and retweeted all of them


If you were a musician launching your first solo single,  wouldn’t you use your social media account to promote it immediately and extensively?

Especially when the first promo campaign (during the launch) for said song was done on social media and continues to do so?

So why hasn’t the @ Louis_Tomlinson twitter, IG and Facebook accounts done so? Apart from 3 retweets regarding “Just Hold On” being on Spotify playlists, two tweets to thank fans for their support, and a link for the Project JHO sponsorship, that @ Louis accounts have not been promoting the song directly - no Itunes links, no links to the lyric video, no retweets to any of the radio interviews, not promotional pics posted. 

Meanwhile all of Steve Aoki’s accounts, Dim Mak, multiple members of his management and production teams, and Ultra Records have been promoting “Just Hold On” heavily. In fact, most of the content being reblogged, liked and retweeted by this fandom all come from them! What would we do without Steve’s social media savvy photographers and videographers?

The lack of promotion from Louis’ team and from @ Louis himself is noteworthy - especially given that this is his first solo effort and there’s an ACTUAL promotional campaign right now.

So, what’s going on? 

i love jack “hockey robot” zimmermann and the headcanon that hes pretty bad at social interactions except with babies

just. jack loves babies and babies love jack zimmerman. for whatever reason hes soothing to them. and babies dont judge you all they care about is you making faces and can they grab your face

Modern Things the Characters of Hamilton Would Totally Do

Alexander Hamilton: hero-worships Amy Phoeler and Tina Fey

Eliza Schuyler- ne Hamilton: buys shit tons of Bath and Body Works candles for every season and lights five of them at once

Aaron Burr: runs a famous Instagram account for his cat

Thomas Jefferson: owns a hover board and always posts pictures/videos of himself riding it

George Washington: Skypes his wife all the time

Angelica Schuyler: Twitter rants/ subtweets every five minutes. Alex retweets all of them

John Laurens: is a really nice uber driver who keeps Advil and water bottles in his car and hands them out to drunk/hungover passengers

Marquis du Lafayette: shops exclusively at Urban Outfitters and only listens to music on vinyl

Hercules Mulligan: posts prank videos on YouTube

Peggy Schuyler: paints makeup drawings on the back of her hands

Phillip Hamilton: starts Nerf wars daily

King George: gets really drunk every weekend at karaoke bars

Maria Reynolds: successful career as an Insta model

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like as much as i want to believe the stuff being posted (screenshots of d&p's vague lovey dovey tweets from 2009/2010) when you go back in time on their twitters most of those tweets aren't there so how am i supposed to know if any of it is real or if the tweets were faked u kno...

they were there, honey. i’ve seen all of them. but people started retweeting and liking them so they deleted some of them. mostly phil, he ALWAYS deletes them. its quite funny, to be honest. but unnerving because i wanted the tweets there.

In regards to #RedrawReigen

I just want to say thank-you for everyone posting to #RedrawReigen- Over the last 48 hours it has completely blown up and I’m still trying to get through thousands of posts on twitter alone- so many talented people in the mp100 fandom! You’re all amazing!
Watching the birth of a meme from my computer has been one of the most amazing things I’ve seen on the internet haha.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to reblog/ retweet them all. It’s impossible and I’m still struggling to like them all too-I’m really sorry if you have tagged me/@stickydona/@doonadraws, I don’t think I can get through them all. I considered even making a #RedrawReigen blog but honestly its just a constant stream of submissions so I just recommend checking out/tracking the hashtag :)
In better news ONE-sensei is very happy with the popularity of this, apparently- and I’ve seen from a lot of other Japanese fans they didn’t know it was so popular in the western side of the fandom, and for that I applaud you all for this- because not only was this an incredibly positive meme that made people laugh, it also brought more attention to Mob Psycho 100 in a very positive way, a fandom couldn’t have asked for better exposure.

I asked if this could become a thing- and my god you all made this a ‘thing’ indeed. 

Stay cool peeps ♥

This “nigger navy” shit caught trend and I’m like …..👀👀 … WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO BLACK LIVES MATTER how you gone repost/retweet that coon shit them same white folks talkn bout All lives matter sitting back laughing because they probably the ones that started this shit and yall sitting back eating the shit up like being labeled a “nigger” especially in the Navy is okay or cool nah not even a Lil bit some of them so called “nigger navy” put they life on the line for this country that don’t even support them I bet you won’t see a “cracker or peckerwood navy” meme though

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Can we talk about how terrible Coto is? Not just his writing, his attitude too. He spent all year catering to shippers, ruined the show for the sake of fan service, showed no respect for pocs/lgbt people and now he's being manipulative af. He hasn't made a single comment about the future of the show but when fans start complaining he's suddenly all over the "save dusk" tweets, retweeting and liking all of them...yikes.

Who..? Cunto? Hahahah.

Yeah he’s a real shit show. But what can you do? I’m just gonna savor the good parts of s2. mmm all that Kisaaaa.

Blarkes are violently nuttin’ over “she has bellamy” trending ww when the Clexa fandom did that many times. I just think it’s funny how all 12 of them be retweeting the same 3 platonic scenes yet they didn’t come collect the gross bitch that @ Eliza on a dick pic with Bellarke written on it. To think they deem themselves the nice fandom with the high moral ground, they’re all a joke lmao

I love how there’s like, 3% of the 100 critics that are praising jason’s decision and he’s retweeting all of them, while completely ignoring the majority informing him how much he damaged an already oppressed group of people. I also love how he’s playing the victim and acting like he should be pitied for how much hate he’s getting. He retweeted something earlier (then deleted it) about “being better than that (sending hate)”. Unbelievable. Not surprised though, lol.

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You know Netflix has better things to do than renew this mediocre show right? Just because it's Marvel related doesn't make it inducing to other potential decision makers. She is a horrible actress and this is not something that could last for years. Chalk it up to the fact this series is over and move on.

Everyone give it up for our first hate anon!

Originally posted by kimmiesgifgallery

Speaking as someone who has better things to do today: why should we waste our breathe trying to convince a narrow-minded, hateful person such as yourself who obviously is not a fan of the show why it deserves to be brought back?

So we won’t. Instead, we’re going to use you to make a point.

121,199 people have signed our petition. 

That means that people from all over the world, coming from all walks of life, have signed and believe in this. From Spain, to Brazil, to the UK, to the backwoods of the US–Peggy has meant something to all of them.

People from the industry have retweeted/facebooked/mentioned our cause, including the show’s creators AND people from Marvel themselves who want the show renewed, and have had our back since the very beginning:

The petition is not the end all be all: it does not guarantee a renewal, and we have all known this since the beginning. We’re simply showing that there is a market for this program, and showing people how much we want Peggy back.

As to Hayley Atwell’s acting performance, and whether or not she’s a good actress is a matter of opinion. An idiotic, abhorrent opinion, but an opinion nonetheless.

It is up to Netflix and Disney whether or not they want to bring the show back or not, but in the meantime there is such a thing as multitasking and they wouldn’t be the powerhouses they are if they weren’t familiar with this concept.

As to the statement that “this is not something that could last for years this", tell that to their faces:

Even if the show doesn’t get renewed, Peggy Carter isn’t dead.

She lives on in all of us, as Amelia Emberwing in her Geeky Planet article Peggy Carter Isn’t Dead so eloquently put it:

We may not get any more episodes, or ever see Peggy on screens big or small again, but no one in any network or studio can take away the what she meant.  It’s okay that we’re crying today, because tomorrow we get up and we put to use all of the things that Margaret Peggy Carter taught us.  Tomorrow we be there for our friends with fierce, unwavering loyalty.  We do what we know is right, no matter how scary it may be.  We defend our friends, protect our loved ones, and speak our minds.  We help educate the ignorant and show them new ways.   We use our voices for those who have none, or are too afraid to speak up.

We keep going. Whether that means we go off and do other things, or we plant ourselves like a tree, and say ‘No. You move’, that will depend on the fan.

But we will not let a hateful person like you tell us fighting for something that we love isn’t important or worth it or doesn’t mean something. Because it is to us. It is to these girls, it is to young men, it is to people from all over the planet, and I will be damned if I let you tell me different.




They know what we think of them. They’re doing this on purpose guys. They know they’re playing with our emotions. The jerks.

Think about this.. Peyton might have been carrying Sabrina around like that for ages before this picture was taken. They might do this on the regular. Huckleberry piggybacks.

For real though, Peyton’s birthday message and Sabrina’s reply had the most retweets and likes out of all of them.. is that saying something about us, and them, or what?!

It’s a great day!
TV's Top Couple Tournament: Vote in the Elite 8!

Eight really is great. How are we feeling today, shippers? We’re not tired, right? Good, because …

So, we’re dropping. We’ve held the lead for four hours straight. This is not one of those competitions when the same faithful Olicity fans carry the weight of the fandom and then everyone else swoops in to share the glory and celebrate after a win. Where are you, fandom?

This other couple has the help of four different fandoms that we’ve knocked out of the competition (plus haters that never qualified to be on the list) and also the help of their show cast retweeting and encouraging them.

We need all hands on deck for our voting party. We’re still in the lead, but we’re losing ground. We need help. Multiple voting is encourage. Help us win this and get that much deserved joint interview.