and remembering that we should be there to protect one another

One more last thought about you cause I know I’m at the end of this. You remember when another guys breaks your heart that last time you had another guy to hold you through it. You won’t have that this time. When all he wants to do is fuck and think you trust your friends like you trusted me and your old best friend and ask them if you should do it remember we said no to protect you and keep you safe. They’ll say yes just to ask you how it was. They don’t care about your well-being they just want to know whether they should do it or not. Remember you go places and get in trouble you no longer have me behind you, you knew I would have gladly taken a bullet for you. Not anymore. I treated you like gold and you treated me like shit. Just remember karmas a bitch. Especially when it comes to breaking hearts. I’ve learned that all to well.