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So…after it happened now twice that I saw a set on my dashboard I didn’t recognize only to find out it was one of mine, I decided to make a masterpost in order not to lose track. I hope I sourced all the quotes correctly. 

did my bi-annual 3d modeling so that i dont completely forget everything lmao, here is another oc of mine his name is Vex and he’s a kirin. also please completely ignore that stray vertex thats hanging out in the middle there, COURSE i dont notice it till its too late and i’m too lazy to remake the gif HAHAh..ha…

Sorry for the header I was too lazy to remake it…. A few days back I reached 6K followers, which still surprised me til today. I made this blog 2 years an a few months ago, not expecting I’d have 6K followers at some point. You lil’ butterflies have witnessed me change url and bias quite a lot of times, but I managed to stay for almost 1 year with this url and bias (which I am happy about btw). 

So here  a little shout out to some people who have been following me for quite a long time and sticked with me + some networks I am in (sorry if I forgot someone)

Thank you a lot for filling my dash with awesome posts (including memes)!!

~🌸🌸~Lil’ blossoms~🌸🌸~:


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HAHA !! The truth is :

NaruSaku say “yeah, we have Lady GT and fanfiction to remake the end of Naruto.

OK…. but…

SasuSaku fans too have fanfiction and fanart lol…. BUT more importantly, we have the manga and KISHI-SENSEI himself !!! HA !

So in any case, NaruSaku not seem to realize that in addition to the true ending of Naruto made by Kishi-sensei, we can remake a naruto ending too, to add more fantasy if we want.

So in any case we stay winner !! And in addition, we must add to that, films, novels, mini-series, and other bonuses that Kishi-sensei prepares for us….

Yeah, basically in the story, NaruSaku try to give themselves credit, the truth is they will never equal the REAL couples of the story, because for us SasuSaku, NaruHina, etc,… IT’S CONCRETE !!! Kishi-sensei himself, carry on to give us bonus content. ;)

So evidence in addition to show that he’s satisfied with his manga conclusion !!! Otherwise, considering the manga is over, he wouldn’t continue to work so hardly on one ending of which he’s not satisfied !

And bang !