and rest my head upon your chest

The Morning After.

Marauders Era

Fandom: Harry Potter

Pairing: James Potter x Reader || Sirius Black x Reader || Remus Lupin x Reader ||  Lily Evans x Reader || Severus Snape x Reader .

Warning: Somewhat sexually themed altho not explicitly described.

A/N: I knew that these are more than 3 characters (as stated in the rules) , but I wrote these on my own according so … Ima break my own rules. That doesn’t mean you should, but just a a note, because I probably will do this again in the future. 

Also I tried to keep the reader gender neutral, I hope I justified that idea. 

Please let me know what you all think!

Anyways Enjoy!


- Admin Blue

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Wake to Autumn (Bucky x reader Drabble)

Characters: reader x Bucky

Summary: You awake to the change of the seasons in the middle of the night, leading to a sweet surprise from your amazing boyfriend. 

Prompt: “crisp air”

Warnings: None! Total fluff. 

Word Count: 1.1k

A/N: This is for @promarvelfangirl ‘s 2k Follower’s writing challenge! Congratulations, my dear! I’m slowly coming back to writing after my hiatus. My life has not slowed down one bit, in fact it’s worse than ever but I’m glad I was able to finish this challenge. I have one more coming up soon as well. Hope you needed a bit of fluff! I know I do. Let me know your thoughts, I’ve missed you guys. <3


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Despite the thick blanket wrapped around you and the warm arm casually draped over your waist, you were awakened from a cozy slumber and rudely brought into consciousness. Possibly because you were absolutely freezing.

Pulling knees up toward your chest hoping to conserve your core heat, you realized the problem. Yep. It was that time of year. It was finally wear-socks-to-bed weather. Your bare feet under the covers were like icicles, requiring more warmth than the blanket alone could provide. However, it also meant that your favorite season was approaching.  

Sleepy smile stretching across your face, you carefully slipped out of bed and grabbed a spare comforter to wrap around yourself. You curled up in the large over-stuffed chair in the corner of the room and cracked the window a few inches so you could peak outside. The cool breeze made you gasp, feeling the crisp air fill your lungs as the smell of Autumn overwhelmed you.

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Good Princess

A/N: Oops I wrote a thing. Go easy on me, I’ve never written Lucifer but the second I got this ask I got flooded with ideas.

Pairing: Casifer x Reader

Warnings: Fingering, language, daddy!kink, smut, voyeurism if you count Cas seeing what’s happening from the inside, a um, a rough blowjob, hair pulling, light choking

Word Count: 1.3k

Originally posted by zeusisrad

Everybody out!” you shouted as you marched into your father’s, throne room, lair, dungeon – whatever he was calling it these days. The demons surrounding Lucifer jumping and scattering. You loved that affect you had on them.

“Y/N, how very nice to finally meet you.” Lucifer said as you walked up to him as he lounged in your father’s throne.

He was wearing Castiel. Which in all honestly, fit him like a glove. You looked to the side to see your father, Crowley on all fours, trapped in a hell hound’s cage, bound like a dog.

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I missed you immediately upon waking this morning. We’ve never woken up together before, but today it seemed that we definitely should have. I got visions of your head in the crook of my neck, smelling my hair, arm around my chest. there were hands, blankets, and legs gliding over the bed in foggy fragments, always speeding up or slowing to rest. A slow close up of your smile on a tilted head. I must’ve slept like a mess. is it okay to miss something that hasn’t happened yet?
Hearts Don’t Break Around Here (Remus x Reader)

What can i say? Ed’s new album inspired this xx listen to the song here

She is the sweetest thing that I know

You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low

Shakes my soul like a pot hole, every time

Took my heart upon a one-way trip

Guess she went wandering off with it

Unlike most women I know

This one will bring it back whole

Daisies, daisies perched upon your forehead

Oh my baby, lately I know

You had known Remus since you were a first year; he was best friends with your twin brother, Sirius. Everyone knew that you were both head over heels for each other since second year — it was now fifth year and everyone was pretty much tired of how oblivious the two of you were.

If anyone asked you if you had feelings for the tall marauder you would blush furiously and timidly say no. But you knew that you were lying, you had a crush on him since second year and you hoped to have the courage to profess your feelings to him one day, but were afraid to do so for the sake of your friendship.

If anyone asked him if he had feelings for the youngest Black sibling (youngest by twelve minutes but Sirius dubbed you as the baby of the family) he would nervously say no, that it would be wrong to have romantic feelings for his best friend’s younger sister; inside his mind it was different, he wish he could go on and on about how wonderful you were, how your laugh was his favorite sound and how he was definitely sure that you were sweeter than chocolate.

That every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear

Oh we’re in love aren’t we?

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah yeah , yeah yeah yeah yeah

 Study dates were a Friday night ritual for the two of you, even though neither one dared to say the word date out loud. This particular Friday you had come down with a terrible cold and could barely walk straight.

“Y/N, you really should rest, I’m sure your professors will understand if you miss class today, hell I’ll even make it sound that you’re dying so they don’t give you any problems.” Lily said as she put a hand up to your clammy forehead.

“I’m not upset about missing class…” you mumbled.

“I’m sure Remus will understand that you can’t make it to your weekly library date.”

“It’s not a date.”

“Then what do you call the love sick lingering gazes?” she teased.

“Sod off, Evans.” You muttered as you sank deeper into your blankets.

“Love you too! I’ll see you later, okay?” you simply nodded as she left.

A couple of hours past which were mostly spent sleeping on and off, by dinner time you were starting to feel a bit better and were about to fall asleep once again when a knock woke you up.

“Come in!” You hoarsely called back. You heard a faintly “Alohomora” and Remus came in with a tray of food.

“Hope you’re feeling better.” He said as he made his way to your bed, gently setting down the tray on your lap.

“Now I am.” You replied, smiling broadly. He had made you some chicken broth and tea.

“Just so you know, Pads and Prongs were very close to starting a vigil for you…” he said chuckling. You arched an eyebrow in response, prompting him to go on.

“Lily really did sell the story of you being on your deathbed, you would think that Sirius would know if his twin was truly dying but he claimed that the twin telepathy wasn’t working properly because it was raining today.”

You snorted, shaking your head as you picture the scene, but were thankful that Remus was the brains of the group and that he was kind enough to come and check on you.

“I figured you didn’t want a Sirius induced headache so I set up a few more spells so he wouldn’t be able to come into the girl’s dormitories.”

“Remus, have I ever told you how much I love you?” you said gratefully but quickly turned a deep red once you realized what you had said. He simply looked down and smiled, running his hand through his already messy light brown hair.

You finished your meal and asked Remus if he could bring you another blanket, he quickly went to get you one.

“Scoot over,” he said. You were confused but did as you were told.

“Remus, I don’t want to get you to get sick!” you protested, not because you didn’t want to cuddle with him, but because you really didn’t want to get him sick.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I’m a healthy wolf.” He said with a lopsided grin.

“That was one of the worst wolf jokes…What would the guys say? You can kiss your comedy club goodbye.”

“Well aren’t you the funny one tonight.” And so you spent the rest of the night bantering and laughing. He had his arm around you, protecting you from the world, your head on his chest. You fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

 She is the river flow in Orwell

And tin wind chimes used for doorbells

Fields and trees and her smell, fill my lungs

Spent my summer time beside her

And the rest of the year the same

She is the flint that sparks the lighter

And the fuel that will hold the flame

Oh roses roses laid upon your bed spread

Oh my, hold this, oh this, I know

 Not that Remus needed any confirmation that he was in love with you, but the moment he took a whiff of his Amorentia potion, the smell of your shampoo, chocolate, and caramel coffee overwhelmed his senses and prompted a deep blush to cover his pale face.

“So does it smell like my sister’s fruity shampoo or no? perhaps like the sickly sweet coffee she drinks?” Sirius said as he smirked at Remus knowingly.

“Not now Sirius…”

“I’m just saying, I wouldn’t mind having you as a brother-in-law.”

Remus, Sirius and James left Potions class, both of them were teasing Remus but stopped once they sat down in the Great Hall next to you and Lily. You happily waved to the boys and after a few minutes someone tapped your shoulder. You saw Sirius glaring at whoever was behind you and how Remus had a confused looked on his face.

“Y/N Black.” Called the voice from behind you.

“Lucius Malfoy.” You said as you turned around, of course you would have recognized that snobbish voice anywhere. You had been introduced to the Malfoy family when you and Sirius started Hogwarts but since you three were sorted into rivaling houses, the pureblood friendship that your parents had hope for had vanished. Or so you had thought.

“Will you do me the honor of accompanying me for a short walk?” he said offering you his hand while throwing your brother a condescending smirk.

“What if I say no?”

“Trust me, this is not an offer you can refuse, darling.” The way he said darling made your skin crawl, you decided to go with him just so he would leave you alone. Your friends threw you worried glances and you saw how James had to place a hand on Sirius’s shoulder to stop him from attacking Malfoy, you also noticed how Remus was also glaring at Lucius. Yeah, it was better to humor the Malfoy snob than have Sirius expelled because of a fight.

After a few minutes of  walking in silence, Lucius spoke up.

“I don’t understand why you mingle with those sorts of people.”

“Well, one of them is my brother.” You said curtly.

“But the mudbloods, Lupin and the Evans girl?”

“What about them?”

“As if you don’t know what I mean, with such a pretty face, being a blood traitor is something I could easily ignored.”

“Excuse me?” you said, stopping in the middle of the hallway.

“All I’m saying is that out of you and your so called brother, the only one worth saving and keeping pure is you. What do you say if we got to know each better at the next Hogsmeade visit? “When hell freezes over, Malfoy.” And with that you spun around and went straight to the Gryffindor common room, no longer hungry.

Once your friends got back and saw you sitting by the fire with a scowl on your face they knew that whatever Malfoy wanted was nothing good, and they were right.

“So, what did that git want?” Sirius asked as soon as he spotted you.

“He basically told me that I should consider the Black family ‘motto’ and that by dating him I could atone for being a blood traitor.” The room went silenced as you said, good thing it was only the marauders, Lily and you in the common room because you didn’t want anyone else to witness Sirius’s reaction. In an instant he drew out his wand, James tackled him as Remus shouted expelliarmus.

“HOW DARE HE? JAMES GET OFF ME, I NEED TO GO AND KILL THAT WEASEL.” James was currently sitting on top of Sirius, Remus had his wand with a scowl on his face and Lily just looked apprehensively at the situation.

“Sirius, I said no, he’s a horrible human being. I mean he basically told me what mother is always telling us, to remain pure. I’m not stupid, I obviously turned him down.” You said, putting on a smile for your brother so he could calm down.

You all calmed Sirius down, and soon enough him and James were planning a prank on him while Remus watched you carefully. You were far too quiet and he was starting to worry.

You excused yourself and headed towards the astronomy tower. Lucius words did get to you, it hurt that he spoke of your brother and of your friends in such a way, especially of Remus. You didn’t even realize that hot tears were cascading down your cheeks, it wasn’t until someone placed a handkerchief on your lap that you looked up and were met with a familiar pair of green eyes.

“Thank you.”

“Always.” Remus murmured as he pulled you into a hug, your tears soaking his dark red sweater, as he rubbed soothing circles on your back.

In that moment you fell harder for him, if that was even possible. 

A couple of weeks passed after the Lucius incident, and soon enough the whole school found out that you had turned down one of the most prominent pure blood heirs. Sure enough, Lucius would throw snide remarks your way whenever he would see you, usually you didn’t let that bother you, although Sirius hexed him at least five times over the past two weeks, whereas Remus didn’t like you being alone in fear that the spiteful Slytherin would hurt you in anyway.

Remus and you were making your way towards the library, it was a Wednesday night but the full moon fell on a Friday this month so you had to rearrange your weekly study date. You were laughing at something Remus said when you were harshly shoved aside by someone’s shoulder, your books flew out of your arms and next thing you know, Remus had Lucius pinned down against the wall, wand drawn out and pointed menacingly towards his neck.

It took you a good five minutes to coax Remus off of the now scared looking Lucius. As soon as Remus lowered his wand, he ran off.

“Are you okay? He didn’t hurt you did he?” Remus asked, scanning you over for any sign of injuries.

“You could’ve gotten expelled if you attacked him! What were you thinking?” you asked with a voice full of worry. Remus started laughing.

“Moony! This isn’t funny!”

“Love, I would get expelled in a heartbeat if it meant that no one would ever hurt you.” You didn’t know what to say, his eyes shone with sincerity and love. It was in that moment that you realized that the boy in front of you saw you the same way that you saw him. You hugged him tightly and he did the same, he looked down and asked you if you were really okay, instead of responding, you acted on instinct. Heart hammering wildly, you rose on your tiptoes and kissed his lips. You heard him gasp into the kiss but he started kissing you back in a heart beat, you were both smiling into the kiss once you realized that you both felt the same way.

“I guess we ought to thank that git for this, huh?” Remus said as he took your hand into his.

“I would say yes but he’s already too full of himself…”

Later on that night when you came back to the common room, hand in hand, the whole room did a double take from your faces to your intertwined hands.

“IT WAS ABOUT DAMN TIME!” Sirius shouted as he and James came sprinting down the stairs. Lily squealed as both you and Remus blushed furiously.

“Now Remus, I know that you could easily tear me apart with your furry little problem and all, but if you hurt my sister…” Sirius said, smiling at the both of you. Remus simply chuckled and shook his hand. The rest of the night was spent as usual, only this time around Remus didn’t let go of your hand at all.

Well I found love in the inside

The arms of a woman I know

She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home

And I’m not scared of passing over

Or the thought of growing old

Because from now until I go

Every night I’ll kiss you you’ll say in my ear

Oh we’re in love aren’t we?

Hands in your hair, fingers and thumbs baby

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah

Many full moons had passed as you and Remus began dating, the current one came and went, you still weren’t allowed to accompany the rest of the guys into the shrieking shack but you waited for them to return so you could tend to Remus’s injuries. It was around dawn when Remus came stumbling in, dark circles under his eyes, but overall it didn’t look as bad as other moons. You gently dabbed at the wounds on his face and tucked him in. As you were about to leave he grabbed your wrist.

“Stay with me, love? I missed you.” You nodded, a loving smile on your face.

A few minutes passed by, you thought he had fallen asleep but you were surprised when he nudged you.

“I love you.” He said as he kissed the top of your head with a smile.

“I love you too, now get some rest, I’ll be here when you wake up.” You answered back, snuggling closer to him as he wrapped his arm around you.

You both fell asleep intertwine in each other’s warmth and love.

I feel safe when you’re holding me near

Love the way that you conquer your fear

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah

You know hearts don’t break around here

Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

Home || Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by rapnamu

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Fluff

It had been hours since you were supposed to go to bed. You had told Namjoon around ten at night that you were heading off to bed, and he had joined you, occupying the space in the bed next to you. That had been four hours ago and it was nearing two in the morning, but you still found yourself wide awake laying in bed.

It wasn’t like you had anything to do the next day, and neither did Namjoon, but you wished you were able to sleep. You weren’t sure what had caused this sudden action, but no matter how hard you tried, no matter how long you held your eyes closed, you weren’t able to will yourself to go back to bed. Despite all of your efforts it seemed you weren’t going to go to sleep anytime soon.

There was nothing going through your mind, except the want to sleep, but even that wasn’t enough to actually put you to sleep. You could feel the unwanted adrenaline starting to flow underneath your skin causing your hair to stand on end. There was just an endless amount of energy flowing through you at the moment and you couldn’t hold it back.

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It never faded

Harry imagine where he turns up at your door after you guys broke up. I really hope you guys will like this imagine and that you’ll set aside the time to read it. :)
A lot of fluff and emotions ahead, no mature content aside from some harsh words.

Again, picture is not mine. Some beautiful member of the internet blessed us with it.

It had been two weeks since I had last seen Harry and one week since he had last tried to call me. Our break up had been a messy one, filled with screaming and crying. Words were shouted neither of us could ever truly mean and when I had finally cried that I wanted our relationship to be over, Harry was just as surprised as I was. And yet I didn’t take it back. And he didn’t try to stop me. I somewhat calmly went upstairs, packed the few belongings I had at brought to his place, and left without a word of goodbye.

I traveled back to my hometown and moved in with my old flatmate. She still owned the same apartment I had lived in when Harry had first come around and swept me off my feet. After dating for two months I agreed to go to London with him, which now I knew had been a mistake. Moving in with someone after knowing them for so short had not been a smart move. Literally.
Soon what had once been a loving relationship turned into two people trying to adjust to each other’s lifestyles and utterly failing at it. After his band got back on the road, it was like I was in a relationship with a ghost. The distance felt unbearable and with time differences and crappy internet connection, not even the few skype calls that we made could change that.

I wasn’t any happier being away from him now, but I comforted myself with the thought that at least I didn’t have to try and pretend to be anymore. After sulking in bed for a week, mourning my failed relationship, I was ready to move on. I still loved Harry with everything I had, truly. But after ignoring the first few voice messages of him sobbing into his phone I received messages of him lulling how glad he was that I had finally fucked off, how much better he was doing, that it would be as easy as counting to three to find a new girl to take my place.
It hurt of course, but if he was fine without me than why shouldn’t I be alright without him?

“Is it okay if I leave you alone tonight?” my flatmate Kylie asked standing in the doorway.

“Sure, why wouldn’t it be?” I responded, folding the shirt I was currently holding.

“You’ve been crying on a daily basis when all of a sudden you just stopped all together. It’s not normal. I’m kind of waiting for you to snap and explode or something.”

“What would seem normal to you then?” I asked with a laugh.

She jokingly tapped her finger to her chin. “Maybe you begging me to go egg his fancy ass house.”

“Not gonna happen,” I giggled while shaking my head. “But seriously, I’m alright. And I’ll survive a night without you hovering over me like a mother hen.”

Kylie threw her head back at that and laughed: “So it’s okay for the mother hen to go out for the night?”

“Of course it is,” I assured.

“You’re sure? I can stay if-”

“I’m sure,” I interrupted. “Just because my world ended doesn’t mean yours has to as well.”

She rolled her eyes. “Shit like that’s what makes me worry about you.”

“I’m joking,” I protested..

“Only half heartily.”

She gave me another long look before grinning confidently. “How hot do I look?”

“Very,” I complimented. “Your date is going to struggle keeping it in his pants tonight.”

“Great, that’s the look I was going for.”

After she left I decided to treat myself a little and make some popcorn. Once settled on our couch I pressed the play button on the telly and soon found an action movie I hadn’t seen in a long time. All in all, I felt pretty good about myself.

I jumped when the doorbell rang. The sky had long turned dark and one look at my phone told me that it was almost 11pm. Who was ringing people’s doorbells at this time?
It was unlikely that Kylie had forgotten her key and she would’ve told me if she had invited someone over, right? I reached for a fork that was laying on our coffee table after lunch which would weakly serve me as a weapon before my feet carried me hesitantly to the door. It only took one quick peek through the keyhole for me to pull the door open.

I had spend the last weeks forcing myself not to think about him until it had come to the point where his face was almost a blur in my mind. Looking at him now I couldn’t understand how that could’ve possibly happen. How could I ever forget how beautiful he was? His big but delicate hands, his strong, muscular arms and broad shoulders. His neck, who’s skin I knew was so warm after kissing it multiple times. The shape of his face, blessed with cheekbones to die for. And his brown, full curls, shorter than I remembered them, but just as soft looking. The gentle pink of his kissable lips and lastly his eyes. Those mesmerizing, enchanting, green eyes.

I was too stunned to say something. He had often laughed and blushed when I confessed how his looks took my breath away, but I hadn’t been kidding. My brain was too shocked to form a proper sentence. So instead I took a second look at him. And that changed my entire view.

His eyes were bloodshot, muting the green and held a unmistakable sadness. His eyelids looked twice their size as they were swollen and the skin beneath his eye resembled black shadows. His lips were bitten, dry and not half as full as I could’ve sworn they used to be when I kissed them. The curls hung in a mess, falling barley far enough to cover his frowned forehead. His face seemed more narrow and the veins on his neck were more visible than usually. His shoulders slacked, his arms hang limply by his sides and his knuckles were blue from bruising.

My breath hitched at how transformed he looked. Not at all like the man I had left behind.

“Harry?” I asked, my voice nothing above whimper. Given the transition he had gone through, I truly felt like I had to ask if it was really him.

“Y/N”, he croaked out and that was it.

I opened my arms and he practically fell into them. Harry shamelessly sobbed into my shoulder, wetting my flannel as I gently combed my fingers through his hair. My nails slightly scratched the skin of his neck, but it did little to calm him down.

“What happened?” I whispered. “Harry? What’s wrong, my love? Are you hurt?”

He didn’t answer, instead his sobs increased and I moved my arms to his shoulders, trying to loosen his hold to check if he was injured. When he didn’t budge I sighed and pressed a kiss to his cheek. His skin felt so cold.

“Come on. Let me get you inside. You’re freezing.”

Finally he allowed me to carefully pull away from him and take hold of his hands, pulling him inside. I lead him to the small living room and sat him down on the couch, getting into a kneeling position in front of him. Normally he would joke about how I could have “at least bought him dinner first”, but right now there was nothing even remotely sexual to my position. I rested my hands on his thighs, moving them in soothing circles.

“Harry, please tell me what happened.”

All I got as response was a shake of his head and more tears falling from his eyes. I didn’t know what to do. I was supposed to hate him, like I somehow had only hours ago. But now with him crying in front of me I couldn’t help but forget everything instantly and just want to care for him, hide him away and be the shield between him and whatever it had been that had hurt him so badly. There was something about Harry that had me want to bundle him up in a blanked whenever I saw him even remotely upset.

“Harry, please try to calm down,” I begged when he hiccuped. “I can’t stand seeing you like this. I’ll go and get you a cup of tea, alright? It’ll warm you up and ease you a little. Please, in the meantime try to relax. Okay?”

He sniffed loudly and then nodded. I got up and went to the kitchen. The water couldn’t boil fast enough and I nervously tapped my fingers on the sink. When it finally did, I quickly filled two cups and walked back. Harry obviously hadn’t calmed down. I suppressed a sigh as I placed the two cups on the coffee table and sat down next to my ex boyfriend.

“What can I do to make it better?” I asked quietly. “Tell me, please. I’m loosing my mind, seeing you this way.”

“Everything”, he started, voice so thin I almost missed it. “Everything is wrong, Y/N.”

He looked up and his eyes met mine, knocking every remaining ounce of anger still in me right on out.

“Come here”, I whispered and pulled him against me again. “I don’t want to push you,” I mumbled softly and I felt him shake his head in a nod. Goosebumps rose on my skin upon feeling his sobs against my chest. “We won’t speak right now. Let me turn on the TV and you can take your time to calm down. Maybe sleep a little. You look like you haven’t in days, my love. And when you wake up and feel more rested, we can look into making whatever got you upset go away, alright?”

“You’re letting me stay?” he murmured, avoiding my eyes. His voice broke halfway through the sentence.

Was I? The rational part of my brain screamed at me not to. But my heart had already found it’s familiar place where it had spent the last few months; right in his hands.

“Pass me the remote.”

We watched a movie in silence, neither of us paying much attention. Harry’s sobs lessened after a while and at some point we moved from our sitting position into me lying on my back and Harry laying half on top of me, his arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I stroke his hair and rested my cheek against his forehead. Though it felt like we were making a mistake, my heart squeezed almost painfully when he pressed a soft kiss against the skin of my cheek. I felt like every cell in my body awakened from a long sleep and I couldn’t deny how good it felt to have his body heat keeping me warm, instead of a blanket. Halfway through the film I could hear him snore quietly.

I must’ve fallen asleep too because a loud “I’m back!” call ripped me out of unconsciousness. My hand instantly moved to Harry’s neck and I was relieved when I found that he hadn’t woken up.

“I’m in here”, I murmured, hoping Kylie would hear me.

“I must tell you about what happened when I- Wait,” she stopped in her tracks when her eyes landed on the man lying on top of me. My cheeks burned and I tried to avoid her gaze.

She cleared her throat. “Tell me this isn’t what’s his face, but some hot dude you hooked up with to get over him.”

I gave her an awkward smile. “I would if it were true.”

“Y/N!” she yelled and I winced, covering Harry’s ear that wasn’t pressed against my collarbones. “What is he doing here? Why did you even let him inside this house?”

“Shh, please, you’re gonna wake him up.”

“So?” she exclaimed, not lowering her voice, “He’s the asshole over whom you have been bawling your eyes out and now what? He just shows up at your door? Really? Has he realized what big of a prick he is? What the hell, he’s such a-”

“Please don’t do this right now,” I interrupted her and shifted uncomfortably under her stare, “He showed up as a complete mess, what was I supposed to do? Nothing’s forgiven but how could I turn him away? Please, give him a break.”

She huffed and shook her head. “I may refrain from killing him right now. But only because I’m wearing heels.”

“Thanks,” I whispered, lifting my hand to wound my fingers into his curls. He looked so peaceful when he slept. And so adorable. So utterly handsome.

“Don’t look at him like that,” my friend’s voice interrupted my staring.

“Look at him like what?”

“With those eyes that scream how in love with him you are.”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “Not that you’ve seen what mine went like, how did your night go?”

She allowed me the change of subject with an eye roll. “I’ll give you the short version now and the long, funny one tomorrow. It was amazing.”

“I’m glad.”

“Yeah, me too.” She smiled. “Anyway, I’m going to bed now. Have a good snuggle then.”

“Yeah alright, good night.”

“Tomorrow it’s either you kicking him out, or me!” she called from the stairs. I shook my head and groaned quietly.

“She’s right, you know.”

I looked down to see Harry awake, moving awkwardly off of me and into a sitting position. I found myself wishing he wouldn’t have, missing his warmth already.

“How much of this did you hear?” I asked, crossing my arms over my stomach to keep from reaching out for him.

“Enough,” he mumbled, his voice hoarse.

I sat up too and scooted back to lean against the armrest and to put space between us.


“I’m so sorry, Y/N”, he interrupted me. “I’m a piece of shit, I know that. I’m the biggest asshole walking this wor-”

“Stop, Harry, stop. You’re none of that.”

“Yeah, I am,” he contradicted me. “I don’t deserve your comfort just like you don’t deserve my burden. I- oh gosh I completely ruined your evening. Why do I always fuck everything up? I’m-”

“What happened?” I interrupted his rambling. “What did you mean when you said everything was wrong?”

He shrugged, brushing some strands out of his face.

“Everything built up I guess,” he sniffed and I hoped he wouldn’t cry again. It took all I had not to brush the remaining wetness from his tears off his cheeks.

“Breaking up with you was horrible, Y/N. Not a day passed without me regretting it so much my heart hurt. You could probably tell by my voice messages I left-”

“You mean the ones where you told me how much better off you were?”

“Shit,” Harry rubbed his eyes with the back of his hands, “you must know that I didn’t mean that at all. That was the alcohol speaking.”

“You got drunk during the week?”

“What was I supposed to do with myself, knowing that you being gone was all my fault? I missed you so much, Y/N. I can’t even form the right words to explain how much it hurt to be without you.”

“I missed you, too, Harry”, I admitted and he gave me a small smile. “I don’t understand what happened to us.”

“I know it sounds lame but I was under so much stress and I wrongly took it all out on you. The pressure my job brings was just so much and though I love my family, they were constantly giving me a hard time about how I didn’t visit or call them often enough and that is true, but it still bugged me having to hear it all the time. I knew how unhappy I was making you by being gone all the time and that resulted into me feeling like crap.”

“Which then resulted into you behaving horrible around me.”

Harry bit his lip and nodded. “Pretty much. Like I said, I’m an asshole.”

“You’re not, baby,” I told him, looking away in embarrassment when the pet name slipped my lips. It didn’t go unnoticed by him and he cleared his throat. I was glad when he continued without addressing it.

“I just feel lost, Y/N. I don’t have a clue who I am anymore.”

“You’re Harry,” I whispered with a frown and in a bold move took his hand in mine. My thumbs gently caressed the back of his palms. “You are by far the best possible human being I know. A human, Harry. Though you seem to disagree, you actually don’t have to be perfect. It’s okay if you can’t deal with everything and endure all that pressure. The fault isn’t yours, it’s your job’s and your family’s attitude. You’re always so kind and so considerate with everybody’s feelings, I wish the world would give you some of it back.”

He squeezed my hands and his eyes shone with fresh tears. “See this is exactly why I had to see you. You always know the right words to mend me.”

A blush formed on my cheeks and I looked down at our fingers, intwined once again.

“But I don’t deserve it,” Harry continued. “I don’t deserve you. Y/N I’m so sorry about everything I said that night and in those stupid voice messages I left you. You have to believe me that I would take it all back! I didn’t mean a single word I said and I am so pissed at myself for not stopping you from leaving. The image of you walking through that door and away from me has replayed in my mind and broken my heart so many times, you can’t even imagine.”

“Then why didn’t you fight for me?” I asked, swallowing down my own tears that tried to form in my eyes and spill onto my cheeks.

“I wanted to, baby,” he whispered, putting my heart back into pieces by calling me that. “Believe me, I did. But I felt so awful, Y/N. I knew how unhappy I  made you and I didn’t want that for you anymore. Especially after you didn’t return any call I left. Not even the ones where I was crying. I thought you really must be done with me if you can even ignore those.”

“I was hurting, Harry. I needed time away from you to clear my head and when I was ready to talk about us all I got from was you rambling on about how much better your life was ever since I wasn’t part of it anymore.”

“I’m so sorry,” Harry shook his head and squeezed my hand. My body tensed when he reached up and stroke over my cheek with the back of his hand, the gesture used to be so common between us, but now he quickly let his hand fall back to his lap. “I’ve never been more of a mess than since you left. Asshole that I am, I thought that you were fine and wanted to let you know that I was too.”

“Oh, Harry… you’re such an idiot,” I breathed, “How could I be remotely happy without you by my side?”

“I hope you couldn’t,” he whispered, a shy smile gracing his lips. “I miss you.”

“I miss you so much.”

Harry slowly raised his arm again and gently cradled my cheek.

“Y/N, baby, do you think you could forgive me?” he asked quietly, “I know I messed up big time, but I promise you, I can do better and I will. I’ll make sure that I’m home more and that I’ll take the time to listen to you. I’d even learn how to use the bloody washing machine if that’s what it takes. Anything, but please, come back to me.”

I leaned into his hand and looked down, both of my hands holding his free one tightly, afraid he would disappear again if I didn’t. When I spoke, my voice hitched with happiness.

“If you ever say what you said to me that night again, I’m gone for good. I mean it.”

“I promise I won’t,” he swore, shaking his head. His mesmerizing eyes didn’t leave mine as he urged me to believe him. “I will never disappoint you like this again, I swear. I-”

Not needing to hear any more, I let go of his hand and grabbed his face, pressing my needy lips to his. I didn’t care how desperate I seemed, clinging on to him and particularly nestling myself onto his lap. Though I could feel his surprise, he immediately kissed back, just as urgently as I did. Oh, how I missed this. Feeling his warm and soft lips against mine, his tongue lick against my bottom lip, begging me to allow him in, which I of course granted. It didn’t go unnoticed by me that his lover lips felt slightly rougher than it normally had, but I didn’t care. Instead I deepened the kiss in hopes I could mend the torn skin. Harry’s hands held my waist, keeping me pressed against him. My heart felt like it would burst at any minute and my head was cloudy. Kissing him after missing his taste so badly resembled the feeling you get when you burst through the surface of water after having been under for too long. Though breathing wasn’t easy with his mouth pressed to mine, my lungs never felt fuller. Neither of us seemed ready to break the kiss and he moaned lowly when my clothed crotch rubbed against his. When we pulled away we were both smiling so wide our cheeks hurt.

“I love you,” I promised him. “That could’ve never faded away.”

“I love you, too” Harry assured, pressing a small kiss to my nose before pulling away again. “For alway.”

“That’s all I want,” I giggled happily and leaned in to kiss his cheek.

Harry hummed in content and cradled me tighter against his chest.

“Does that mean you’ll protect me when your friend tries to kick me out tomorrow?”

Hope you liked it! This is an imagine that I’ve had for a very long time and that I have rewritten a bunch of times. Feedback is welcome and so are requests! :)

A Sleepless Night In Neverland

Summary: It’s the night before a big hunt, and you can’t stop tossing and turning in your bed. After a few hours of restlessness, Peter comes in to the rescue, and has an idea of how to lull you off to sleep.

Word Count: 737

Warnings: Mild Language

You kick your sheets off your body, then pull them back over. You try turning over onto your left side, then your right, then back onto your left. You kick your sheets off again, feeling too overheated, then quickly succumb to the cold, woodsy air, and the whole infuriating routine starts over again.

Annoyed, you let out a frustrated sigh. You don’t know why you can’t sleep. You’ve almost never had trouble going to bed knowing in the morning you’d get to wake up and join Peter on a big mermaid raid. But for some reason, tonight, you could just simply not keep your eyes shut.

You decide to turn over again and count sheep, but lose track (and interest) after eleven. You’re about to count horses instead when you hear the sound of the big curtains that lead into your tent being pulled back, and see the light of a lantern being carried into the room. Instantly, you clamp your eyes shut, and pretend to be unconscious.

You feel panic rise up in your chest: of course the one night you can’t sleep is the night an assassin creeps into the camp.

But then, you smell the familiar apple-cinnamon scent, and all your fears are swiftly washed away.

“Don’t bother pretending, love,” you hear Peter say, and feel the weight of him sitting down at the foot of your bed, “I can practically hear you tossing and turning all the way from my tent.”

You open your eyes, grinning. “It’s not my fault! I can’t sleep a fucking wink tonight, and it’s starting to annoy the piss out of me.”

Peter just chuckles, gazing at you with an amused expression.

“Alright,” he says after a moment, “Make some room. I have an idea.”

You scoot over to the opposite edge of the bed, and Peter crawls in next to you, extending his arm around you and setting the lantern down on your small bed side table. You lean into the side of his body, resting your head on his chest.

“Once upon a time…” He starts, and you actually snort laughter.

He shoots you a puzzled look, and you roll your eyes at him. “Peter, you’re literally the star of your own fairy tale. You can not tell me I’m supposed to listen to you-”

“Shh!” Peter hushes you, then recomposes himself. “Once upon a time, there was an island. Now, this island was no ordinary island. It was filled with magic and potions, and had evil pirates and even lagoons filled with killer mermaids. The leader of this island was a tall, striking, fearless, handsome-”

Peter you are literally not about to tell me the story of-

“Quiet, you ass! This is the good part.” He puts a hand over your mouth, and carries on.

“…The leader of this island was a tall, striking, fearless, handsome gentleman who’s name was…hmm..Span.”

Peter tries to muffle your laughter once more, and eventually you just bury your face in his shoulder so he can continue the rest of his story.

“Where was I…oh, yes, Span. Span was a wonderful leader. The Lost Boys loved him, and thought he was the most glorious person to ever rule Neverland.”

Peter pauses for a minute before continuing. “But, then, someone else came to the island. A girl.”

You slowly retreat your head back out and look up at Peter.

“This girl was nothing like Span had ever seen before. She was truly afraid of nothing, and conquered all obstacles that came to her before finding the camp of the Lost Boys. And, even though she fought with Span sometimes and tested his patience greatly, and occasionally never knew when to shut up, she was still the most amazing sight Span had ever seen. Deep down, he knew that this girl would carry the entire fate of Neverland.”

It’s at this moment that Peter looks down at you, and you just stare up at him, seeing the gorgeous twinkle in his golden emerald eyes. Then, he leans in, at first just kissing your forehead, and then the top of your nose, and then your lips. The kiss is slow but passionate, and at last you feel like your bed is the coziest place in the entire world, and somewhere you don’t ever want to leave.

You spend a few minutes like this, but then he reaches over and puts out the lantern, wrapping both of his arms around you tightly.

“Goodnight, Lost Girl.” You hear him murmur into your hair.

“Goodnight, Span.”

Imagine Merle having enough of you being utterly oblivious to his feelings for you

(Just a little fluffy request for Merle :3 I’ve been having some writer’s block lately but listening to music and thinking about Merle helped me get through it xD Sorry if it’s short but I tried my best! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Laying in his tent, Merle stared at the starry sky through it’s see-through roof and couldn’t stop smiling.

He thought to himself over several nights before as to why he felt so happy at the end of a tiring day but soon enough came to an obvious conclusion, you.

You were the reason that made his heart feel so full and at ease during a time of chaos and crisis. He knew it was your wit and kindness that would make him get out of breath at the thought of you and just couldn’t believe you were making him feel like a little boy with a crush all over again.

He liked your fearlessness, the way you had no problem putting him in his place with the contrast of your gentleness whenever he got himself in danger, it all made him weak for you.

Your eyes and lips as you’d look at him was enough to make him fantasize about you, truly nearly everything about you he wanted for himself.

The only problem, he thought and it made him frown a little, was that you were utterly oblivious when it came to his flirting, even worse any kind of signal from him didn’t seem to affect you at all.

Each time he’d look over at you, his genuine smile would come out, multiple times a day it would happen, he thought you would knew from that gesture but apparently not at all.

He’d also keep staying by your side and talking to you, thinking you should feel it from the way he would act around you but nothing but still you didn’t seem to notice anything.

Even everyone else around had seem to pick up on him and oddly enough, they seem to accept it and let it all happen seeing all his true efforts to be kind and loving to you, but you’d just laugh him off or treat him like any other of your friends, and that wasn’t at all the result his heart wanted.

At this point, he was so frustrated and so hung up on you, he let out a loud sigh, frowning, and was crossing his arms tightly to grip onto his sleeping bag to himself.

He grumbled over it and it started to bother Daryl that was laying just right beside him. He sighed as well and turned over, half awake and asleep.

“What again? Aren’t you supposed to sleep already?”

“Nothing, Darylina! Mind your own business!”

He was just so annoyed by your ignorance he let it sip out to his younger brother, again. It happened so often, Daryl would usually just turn back to his side and go back to sleep, letting his brother wait in the night by himself but this time he had enough as well.

He couldn’t stand this endless desperation coming from him and wasn’t going to let it go either.

“No! Not until you get your shit together…Damn it Merle…Are really that into Y/N…”

Merle got quiet, thinking about his words and tried to be nonchalant about it but came out rather adamant about his feelings for you.

“What kind of question is that…Of course I am…She’s the only one that gets me…The only one that makes me laugh and gets me hard at the same time!”

Daryl groaned in disgust to those words and said, “Obviously not…”

At those words, Merle glared over at Daryl, pouting in disgust to what he just said. The younger man shrugged and got cozier in his sleeping bag.

“Look I didn’t mean it to piss you off…I was just saying Y/N…Is the type of girl you need to be direct with…”

Merle’s face went sour and he scoffed, listening to his brother speaking.

“What do you know about girls Darylina…If anything I-”

“Well I know Y/N…”

At that Merle shut his mouth up and realized that he wasn’t wrong at all. You and Daryl hung out together so much he couldn’t deny he got envious of your friendship at some point.

“And from the way she takes things…you gotta be blunt with her! So stop messing around and trying to get her to ask you first…You ain’t that special! If you want her then go get her! Now let me sleep in peace…”

They both looked away from one another and finally Merle understood he was at an end. He was going to have to make himself weak for you and hopefully get you to understand him.


The sun shined through your tent and lazily you started to get prepared for the day. Quickly, you changed yourself into some other clothes and started packing in order to start moving forward for the day.

You felt sudden and sharp thuds rumbling through the ground and wonder as to whose footsteps could be so heavy at such an early morning.

A short and ragged breath could be heard on the outside, and you felt like you knew who it was. You got closer to your zipped door but suddenly, Merle spoke.

“Y/N?! You awake?!”

His tone and was sharp and direct, sounding as if he had a problem against you. He was tapping his toe and starting to feel his stomach forming a knot.

He was nervous as hell, he was acting out out of impulse again but this time it was for something serious and he could feel it eating at him. The thought of you rejecting him or laughing him off and making fun of him, actually scared him.

He knew if you would turn him away it would break him apart and that feeling was already starting to form within him.

It stunned you to hear him so early in the morning, considering he’d usually wake up in the afternoon once everyone was packed and ready.

You let out your surprise and stuttered at the unexpected request.

“Oh…Merle?! Euh…Yeah! Yeah, i’m awake why…”

“C-Can you come out? And meet me…It’s important…”

Your brows furrowed at the word “important” and couldn’t deny that your curiosity had been more than piqued. Quickly, you tried to shove everything in your bag.

“S-sure…Just hold-”

“No! Now…Please I need to get this damn thing off my chest…”

He was getting sweaty and not from the morning heat or anything, it was out of pure nervousness. Wiping his sweat off his forehead, he rested his hands on his waist, still trying to look imposing for your sake.

The sound of the tent’s zipper opening up, only seemed to echo loudly at that moment and made him swallow the lump in his throat, upon realizing how close he was going to get to his little moment.

His heart was racing and as your head peered out, he felt like running out of air. He turned away to calm himself down, closing his eyes and whispering under his breath to reassure himself.

“It’s alright…It’s ok…It’ll be all good…If she ain’t want you, Merle, it’s fine! I don’t need her…”

Too busy to even notice you, he jumped at the feeling of your warm hand tapping his shoulder.

“Oh Lord! Y/N, you scared me shitless here! What the hell?!”

You wanted to burst in laughter to have startled him so easily but held it in as much as you could for his dignity.

“Sorry about that…So what was it that you wanted to “get off your chest”“

As you talked, he completely zoned out, staring at you and hearing your soft voice, had amazed him and the simple fact of being the first to see you so early in the morning was enough to make his heart flutter.

It wasn’t something he ever felt and he knew he wouldn’t be to find it anywhere else but by your side. He quickly turned away from you, hiding his embarrassment and biting his damn tongue before to prepare himself for what he was going to say.

“Just follow me…”

He couldn’t bring himself to tell you right there with everyone that could hear him being so soft, still he had a reputation to maintain he thought so it was better to talk to you in private.

It really threw you off to hear him ask for to talk in private but nonetheless you trailed behind him as he moved forward.


He walked into the woods at a steady yet fast pace, in hopes to get there as soon as he could.

Once the calming breeze could be heard, he stopped himself and took a few deep breaths. He turned to look at you and ended up bumping into you as you had followed him so closely.

His reflex made him catch you right before anything could happen and just like that, you both stared at each other in the eyes.

He was about to faint at that point and he just was fighting through his words to find the right things to say, only to remind himself of how clueless you were to him.

That thought made his desire for you to know his feelings for you even stronger and suddenly his nervousness subsided, his grip on you tightened and he pulled you even closer to him.

Glaring down at you, he let himself loose.

“You…I gave you so many damn hints so you can notice…But you ain’t ever…Why didn’t you?!”

Confusion struck you again and truly wondered as to what was happening, why was he holding you so tight, why was he his close and why did he had to look so damn hot, you thought.

From your angle, you could see the inside of his shirt and couldn’t stop blushing and looking away but still your eyes came back on him. It truly mad you question yourself on whether you liked him strictly as a friend or wanted more.

As you looked up at him, he shook his head, repeating his question.

“Why didn’t you ever?! I mean I really only got you on my mind here?! Is that hard to notice?!”

He was starting to get red, his lips were quivering in uncertainty and he truly looked defeated and lost. He looked less and less like a sex beast and started to resemble a disappointed kid.

It honestly made you smile and let out a chuckle to see him that way over something about you not noticing him? Really, you weren’t paying much attention to his words and his whole body and presence were all way too distracting so up close.

He gripped you even tighter and was growling out of frustration at this point. You were laughing again and

“I’m serious…Can’t you read my damn eyes! I’m practically being a bitch for you! Showing off how I like you! Why don’t you feel it? I mean my face is so obvious! It can’t be anymore obvious than this! Are you even listening?!”

He gave you a slight shake and you just stared at him stunned from what he just admitted. You were speechless, how couldn’t you have figured it out, you thought.

He was being somewhat obvious enough the more you reflected on his past actions but still no words. It exasperated him and his gaze softened, thinking for certain his heart was a few moments from being broken into pieces.

He gave a last try to his determination and he loosened his grip, pulling back slightly and looking at you worried.

“Are you gonna keep acting this clueless? Just laugh it over? Is this what you’re gonna do every day?”

He shook you slightly, desperately wanting an answer from you and let out his last hopes for you to return the feelings.

“Please do something…Or at least say something…This is dumb to say…But my goddamn heart is about to explode…I can’t stop loving you…I’m serious…I really am…”

He looked down to his feet as his hands trembled while holding you. He was getting fearful at this point, he had never confessed such deep stuff that made him look like an utter wuss to anyone.

He didn’t knew what to say or do apart from sulk if anything went wrong. He kept repeating under his breath, “I’m serious, I’m serious…” over and over and at that point you couldn’t ignore him anymore.

You knew you had to say and do something to ease his heart. It would be a lie if you told him you didn’t like him, otherwise you would’ve flat out reject him the moment he’d invite you this far, so you smiled.

Slowly, you moved your hands up to cup his cheeks and bring his gaze back to you. It startled him and once again his heart was beating a thousand mile an hour.

He couldn’t properly process what was going on but whatever it was, he just didn’t want you to let go of him yet. He noticed your smile, with you like this and so close, for a good moment he felt the time stop.

He felt you stroking his cheeks and closed his eyes as he let out a relieved sigh to feel your softness and warmth so close. At your chuckle, his eyes fluttered opened to meet your gaze.

“Ok…I get it Merle…I get it now…You like me…You like me a lot and worked hard to get me to notice you…But me being me didn’t realize it until you had to bring me here to explain it all…and now you’re tired and want to know how I feel about you…”

He took a deep inhale and breathe out, nodding carefully after listening to you. He felt your footsteps inching closer along with your whole self and wonder as to what you had in mind.

“Then let me blunt about it…”

At that, he felt your lips pressing onto his and quickly your tongue delving into his mouth, kissing him as sloppily as you could.

At that, a satisfied and hungry growl came out of him, making him wrap his arms around you and practically picking you up to hold in his arms.

Finally, his work payed off and he was not about to let his well deserved reward run away, as he’d suddenly lay you down onto the dirt, straddling you and smirking at you.

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Caius Takes the Reader book shopping. (Request)

Your love for books was very clear to Caius, For awhile now he had been thinking about taking you to a book shop, he never really got out much. Neither did you, and with the night time creeping over the city, Caius decided to take you.

“Felix, Demetri?” The two guards bowed in Caius’s presence. “Yes master Caius? What can we do for you?” Demetri questioned. “Do you know of any… bookshop around here?” Both of the guards looked at each other confused. Felix trying to keep a small chuckle escape answered the serious looking Caius. “There is one across from the castle master.” Caius looked dumbfounded, after all this time, he hadn’t noticed it. “Thank you. Now, be gone.” Both of the guards said their farewell and left. Knowing you were most likely in the bedroom quarters he went to get you. Looking out into the city from the bedroom window you heard the doors creak open. It was Caius. “How was your day my beloved?” He asked while placing a kiss on your forehead. “It was good, but better now that you are here with me.” Pulling you into a gentle hug you felt his body slightly shake due to his laughter. “I love you Y/n.” Resting your head on his chest you responded, “I love you too Caius.” Both of you stood there for a short while, before he pulled away and smiled down upon you. “Tonight is a lovely night, care to join me for a walk?” You would be lying if you said that didn’t surprise you. This type of action from Caius was rare. You were excited none the less. “Do you really need to ask Caius? You know I would follow you anywhere.” His smile only grew bigger as he slowly grabbed your hand and started to lead you out of the room into the hallway. “Where are we walking to?” A small hum left his lips, “Somewhere I think you will fully enjoy dear.” A few short minutes pass and you and Caius are out of the castle, the night sky is clear and the breeze flows around you both, Caius squeezes your hand slightly to get your attention. “I need you to close your eyes for me sweet.” Making a confused face the world went black as you did what he asked. Cold hands rested on each side of your shoulders, lightly pushing you forward. As fast as they appeared, they left your body. A sweet voice filled the air. “You can open your eyes now darling.” When the world came back into your vision you were met with a small shop, inspecting it further you figured out it was a book shop. “I thought you would want to check this place out, and I wanted to do something special for you.” Feeling your cheeks heat up you shyly looked at him, “Thank you Caius, it means a lot to me” he slightly bowed and walked to the front door opening it for you. The shops owner welcomed both you with a nervous tone in their voice. Caius only focused on you. “There are so many books here! I don’t know where to start!” Hearing the excitement in your voice filled his heart with warmth, seeing the love of his existence happy. After awhile you finally found some books Caius went to the front desk to pay for them, times like these you were reminded of how much he loved you, and how much you loved him. Now back at the castle you sat on the love seat that resided in the bedroom, reading one of your new books that you seemed to be lost in, a voice brought you back from the written book. “Y/n?” Caius softly spoke. “I’m sorry, what did you say?” Now positioning himself next to you, he looked over at the open book, “Do you mind if you can read to me?” Flattered, you nodded your head, He patted his lap for you to sit, and once you did his head rested on your shoulder while you read to him. Your voice was like a song to him, he could never get enough. Eventually you began to get tired and Caius carried you to the bed, tucking you in. Leaving you alone, your blurred vision caught him sitting back down on the love seat and opening the book, crossing his legs and continuing reading.

I liked this request a lot ^_^ Hope it was fluffy enough <3

A half full coffee mug

Hi everyone! First of: A massive thank you to @stylesamaya16 for requesting this one shot. I really hope you like it. Second: Thank you so much to anyone who reads the stuff I write. It makes me very happy. 

In this one shot, Y/N is CEO Harry’s new assistant, whom he really likes to poke fun at. That is, until one evening on which Y/N has finally had enough. 

Picture is not mine, but has been granted to us by someone generous on the internet. 

I flinched at the burning sensation of hot liquid spilling over the edge of the cup and onto my fingers and hissed as pain shot through my hand. To my relief, none of it had dripped onto my shirt, as a stain would have surely been enough reason for my boss to pick on me, something he did on a daily basis. It wasn’t that he was particularly mean or rude, he simply enjoyed to poke fun at someone. I often explained it to myself by thinking that his unprofessional behavior was due to him being fairly new to the CEO position. And though I usually knew how to take a joke, since he was my boss I didn’t know what to answer to his teasing and remained quiet most of the time. After all, he was the reason I could pay my rent and afford living in the city. Of course me staying quiet, led to him teasing me further and with that the circle was full and my days at work painful.
I was pulled from my thoughts as his voice ripped me from my thoughts.

“Where’s that coffee, Miss Y/L/N?”

Mr. Styles appeared in the doorway to his office. He grinned upon noticing my struggle at holding his stacks of paper and tilted his head to the side before disappearing again.

“Coming!” I quickly answered and ushered forward to follow him.

Mr. Styles already sat behind his desk again, a frown overtaking his lovely face and both his hands massaging against his temple, just by the edge of his short, brown hair. I observed the sleeves of his suit slipping down so that the tattoos on his wrists became visible, yet only partially as I had never fully seen them before. Tattoo covered wrists wasn’t something I would have pictured on a business man and CEO like him and due to the white shirts he sometimes wore, I knew his chest was full of black ink as well. Just another reason as to why I sometimes found myself struggling to understand, how he had ended up in a job like this. A manager of a music company, when he would have fit so much better onto the stage himself. But those days were over, as I was told by one of my coworkers after I had asked about his reasons to start a company by himself.
I put the coffee cup down by one of the many piles of paper on his desk. The only answer I got was a short nod and I turned to walk out again, but stopped when he called me back.

“Is there something else I can do for you, sir?” I timidly asked.

Mr. Styles huffed before pushing his chair back and getting back up. He came to stand in front of his desk and leaned against it.

“There is, actually. I will need you to work overtime today. There are three more contracts I need you to go over for me before I can sign them.”

“Okay.” My voice stayed calm and neutral, but on the inside my blood boiled. I could have cried. This job had me on my feet and running errands for him from 5:30 am until 6pm and now he expected me to work overtime? I could barely stand properly anymore.

“Tracy can’t stay, because her husband won’t watch the kids tonight and Jeremy will be attending a conference in California tomorrow. That’s why I need you to do it,” he explained.

I shook my head in understanding. “Of course. I’ll go finish the scripts you gave me this morning now so I can start on those contracts as quickly as possible.”

Mr. Styles crossed his arms over his chest and nodded. “Good. I’ll have Tracy leave them on your desk before she leaves.”

I nodded and turned to leave again. Just when I was about to close the door he added: “And thanks for half the cup of coffee. I assume the rest is decorating your skirt?”

I looked down to my legs and felt a rush of heat shoot into my cheeks upon seeing the large brown stains covering both thighs. Mr. Styles seemingly found my embarrassment amusing as he grinned and lowly chuckled.

“Suits you.”

I bit my lip and fought back the insults laying on my tongue. “Thank you, sir.”

I pulled the door close behind myself before pressing my eyes shut. I wished upon the floor breaking open so that it’d swallow me whole. Or even better: swallow him whole.

“He isn’t being easy on you today, is he?” Tracy, my coworker,  asked as she stopped to stand before me, a sympathetic smile playing on her lips.

I shook my head. “He never is.”

“I find him quite a charmer, though,” she said and winked at me as she adjusted the folders she held tightly in her arms.

I shrugged and brushed at the stains on my skirt which looked as if they wouldn’t dry any time soon. “If he is, then I haven’t seen it before. Personally I think he’s less charming than he is an inconsiderate prick.”

Tracy laughed at my words before shaking her head. “Stay strong Y/N. You’ll see, he isn’t that bad.”


My gaze had long drifted from the text in my hands to the window from where I could see that the world had turned dark. It felt peaceful as well as upsetting. My eyes were heavy and I reached up to rub them, as I was normally long in bed by now. The pile of scripts and contracts I was to go over just didn’t want to get any smaller and the constant ache inside my head didn’t make it much easier to stay concentrated either. I jumped at the sound of a cup being placed on my desk. I looked up and was surprised when my eyes met the familiar green ones from my boss, who stood leaning against the side of my desk. Harry crossed his arms over his chest.

“Thought you might need one,” he said and motioned to the cup of coffee before me.

I took it and thanked him quietly. “It’s becoming a struggle to keep my eyes open.”

“I’ve noticed,” Mr. Styles answered, yet for once he didn’t sound as pretentious when he spoke. “It was my turn to bring you one anyway.”

“Not really. I’m your assistant and you’re my boss. It says in my job description that I have to tend to your every need. Don’t think it says so in yours.”

“Doubt it does. Why would one of the conditions to be in my position be to tend to my own needs.”

I didn’t answer his remark and refrained from rolling my eyes when he smirked down at me. I watched him reaching out and pulling the papers I was holding out of my grasp. I leaned back in my chair and watched his eyes move as they went over the text, noticing their puffiness and how much messier his hair was since I had spoken to him last this afternoon. It seemed as though he wasn’t well rested himself. Mr. Styles shook his head and tossed the papers away.

“No wonder you’re close to falling asleep. This is a pure bedtime story.”  
“Well, I appreciate the coffee,” I replied and gave him an appreciative smile.

“I hope you do.”

Mr. Styles grinned widely and I frowned, unsure what it was that amused him so much. He kept his expectant gaze on me before I lifted the cup up and peered inside. I rolled my eyes and set it back down without taking a sip. “Half full. Funny.”

“Oi, she bits back,” he chuckled, mischief sparkling behind his eyes as if he had been waiting for me to react annoyed.

Maybe it was to blame on how utterly tired I felt or maybe it was simply that I had had enough of it, but I decided to give in. He wanted to see me angry? Fine. After having worked my ass of for months for him now without ever getting anything back other than constant nagging and making fun of me, I could give him angry. Easily.

“Are there any more jokes you would like to play on my expense tonight, or may I resume the work you have given me? I’d like to go home at some point. Preferably before tomorrow,” I said, my voice calm but laced with tension and annoyance.

The smile faded off Harry’s face and was replaced by a frown. He uncrossed his arms from in front of his chest and instead rested them on the desk. “How have I angered you?”

I huffed at his question and shook my head. How could he be so ignorant to believe everything he did was instantly hilarious? This man just didn’t know when to stop, as if he had never been denied anything ever throughout his entire life. This only angered me even more.

“Right now?” I asked in a challenging tone, “Or any other time? It’s kinda difficult to choose and I’d need you to narrow it down a little, because there are too many times to count!”

Unsure of what exactly had gotten into me I pushed away the piles laying close by, nearly knocking over the coffee, before I shot to my feet. I bent down to reach for my bag before slinging it over my shoulder, my hands shaking visibly as I rambled on.

“You fail to take anything I say or do seriously! It doesn’t matter whether or not I do something right or wrong because you always try to make fun of me anyway! Even when it’s something as stupid as stains on my clothing! I mean, what is this all about?!”

I angrily pushed back the chair I had been sitting in. Mr. Styles watched my movements, looking at me as if he couldn’t believe what was happening right now.

“On top of it all you have been having me work for ten hours now! I am so sick of you doing anything in your power to make my time here unbearable and ensure that I feel miserable by the time I’m allowed to go home!”

Mr. Styles held up both hands in defense and backed a way. “I explained to you why I needed you to stay,” he spoke, “and I just brought you coffee.”

Tears shot to my eyes and heat to my cheeks. He watched with his mouth wide open as I completely let my nerves get the best of me. My cheeks flushed and I noisily sniffled.

“Only to play a joke on me. Again.” I sobbed. For a minute I had believed there was a decent bone in his body and that he had truly tried to do something nice for me. I shook my head, not feeling embarrassed at all, too exhausted to care, really.

“I’m done,” I said, “I quit.”

My hands frantically pulled the hair out of its ponytail as I pushed past a speechless Harry Styles. That certainly wasn’t what he had expected when he had come up with his brilliant joke, but my head pounded and my nerves had been robbed of their last strength. I was about to reach the door when he found his voice again and called after me.

“Y/N wait! You’re right. Shit, don’t leave. I’m sorry!”

He hurried after me and reached out to pull me back by my arm. I hissed at the contact and shrugged him off to which his face fell even more.

“I’m sorry,” he repeated, “I didn’t realize I was pushing it too far.”

“Mr. Styles-”

“Call me Harry, please.”

I brushed away the left over tears from my cheeks. “Okay. Harry, I don’t think I can work for you any longer. It has gotten pretty obvious to me that I fit into this company.”

Harry sighed and shook his head. “Fucking great.” He exhaled heavily before brushing both hands over his face. “I always mess it up, don’t I?”

He stared at me with his brows furrowed and his mouth open and I suppressed my surprise at hearing him swear.

“I’m sorry?” I asked, confused at his words. He could admit when he messed up?

Harry fumbled with the tie around his neck to loosen it up and released a tired sigh. “I was told managing my own record company would be difficult. But i didn’t think keeping my assistant would become the problem.”

“Find yourself one who puts up with your childish shit and it won’t be,” I spat, somehow unable to bite my tongue and I was about to turn around again when he reached out to pull me back once more.

I expected him to yell at me, but he didn’t seem to be pissed him off at my snarky remark. Instead he nodded in agreement. His eyes bore into mine.

“I don’t want to look for a different assistant, Y/N. Please stay.”

I shook my head. “I can’t.”

I lowered my head and adjusted my bag. “Have tracy pack my things, will you? I’ll pick them up tomorrow.”

Just as my hand touched the door handle, Harry’s touched my arm in a strong hold. I was about to push the door open when he pulled me back further so I was flush against his chest and his eyes stared into mine for only a moment, before he leaned down and brought my face closer to his with his hand. I only got to look into his green eyes for a moment, before my lips were captured by his. I couldn’t even react properly, his forceful kisses leaving me breathless and my mind dizzy. He was kissing me fully and had both of his arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I couldn’t have escaped, not even if I wanted to.  I whimpered when he pushed his tongue against my lower lip and reached up to wrap both arms around his neck, standing on my tiptoes until he pulled me up and off my feet, so we could be even closer. My head was spinning and all I could focus on was the feeling of having his warm mouth against my own. I melted into him. Into Harry. My boss. Harry.

My hands fell down to his shoulders and I forcefully pushed against him. He reacted immediately and pulled away, letting me down to stand on my own feet again.

“I’m sorry,” he said hoarsely. His cheeks were rosy and his lips swollen. “Could’t have let you leave without-”

“What was that?” I wondered, finding it difficult to wrap my had around what we just did.

“A kiss,” he answered and reached down to hold my hand. A smile graced his lips when I didn’t pull away.

We still stood between the desks of the deserted workplace, the room dimly lit by the laps light in his office.

“I noticed,” I said and stared at his ringed hand holding mine tightly. “You’re my boss.”

“Am I? So you won’t quit?”

I stared at him. “You’re my boss! You employ me, Mr. Styles! You can’t just kiss me like that!”

“Harry. And you kissed me back, Y/N,”  he retorted as his thumb drew circles over the back of my hand, his voice much calmer than my desperate one.

“Kinda difficult not to with your tongue in my mouth,” I argued, finding it unbelievable that he thought he could just shrug this off. It didn’t seem to be a big deal to him, while to me it most certainly was.
Yet I couldn’t deny that holding his hand felt good, just as kissing him had. It was wrong, I knew that, but at the same time, there was something there that pulled me to him, no matter how annoying he always behaved around me.  

“You-” Harry began as he swallowed hard, “I’m sorry if you feel like I overstepped a line. Oh god. Did I force you into this? I thought you felt it, too, Y/N. I didn’t realize…”

He shook his head and let go of my hand before taking a step back. “I can write you recommendations and make sure you get a well payed job.”

“Harry-” I tried but he shook his head once more.

“It’s alright,” he interrupted me quickly, “It’s the least I can do after being so horrible to you, you feel like you can’t work here anymore.”

“I’m so confused,” I admitted, “I don’t even like you.”

“Ouch,” Harry spoke half-heartily, his voice full of defeat.

“But,” I began, trying to find the right words to express how I felt, “there’s something… there.”

“There is,” Harry answered slowly, “Have felt it for a long while now, you know.”

“But there shouldn’t be,” I continued, “it’s inappropriate.”

Harry stepped closer and carefully reached out his hand for me to take, which I did just as slowly. He smiled and stared at our interlocked fingers. It surprised me how easy it was to allow him to touch me when I still felt a rather strong dislike towards this man.

“Maybe if you’d allow me to take you out for a drink? We could forget about work and head to the bar around the corner. Get to know each other a little better.”

And though I knew it was a bad idea, all I said was: “Let’s go.”


“And that,” Harry explained, “is how I got the job I have now.”

“Hm. You traded traveling the world and performing for working behind a desk all day,” I pretended to think for a minute and took another sip from my Cosmo, emptying the glass, “No. Don’t get it. Does explain your tattoos, though.”

Harry chuckled before turning to the bartender, ordering two more drinks for the both of us.

“Let me pay,” I said and fumbled with my purse, “I already owe you three.”

He shook his head. “Don’t worry about it.”

“Generous. Didn’t think you had it in you.”

Harry barked a laugh and took a sip from his gin-tonic. “You won’t give me a break, am I right?”

“Nope. Neither did you give me one over the past months, did you?”

He raised his glass in a toast, “Touché.”

I giggled, enjoying the feeling of alcohol running through my veins, the taste still present and sweet in my mouth. Maybe it was the alcohol consuming me, but I had to confess that I was actually enjoying myself quite well.

“But,” Harry continued, “you have to admit. I’m not as bad as you thought I was.”

“That is true,” I replied and squeezed his hand.

Harry smiled warmly at me and played with the ring decorating one of my fingers. I watched him with curious eyes and reciprocated his smile as it once more occurred to me how insanely handsome he was.

“Bar’s closing in 10 minutes,” the man who had served us our past rounds informed us.

“Already?” I asked and Harry sighed.

“I’ll bring you home,” he said, “Is it close enough to walk? ‘Cause neither of us should be diving right now.”

I nodded. “It’s about three blocks away.”

My heart skipped at the thought of spending more time with him and actually have him walk me home, like it happened in movies after the date was over. Only that this wasn’t a date and I could most certainly not afford falling for my boss, no matter how utterly charming he had proven himself to be. I needed to remember that. Once outside, Harry generously handed me his jacket to keep me warm and protect me from the cold.

“So,” Harry began, “I’ve talked an awful lot about myself. It’s your turn, love.”

“Well, I have an apartment about 10 more minutes away, which I share with one of my friends from collage,” I replied and reached for his hand which he happily let me take, “I’m more of a cat person than I am a dog person and given my slightly intoxicated state I have no problem with admitting that I find you really hot. Have even before I sort of began liking you.”

“So you do like me now?” Harry wriggled his brows and chuckled.

“The forth drink did the trick, honey,” I answered.

“I always liked you, you know?” Harry muttered and squeezed my fingers.


He nodded. A slight blush rose to his cheeks and he bit down on his pink bottom lip.

“Right from when you first walked into that office. You just looked too enchanting. What do you think why I was trying so hard to get you to laugh about something I said?”

“All this time when you were making fun of me, you were really trying to make me laugh?” I asked, unable to keep the coo out of my voice.

“Thought we could have some inside jokes, you know? Messed that up, obviously.”

“A bit,” I confessed.

Harry shook his head and yawned noisily before continuing, “Didn’t mean to hurt you, Y/N.”

“I know that now,” I replied and surprised the both of us by leaning up to press a kiss to his cheek.

We spent the rest of the walk in silence until we reached my apartment building. If this morning someone would have told me I would be in the situation I was in right now, I would have never believed it. But now it was as if there were two Harrys and two Y/Ns. The Harry I was with now was nice, warm and caring.

“We’re here,” I announced to my displeasure as we stopped in front of the building. Harry slowed his steps and turned so he stood before me.

“So. Will I get to see you tomorrow? At work, I mean.”

“Sure,” I replied and smiled. The thought of quitting had long left my mind.

“I really want to kiss you again,” Harry sighed as he reached up to caress my cheek with his finger.

“Do it then.”

He smiled softly before connecting our mouths in a kiss once more. I hummed and leaned in further to which he answered by moaning against my lips. I pulled away and he sighed, his eyes reflecting all the emotions that were cursing through my veins as well.

“Good night, Y/N.”

“Night, boss.”

“Don’t start something now that you can’t finish, darling.”


The next morning I walked into the office with an uncomfortable feeling nestled deep into my stomach. I felt as if I had written “sucked boss’s face off” written all over my forehead anytime one of my coworkers looked at me.

“Hi, sweetie,” Tracy greeted me as she walked by, “you alright? You look tired.”

“It got late last night,” I replied, trying to keep the blush from rising to my cheeks.

“Miss Y/L/N? A word please.”

I flinched upon Harry’s serious tone and quickly said goodbye to Tracy to follow his request. Once I entered his office he kicked the door shut and pushed me back to press me against the hard wood.

“Morning, baby,” he whispered hotly before pressing his lips to mine in a hungry kiss. I kissed him back but hesitated and turned my head only moments into it so I could break away again.

“Harry, someone could see-”

“Let them,” he hummed as he pressed open mouthed kisses to my neck and shoulder, “Things are going to change around here, baby.”

And with his lips on me and his arms wrapped around my body, I couldn’t find it in me to fight it any longer. I surrendered to him and allowed myself to be consumed by his presence, not caring anymore about whether or not it would be looked at as right or wrong.

“Brought you coffee,” I muttered. 

He hummed a small thank you. 

“It’s full though. Was hoping you would’t mind.”

Thank you to anyone who took their time to read this! I realize it’s a little longer than what I usually write, but I just couldn’t find an earlier ending. Hope you enjoyed it and as always, feedback and requests are both welcome.

The rest of what I wrote you can find here:

The movie played in the background, but my attention was on you. My eyes began to close, and my head rested comfortably upon your chest. You softly kiss my forehead, then my cheek. I open my eyes again and find you staring sheepishly into mine. You reach down and tuck a strand of hair behind my ear, and place your hand on the side of my cheek. You pull in close and kiss me slowly, leaving your hand cupped against my face, stroking my cheek with your thumb. That feeling of being in your arms, laying with you; it’s home. I’m at home with you.
—  3.18.17 //
He’s Your Ex Husband and Him and Your Daughter Celebrate Christmas Without You: Part 4

I really should change the title of this..

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


Y/n wakes up cold, covers barely covering her chilled body. She closes her eyes again, slumber almost willingly taking over again as she blindly searches for the blankets. Her hands dance along the bed, her arm reaching to pull the corner of the blankets over her body. But there’s a resistance, the covers being pulled back away from her grip whenever she attempts to claim them.

“If I had remembered you were such a fuckin’ blanket hog I would’ve never agreed t’let you spend the night.” 

“Mmm, sorry love, it’s a habit.” Harry mutters, placing the blanket so that it lays neatly against her body. 

He pulls her closer to him, tucking her head soothingly against his chest. He cradles her, warming her up as he attempts to also get her asleep again.

“Better, my love?” He asks.

Y/n smiles slightly, lifting her head up so her chin rests softly on his chest. Her eyes meet his, her chest tightening as she looks up at him.


Harry hums, placing a soft kiss upon her forehead, but Y/n sneaks her lips up to catch his, deepening the kiss by pushing his head closer to hers.

She missed this. She missed this almost too much. Waking up next to Harry is like waking up to the sun shining in your eyes. It’s confusing at first, and a little bit frustrating, but no matter how much you turn, no matter how many blankets you try to put over your eyes, it’s still there, shining directly on you. There is no escape, but the shine is so beautiful, and you hear the birds chirping outside the window, it reminds you of the happiest days in life. It reminds you of happiness and hope, love and beauty, escaping it is the last thing you want.

“I love you” she whispers, “I love you more than anything in this world.”

“Say it again” he mumbles, lips still kissing all of her exposed skin, “jus’ one more time.”

She giggles, “I love you, you idiot.”

“And I love you,” he keeps kissing her, “so so much.”

He leans up to kiss her lips again, fingers dancing along her hipbones.

He backs away from her, placing his head against her chest as he smiles, feeling her against him like the feeling of euphoria and bliss. God, how much he missed her. 

“I love spending mornings with you and all,” Y/n interrupts the beautiful silence, “but I’m hungry. Kale smoothie with bananas?”

Harry’s eyes light up, nodding his head like his entire morning had depended on that moment. 

“You know me so damn well, baby. I’ll shower while you whip me some breakfast.” 

He freezes when he finishes his statement, eyes widening as he looks at her, “or should I say, blend me up some breakfast?”

“UGH!” Y/n groans, rolling her eyes as she pushes his head away from her chest, but she can’t help but laugh, “I thought maybe a different girl would fucking tell you how shitty your jokes are.”

While prepping the ingredients, a small knock comes from the front door. Without giving it much thought, Y/n wipes her hands with a towel before heading toward the door.

“C-Cara, h-hi, what are y-“

“I know he’s here, Y/n” Cara mutters, her voice weak as her hands tremble against her body “you can cut the crap.”

Y/n swallows harshly, reluctantly nodding her head as she steps away from the door, allowing Cara inside her house. 

She closes the door quietly, taking a deep breath before turning around to follow her. 

Once she makes her way into the living room, Cara looks around, trying to see if Harry was attempting to hide somewhere.

“So,” Cara starts, “where is he?”

“Oh, uh” Y/n stutters, “he’s showering. You can sit down in the mean time.”

Cara begins to walk around the living room as she waits for Harry instead. There’s this thick tension in the air, Y/n finds it nearly impossible to breathe. She watches as Cara’s fingers graze the frames of pictures taken over the course of Harry and Y/n’s relationship. She never took them down, she didn’t have the heart to. She didn’t want to get rid of their past, even if what they had was over, she never wanted to clear out everything that had been. It would be like throwing away all the happiness in her life, she’d have nothing to live for.

“You looked beautiful” Cara whispered, carefully lifting up a picture of Y/n on her and Harry’s wedding day. 

Cara had never met Y/n during her time of happiness. She’d only ever seen her when the color of her face was drained, when her eyes looked dull and the bags under he eyes were dark. Thinking of it, Cara had never seen her smile, not truly. She never heard her laugh, never heard her say more than a few sentences. Cara always thought that’s just how Y/n acted around her. There has always been tension with them. They didn’t hate each other, they never fought either, but there was always something in the air and in the pit of their stomachs that didn’t settle right whenever they were near each other. But capturing a moment of Y/n’s truest form, in her mermaid wedding dress and the slight sparkle in her eyes when she laughed, she knew it was far more than the tension between them.

“Oh, uh, thank you” Y/n mumbles, coughing slightly once she spoke.

“You naturally glow,” she nods, “Harry told me you do.”

“Look, Cara, I-“

“I’m not mad at you, alright? I’m not mad I’m just-“ she takes a deep breath, her eyes falling to the floor as she tries to compose herself, “I’m just upset.”

Y/n nods understandingly. She takes in a shaky breath, slinking her body against the back of the couch before letting out a small “alright.”

Silence falls between them, and they both pray that Harry will be coming out of the shower soon. Screams, slurs, curses, anything is better than the silence that consumes them.

They both hear Harry’s footsteps coming down from the stairs, Y/n standing up immediately as Cara whips around to face him.

“Love, have you kept a spare tooth br-“ Harry stops dead in his tracks when he sees Cara standing in the living room.

“C-Cara, I-“

“I knew the second you left last night that this was going to happen,” Cara whispers, her throat clenching as she tries to hold back tears, “but I didn’t want to believe it.”

Harry stood frozen by the stairs, not daring to look away from her eyes. He can’t go back to her, he can’t, but knowing that he’s making someone he cares so much about upset makes him feel like scum. He can’t say anything, as much as he tries. He can’t come up with anything to say other than pathetic apologies. 

“I’m so sorry.”

Cara sucks in a breath, shaking her head harshly before she speaks.

Don’t. You aren’t sorry. You aren’t anywhere near it.”

She begins to cry, and she swore to herself on the drive here that she wouldn’t cry, not over this. Not over something she knew was going to happen no matter how hard she didn’t want it to. She refused to cry over something she knew was inevitable. No matter how much she prepared herself for this to happen, leaving Harry is going to be the hardest thing she ever had to do.

She sits on the couch, burying her face in her hands. She always knew she was a spec of dust in his life compared to Y/n. At first, she could have sworn what they had was love. He sacrificed his marriage for her, he left his wife to be with her. But she isn’t dumb. Months after the divorce, he changed. He wasn’t the same man she fell in love with. The way they made love was different, she felt tears on her shoulders sometimes, he didn’t hold her right. He would barely speak to her after he’d seen Y/n, like he was lost in some unknown dimension. When she met his family, she could tell they barely knew anything about her. He never talked about her, not really to anybody, not half as much as he’s talked about Y/n. He wasn’t in love, he was infatuated. She knew this, but she wanted to change him, she was determined to convince him that what they had was love. But some how, in some way, that was her way of trying to convince herself of that, too.

“I’m so fucking stupid. I knew this whole time you still loved her. I knew it, I fucking-I saw it everywhere. For fucks sakes, Harry, you barely looked at me. I can’t even be mad at you for this because I knew you never loved me like you love her. I want to hate you so bad, for keeping me apart of your life even when you were still in love with your wife. I want to hate you so bad for using me just to make yourself feel better, but I can’t, because it’s also my fault that I still held onto a relationship like that.”

She runs her fingers down her hair, her cheeks soaked with warm tears. She lifts her head slightly, but refusing to look at any of them. She can’t look at them, she’ll break.

“And Y/n, I should be in the middle of plotting your fucking murder. Hell, you should be plotting mine, too. But I can’t look at you and hold a grudge toward you. You didn’t-you never pushed anything on us. You complied to everything. You signed divorce papers, you’ve come to our house, you’ve given me time with your daughter for fucks sakes, you’ve given us nothing but space. You never begged him to come back, you never called him, you never hated me the way you should have. And all this time I thought it was because you were naturally a distant person, but looking at that beautifully disgusting wedding picture, I know you did all that because you love him, and you would sacrifice your entire life to make him happy. Or what you thought would make him happy.”

She sighs, wiping off the excess tears. She stands from the couch, walking slowly to that wedding picture, where Harry was lifting the back of her wedding dress, Y/n laughing and looking over her shoulder at him. That glow in her, when she looked at him, that’s the look she never saw in her. But that look he gave Y/n, like everything he had ever needed was right before him, was so unfamiliar to Cara. Even when they both started up a relationship, he had never looked at her like that. Never.

Cara grips the picture tightly in her shaking hands, lifting it up from the stand as she takes one last look at it. She turns to look at Harry, who still hasn’t moved, as if the entire situation has tied him up against his will. She walks toward him, slowly bringing the picture to him. 

He eyes her, confused by her actions, but still doesn’t move. 

Cara grabs onto his hand, moving it so his fingers clench around the frame. He looks down at it, a small smile playing on his lips when he looks back on the day, that beautiful, euphoric day. 

This,” Cara says, “this is your life. And that look on your face? That’s love. I may be upset, and I may never leave my fucking room after this, but this is your life. This is your love.”

She fists her hand on top of his, squeezing it, closing her eyes to allow more tears to wash down her face.

“Don’t ever let it go.“

On My Mind

Shawn Mendes x Reader

I love JP Cooper and this song was far too fitting for an imagine.

Sitting in my condo with Brian and Matt, who were playing video games while I  scrolled through my Instagram aimlessly. My breath catching in my throat. 

To  see the smile on her face and the way her jeans were clinging to her legs, wearing the top I always thought brought out her beautiful blue eyes, making them shine so bright. I, had seen a lot of pretty faces but none like hers. My finger hovering over the heart, wanting to desperately press it, I wanted her to see my name on her screen again. But in this day and age I knew that I couldn’t or maybe it was more of I shouldn’t

Exhaling, as I forced myself to keep scrolling, I couldn’t shake the image from my mind. It felt like it was sketched into my brain for the rest of my life. 

All I could think about was the way she would smile whenever I complimented her, or stared at her in adoration. The blush that would coat her slightly tanned cheeks, when I would catch her doing silly dances in the kitchen or when she was being childish, trying to cheer me up whenever I was down. With her around, it wasn’t very often. The way her skin felt against mine when we would lay in bed on a Sunday, just talking, about anything and everything. Or the way she would rest her head upon my chest as I ran my fingers through her, silky, soft brunette hair. 

“You know she was a keeper, right?” Brian’s voice breaking my thoughts, bringing me back to reality. 

“Huh?” Locking my phone and throwing it to the other end of the couch. Almost like, if I looked at that picture any longer it would burn me.

“Y/N.” Brian, deadpanned, almost like it was obvious. “She was the one for you, I seen it, Matt seen it. God, even your parents seen it” Brian, finished almost raising his voice. 

He was right. I know he is. All my life I’ve heard people talk about how they knew when the woman they were dating at the time was the one for them. I never fully understood how someone could just know.  What gave it way? Was there signs? Was it something specific to each person? I didn’t know then but I sure knew now. 

I’ve never had a love, like the one we knew. 

Reaching for my phone, without hesitating this time, I searched through my contacts before pressing the one I wanted. Pressing the phone to my ear, waiting for an answer as the line rang.

“Hello?” Her voice croaked, through the speaker. She’s nervous. I know she is, there’s always a slight pitch in her voice whenever she gets nervous. The sound of her voice alone was enough to set my heart off into palpitations for the next 10 years. It was a voice I knew I wanted to wake up and fall asleep too for the rest of my life. 

“Are you free tonight?”

The Best I’ve Ever Had|| Old Man Logan

Requested by Anon - I hope to finish Old Man Logan by tonight! Please be patient with the other requests, which let me remind you the only ones that are open are SUPERNATURAL and FTWD. I’m currently thinking about hurt/comfort but am open to fluff and implied smut too. 

Prompt:  Oh, Old Man Logan request where while having dinner with the Munsons, Mrs. Munson asks if you are Logan’s wife and you go with it, saying Laura is your daughter, you met at his dad’s (aka Charles) school and fell in love and after everyone is asleep, you’re sitting out on the front porch with Logan and you ask him if he could actually picture it, living a normal life with her and Laura and Charles and that’s when he admits his feelings for Y/N?

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  “So y/n, why don’t you share with the rest of us how a woman like yourself came to be with two men and an eleven year old?” Mrs. Munson commented, drawing you out of your relaxed state from where you sat beside Laura. After assisting in corralling the horses they’d been transporting, The Munsons had been courteous enough to invite you and Logan to dinner with Charles and Laura accompanying you. “Are you and him-” 

Your gaze softened whenever she gestured to Logan, who was now in a deep conversation with Mr. Munson by the kitchen sink. You’d been harboring feelings for The Wolverine for quite some time now but had been too afraid to act on them, given his past relationships and his fear of losing the people that mattered most to him. 

Apparently you fell into that category. Or at least.. you hoped you did. 

  “Yeah.” You blurted out from over the rim of your wine glass. Your fingers threaded through Lauras hair as her head rested in your lap, her knees tucked up to her chest and her body tucked beneath a blanket. “We’ve been married for twelve years. Wasn’t long before we got pregnant with this one.” Your gaze softened as you ducked your head to brush your lips along the crown of Lauras head.  

  “She’s sweet. My boy really seems to get along with her.” Mrs. Munson said softly, setting her glass down on the side table as she moved to tend to the ambers that were left of the fire that had been built upon your arrival. You’d always valued a hearth and the homely feeling it gave you when you were near one. There was a quality within each hand built fireplace that reminded you of better days - when Logan had been open and willing to tell you what chaos was running through his head. “You look like a woman with a-lot of secrets behind those eyes of yours.” 

You winked at the older woman as Laura adjusted in your embrace, tucking her head under your chin as you loosely wrapped your arms around her. “They do say that eyes are the windows to the soul.” You mused. Her intent gaze on you sent a signal that she was yearning to know more about your backstory with Logan Howlett. “I get the impression you’re looking to know more, Mrs. Munson.” 

  “I’m that kind of woman who loves all the details. Tell me, where’d you meet? What did he say? Who said I love you first?” She drawled, leaning against her knees and settling her chin in her hands as you resisted the urge to convulse. Your heart sank into your stomach as you thought of answers to her questions - most of which you’d been asking yourself since coming across Logan’s path. 

  “Well, it all started in a school…” 

Time Skip

Your arms slowly loosened as you set Laura on the small twin bed in the back room on the first floor, crouching down just low enough to rake your fingers through her hair and press a warm kiss to the crown of her forehead. The child stirred slightly under your ministrations, subconsciously leaning into your touch as if asking for more of it. “Goodnight kiddo.” You whispered into the silence. “I love you.” 

Cradling your arms to your chest you made your way out onto the porch, standing on the top step and swiveling your head to gaze at the stars. Most of the sky surrounding the Munson Farm was open, leaving you breathless at the sight of so many stars dotting the midnight sky. Westchester had never gifted you with a view as beautiful as this one. 

  “I’m surprised you’re still up.” A choppy baritone voice broke into the silence as you turned around only to be greeted by Logan sitting in the rocking chair in the corner of the front porch. “I thought I was the one with the late night thoughts and years worth of idiotic decisions to ponder into the dead of night.” 

To say he was surprised when a breath of laughter broke past your lips was an understatement. Unknown to you, he had heard every word of your conversation with Mrs. Munson. Logan had had his fair share of broken hearts - but the one that stung the most was when it occurred to him that no one as perfect as you would love a reject like him. 

  “No, darlin’. I think we both fall into that category.” You whispered. A comfortable silence fell between the two of you, one that you’d grown accustomed to, before you turned to regard the man behind you. Most of your late night drives had been spent getting to memorize the mosaic of art that was Logan Howlett - from the gunshot wounds that peeked from his wife beater, to the way he depended on alcohol as if it would save his life, the way his eyes would sweep over you after every incursion with the bounty hunters to make sure you were safe. Despite the aching heart that was encased beneath the man, you’d managed to memorize every detail of his entire being - and somehow, you’d fallen in love with him. “Can I ask you something?” 

Logan took a swig of his whiskey. “Anything. You know that.”  

You nervously pulled your bottom lip between your teeth. “Can you imagine it? Living a normal life in some normal town, with a dog and a fence and pie? Charles could grow old in the parlor and Laura could go to school-” Your heart slammed against your chest as Logan stood to his feet and wrapped his arm around your waist to pull you closer. 

  “You know that isn’t the kind of life we’ve been gifted with.” He confessed, dropping the bottle onto the wooden floor. From the corner of your eye you watched the amber liquid pour between the wooden slats and douse the grass beneath it. “But y/n, you have no idea what I would give to be able to live a life like that with you.” 

Your jaw fell slack at his confession. It took you a moment to compose yourself but by the time you did, Logan had your face gently cupped in his hands. “Wait-Are you screwing with me?” You joked lightly, only to find him shaking his head in front of you. “Please don’t tell me you overheard what I told Mrs. Munson.” 

Logan smirked deviously as his thumb trailed over the frame of your lips. “Okay, I won’t.” 


Everything slowed down as The Wolverine leaned in closer to you, his nose gently brushing against your own. Even through the thick facial hair and usual hard gaze, you could clearly tell that he was terrified of diving head first back into a world of relationships and commitment. The last time he had done that, he’d been forced to kill the woman he’d loved. “I’ve been meaning to tell you forever, but then my mind got the better of me. Just like it always does.” He whispered, allowing his lips to ghost over your jaw. You stifled a moan as his lips found your sweet spot on your neck, nearly hidden by a mirage of y/h/c hair and the collar of the flannel you wore. “I was so convinced that you were too good for a broken old man like me, and it wasn’t until I was listening to your story tonight that I found myself laughing.” 

  “Laughing at what?”

  “Laughing at how stupid I’ve been.” He replied. “Because when I listened to you weave this incredible reality I can’t give you, I felt awful. You wanna know why? Because you deserve the dog and the apple pie and the picket fence. I can’t promise you a perfect life, but I can promise you a better tomorrow. And if you’re willing.. I will do everything in my power to make you the happiest mutant on Earth as long as you’re willing to deal with a senile, grumpy-” 

You cut him off with a feverish kiss, capturing his lips in your own. For a moment you almost thought he wasn’t going to kiss you back, but then the kiss became deeper. You both battled for dominance as Logans hand threaded through your hair, using his opposite to wrap around your waist and pull your chest flush against his. A groan erupted from deep in his throat as your tongue swept across the seam of his lips, granting you entrance to taste every fiber of the man that Logan Howlett was. 

By the time air became incredibly required, you were grinning so widely that he had started to laugh at your expression. “I am more then willing to deal with every senile, grumpy, broken old man left on the planet if it means getting to spend another day at your side.” You whispered. “And that’s a promise.” 

Dean Ambrose - You Are Ridiculous.

Dean Ambrose - Prompts #87, #95 and #96: “You owe me big time”, “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this” and “Is that…is that my bra”. 

Request for -  Anon

Warnings - Swearing, 

Word Count - 

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I flopped back down on the crumpled bed sheets next to my boyfriend of 8 months letting out another exasperated groan. “DEAAAAANNNNNNNNN” I whined throwing my head back against his muscular chest and looking up at him. He raised an eyebrow at me before turning his attention back to the shitty film running on the TV. I sighed and sat up; moving to straddle him, his eyes widened as my barely clothed frame came down on top of his.

“Can we please go to this fancy dress party that that Naomi and Jimmy have organised? Pleaseeee” I begged with my best puppy dog eyes as I lightly rocked back and forth on his waist, supporting myself with my hands placed on his chest. He rolled his eyes as he placed his hands on my hips to keep me still as he cocked his head to see past me to continue watching the TV. I pouted my lips and moved my body so it fully covered the TV. “C’mon Dean, it’ll be fun; Roman’s going and you haven’t seen him much since the draft” I pleaded in a last hope. I saw his eyes light up a little at the mention of seeing his ‘brother’, which reignited the hope I’d basically lost after asking for the 50th time.

“Fine. Fine! I’ll go, but you’re gonna have to get me something to wear…unless you want me to go as a nudist” he smirked as your lip curled up in sheer displeasure at his suggestion

“Eh, no thanks babe. You’re hot ‘n all that but, I don’t think everyone else would appreciate your junk just jiggling around all night. I’ll go out after I’ve showered to get you something and I’ll take my costume ‘cos me and all the girls are getting ready at Lana’s” I smiled rolling off of his hips. I squeaked as he placed a hard slap on my ass as I stood up; another cheeky grin lacing his face.

You owe me big time baby. Also do not buy me a ridiculous outfit; like if you buy me a fucking huge egg outfit or something” he warned and went to continue before I burst out laughing

“ AN EGG? Who the fuck dresses as an egg to go to a party? Where the fuck would I even find an egg costume?” I practically screamed through my hysteric laughter as tears rolled down my rosy cheeks. Through my tear clouded eyes I could see the rather amused expression on my boyfriends face as he watched on in bewilderment  as I continued my fit of laughter. “Right, right I’m going for a shower now!” I snorted as I stumbled into our en suite still laughing even as stepped into the shower.

When I came back from my shower Dean was still laying in the same position I left him; limbs sprawled out over the king sized bed covering the various scattered items of clothing from the night before. “I don’t know how you convinced me to do this” he muttered as he shook his head, sitting up from the bed slightly. “You know I despise these fancy dress parties” Dean frowned as he pulled me back down onto our bed and tickled my sides lightly. I squealed as his fingers attacked my sides, my hands rapidly slapping his arms in a largely in vain attempt to get him to stop. Once he finally stopped i resumed my previous position perched upon his waist, my hands resting lightly on his chest.

“I manged to convince you because: one, you loved me and two, you get to see Roman and you two haven’t seen each other properly in ages” I smiled as I towel dried my hair, still sitting on top of him. “Anyways, I need to head off. How about you head over to Jimmy and Naomi’s ‘cos i know Ro’s already there and I’ll bring your outfit when me and the girls arrive?” He nodded lazily as I climbed off of him. “Sorted!” I cheered as I bent down to kiss him just before I headed down the stairs and towards our car; leaving him to hopefully shower before he leaves.

After a stressful twenty or so minutes hunting around for a costume and another ten minutes sat in the shitty city traffic I had just arrived (fashionably late) at Lana’s house; where the (unnecessarily expensive) champagne was flowing, make up artists where rushed off their feet, the whole house was filled with the smells of about twenty different fragrances and costume elements laying around the entire space.

“Sup my bitchessssss” I screamed, wrapping my arms around the first people I saw, which just so happened to be Charlotte and Becky. All the girls cheered back, a mixture of different greetings reverberated around the room, I grabbed a glass of the champagne off the side and necked it. “I need to get ready for this partayyyyy” I once again screamed into the girls’ ears as I yanked my very stereotypical ‘sexy’ cat outfit from my duffel bag and headed towards one of the many bathrooms hearing Charlotte and Becky shake their heads with fond giggles at me.

After a painful 10 minutes of trying to squeeze myself into the ludicrously tight PVC one piece, I was finally dressed; now just to get one of the girls to do my make up and whiskers. I sauntered out of the bathroom and into the living area where all the girls where pretty much ready apart from Becky who was having her hair done and Lana who was having some sort of drama-queen meltdown over her glittery tutu.

“Meeeooowwww” Naomi purred with a comical cat claw motion aimed in my direction and a series of wolf whistles echoing throughout the room. I smirked and went and sat down in front of Leslie; who instantly began fixing my hair as another girl began on my eyes. “Gurll you look hot as fuck!” Naomi spoke, quite obviously already tipsy as she grabbed another glass of champagne and chugged over half of it with in 10 seconds of having it in her grasp. I laughed whilst trying to keep still as I sat patiently in the chair. Lana had just about finished her diva meltdown as the girls finished off my make up and hair; the drawn on nose and whiskers the only thing left to complete my outfit. In the short five minutes it took for everyone to grab their final touches to their outfits my whiskers were done and this sexy cat was ready to get absolutely wasted.

The girls and I all jumped into the luxury, completely pimped out limousine - complete with a rather attractive chauffeur. The traffic filled drive would definitely have been painful if the girls and myself hadn’t got caught up in the fancy limo treats, the music and the alcohol. Oh and gossiping about our men; that was pretty common occurrence between us lot anything from how annoying they’ve been lately to something we’d done in the bedroom.

Finally, the limo pulled up outside Naomi and Jimmy’s house; you could hear the bass of the dance music from at least 200 meters down the street and the crazy coloured disco-like lights were peeping from every window in the entire house.

“Oh my god! Naomi the house looks fucking amazing” Nikki gasped as she was the first to exit the limousine. We all followed suit muttering various thank yous to the driver who just nodded back. Naomi chuckled.

“It was all Jimmy, he went out and brought all the lights” she smiled proudly she was about to speak again when Tamina interrupted.

“Yeah, just wait until you see the billion glow sticks in colours I didn’t even know could glow in the dark that she made me pick up” Tamina grunted but with a slight laugh to her statement. All the girls laughed back as Naomi shrugged mumbling at her to ‘feel the glow’, which cause another wave of giggles of us girls.

Naomi threw open the door to her house; the blast of the loud music a shock to our ears as the group of us made our arrival known with loud screams of various words along with the shout of Jimmy as he swooped Naomi up and almost instantly began kissing her.

“Jesus you guys, get a fucking room” I spoke my voice becoming higher, they both shrugged and ran up the stairs much to the bemusement of the other girls and I. After that one by one the girls were collected by their men; Tamina and Nattie had gone off to the garden due to their other halves not being here and it just left me and Charlotte still standing in the entrance of Jimmy and Naomi’s home.

“Hey Y/N, where the hell is Dean?” Charlotte questioned me. “Didn’t you say he was going to be here” I nodded and checked my phone as I clutched the policeman outfit in my grasp; Hey, it was simple and not embarrassing. I pulled out my phone as saw the text Dean had sent me telling me he was here.

“Well, he’s here somewhere he text me, how about we go get drinks then go and find him?” I questioned in which Charlotte responded with a nod. We headed towards the drink room where we both made ourselves a Malibu and Coke. “Right, drinks sorted now time to track down that idiot” I chuckled, as Charlotte and I began making our way through the large house.

“Where the fuck can a 6′4 guy hide, for fuck sake” I flailed my arms in exasperation shouting to Charlotte over the loud music. After we had been looking for him for over twenty minutes.

“Oh sweetheart are you looking for Dean” a soft voice came from behind me; barely audible over the music. I spun round to Roman’s wife standing with Nia. I nodded my head rapidly. “The last time I saw him he was with Roman in the garden but I’m pretty sure Ro said something about the kitchen” she informed me with a heartwarming smile.

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much; knew them two would be together” I chuckled before scurrying off into the direction of the kitchen - Charlotte right behind me having said a short goodbye to Nia. We both stood in the doorway of the kitchen, only for our eyes to land straight upon my boyfriend standing practically naked, on the kitchen island dancing to ‘Hot in Herre” by Nelly. Worst of all was he - was he wearing a bra?

“Well, found him” Charlotte snorted taking a sip of her drink as I gave her an unimpressed raised eyebrow look for her remark as I shoved my drink and the costume I was holding into Charlotte’s arms.

“Yeah no shit, woman” I snarled at her comment. “Dean what the fuck are you doing?!” I screeched, marching closer towards the kitchen island; standing in front of Dean with my hands placed firmly on my hips. Whilst I could see Roman out the corner of my eye in a hysteric burst of laughter along with some of the other superstars. My boyfriend looked down at me and began to laugh as he jumped of the counter and landed next to me.

“Hey Babyyyyy” he slurred wrapping his arms around my waist, pressing his lips against my neck. The smell of liquor; mainly Jack Daniels radiating off of him. How the fuck was he already this drunk I thought to myself. My train of thought was broken when I saw a closer up the bra that he was sporting.

“Dean, is that…is that my bra” I questioned, pinging the strap harshly onto his bare skin; his facing scrunching up at the sharp pain. After the small sting had gone from his skin he started to laugh manically along with the rest of your friends who were all still doubled over laughing. I rested my head in my hands as i slowly shook it from side to side in some sort of embarrassment. “You’re literally ridiculous” I giggled, ripping the bra from his chest; effectively breaking the clasp in the process. “Go and put this on you fucking idiot” I laughed shoving the outfit from Charlotte’s hands into Dean’s”

“What ever you say sexy” he smirked, as he stumbled out the doorway. Bumping into a rather flustered looking Naomi and Jimmy; their outfits kinda askew and their faces flushed. Everyone in the room burst out laughing as the stood there in confusion whilst my head made it’s way back down into my hands.

Jesus Christ, this was already one hell of a night, and it was only 10.30pm. God help us for the rest of the night.  

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Joining The Family - Happy Imagine

Imagine throwing your first family dinner at your house and stressing at about it. Happy assures you that ever thing is going to be great.


I pull my hair into a ponytail a loud sigh escaping me as I look at all the food siting in front of me. The pressure was starting to build on my shoulders at the thought of cooking all this food on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been cooking all my life and my father owned his own restaurant so naturally I was good at cooking, but the thought of cooking for the club was daunting. Gemma had suggested the idea a few weeks ago after I had gotten Happy’s crow tattooed on me. Getting that done was a huge commitment and meant that I was officially apart of the family, in a way I think that this is Gemma’s idea of testing me, for me to prove that I can hold the responsibilities of an old lady. Right now I was starting to doubt my own abilities at being a good old lady.

“Please god kill me” I say to myself and get startled as I hear my old mans all to familiar voice.

“You doing okay baby?” His voice carried both concern and amusement as he enters the kitchen.

“Oh yea I’m fantastic feeling really great about cooking for the entire club” The sarcasm dripped from my voice so obviously that you would have to be stupid not to notice it. The look of concern left Hap’s face so all that was left was amusement which earned him a hard glare.

“You’re stressing” He stated simply making his way towards me at a slow pace.

“Stating the obvious much! I mean I’m cooking for everyone, not two or three, everyone! What if I mess up then everyone’s going to know! Oh my god what if I mess up and with Gemma there oh my god I would be a joke and-” My panicked rant was cut short as Happy took my face into his hands and brought my eyes up to meet his brown ones.

“Relajar niña - relax baby girl ” He says and tingles shoot through my whole body as he speaks in Spanish. Happy only does this when he’s tired or when he just comes back from his Moms where he had just happened to come home from right now. “todo va a estar bien. Vas a hacer grandes como siempre lo eres - everything is going to be alright. You are going to do great just like you always are” I smile at his words before leaning forward and placing a soft kiss on his lips, pulling back I give him a loving look, the panic I felt decreased, panic over … hopefully.

“gracias mi amor - thank you my love” I say softly turning around taking another look at the challenge in front of me “ Siempre sabes que decir - you always know what to say” Happys hands grip my waist and his chin rests on top of my head.

“Because I know you baby, like the back of my hand” after this he gives you a brief kiss on the neck before giving your hips another squeeze and walking off to somewhere in the house. Most likely the garage to work on an old bike of his.

“You can do this” is the self motivation you come up with, although not much, it seemed to do the trick because before your mind had caught up with your body your hands where chopping, slicing and dicing without your consent and suddenly you felt right at home. For the rest of the day you didn’t stop moving, always checking temperatures, making sure things where cooking, adding extra ingredients. You wanted it perfect and you couldn’t mess up, not today. By the time everything was done and dusted Happy waltzed into the kitchen in a changed pair of clothes but still the Kutte hung from his body.

“I told you babe, you’re the best cook I know” he smiled as you wrapped your arms around one another “but don’t tell Gemma I said that, she’ll kick my ass”

“She so would” you can’t help but tease as you laugh and Happy smirks

“You think so?” He teases and you can tell by the sound of his voice that he’s in a playful mood which usually only leads to one thing.

“Down big boy, everyone will be here in an hour and I still need to get ready” you laugh at his pouting expression as he growls in protest. “Patience baby, wait till everyone’s gone and we’ll have some fun” you purr in his ear before pulling yourself away from his body.

“You better keep that promise baby girl” Happy shouts as you reach the second floor of your house.

“You’ll just have to wait and see”


You could hear the murmur of voices from upstairs in both yours and Happy’s room. Butterflies suddenly flooded your stomach as you made you way down stairs. You haven’t gotten too dressed up, just some heels and a nice top plus the jeans that Happy loved. Walking into the kitchen you stop in your tracks. Gemma stood over the stove with a judging gleam in her eyes, whether it was the good judgement or the bad you couldn’t tell but you had a feeling that you where going to find out.

“Hey Gemma” you greet as you walk further into the kitchen, she turned to you, giving her signature smirk.

“Hey baby” she says, her voice light and welcoming but you knew not to take that for granted. You move towards the stove making sure the pasta was cooking correctly, which it was, making you sigh in relief. “Look sweetheart Happy told me” you look to her in confusion.

“Happy told you what?” The genuine confusing you feel coming across in your voice.

“About how you where stressed out today cooking this dinner, thinkin that I was gonna bitch slap you or some shit if you got it wrong” she says with slight humour in her voice and I watch her carefully.

“But it’s a big deal and it’s like a right of passage type thing that I had to get right and if I didn’t do it right then something would-” she cut me off after a short time my rambling which I was grateful for knowing that I would have only continued.

“Y/N” she says seriously “if I didn’t like you, you’d know about it, trust me sweetie. As for the dinner I thought it’d be good for you to get used to cooking for a big family. I mean I can’t speak for you but I know that Happy wants a load of kids and if you include his Mom coming round and his aunt, honey your gonna have a lot on your plate” relief washed over me as she says this. A smile forms on hers while she watches me realising that this isn’t a test.

“I’m sorry I got myself all worked up over nothing, I tend to do that” I admit while walking over to the pot and taking it of of the stove.

“It’s okay baby, you’re lucky I actually like you or else I would have gotten the wrong idea” Gemma laughs before starting to get off back to the dining room.

“Hey Gem?” She turns back waiting for my question “he wants a lot of kids?” The cheesy smile on my face is inevitable as Gemma shakes her head in amusement.

“Form what I’m hearing your gonna have enough to fill a god damn school” Gemma’s face before more soft and her body language changes completely “he wants your kids, don’t let him tell you any different”


By the time everyone had left Happy had taken it upon himself to rip my clothes from my body and have his way with me, very roughly and very sensually. We lay panting side by side the blankets spread over our naked bodies. My head resting against his chest with his arm around my small frame. The conversation I had with Gemma still sat in the back boiler of my brain as Happy’s fingers trailed lightly up and down my bare arm.

“te amo bebé - i love you baby girl” Happy’s voice rumbles into my ear thick with sleep and want, as his arms tightened around me.

“Y te amo mi amor - and I love you my love” it was silent for a while as we got comfortable and ready to sleep but I couldn’t shake what Gemma had said to me. “I spoke with Gemma tonight” he grunted in acknowledgment his face buried into my neck. “She said something to me that I can’t get off my mind”

“And what’s that?”

“Apparently you want me to have your babies” he temporarily stops breathing but recovers quickly as he comes up to lean on his arm next to my head.

“I never said that! That’s-”

“Completely true” I say cutting him off with humour in my voice as I do so. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he’s having a mental debate in his head, probably on whether to tell the truth or not. I decide to help him out. “Look I know we haven’t spoken about this yet and we are still newly together - hell we haven’t even spoken about our future together - but I want you to know that I really want to have your kids one day…and I think you would be an amazing father” the emotion that appears in his eyes is almost too intense that I have to look away.

“You are the first women that I’ve dated that my mom considers family. That’s serious shit for me, so I’m not planning on letting you go anytime soon and neither is my Mom” I laugh at this because I considered his mom to be family as well “and she is expecting a lot of grandchildren and I plan to give them to her - I hope that I don’t fuck up so bad that you realise you’re too good for me because I really want you to be the mother to my children”

“Aw Happy” you can’t help my pull him into your body as the emotion over takes you and you can’t help but feel as though for the first time in a long time, you where apart of a family.

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Ignis x Reader drabble (asexual, gender neutral)
Word count: 996

So, I love the idea of Iggy doing some sort of ASMR session for an asexual s/o. I did a bit of research on in-person ASMR and it’s a little different, but I think I did an okay job of conveying it? I hope, anyway. Also, there’s some saucy Neruda poems in this drabble as well because I’m picturing Iggy reading Neruda and then also reading his poems in Spanish and…okay. Anyway, enjoy!

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“I want to try something for you.”

Those were the words he’d said before tying the silk blindfold over your eyes. When you and Ignis had first began dating, you made it known that your desire for intimacy stemmed from the intellectual and emotional rather than the physical—you were relieved when he confessed to you that he felt the same.

Not to say that physical intimacy was entirely off the table, but you were both able to find different ways of seeking alternative forms of pleasure with one another. One night, as you were lying in bed, Ignis raked his fingernails down your bare back underneath your night shirt. You shut your eyes and practically purred, and an idea formed in his clever mind.

You were sitting on your shared bed, the blindfold over your eyes, dressed in a tank top and shorts as Ignis requested. He had set up a small tray of seemingly random items beside him. You sat up straight, your legs crossed and your hands in your lap. And then you waited.

You could faintly hear the clock ticking in the other room. Then, Ignis’ voice came to your right ear.

“Hello, my love,” he whispered, ever so faintly. You felt a chill roll up to the back of your neck. He started ghosting his fingers in tapping motions down your right arm as his voice appeared in your left ear. “This practice is called autonomous sensory meridian response.”

The tapping of his fingers trailed along your forearms, up to your left shoulder.

“Listen to the sound of my voice,” he breathed, and you felt a tingling sensation in the back of your head and neck. “Allow yourself to get lost in the different sounds.”

He raised his fingers to your ears on either side and started rubbing his index and middle fingers against his thumbs, creating a fluttering sound. He pulled his hands back and forth so that the sound faded in and out, and then alternated sides so that it would be in your left ear for a moment, and then in your right.

After a while, he took the tips of his index fingers and grazed a line from behind your ears, along your jawline, to your chin and then down your neck to your shoulders. You felt goosebumps rising on your skin as his voice appeared in your left ear.

“The first time we met,” he whispered, hovering in and out. “And you disclosed to me your orientation,” he moved to your right ear. “I knew that this was something that you would enjoy.” His voice seemed to be in front of you now. “Even if you’d never done it before.”

You bit your lip to keep from smiling as his breath was hot on your right ear again. “I love you, my darling.”

“I love you too,” you murmured back.

You felt his lips ghost across your right cheek, and then your left, and then your forehead, and then your nose.

“I have some brushes,” he told you, still hushed. He picked a particularly fluffy one up in his hands, tapping his nails against the handle beside your left ear, whispering in your right. “Would you like me to read something to you?”


Ignis took the brush and ran it along the backs of your ears, along your collarbones, down your arms and back up again on either side. He created this rhythm as he recited one of his favourite poems by heart.

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair,” he began, the lilt of his voice fading in and out of each ear and the tickle of the brush overwhelming your senses. “Silent and starving, I prowl through the streets. Bread does not nourish me, dawn disrupts me, all day I hunt for the liquid measure of your steps.”

The sound of his voice felt like starlight on your skin.

“I hunger for your sleek laugh, your hands the colour of a savage harvest, hunger for the pale stones of your fingernails, I want to eat your skin like a whole almond.”

You were positive that you were blushing. He continued.

“I want to eat the sunbeam flaring in your lovely body, the sovereign nose of your arrogant face, I want to eat the fleeting shade of your lashes, and I pace around hungry, sniffling the twilight, hunting for you, for your hot heart, like a puma in the barrens of Quitratue.”

You smiled wide, letting out a small laugh. “Wow.”

“Would you like me to read you another?”

You nodded.

Ignis put the brush away and instead picked up a small piece of parchment paper and started rubbing his fingers along it, his voice in front of you as he moved the paper from ear to ear.

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride.”

Ignis put the paper down and used his fingernails to gently scratch down your biceps and forearms, the tickle making your breath hitch.

I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you.” He moved from one ear to the other, his voice making your fingers grip the hem of your tank top. “So intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”

You let out a shaky sigh that you hadn’t realized you’d been holding. You felt Ignis’ hands move behind your head, untying the blindfold.

Once it was off, you blinked a few times, re-adjusting to the light of the room. Ignis was smiling at you, his hands coming to rest on your knees.

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Yes,” you laughed, cupping his face in your hands. You brought him close and kissed him, allowing your lips to linger against his as you slowly pulled away. “It was perfect.”

‘quiet now, my child
for all will be alright.
I promise to protect you
from the creatures of the night.

settle down, my darling
just breathe the quiet air.
I promise I will keep you safe
from everything out there.

silence now, my child
let all your fears subside.
I’ve checked your room for monsters
you don’t need to run and hide.

close your eyes now, darling
and get a good night’s rest.
lay your gentle head
upon your mothers tender breast’

Mama, I’ve grown older now,
I’m putting up a fight.
I’m trying not to listen,
been searching for the light.

it’s getting hard to sleep at night
I try to close my eyes,
but I’ve been trapped inside my mind
oh Mama, how it cries.

I’m trying hard to run from them
I’m giving it my best,
but Mama, they are hurting me
they’re pounding in my chest.

They used to only come to me
while I was fast asleep.
But Mama, now they’re chasing me
I think I’m in too deep.

Mama, I am tired
I tried the counting sheep,
but if I close my eyes
then they will get me in my sleep

I’ve looked inside my closet,
I’ve checked under my bed.
but the monsters are not in there, Mama
they’re inside my head.


N. Nicole Gunderman