kaneki and goat. Kaneki would not have any choice because of his reason to live is goat, he would go after her, making Touka a better scapegoat then Yoriko.
What is so interesting about this though is the recent call back to the choices that people have to make, most in particular is with Kaneki as it is a major theme for him. His inability to pick a side when it comes to choices, but Kaneki made a major breakthrough through one that Touka made. In choosing the more probable option of keeping her family together and safe, over the risk of losing Kaneki to save her friend which isn’t likely. Kaneki in many ways was confused over this choice even brought back to a time when he was with Yamori.

This in mind it would make a lot of sense that Kaneki will come to a point of where he will have to make an important choice. One that by the black tears that are falling from Kaneki and spreading to the hand reaching for him say one thing death. Kaneki might be brought back to that moment where he has to choose between the life of Touka or that of his child. That or maybe something as serious of choosing between the survival of Goat or that of Touka, the lives and future of ghouls or that of someone he loves. Can you imagine the comedy of it which fits Furuta, making the figurehead of the revolution betray his own fight. It would make sense for Kaneki to do that as he stated he doesn’t care for ghouls in general just those he cares about.
That or Kaneki won’t make a choice and it will create an even larger mess. But one thing is certain this picture points to a dark future path.

i get so fucking emotional over wolfgang tbh.. like.. he loves kala so much. his face when he wakes up next to her and his face when she leaves. how she is the only thing his ever really wanted. he really would do anything for her. and also bc of how much he cares for felix. he is his family, the only one he has ever had and he almost dies? he spent his birthday fucking alone, but thank god now he has a new family, the sensates. his whole life he felt that no one cared for him and now he has 8 people (bc amanita is one of them) caring enough that they are willing to risk their lives to save him.

Leave This Town Pt 6 (Mechanic!Bucky AU)

Characters: reader, Bucky, Natasha, Surprise Avenger! :)

Summary: Your dreams of kissing your small town life goodbye are about to come true when an unexpected detour leaves you stranded. Meeting the handsome local mechanic has you rethinking your plans. Perhaps happiness is less about where you’re headed and more about the people you meet along the way.

Song Inspiration: Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers

Warnings: Angst and then a bit of fluff. Mentions of sex.

Word Count: 2.7k

Tags are at bottom (TAG LIST IS CLOSED I’M SORRY)

**This fic is for @bionic-buckyb ‘s 5K AU Writing Challenge**

A/N: Soooo yeah. Heh. Just keep in mind that this is not the end! At least 2 more parts coming. Here’s my ask box if you feel the need to share. ;) 

<<<Part Five   Part Six   Part Seven>>> 

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“You’re meant for more than this small town, too,” you declared louder this time, grasping his face in your hands.

“I don’t underst—“

“Come with me.”


“What did you just say?” Bucky asked, taking a step back.

“Bucky,” you began calmly, since you had blurted it out too quickly the first time. “I want you to come with me. To L.A.”

With a dazed look, he slipped from your grasp, taking halting steps backwards until he reached the bed and sat down. “Are you serious?” he asked, finally meeting your gaze.


“You want me to come to L.A. and…do what?” he questioned.

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The vitality of Sansa’s role in the Stark’s repossession of Winterfell and why she WON’T betray Jon

How viewers are still questioning her character despite proving herself smarter than Jon for an entire season

Disclaimer before everyone sends me hate without reading the entire post: Jon Snow is one of my favorite characters, this is just meant as a little tough love in my part.

OKAY. Listen up. I’m so goddamn tired of reading and listening to people talk about the possibility of Sansa betraying Jon because people continue to compare her to her younger self when she knew NOTHING about real life and the throne and desired to be the queen, like she wasn’t allowed to be a normal young, naive teenage girl. And I’m tired of people saying she had little to do with the Starks taking back the north. I’m TIRED.

I know there’s a gazillion posts talking about this but it’s so goddamn simple, guys. Viewers and readers of the series neglect to see it because Jon is a fan favorite. The truth is Jon. Fucked. Up. Majorly. Okay? Point blank. Period. The end. It’s time to face the music. When we say the Starks won thanks to Sansa, it’s literal.

So what did Sansa actually do?

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an au where kara’s pod crash lands right by fort rozz, since that was what indigo locked onto to get them all out and astra finds her instead of clark and immediately takes kara away because i’m p sure a lot of astra’s hatred of alura was bc she thought, for over 10 years, that alura didn’t heed her warning and that her pride was more important than kara’s life, but all the Fort Rozz escapees would still want Kara dead so Astra takes Kara and then they go into hiding

but Kara’s curious and wants to do more than hide and sometimes the best way to hide is in plain sight so she goes to school and sometimes uses her powers more than she should and stands out a bit more than she would have with the Danvers, more than a little bit because the Danvers at least had a baseline to be like no, no that is something you can’t do as a human and that is way beyond current human science no, you can’t correct your teacher on Newton’s laws Kara and she’d definitely seek out her baby cousin, even if he’s not so much of a baby anymore, although Astra would be right there with her and probably would get into a big fight over custody and in this version, yeah Astra wouldn’t let Kara go to a human family when Kara has her Kara’s cousin wanting to spend time with her but him dropping her off w humans to live? Yeah no, she’s not risking her niece like that.

So Clark actually spends time with Kara maybe, but more so as Clark Kent, and maybe takes Kara to visit the Danvers so she still knows Alex pretty well and Clark makes sure she’s signed up for school and help her with English and History (Clark’s no slouch in the math and department, he took Calc III, but this girl is barely a teenager and already running rings around his comprehension. His only consolation is that although Astra can keep up, it’s keeping up, not out pacing Kara.)

Tbh the main way he convinces Astra is that humans are really good at art–and look how animated Kara is after taking that one art class with people her age! And yeah, they’re still on the move and Kara would totally fly to school from like a different part of the country and have her home address be Clark’s place in Metropolis bc yeah they kinda have to keep on the move a bit–and kara wants to explore, and so does astra, she’s bored–but yeah she goes to school in metropolis

and maybe Clark’s like. shit. shit i am in my 20s wait you know who has a kid sister? Lex. What was her name again? Oh! Lena. She’s smart so she can keep up with Kara, and she seemed nice. Maybe they’ll get along! And oh yeah, Lois has a little sister, Lucy! Spoiler alert: they do.

A Luthor, a Super, and a Lane

Dean’s cards

Dean has used the “family” card with Cas many times. Sometimes he’s used it when talking to Cas himself, and sometimes Cas hasn’t been present when Dean’s said it. In season 11, Cas was told by the angel Ambriel and Amara that he was expendable; he even let Lucifer possess him because he felt that way. If he got himself killed, “no big loss” as Ambriel put it. We know Dean didn’t feel that way about Cas because we saw him; we saw his desperation to get Cas back since he found out Cas was possessed. However, Cas never saw any of that. That’s why when season 12 started Cas still wasn’t sure whether he belonged or not.  

This is what he told Mary in 12x03:

MARY: Castiel? After you left heaven, when did it start to feel like… like you fit, like you… belonged here?

CASTIEL: Well, I’m still not sure I do.

It was really painful to think that after so much Cas has been through with the Winchester, he wasn’t sure of his place in the family. The good thing was that season 12 was meant to correct that. It was a season for Cas to understand once and for all that he’s not an expendable tool to the Winchesters, especially not to Dean. 

However, to explain how and when exactly Cas realized that he did belong, let me show you all the cards Dean has used with Cas and how meaningless or meaningful they have been to help Cas feel welcomed and loved or not.

The first time Dean told Cas something that had to do with family was in season 6. The problem was that it seemed to be a privilege given under certain terms. If Cas didn’t do what Dean wanted him to, then he wasn’t family at all. To be put in the category of “family” he had to conform. There was no unconditional love for Cas at the time and Cas felt it. This was the interaction between Dean and Cas in 6x20:

DEAN: Look, next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family – that you are like a brother to me. So, if I’m asking you not to do something… You got to trust me, man.

CASTIEL: Or what?

DEAN: Or I’ll have to do what I have to do to stop you.

Cas understood the condition behind the so-called family label. “If you don’t do as I say, I’ll have to kill you if it’s necessary to stop you.”

That first use of “family” didn’t work at all. In fact, it totally backfired two episodes later when Dean used the “family” card for the second time. This happened in 6x22:

DEAN: Listen to me. Listen, I know there’s a lot of bad water under the bridge, but we were family once. I’d have died for you. I almost did a few times. So if that means anything to you… Please. I’ve lost Lisa, I’ve lost Ben, and now I’ve lost Sam. Don’t make me lose you too. You don’t need this kind of juice anymore, Cas. Get rid of it before it kills us all.

CASTIEL: You’re just saying that because I won. Because you’re afraid. You’re not my family, Dean. I have no family.

Of course Cas felt he had no family. Dean said “we were famiy” as in “we’re not anymore because you stepped out of the condition I’d given you”. A person is supposed to be loved without “ifs”, and at that point, Cas knew Dean’s offer of “family” didn’t come free of conditions. Besides, let’s notice that Cas wasn’t using the plural “you” when he said “You’re not my family”. He was using the singular “you” since he addressed Dean directly by name.

After everything that happened in season 6, it took a lot for Dean and Cas to reconstruct their relationship. Dean didn’t try the “family” card again in a very long time. However, when his feelings were too overwhelming, he made use of two different cards: “home” and “I need you”. He used both cards for the first time in Purgatory, in 8x02:

DEAN: Cas, we’re getting out of here. We’re going home.

CASTIEL: Dean, I can’t.

DEAN: You can. Benny, tell him.

BENNY: Purgatory has an escape hatch, but I got no idea if it’s angel-friendly.

DEAN: We’ll figure it out. Cas, buddy, I need you.


DEAN: And if Leviathan want to take a shot at us, let ‘em. We ganked those bitches once before. We can do it again.

CASTIEL: It’s too dangerous.

DEAN: Let me bottom-line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?

CASTIEL: I understand.

This was the first time Dean Winchester decided to show Cas unconditional love. Dean wasn’t getting anything in return for trying to save Cas. On the contrary, they didn’t know if their escape hatch was angel-friendly, as Benny said it. Taking Cas with him was dangerous for Dean, but he didn’t care; he just knew that he would not leave Purgatory without his angel. He didn’t use the “family” card, but the cards he chose along with his actions were a lot more meaningful.

The third time Dean used the “family” card was in the crypt scene in 8x17. Cas was being mind-controlled and Dean was trying to break through before Cas could actually kill him. We all remember the words:

DEAN: Cas. Cas. I know you’re in there. I know you can hear me. Cas… It’s me. We’re family. We need you. I need you.

If you notice, Dean used the “I need you” card for the second time, too. It wasn’t the first time Dean had said those words to Cas. The first was in Purgatory and Cas knew Dean wasn’t getting anything in return back then. Dean honestly meant how much he needed Cas, just as in the crypt scene Dean wasn’t just begging for his life, he was actually confessing he needed Cas. He used the “family” card after almost two seasons because this time there wasn’t any condition attached to the label. Maybe that’s why this time it worked. Cas listened, and Naomi’s control was broken.

The third time Dean used the “I need you” card Cas didn’t hear him. It was in 9x01 when Dean was praying to him without knowing that Cas was human.

DEAN: Cas, are you there? Sammy’s hurt. He’s hurt, uh – he’s hurt pretty bad. And, um… I know you think that I’m pissed at you, okay? But I don’t care that the angels fell. So whatever you did or didn’t do, it doesn’t matter, okay? We’ll work it out. Please, man, I need you here.

That was the first time he used a new card as well, the “we’ll work it out” one. This time Dean didn’t want his words to sound like his feelings were attached to a condition. He wanted Cas to understand that the fact he might have messed up regarding the angels fall didn’t really matter to Dean; Cas still meant a lot to him… Dean still needed him and he knew they would find a way to fix things as they always did. It’s a shame Cas didn’t hear him!

The fourth time Dean included Cas as his family, Cas wasn’t there to hear either. Dean was talking to Kevin in 9x02:

DEAN: Because you’re family. After all the crap we’ve been through, after all the good that you’ve done… man, if you don’t think that we would die for you… I don’t know what to tell you. Because you, me, Sam and Cas, we are all we’ve got. But hey, if none of that matters to you, then I won’t stop you.

Cas wasn’t even present, but of course Dean mentioned him as part of the family. How could he not?

More than two years passed before Dean called Cas ‘family’ again. And Cas wasn’t even there to listen. He was possessed by Lucifer, and Dean was desperate to save his angel. This is what happened in 11x18:

DEAN: We’re not gonna send Lucifer into battle inside Cas. What if he doesn’t make it?

SAM: Dean, it’s a strong vessel. It’s held Cas for years, and we know what he’s been through. I’m guessing it can hold Lucifer.

DEAN: “It”? It’s not an “it,” Sam. It’s Cas.

SAM: And Cas wanted to do this.

DEAN: Yeah, well, there’s times I want to get slapped during sex by a girl wearing a Zorro mask. That don’t make it a good idea.

SAM: Dean, this is exactly how we screw ourselves. W-We make the… the heart choice instead of the smart choice.

DEAN: Oh, okay. Thank you, Dr. Phil. Cas is family.

SAM: Yes, and his choice deserves to be respected.

DEAN: Even if it kills him?

After the audience witnessed Amara and Ambriel saying Cas was expendable, it was refreshing to see Dean acknowledging Cas as family. The only problem was that Cas was called expendable to his face, so he needed to be reassured face-to-face that he was family. No matter how beautiful it was for us to hear Dean say it, Cas wasn’t there to listen. That’s how we got to 12x03, to the moment when Cas himself told Mary that he still wasn’t sure he belonged there (with the Winchesters).

In 12x10, Dean used the “family” card when talking about Cas again, but the angel wasn’t there to hear.

LILY: How did you find me?

SAM: We’re here to talk, that’s it. We come in peace. Just hear us out. We heard what happened to your family.

LILY: My family?

DEAN: See, Cas is our family, so we can’t let you hurt him.

By the end of the episode, Dean was given a choice between saving his life and saving Castiel’s. Cas was there to witness how Dean chose to risk his own life in order to protect Cas.  

DEAN: Don’t move *his hand hovering over the sigil to blast angels away*

ISHIM: Do it. You blast me away, you’ll blast away every angel in the room. I’ll survive. Castiel, on the other hand, he’s hurt. He might live or he might just end up a bloody smear on the wall. Roll the dice.

DEAN: *backs off*

Dean would have never done anything that could hurt Cas no matter how long they’d spent bickering in that very same episode.

All of this was leading to the big moment… the moment when Castiel would finally realize how much he meant to his family, the moment when he’d see he was loved without conditions. The moment he’d hear from Dean himself (and Sam) that Castiel wasn’t going to be left behind. This happened in episode 12x12, when Castiel got hurt and almost killed.

CASTIEL: Crowley’s right. You should go.

DEAN: Cas, come on.

CASTIEL: No, you listen to me. You– Look, thank you. Thank you. Knowing you, it… it’s been the best part of my life. And the things that… the things we’ve shared together, they have changed me. You’re my family. I love you. I love all of you. Just please… please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die. Just run. Save yourselves. And I will hold Ramiel off as long as I can.

DEAN: Cas, no.

CASTIEL: Yes. You need to keep fighting.

SAM: We are fighting. We’re fighting for you, Cas.

DEAN: And like you said, you’re family. And we don’t leave family behind.

The seventh time Dean used the “family” card was everything Cas needed to hear. In season 6 Castiel had told Dean specifically that he was not Cas’ family. Now 6 years later, Cas is saying the opposite. Not only is he calling the Winchesters family, but he’s also using the “I love you” card.

Dean isn’t ready to use the L word yet; the closest he got was giving Cas a mix tape. (Dean could say “I love you” to Mary in 12x22, though, so hopefully he’ll be more comfortable with the L word from now on). At least Dean’s continued to use other important cards like:

 Who knows what that crazy man was talking about. Let’s go home. (12x10)

We’ll work through our crap. We always do. (12x23)

It’s true that Cas sort of betrayed the Winchesters when he stole the Colt, but he did it to keep them safe. In 12x19, he called the angels ‘his men’, whereas Dean and Sam were ‘his friends, his family’. There’s a big difference! He started the season not sure of where exactly he belonged, but by the end of it, he was sure of something: he didn’t care about his reputation in Heaven anymore. All he cared about was protecting his family, the Winchesters. By the end of season 12, I’m sure he didn’t consider himself expendable in the eyes of the Winchesters anymore.

The only problem now is that… Cas is dead. We need him back… Dean needs him back ASAP. There are some cards Dean hasn’t used yet, but we’re getting there slowly. Facing the reality of losing Cas might give him another little push in the right direction. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for more than a mix tape in season 13!

BTS reaction to their child refuses to call them dad because they were away for so long

Anonymous said :

BTS reaction when they haven’t met their child for years and when they finally see each other, she/he (their child) doesn’t want to call them appa and how can they fix it, please :)))) I love ur work so much, keep working hard 😘

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reactions and I really enjoyed writing this so I hope you enjoy it too >< .

Jin :

All he was thinking the way home is his little kid .The last call he had from you was about his little boy’s first birthday ! ..he went to the military when you were in your second month his biggest dream was to see his child for the first time ! ..when he knocked at the door he expected his child to come running like a little pinguin and hug him ..but what happened wasn’t as he expected the meeting to be ..his little child showed up with his diaper and smiley face ..which has changed the moment he spotted his father ..Jin was in heavens that time ..untill his baby ran fast inside ..screaming and calling for his mom ..and you were already on your way to the door stopped the moment you saw your dear husband ..smiling as if you have never smiled before ! ..but your child ? he was behind you ,hugging your leg ..begging for protection ..and that was the last thing Jin wanted to see papa ? appa or even daddy ? ..that broke him from the inside ,so the hug wasn’t that tight ..he was sad deeply …which didn’t make him sleep that night ..he was thinking of a way to change the way his baby sees him he decided to spend more time with him ,till he -with no control- called Jin (appa) because how strong their relationship was !

Suga :

A 7 months girl won’t remember her father ! ..especially if he left for tour for about another 8 months ! ..that would make it even more complicated..he heard his girl saying her first word when you recorded it he was so excited to hear it live ..when she is calling him! ..calling him (appa)!! ..he came home at 4 am ..after hugging you and showering you with kisses, he dashed to his girl’s room to see her sleeping in her one peace pijama ,with an angelic face and silk brown hair .He sat next to her and kissed her face ,two seconds and she was staring at him ,and his smile never faded away ,till she started crying so hard …calling her mom (AMMA!! ..I’M SCARED !!) ran to her room and saw Suga staring at the wall ,in an another world . You hugged her till she calmed down ,and Suga still didn’t make any reaction !.. you said ,trying to save the situation “..ohh baby ..this is your father !..why are you scared ?”..she kept crying “NO! ..HE IS NOT MY APPA!! ..HE IS NOT!” ..and buried her face in your chest .. you looked at your husband as you could clearly see him tearing up ..but before you could open your mouth to say a word he carried his body out ,and disappeared in his studio .In the next day ,you saw Yoongi for the first time ,so cuddly and caring ..he tried his best to make her feel protected and comfortable when he is around ,and that worked ! the end of the day ,after a family trip to the amusement park ,he was sitting with her on the carousel..she was laughing so happily in his arms when he was smiling till his ears ,she said in a loud voice between her giggles “YOU ARE THE BEST DAD EVER!” .

Rap Monster :

You and your little boy were waiting for your husband at the airport ,when he was away for one year with his mother ,trying to do some surgeries for her because she had two kinds of cancer,and you couldn’t leave with them due to your job .Your little boy was one year and a half ,so he had only few unclear memories about his father ,he looked at you “mom ? ..when was he all the time ?” smiled and looked down “our grandma was sick so he was helping her !” ..he pouted “but ..when I was sick he didn’t help me !” remembered when your child once had a virus and he was at the hospital for two days ,you knew that would affect on him because his father wasn’t there ,but you hoped nothing negative would happen .When Namjoon appeared you smiled brightly and pointed at him “look ! ..he is there !!” and you ran to him ,hugging him so tight ,and your boy? ..still standing where you left him ,and when Joonie took few steps toward his child ,the last one took another steps back ,there Namjoon was shocked ,and you knew how much that distance had affected on him ,even though the first conversation between them two was “you know that I asked about you everyday? ,your photo in my wallet ..and I take it everyday and I kiss it !” ..” ohh ..thanks seem as a good man grandpa Max in Ben10 !!!” ..and that moment you knew that Namjoon was broken ,as a knife stabbed him so deeply or as his heart was broken into peaces ,but what doesn’t kill you ,makes you stronger ! ..he took a vocation for a month to spend it with his boy ..and , it has beed successful ! .

J-hope :

His military service had to end today ,so you waited for him at the balcony with your little kid ! ..till he arrived with his soldier’s vest ..your boy cheered “mom look ! ..a soldier! “ smiled brightly “yeh baby ..he is your father !” ..and you ran downstairs, when your boy stood still and mumbled “my father ?” .You hugged your husband as if it was the first time to see him after 100 years ,so you shouted at that kid on the balcony “COME AND HUG YOUR DAD!” ..but he didn’t move ,so Hobi just kissed you and whispered “I’ll go for him!” ..and when he was two steps away from his child ,with the happiest face ever ,your boy said “so you are the hero my mom told me about ?” ..he nodded and pulled him in a warm hug ,but your kid broke it Hoseok pouted “what’s the problem my baby?” ..your kid simply shouted and ran away “I DON’T BELIEVE YOU !!!” ..Hoseok with no control started crying with no sound and you couldn’t do anything but hugged him, when he refused “you didn’t show him my photos ? ..didn’t you tell him the messages I wanted him to hear ? ..didn’t you tell him that I love and miss him so much ? ..why he hates me ?!!!” .After days he was trying his best to get closer ,but we cant deny that he had some difficulties to deal with ,his boy was a closed one ,not like his father ..but ,they made it at the end .

Jimin :  

Another one was away for tour ,but he suffered from another problem , a member was sick and he had to be next to him ,which made him be away for 9 months ,and that wasn’t so accepted by his little girl who he left when she was 3 months old and now she is one year old .He asked the driver to drive the fastest so he would see his daughter, he missed her till he couldn’t control himself .And when he was in front of her ,he came closer and hugged her as if it was the first time ..and she couldn’t make any reaction..all she was thinking about was (is he really my father?) ,and he didn’t notice that till he was taking a shower and you making the dinner ,when she moved in hesitated steps and knocked at the door of the bathroom “umm said the dinner is ready !” ..he opened the door with the biggest smile and carried her on his shoulders .When they were on the dinner table ,Jimin kissed you and mumbled “you are the best mom! ..I was afraid she would enter the bathroom so I locked it !” smiled and looked in a teasing way at her “ohh..that’s weird ,because she usually doesn’t knock ,but enters with no warnings !” ..your daughter looked at her plate in a guilty way “but you taught me to be polite with those I don’t know !” ..and that moment Jimin choked and sank in his blank thoughts ..that his daughter is no longer his  ,but just a girl he loves and she doesn’t ! ..that made him cry in his room alone at midnight ,also made him make a plan to let his daughter knows that he is not a stranger , but a person who loves her more than she thinks .

V :

It wasn’t his choice ,he had to leave for some business and you couldn’t go with him because you had to take care of your parents and your work ,so he left for a year and a half to complete the deals with many modeling companies ,he was a lit! ..after he realized that his family has the right to see him ,he canceled any new deals and went right back to his hometown .He was outside of his huge house’s garden ,when he saw his little girl running after her dog ,she was wearing ballet skirt with wings of a fairy ,till she stopped when she saw him ,he opened the gate and ran toward her ,picked her up and swung her in the air which made her giggle ,he pulled her in a hug and let her down ,so he sat on his knees ,admiring her beauty and how much she grew up without him ,that thought made him tear up ,till she shocked him saying “you are a cute like my joje (her puppy) …and you look like my dad~” she said with an accent of a cute little girl ,which made him smile brightly “ohh your father is cute ? about I AM your father ? …your TaeTae ?” ..she giggled “ohh no you are not ..bye stranger !!” ..and she waved ,left him there looking at her running after the dog again ,stranger ? ..that was the last thing he would like to hear ,for a family man ? ..that was a living nightmare ..and u knew that when he entered the house and his face covered with tears .But ,that didn’t stop him ,he got out of that scary hell and started all over again ,playing and chasing the dog with her ,till they became bestfriends ,till he became her TaeTae .

Jungkook :

That scholarship he had for the most famous music school in the world ,he dreamed of having it ,and when he got it ,he waited no second to accept it ,and when he knew he can’t get his family with him ,he had to risk ..two years he could only see you on FaceTime, but what really made him break down every night ,that his kid refused to FaceTime with him ,as he was that shy around strangers ,he didn’t have the courage to talk to that man who called his father and never saw him before ,that made Jungkook give up the rest of his scholarship and go back home .Out of his kid room he stood there ,afraid as hell ,will he accept it ? ..he knocked at the door and that three years boy opened it with his pijamas on ,the moment he saw his father his eyes went wide and slapped the door ,as if he slapped Kook on the face ,his feelings were down as he was holding himself not to cry ..”babe ,open the door ..I’m your father you were FaceTiming with ! ..I came but will never go again ! open the door and let me hug you ..!!” ..but that didn’t affect on the insecurity of his kid ,but made him shout out loud “NO ..!!” .After that situation, Jungkook tried everything to get his kid’s heart ,from watching his favorite cartoon with him to playing with him his favorite games needed time but ,it was successful too !.

GIFs are not mine

Requests : opened for texts only !

-Admin M

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Hello! I just stumbled on this blog by complete accident, and it's interesting to read your posts about akechi! I'm sorry if this actually comes of rude or ignorant or whatever, but i'm genuinely curious about life in orphanages in japan. Your akechi seems to be awfully not fond of it, and i guess the same with go with canon akechi actually. What are you thoughts?

OH MY GOSH? im really flattered that you found them interesting, and im more flattered that you actually want to hear my thoughts on such a delicate subject. youre not being rude or anything!!

i very well cant give proper opinions on a subject without laying down the facts first, though, and surprisingly, other than passing mentions and links to an article or two, no one really talked about just how awful the system is in japan, and in turn how it affected goro, so let me talk about the system while adding in my own commentary


spoilers and very, very, very, VERY heavy text under the cut. im so sorry mobile users

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Dating Damon Salvatore would Include..

Originally posted by veduky

  • Seeing his smile whenever he sees you.
  • His mood lifting up whenever you’re around.
  • Him constantly kissing you that lead to make outs from time to time.
  • Damon taking you out to dinner as always which leads to amazing *smut* after.
  • Lip locking in front of Stefan which makes him do a ‘wincing’ face and him walking away.
  • Damon always telling you how much he loves you.
  • Becoming close with Bonnie and Elena – and the others too.
  • You gushing over Damon to the girls.
  • Caroline rolling her eyes and telling you how bad he is for you.
  • Shopping with the girls.
  • Catching Damon shirtless most of the time.
  • Damon telling you how good you always look.
  • Him having to remind you that you’re his.
  • His very protective of you.
  • Gets easily jealous when he sees you with his brother and a male.
  • You being his anchor and calming him down whenever he feels the need to kill.
  • Helping him with his blood urges whenever he’s around you.
  • Him always asking you and offering you to turn you.
  • You comforting him and telling him how important he is to you and everyone else whenever he wants to flip his humanity switch off.
  • “Oh Mama is lookin’ fine!”
  • Smirking at you whenever he sees you.
  • Being his weakness.
  • His heart always beating faster whenever he senses you’re around.
  • He would never hurt you.
  • Both of you endlessly loving each other.
  • ‘Borrowing’ his clothes after sleeping over – just kidding, stealing ;)
  • Sleepovers!
  • Him tightly holding you by the waist whenever you come over to sleep.
  • Cuddling and snuggling.
  • Steamy makeouts in public.
  • Him not ashamed to show his affection in public.
  • Going out to cafes in the morning and drinking coffee and tea with him.
  • Him helping you pick out outfits to wear to parties.
  • Telling you how hot and beautiful you look all the time.
  • Damon being proud of having you be his girl.
  • Showing you off to the whole Mystic Falls.
  • Helping him with cases and mysteries in the Sherriff department.
  • Having deep conversations at night in bed – pillowtalks.
  • Talking about growing old together and having a family even though you know it won’t be possible – which leads to him offering you to turn once again.
  • “I love you so fucking much.”
  • His passionate love for you.
  • His deep love for you.
  • His endless love for you.
  • Him always teasing you and you doing the same.
  • You getting jealous whenever he’s with Elena – even though she’s your friend.
  • Him telling you that he’s yours, and that you shouldn’t be worried.
  • Holding hands all the time.
  • Damon kissing your neck and body whenever he pleases to in his house.
  • You basically living in the Salvatore building.
  • Get caught seeing with only a long top on in the house and Stefan saying, “Next time, keep it down.”
  • Stefan being your brother practically.
  • Stefan looking after you whenever Damon’s not around.
  • Damon threatening everyone who takes care of you to make sure you’re in safe hands.
  • Damon treating you like a Queen.
  • You both having so much trust and respect for each other.
  • Him trying to protect you and tell you to stay away from danger, but you never listen.
  • Silly fights and sometimes serious ones too.
  • Him doing anything to protect you and make sure you’re safe.
  • He would risk his life for you.
  • Being just as witty and sarcastic as him.
  • “What’s with the attitude?” “Oh look, I must’ve gotten it from you.”
  • You catching him look at you and him not looking away – smirking with a dangerous look in his eyes.
  • Damon telling you how much you mean to him and how you’re his world and if you ever died or anything ever happened to you he couldn’t live with himself.
  • Him promising you that he will always be there for you when you need him.
  • Comforting you and giving you soft, sweet kisses whenever you feel upset.
  • Him whispering sweet nothings to you.
  • Always flirting in front of the pack and them telling you to get a room.
  • Grabbing your ass whenever he feels turned on.
  • “Damon!” “Yes, I’m here!”
  • Him saying that he’ll be with you whenever you needed help in seconds.
  • “There’s no way I’m letting you out of my sight and risk your life again!”
  • Him always kissing your hand like a gentleman whenever it comes to romantic dinners.
  • Going out and talking about anything you could think of and he would still listen.
  • Him admiring how cute you look when you blabber on.
  • Looking deep into his crystal blue eyes.
  • Helping him with his drinking, telling him not to drink so much when he feels the need to.
  • Teaching him how bad alcohol can be to the body but him not caring.
  • “I swear if anyone touches you, I would not be able to live with myself.”
  • Being his date to family dinners and royal parties by the Mikaelsons.
  • Katherine constantly jealous of your relationship with Damon.
  • “She’s a keeper, Damon.” “I know.”

(This one is quite long! Hope you guys like and tell me what you think. PS: Alec Lightwood’s one is up next. xx)

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Seto Kaiba single-handedly raised Mokuba, despite not having anyone to raise himself, effectively accepting the responsibility for two human lives at the tender age of ten. During all Seto's years of abandonment and abuse, Mokuba remained his one constant and only true family. Even after Gozaburo scrubbed every stain of humanity from Seto and turned him into a walking machine, Mokuba was able to draw the soft, gentle, fiercely protective humanity from his nii-sama. Seto has watched his brother get kidnapped and thrown into danger more times than he can count, and, despite being an innately "selfish" character, time after time he risks everything to save his brother through any means necessary, all because he loves him. Seto Kaiba was a single teen father and the CEO of a mega-corporation by the time he was fifteen, and he suffered unspeakable mental traumas again and again, and people still complain that he is emotionally stunted and a bad person at heart. Although his past and experiences don't excuse his behavior, many of his actions can be clearly linked to the abuse he has suffered and the emotional issues that come with being an orphan. Despite his apparent emotional crippling, Seto Kaiba still has a full, human capacity for love and care in his heart in regards to Mokuba, and time after time shamelessly exhibits it, yet he is still viewed as a "bad guy" who only cares for himself.
Fell!Poth Part 2! <33

And now…
We’re gonna send li'l ol Rurik on a guilt trip~
Bear with me, folks, this story has JUST BEGUN! <33

Fell!Palette belongs to @angexci

Fell!Goth belongs to @nekophy (or) @nekophysinpile

Palette walked irritatedly down the path back home. It had been a hard day of taking care of people on his ‘hit list’, and he couldn’t wait to get back home to Goth. He’d make that younger skeleton limp so bad tomorrow…

In the middle of his thoughts, he opened the door to the house.

“Gooooothy~” Palette purred, “I’m home… You know what that means~~”
He walked into the kitchen. Goth wasn’t there like he usually was. Palette’s eyes narrowed as he growled more aggressively, “Oh my little doll, where are you…”

He walked around the island in the kitchen to find Goth knelt on the ground softly gagging and coughing up blood. The younger skeleton had a sharp knife to his own throat.

Palette’s eyes widened in dismay. 
Goth only slowly looked up with a smile. A smile that clearly told Palette, ‘You won.’ And with that, Goth’s hand trembling, he began to slowly slice his own throat–

But Palette was quicker. He dived into a kneeling position and yanked Goth’s wrist to the side, taking the knife and chucking it out the open window. He took a hold of both of Goth’s wrists with one hand, while his other held Goth’s throat. 

This time, Palette wasn’t holding Goth by the throat in attempt to choke him. He was doing it to save Goth. And neither skeleton knew why.

Goth’s eyes were filled with confusion (and not to mention tears) as he met Palette’s. The smaller skeleton choked out only a single word.
And then Goth passed out in Palette’s arms, soul beating faster than a humming bird’s wings. He was soaked in his own blood and tears…literally.

Palette hesitated but stood up, letting go of Goth. The bigger skeleton had no interest in taking Goth to his room, but he did get a large bandage and gauze to cease the bleeding in Goth’s throat.
After he was finished treating the small wound, Palette began walking back to his room. 

…He glanced over his shoulder to make sure Goth was in a decently comfortable position, then he walked out.

Goth woke up with a damp face and a bloodstained mouth. He groaned as he sat up slowly and winced as his throat was strained with the effort. His eyes were wide as he realized that he wasn’t dead.

Tears came almost immediately all over again. 
Ignoring the pain in his neck, Goth screamed in pure agony over his failed suicide attempt and he stood up to punch the cabinet door. 

“No!!” He sobbed loudly, “No, no no no no!!! No….!!” Goth sank to the floor, whimpering and trembling violently. He felt a shadow darken his vision through his eyelids. The smaller skeleton immediately froze. He let out a long whine of terror.

“I’m…..sorry….” Is all Goth could manage to get out before rage and fear battled each other in his mind, making him shriek in a shaking voice, “I give up!!!” To the figure in front of him, “Just rape me already!! Kill me! SOMETHING!! Stop torturing me by making me wait…just get it over with… I just…want to die…” Goth’s voice faded into a sob as he lowered his head in defeat to Palette, “I… Give… UP… You win… Please… N-no more…” 

Palette looked angry, but anger and guilt were fiercely battling each other in his mind. At the moment, guilt was winning. Palette’s eyes softened somewhat and he knelt in front of Goth, raising his head by the chin with a hand.

Goth’s expression was laden with horror as Palette’s hand made contact with Goth’s chin. He flinched and trembled, preparing for the worst.

But Goth’s gradual flinching was all for nothing as Palette leaned in and gave Goth a kiss. 
This was different than the kisses that Goth had received in the past. This was a soft kiss. Not aggressive and lust-hungry. 

Goth was thoroughly shocked. He trembled even more in confusion but kissed back nonetheless. Even if Palette meant this kiss to actually be a kind advance toward Goth, the younger skeleton still didn’t want to risk angering him by not returning the kiss. 

By the time they pulled away, Goth felt nothing. His eyes–his whole expression – was blank. Goth felt nothing for Palette. NOTHING. There was definitely hatred there. But nothing else. 

“I love you, Goth…” Palette said gruffly but slowly, as if he was honestly trying to be more convincing than he usually is, “…I don’t want to lose you.”

Goth just stared at Palette.
“No you don’t,” Goth replied simply.
Palette looked up in slight surprise.

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t take me from my own family, come here of all places to live, treat me like yesterday’s newspaper, rape me, abuse me, then wait until I’m trying to escape my miserable, wasted life to decide that you love me. That’s just not possible. Or, at the very least, you can’t expect me to love you back…” Goth’s voice shook in anger as he confronted Palette of all his faults.

Palette let his hand fall as Goth stood up. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” Palette tried to sound like his intimidating self through his shock, “You aren’t allowed to leave. I’m dominant over you.” Palette stood as well, grabbing Goth by the arm.

Goth flinched again and turned to Palette. He nodded slowly and meekly, and just as Palette felt satisfaction bubble up inside him…


Palette stumbled backwards in utter shock. Goth was standing with his hand raised. He had smacked Palette so hard it sent the older skeleton to the ground. 

“…You are not dominant over me…” Goth’s voice was shaking, “I am my own person.” 
Palette was staring up at Goth in alarm, his intimidating aura gone. He looked…guilty?

But Goth didn’t let it get to him. He glared down at Palette and kicked him in the ribs. “I’m leaving you for good this time! I don’t give half a shit about how you feel! You never gave anything about how I did!”

And with that, Goth ran outside the front door, leaving Palette groaning mess on the floor.

Goth ran as fast as he could down the alley next to his and Palette’s house. By now he could only pray that Palette or one of his buddies wouldn’t come after him.

Nearly tripping on a rock, Goth squealed a bit in alarm and jumped as to keep himself from falling. That would only slow him down. He broke through a thin wall of bushes and into someone’s backyard. 
He raced through it and made it to the edge of town in no time.

Palette’s home was close to the edge of town, though, so Goth still had to be careful about being seen. He couldn’t be too loud, either, or else Palette might be able to hear him.
Just as he was about to cross into the next town…


Goth collapsed to the ground. In a haze of alarm, he looked behind himself.

One of Palette’s comrades were standing right there with a bat in his hand.
Goth’s eyes widened in horror. He’d been caught again! What was going to happen to him now?!

Goth let out a loud scream as his attacker harshly picked him up and started carrying him away. 

“Let me go!! You dirty rotten miserable sick son of a bitch!!” Goth’s words were laced thickly in fear as tears streamed down his face.

“Y'know, doll…” The attacker growled, “You’ve been escaping one too many times lately. I think I’ll punish you for that MYSELF.”

…If Goth hadn’t been completely horrified of how his life would end before, he definitely was now.
 He forced himself to let out another loud cry.

Palette’s head raised as he walked out the front door of his home, hearing several loud sobs from the edge of town. 
‘What…? But that sounds like…’ Palette thought silently, making his way down the alley at a speed walk. What had gotten Goth? Or was it Goth at all, he wondered silently?


Still not over yet~ Have patience~~

Owned - pt 10

Originally posted by hopeatuuli

“Darling, look at this arrangement. They’re so beautiful!” Mrs. Kim said.

The flowers you gave her were, of course, from the best shop in town.

The reporters were buying everything. Mr. Kim smiled and nodded at his wife.

“I’m glad you like them.” You said.

Namjoon remained silent.

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Agent AF7 (Jungkook, You) Scenario

Request found here.

The world seemed to be in slow motion as Jungkook took deep breaths, surveying his surroundings.

There were eight—no ten (there were two snipers on opposites sides of the second floor mezzanine) armed men currently facing him. He stood still, feeling his lover’s presence behind him, which makes it even harder to make a decision whether to engage, or not.

“Y/N… baby, don’t move.” He whispered when he felt her shallow breathing and the slight tremble from her body. He knew she was scared, she had every right to be, and it kills Jungkook on every aspect. But he couldn’t risk one of those snipers going off at her.

“Sorry.” She whispered, which sounded more like a choked sob and Jungkook wanted to turn around and kiss her; to assure her that it was going to be alright and that she shouldn’t be sorry.

It was his fault she was in this mess, after all.

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The affects of Yoriko’s arrest on the CCG are starting to fall into place. Kuroiwa Senior is having to think about the allegiances he has to his family and hold them up to his allegiances to the CCG. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if the Kuroiwa’s move away from the CCG it could have a massive effect on the moral and suspicion of the older more seasoned CCG investigators. They have a family like dynamic and having an attack on the children of one of them is like an attack on all of them.

I seems like Takeomi is being held in some fashion as well. Seeing as he’ not also up for execution I’m guessing it’s more for “Assaulting a Law Enforment Officer” (Musuki) Or for “suspicion.” He and Yoriko could have a similar effect on CCG moral except more towards the younger powerful new generation of investigators (Suzuya, Urie etc.). He represents an attack on their friend and comrade.

Urie finally seems to be overcoming his prejudice against the Kuroiwa’s. Probably partially because Donato has forced him to start dealing with his feelings surrounding his father’s death. But also… Urie is seeing all the things that he was jealous of Takeomi for getting stripped away (power, family, happiness) and he’s being forced to see him as a human being. 

Takeomi attacked on behalf of his wife despite the fact it would adversely effect his future, putting family over his own well being, something Urie set aside for a long time… Urie having felt the loss of Shirazu can now better empathize with the potential devastating loss Takeomi might face, as well as the reaction he had.

(His dad I consider a little different since in that case Urie wasn’t faced with a loss of honor in the CCG based on his reaction and in the case of Shirazu’s death Urie had to choose between Grieving and following Matsuri’s orders, also he had to start thinking about people he cared about again versus putting everything in the basket of “risking my friend’s life is worth the reward” though yes losing a family member could also help him empathize in a different way).

He’s also having to consider how far Mutsuki is falling from the person he lived with and who showed him kindness.

anonymous asked:

what's your favorite thing about zen? 👀

I can’t pick one, but here are the two main things that sparked my interest:
- I find his contradictions very endearing and humane. He’s strong and inspiring but also a lot more ridiculous and goofy than he realizes. He can be aggressive, petty and naggy, but he can definitely be an insightful, emotionally intelligent adult too. He comes off as cocky, but he obivously has a fragile ego.
- He has made some brave choices when he could just bow his head and live a more comfortable (albeit unsatisfying) life. He decided to take risks and he put incredible effort into improving his skills and working towards his goal without the privilege of his family’s emotional/economic support. He worked several jobs during school and lived alone since a young age. He failed, got fired, failed again… he’s driven and passionate and relentless - that’s the definition of “talent”, imho.
I have quit for much less. He’s fictional, but I’ve met people in real life who are just like him (and promptly forgot it’s possible to be like them because taking full responsibility for my success AND failures is so, so scary!).
Zen came in as an eye-opener, a powerful reminder when I really needed one.

I rarely crush on/lust after fictional characters, but to sum it all up Zen is just the perfect blend of inspiring, silly and believable. I have chosen to mostly celebrate the naughty aspect of my interest for Zen here, but that interest is definitely borne of the traits I described above :3

Rebel Girls: 10 YA Heroines Who Will Make You Want to Lead a Revolution

You’ve read The Hunger Games and Divergent but did you know there are even more badass heroines out there, standing up for what they believe in and becoming part of a movement? Get inspired by these rebellious women who will make you want to make a difference!

1.       All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

In Speth’s world every word and gesture is copyrighted, patented or trademarked. From the moment citizens turn fifteen they will begin to pay for every word they speak and to rack up massive debts that can ruin families and lives. When Speth’s friend Beecher takes his own life rather than work off his family’s crippling debt, Speth vows to never speak another word, and her silence unwittingly sparks a movement that could unravel the very fabric of her society.

2.       An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Laia is a scholar , one of those oppressed by the brutal rule of Martial Empire. When Laia’s brother is arrested for treason, she makes a dangerous deal with members of a rebel force: in exchange for her brother’s rescue, she must risk her life to become a spy inside the Empire’s military academy. There she meets Elias, a soldier who secretly wishes he could oppose the Empire. Together Elias and Laia start down a dangerous path that could get them killed…or bring the Empire to its knees.  

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