and respect yourself as much as chris evans respects steve rogers

I just have so much respect for Steve Rogers. He’s not perfect and he doesn’t try to be. He’s always got an enemy on his back, when all he’s trying to do is save people from the bad. He had his best friend; his brother, die right in front of his eyes all while he couldn’t help and I can only imagine how much blame he’d put on himself. Then to add to that, find out he’s back from the dead after waking up from being frozen yourself, but not as a friend, as an enemy whose mission was to kill him.

What would have happened if Steve hadn’t desired to join the army as much? Would he have lived a normal life without all the pain he’s endured along the way? Would he have children, a family? Would he be happy? What would The Avengers have been without Captain America?

I don’t know how he managed to sleep at night knowing that, but yet that’s not something we ever saw. Maybe Steve didn’t sleep because every time he tried to, he’d be woken up with nightmares that included his best friend falling from a train and being taken away by HYDRA and all the lives he’s lost along the way. And maybe he dreamed that he wasn’t Captain America. That he didn’t have the weight of the world on his shoulders. But that he’d be back home, with his best friend James Buchanan Barnes, because after all, he’s just a kid from Brooklyn.

He’s been knocked down with so much bullshit, but yet he can somehow find the strength to pull his head up and still have faith. And I deeply respect him for that. I just want to give him a hug and tell him everything will be okay.