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season 13 Dean is season 1 Sam

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I wrote after 12x23 aired that it was subverting and reverse-mirroring season 1 in many ways (Mary/John etc) but damnnnn the Sam/Dean reversal has been absolutely thrown in our faces already and I love it.

There are so many recurring instances of Sam having nightmares / not being able to sleep because he’s seeing Jess dying over and over again in season 1.

Now call me crazy but I expect to see the same for Dean in season 13 for Cas and Mary even more after 13x01.

I also hope and expect to see Sam supporting Dean through this just as Dean did for him in season 1, however with the extra added bonus of Sam’s own grief as he cares for Cas and Mary too, but this time showing the difference nature of their grief.

Both Cas and Mary are linked to Jess now after 12x23 and 13x01.

Cas is the lost lover (I don’t make the rules). Dean drops to his knees just as Sam did in front of Jess’ grave. Sam then tells Jess in death, similarly to a prayer, that he wishes he had told her the truth… well we can always hope I guess but even this feels fanfic to another level that perhaps even Dabb won’t go to for Dean :p

Mary is Jess again too after 13x01 purposefully and unnecessarily linked them through Dean’s dream of her burning on the ceiling just like Jess did. Even though that’s not how she was lost to them this time, it feels to me like it’s just here to hammer home this reminder… for reasons.

Plus 1x05: Dean to Sam “This is about Jessica isn’t it. You think she’s your dirty little secret, that you killed her somehow…” *insert Miriam telling Dean he got Cas killed* “…Sam this has gotta stop man, I mean the nightmares and calling her name out in the middle of the night, it’s gonna kill you. Listen to me, it wasn’t your fault, if you want to blame something blame the thing that killed her, hell, if you want to swing at me, I’m the one that dragged you away from her in the first place

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*Tink stares into the camera*

TL;DR it makes zero sense to me if the next few episodes don’t have at least one instance or a reference to Dean having nightmares about Cas and Mary.

theory on Jane’s secret

guys I was rewatching season 1 last night and something caught my attention

Oscar mentions to Jane that her team have horrible secrets they’ve kept for too long (or something like that, I was too sleepy to remember his exact words), which means that Sandstorm have known about their secrets for a while now, meaning that Roman knows too and if Oscar knew these secrets, then it means that they weren’t much of a need-to-know intel for mid-rank members to not know. 

So these secrets, hidden in the new tattoos, might be old secrets from before Jane got to the FBI. 

Also Jane’s secret (if it isn’t the reason of why she has a stash of money and fake passports hidden from Weller) might come from her time in Orion. Who knows what she did back then, how many she killed under someone else’s orders.

I also thought that she might’ve ordered Bill to kill Taylor Shaw or that Sandstorm was behind Taylor’s death and Bill’s lie… but then I thought how painful that would be for both Weller and Jane and what a big breach it’ll be open between them again just like that time when Jane confessed to Weller that Roman killed Emma… so please NO. If the writers are going to that direction, please stop right there and reconsider or we’ll have a massive death with all this pain. 

what i wanna know is why all the actors in skam look like they haven’t aged much through the seasons (because it’s only been about a year) 

but then Tarjei

just ages about 5 years

Anyways, season one of Dr Who 2005 is an actual gift, it’s funny and emotional, Christopher Eccleston has such fantastic gravitas as the dr, Billie piper is so charismatic as rose, the writing is phenomenal and honestly if I’m ever having a bad mental health day (like rn) I just like to rewatch the limited content we got with nine cos he was such a fucking legend



I am either extremely stupid or this is legit a foreshadow. 

1. This scene is the altean castle giving them an ‘identity scan’. They won’t let people who aren’t Alteans in–let alone Keith, who as we know is part GALRA. So it’s either someone here that’s Altean, or that Altean castles just randomly let in humans which is literally a species they’ve never known.

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