and ridonkulous

I just realised that every time Yuri performs his Eros during the Grand Prix, and he wears his fully black outfit,

Viktor is wearing a black suit with a black tie.

But when Yuri does his Yuri on Ice performance, wearing that blue costume,

Viktor wears a blue-ish suit with a blue tie. What I’m implying is that Viktor totally wants to match with his boyfriend and I find that adorable and hilarious.


It’s so funny when publishers feel that they need to make these changes for countries that speak very nearly the exact same language

I mean, it’s OK, I can understand American

You didn’t have to translate it into British for me

nope, cant do it

the concept that the darkling is someone a better person/choice than mal because of the way he was raised and because he lost the love of his life (he burned! down an orphanage!) because mal slept with other people is


i love the darkling but goddamn he deserved everything he got, and he definitely did not deserve alina starkov because she 

didn’t want him in the end

and that’s the part that matters

i am very very tired of shipping stuff in this fandom that turns alina into a prize or object that was lost instead of a character who maybe didn’t want to be involved with a homicidal maniac who made her a slave

“You've been fucking about with the Russians, you silly boy.”

I’ve never seen anyone steal scenes the way Tom Hardy steals scenes in Peaky Blinders. Every time his Alfie Solomons is on screen I just laugh out loud because he’s like a giant. He makes everyone else, even Cillian, seem to fade into the background. It’s both hilarious and intimidating af. xD 

Question: do the pizza chains in USA do those ridonkulous stuffed crust monstrosities? Like the ones stuffed with cheese and sausages and fake crab sticks and whatnot?

Hello anybody that is part of the decision making process of creating sequels
*clears throat*
I would like to direct your attention towards the man from uncle
It is great
The score is ridonkulous (with a k! crazy!)
The characters are flawless
The dialogue is fantastic
The cinematography is amazing
And the fashion is fabulous
I mean, what else do you need

Hitting max level in World of Warcraft without ever choosing a faction or leaving the starting area

This Kotaku article does a pretty great job of explaining what’s going on here.

Basically, you can’t really get anywhere in WoW unless you join Alliance or Horde. One player spent a ridonkulous amount of time levelling up via non-combat, non-quest means and managed to reach maximum level without ever taking a side. And since you need to join a side to leave the starting area, this means he reached max level without ever leaving his home.

Thanks to @BRBonobo for suggesting this!


Presenting the “When Is Doctor Who Series 7 Premiering In My Country This Weekend” Click-and-Drag Game!

For those of you who may have missed our post about this weekend’s season premiere of Doctor Who Series 7, we’ve constructed this handy dandy click-and-drag game to tell you where you should watch “Asylum of the Daleks” and when.

Click on each gif and drag it in order to find out when you’ll be watching this weekend’s premiere, who you will watch it with, what character you will cosplay as, and what you will post to Tumblr about it.

Of course, this game is not valid in all territories and if it determines that you should travel three continents just to see the premiere, we suggest taking it less as a directive and more as a modest suggestion.

Of course, if you want all of the Doctor Who Series 7 premiere info now, you could just click through to the Series 7 Premiere Date Superpost instead.