and renia


The Twelve Olympians/ Twelve Titans : Fancast with greek actors and actresses. FEAT LINA. Modern Fancast.

(Maria Nafpliotou as Hera, Iosif Marinakis as Zeus, Ionna Triantafiliou as Aphrodite, Alexis Georgoulis as Poseidon, Renia Louizidou as Demeter,Giorgos Kafetzopoulos as Hermes)  (PART I/II)


Bug of the Day

A Discolored Renia Moth (Renia discoloralis) plays dead at the moth light last July. Don’t worry, Mr. Renia, I don’t want to eat you, I just want to take your picture. *flips moth over for a dorsal shot*

This is the last moth photo you’ll be seeing at BotD until Nov. 1st…unless you see one being eaten by a spider…because tomorrow is ARACHTOBER 1st!!!!


RaNia fans says hi to Alex

Cute fan cam of ReNia arriving at Music Bank and the guy calls out “hi” to all the members by name, including Alex, and they all wave back at him.

KM & BW: I see other fans greeting her as well, being nice to her <3