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One more Q! Do u think that Hannibal planned the whole thing with Will or was it purely unexpected for him? As in, did he somehow found out about him and what he could do, followed his life for a while, and got completely, for the lack of better wording, bewitched by him and slowly re-entered Alana's world, who he knew was working with Will and who introduced him to Jack and yada yada... Was Jack's office really the first place Hannibal found out about and saw Will?

Not at all. There is no way Hannibal would be capable of leaving Will alone after he knows Will exists for even a second. We saw on the show how not capable he is. Plus, Hannibal does not ever have a masterplan. He likes spontaneity, which doesn’t mean he never plans things out. He just doesn’t do it to such a large extent. One of the reasons he loves Will is because Will is so unexpected. Will is surprising and for Hannibal, who is always thirty steps ahead of everyone else, that’s downright amazing and why he’s so in awe of Will.

For what you’re suggesting, that means Hannibal would have to ingratiate himself into Will’s life without the convenience of a weekly session as his psychiatrist. For two grown men, there’s a few ways to do this, but because this is Will Graham, the man who is only friends with canines and other furry creatures a la the Disney Princess way and refuses to get close to anyone willingly, you have only so many options.

This would be a fun AU. Where Hannibal wrangles himself a job at Quantico teaching a class on days where Will teaches, therefore the possibility of running into Will where the good coffee is and Hannibal can chat him up increases by quite a lot. Because that’s what Hannibal would do. He would talk to Will, they would CLICK and they would find their connection over FBI lukewarm coffee and possibly even eating their lunch together (which Hannibal would start making for Will because he wants to woo him in every way possible). It would spur confusing feelings from both of them and since neither is anyone’s therapist and there are no professional boundaries like that of a patient/doctor, things would progress quickly.

Will would try and avoid Hannibal because he’s not used to connecting with people and it feels weird, but Hannibal would keep showing up at the end of his lectures with coffee and a kind smile and how is Will supposed to endure this kind of treatment? So Will takes the coffee and the friendship and surprises both of them by asking Hannibal to dinner–homemade because Will likes to make things as difficult on himself as possible.

The date would go well. They would sip Will’s best whiskey out on the front porch while they watch the dogs do their thing. Hannibal may or may not spend the night depending on how much he drinks or if there is a convenient snowstorm that has abruptly made its way over to Wolf trap. He’d then make them both breakfast. Will would timidly and earnestly kiss Hannibal goodbye. Hannibal would then only manage to drive for about a mile before he pulled over because his heart is ready to burst out of his chest. 

By the time Jack Crawford comes calling for Will’s imagination, Will would be in a stable relationship with Hannibal, who would definitely be tagging along to see his boyfriend apprehend the Shrike.