and reminding spock that he's half human

you know what really kills me? spock probably spent his whole life trying to accept the fact that he’d never be in a loving relationship, due to the fact of being half human; he had to keep reminding himself he’s too human for a vulcan to love and too vulcan for a human to love. he knew he had to marry t'pring but he also knew there would never be any love there, itd be mutual acceptance at best; the worst part though, to him, is that he wants a loving and dynamic relationship, and he knows he shouldnt want that, its not logical, and so he pushes all those feelings down as best he can and tries to just accept his life how it is

and then he meets jim and suddenly this bright human who gets along with everyone likes him, a half human half vulcan who exists in an in between space, and his whole world shifts little by little until he realizes theres nowhere for him but jims side and he thinks to himself oh. so this is love but he still thinks jim will never love him back and tries to accept this, content to stay with his captain in any way, until jim kisses him over their chess board one night, his smile brighter than any sun, and suddenly spock realizes he might get a happy ending after all

fyc: jim does not only love spock because he is half-human. jim is absolutely /thrilled,/ in the purest sense of the word, when he is reminded of how different spock is from himself. how alien. when he follows the natural curve of spock’s upwardly flourishing ears or eyebrows with his eyes– when the green tinge of his beloved’s blood is visible beneath his pale skin, revealed by harsh fluorescent lighting– when jim gets the rare, fleeting glimpse of spock’s inner nictitating membranes/ third eyelids flicking across his eyes– jim is pleasantly reminded that his love’s body is one that was born and grown under light from a different sun, respiring the hot winds of an alien world. that everything that spock was, was formed from an impossibly incomprehensible set of cosmic alignments. that as similar to jim as spock is, he is equally dissimilar, foreign, and special…

Happy Old Married Spirk Reminder

Okay just wanted to put it out there as a reminder (or for people who don’t know), the difference in life span between humans and Vulcans in the 23rd century is not as large as you might think.

Bones lived to be at least 137 (citation: The Next Generation - Episode “Encounter at Fairmont, Episode 1). And he was still walking around, with his same adorably-Bonesey grumpy quick-whit.

As far as strictly canonical works, we know 200 may be a little bit young for a Vulcan to die, and that’s about it. Other works suggest the average life span for a Vulcan is into their 220′s or 230′s. But, remember, Spock is only half Vulcan, and his purely-Vulcan father (SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT) lived only until he was 204 due to a genetically-inherited condition.

Botton line, I’m willing to bet Kirk would live into his late 150′s, maybe a little longer as medicine advances. Spock would probably live to be about 200. Okay, it’s still sad, but that’s more than 60 years that they’d have together than you might originally think. (Ignore Star Trek: Generations.)

Note: The next part might be a bit spoilery for the fanfic below mentioned, so you can skip if you don’t want spoilers, but please, for my sake, read the wonderful fic linked at the bottom.

BUT - IF YOU WANT ALL YOUR DREAMS TO COME TRUE, ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING FIC AS CANON AND SPOCK’S HEALTH AS EXCEPTIONAL (plus a decrease in human medical techniques in accordance with being brought 4 decades earlier) AND READ THE FIC BELOW: 

(oh and hint - Spock was about 155 when he entered the AOS universe. Kirk was 60 when he entered The Nexus)

Fanfic: Not Without You by plaidshirtjimkirk

Friendly reminder that
  • Spock spent his entire early life battling with himself and trying to ignore the human half of himself
  • he was heavily bullied as a child
  • he and his father had a falling out that was only starting to heal in the later films
  • Jim Kirk was his first friend (at 33)
  • he spent the majority of his life alone (both before meeting Jim, and after all his friends had died or disappeared
  • he still tried to make the universe better

Pre reform spones?! Im on this shit!!
1) Every morning Bones braids Spock’s hair
2) Spock gets insanely jealous when Kirk grabs Bones on the arm and when he saw Kirk going in for a hug he actually shoved him off Bones
3) Spock likes to go down to sickbay to walk up with Bones to lunch and greets him everyday with a kiss on the back of the neck
4) at some diplomatic event Spock wore his Starfleet Uniform but he let his hair down (literally) and put in all his piercings. Bones was swooning the whole night
5) Spock with lazy morning kisses, half lidded eyes, and bed hair. Just imagine
6) Spock whisperers loving words to Bones on the bridge, so much so it irritates everyone else because they act like the perfect couple. Until…..
7) they argue about something and Spock yells back with a loud booming voice. Nobody stays around to hear it and afterword Spock and Bones avoid each other
8) Bones is more stubborn so Spock is usually the first to apologize. He does so by bringing Bones a cactus. Human tradition says flowers, but Spock thinks dying plants aren’t romantic and cacti remind them both that Spock’s from a dessert planet. They have way too many cacti and basically have a garden if them in their quarters
9) when Spock was wooing Bones he kept bringing jewelry and soft fabrics to show that he would be well cared for. Bones didn’t understand until Spock got fed up and gave him a human kiss that left Bones breathless and blushing

@septimore this is FANTASTIC and number 4 is my favorite I’m so in love