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  • The wife: What are you up to?
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  • The wife:'re looking up how to make gazpacho
  • Me: Did you know tomatoes weren't added until the 19th century? Wild
Xie Huang Yu, Shanghai

Urban development continues at a record breaking pace here in Shanghai, and many of the old school mom & pop restaurants are closing up shop as their property is getting bought up by hotel and mall developers. Over the last 12 months since we moved here, I’ve seen two of my favorite noodle shops and two of my favorite dumpling makers shut their doors in Xintiandi. All on the same block! So the affordable, and authentic, lunch options near our office are dwindling. But yesterday, my friend Snowing told me about Xie Huang Yu, a local restaurant only a few blocks away that recently renovated and upgraded (and raised their prices) but still offers classic Shanghainese dishes without breaking the bank…

Xie Huang Yu is a cozy space where communal seating is encouraged. You must order at the counter before finding a table though, where a new picture-filled electronic menu board now offers English translations! Pay, take a number and find a seat. Your food arrives in about five minutes…

The deep-fried pork chop is one of the house specialties here and not to be missed…

Cost: 15 rmb or about $2.00 US.

The spicy pork over noodles was excellent…

Cost: 32 rmb or about $4.50 US.

Chinese cabbage fried in vinegar…

Cost: 18 rmb or about $2.50 US.

And one of Xie Huang Yu’s other house specialties, as they’re known for their seafood, crab and crab roe over noodles…

Cost: Their priciest dish at 58 rmb or about $8.50 US.

Sure, it’s not the two buck bowls of noodles we used to get a few months back, but a tasty local lunch for two like this for under twenty dollars I can still deal with.

Xie Huang Yu just became a weekly stop on my lunch circuit!


(Right next to The Brewer)

202 Taicang Road

A Man Who Witnessed The London Bridge Attack Went Back To Pay His Restaurant Bill On Sunday
BuzzFeed News spoke to Richard Angell on Saturday night after the attack. On Sunday he returned to show that "these people shouldn't win".
By Hannah Al-Othman, Emily Dugan

A witness to the terror attack in London Bridge returned to Borough Market on Sunday morning to pay his bill and tip the staff in the restaurant where he had been having dinner with friends on Saturday night.

Muslim restaurant owner shuts down business after onslaught of vandalism and death threats

  • Asad Khan, an immigrant from Pakistan, is closing his restaurant in Galveston, Texas, after months of anti-Muslim harassment and death threats, according to the Houston Chronicle.
  • The harassment began in December when the restaurant, ZaZa Bar & Bites, had its door smeared with bacon grease. A couple days later, Khan found bacon bits strewn out in front of his restaurant entrance. 
  • According to the Holy Quran, Muslims are discouraged from consuming pork. Some people have weaponized pork as a tool for anti-Muslim activism or vandalism.
  • The Muslim small business owner reported the incidents to the police in December, but since then, the harassment has taken a darker turn. Khan has also received threatening phone calls telling him to leave the country. Read more (6/15/17)

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