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“My name is Kira Yoshikage. I can’t remember when or how I died. But one thing I can say is that I feel certain I will not go to heaven.”

Araki: [Dead Man’s Questions] is a work where I drew a character who longs for the peace of his heart even after death, and who continues to grow mentally. This character is the greatest adversary in ’JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4’: a dead murderer.


“Why are you so sad?”
“My daughter, was so kind. She didn’t even go on a school trip so she could help her mom. The doctor told me it would be a simple surgery.. If I had known that she would never wake up again, I should’ve done everything for her. I should’ve sent her on that trip by force. I should’ve bought her a lot of pretty clothes. I should have told her to play around instead of working part-time jobs. Because I keep thinking about the things I haven’t been able to do for her, I can’t sleep and I can’t eat.”


Did you have a nightmare? I have nightmares, too. Someday I’ll explain it to you, why they came, why they won’t ever go away, but I’ll tell you how I survive it. I make a list in my head… of all the good things I’ve seen someone do. Every little thing I can remember. It’s like a game. I do it over and over. Gets a little tedious after all these years, but… there are much worse games to play.

Zodiac Houses: Virgo/Slytherin/Horned Serpent

They know a lot about many things, sometimes it’s too many things. If a stair creeks or a floorboard shifts, they remember that there are many terrible things that go bump in the night. 

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It’s my birthday everyone! So, I’ve been away from my computer all day.  I’m all out of screenshots and haven’t had a chance to load up the game to play and take more.  But I’m back from my birthday celebrations all ready to do some replies, so here goes…

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I just realised we don’t have to create any clone packages to get the rigs and slots we need. You can use the new s4studio cheat “object-preview” and extract them from there instead.

I did not know about that cheat, I will have to remember it for the future. I really need to go to the forum and find a thread or something that lists all the cheats s4s supports, I am bound to be missing some important ones. 

I generally have a reference folder I keep Maxis meshes in with its parts, package and blend file so i can use them as a guide for making my own cc. So the clone is just a more natural step for me. But having a quicker way is always nice. It is a shame that it is still a rather monotonous process if you have a lot of seating to fix.


I uploaded this photoset because somehow the scene before that became popular but people started making this about their insecurities and about how Asuka is kind of bitchy for comparing the guy with a product. Now I didn’t think twice before uploading the last photoset but I liked how it downplayed the usual trope of the useless guy getting the beautiful girl with no redeeming qualities so I uploaded it, I didn’t expect to circulate much. This is how the scene played out, it’s all about “take a step back, forget about the standards society sets for you, think about what makes you special”. Remember the guy was going on an on about his outward appearance but he had good skills and hobbies. So Asuka still turned him down because it was the first time she saw the freaking guy but she still promised to listen to his confession again when we’d be able to have more confidence in himself. Ok, the example she said was not the best but it was put in simple terms.
So please, before assuming things, research the anime a bit more. It’s not even a romance anime, it’s a freaking ecchi series called “Kyou no Asuka Show” (episode 5 just go and watch it) where adult men lust over Asuka’s panties and beauty and though she is kind of naive she actually has some good and funny reactions. If you read this, please make this circulate so people will know.

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The interior of Mycroft’s house in TFP was for sure filmed at Ty Gwyn. The second to last pic in this set (…) for instance is def where the “hey bro” scene was filmed.

yeah, I thought it might be! thanks! I can’t even click or try to remember back tho at this point I’m so anti-e3. But here you go anon! A third location to represent Mycroft’s house.

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reading your tags…I remember In the Pines, Billy did sort of give Goody his blessing when he said he wouldn’t mind seeing Goody with Vasquez

yeee! you know originally when I brought Vasquez into that fic, it wasn’t at all for the purpose of giving Goody a potential ‘romantic partner option’ after Billy died. I just liked Vasquez and didn’t think he had enough to do in the movie lol. And Vasquez wasn’t originally going to come back at the end either: Goody was going to ride off alone to go find Sam and kind of low-key hope Vasquez would be there too, and Goody could see them both again. BUT (like I rambled in those tags haha) I really liked the developing Goody/Vasquez bond, and kind of sold myself on the idea of them as a couple post-fic haha

and re: Billy’s blessing, you are totally right, that’s exactly what I imagined Billy was doing when he was ‘joking’ that he wouldn’t mind. And he said again in his letter to Goody that he still loved Goody whether he found happiness again alone or ‘with someone else’, and I think Billy was thinking of Vasquez for that. And although we didn’t see any scenes of just Billy and vasquez (since it was all Goody’s POV) I kind of imagine they did have a scene of Billy giving Vasquez his blessing too, possibly framing it as a joke. Like: “I hope you guys stay friends without me there.” “I’m sure we will.” “Good. He’s a good friend.” “I know.” “He’s good in bed too.” “Billy” “What, I’m just saying.” Lol idk, while I don’t think Billy was actively ‘shipping’ it, I feel like Billy might have just made it clear to Vasquez that he would have Billy’s blessing if he wanted to. I don’t think Billy wanted Goody to be alone for too long. And so Billy in his infinite wisdom (and wily mischievousness) was kind of dropping hints that they could if they wanted to. A big theme of the fic was ‘unselfish love’ and Billy was definitely sad about leaving Goody, but I think he just wanted both of them to be happy so why not with each other. And when Vasquez/Goody finally reunite, in my mind there was the undercurrent of Billy pulling the strings from beyond, and still looking out for them.

ANYWAYS I’M RAMBLING AGAIN. But yes you’re right, that scene was kind of Billy giving Goody his blessing:P

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how do you feel about this re: the Harry Potter movies?

you mean with Hermione’s hair, right? I don’t have the same visceral gut-punch reaction, for whatever reason, but I do remember being annoyed with her very polished look for PoA, especially with her hair. (and then during that potion making scene in HBP, I remember being like “THAT! is what her hair should look like!”) now, though, like…I mean I think Hermione’s hair/look is kind of a metaphor for how movie and book Hermione differ–movie Hermione (at least post-PoA) is toned down, has softened edges, isn’t as obnoxious (I say this with fondness and overidentification, I always loved book Hermione for being obnoxious in a way that I deeply related to) or frazzled. she is…packaged for maximum Likeability (and that includes the hair) and so loses some of what made her so special to me. the movies made me forget how much I related to her when I first read the books.

i finally developed an old disposable camera today and found this photo from our first anniversary. we were like, very in love and went to paris… lol i know. we rented an apartment in the 11th and didn’t know what to do so we mostly drank wine and ate bread like two fucking idiots (here is a bread photoset post from back then).

we decided to go to the eiffel tower and i remember us standing on the ground looking up and we were surrounded by tourists but it was still beautiful staring up at the tower, the lights were all on and it rose up into the sky disappearing into the foggy night.

we bought our tickets to go up and waited in line. eventually it was our turn to ride the elevator and we get up to the main level where you can hang out and… i don’t even remember what else? just be up there? we figured it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, because even if we came back to the city we were never going to the fucking eiffel tower again. i mean, why even.

we splurged for the more expensive ticket that lets you go even higher for the ultimate paris view. again, lifetime opportunity, we are splurging, it is our first anniversary and we are the most in love and nobody can stop our love, etc. we get up there and they have a champagne toast and all this stuff. 

we look out at the perfect view… and we can’t… because it is foggy. because it is a fucking foggy night and the tip of the tower has disappeared into the fog and now we are in that fog and there is literally nothing to see. we are two fucking idiots and spent like an extra $40 to go and see just a bunch of nothing and of course nobody working there told us not to bother because we are two fucking idiots and they are a business. so i posed for this joke photo with the telescope and then left.