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How To Do Basic Research

We get a lot of questions that boil down to, “I can’t find this thing so I’m asking you.” One of us will type in a few keywords into Google, and like a freakin’ Christmas miracle a bazillion results show up.

No bueno, folks.

We’re all here because we’re writers. Writing is hard. Research is hard, no doubt about that, but we’re talking about basic search skills. And I get it. I’m one of those people that will look for something in the fridge for fifteen minutes, not see it, and go buy another, but we’ve blown straight past ridiculous and into ridonkulous. 

Here’s an example. I don’t remember the finer points about The Treaty of Westphalia. This is distressing to me. You know what I do first?

I begin typing into my Safari search bar, and to what do my wondering eyes does appear?

Sweet Flying Spaghetti Monster! Google and Wikipedia have read my mind. I hit enter on my keyboard and…

Names, dates, locations, words I don’t know, it’s like a million genius oompa loompas condensed everything I’d need to get a basic understanding of this topic and organized the shit out of it. Near the bottom, there’s further resources, with citations no less! Let me forever sing their praises. And you want to know what? Truth is stranger than fiction and there are thousands of volunteers, many who are experts on topics, maintaining Wikipedia. Right now. Every day. All day. It’s like the one thing the internet sort of gets right.

Should it be your only resource? No, but when you have no idea where to begin, it’s a damn good place to start.


I just realised that every time Yuri performs his Eros during the Grand Prix, and he wears his fully black outfit,

Viktor is wearing a black suit with a black tie.

But when Yuri does his Yuri on Ice performance, wearing that blue costume,

Viktor wears a blue-ish suit with a blue tie. What I’m implying is that Viktor totally wants to match with his boyfriend and I find that adorable and hilarious.


It’s so funny when publishers feel that they need to make these changes for countries that speak very nearly the exact same language

I mean, it’s OK, I can understand American

You didn’t have to translate it into British for me


time for another shadowrun dump! this week, ken learned that he & his fierce rival actually used to be lovers, but she cast a memory spell on him to make him forget, for reasons still clouded in mystery. but he remembered, all thanks to a RIDONKULOUS dice roll from one of our mages. the drama! the intrigue! i wonder what will happen next…

Quill: [while taking a bath in Tony’s jacuzzi tub] I think me and your tub are going steady. 

Tony: Oh you found the jacuzzi button. 

Quill: I don’t know who found who but we’re together now. I’m totally stealing some of these ridonkulous bath soaps. 

anonymous asked:

About Dark, maybe I'm crazy or whatever, but this has been bugging me for hours. If you look at Mark's hair, it's obvious that this video was filmed before he got his new haicut. Which means he shot it ELEVEN DAYS AGO, OR MORE. So why release it now ?? Because it's Easter ?? It doesn't make sense. Also it was the only video today and it was only 6 minutes... Which makes me think that he is about to unleash some cool shit on us these next few days. Sorry if i don't make any sense lmao D~

Sorry for just answering this, I got a ton of asks yesterday and I didn’t want to flood your dashes aahh

Nono, this made total sense. And that’s really weird now that you point it out. Why did he wait so long? I mean I know he pre-records but this is just ridonkulous