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I love how you'll copy parts of joke posts directly into the tags it always takes me from light internal chuckles to full-on full-body Quite Loud laughter I can't put my finger on why but thank u because it never fails to brighten my day

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Quick translation of some of the FT spoilers

Zeref: It’s already over, END… I am disappointed ! I thought that you would destroy me without failing !

もう終わりか END。。。
期待外れだよ !!!!


Zeref: But it is fine… I can return to the origin. If I get Mavis’ power, I can return to the ‘me’ from before…

It is called Neo-Eclipse. 

N: ぐああああああ
Z: 大丈夫。。。僕は元に戻れる。。。

Natsu: !!? 

Zeref: This is not about going to the past nor to the future. I will start over again (lit: cure/fix myself once more). I will reset time.

I will come back to the person I was before I became immortal.

Natsu: This… is… your real… purpose…

Zeref: Nobody gets hurt !!! You’ll return to being a human !! Acnologia will be killed !! There is no happy end besides/above this !!

Natsu: You…! What about us, about everyone ?

Zeref: Who knows ? Because this is not my world anymore.

N: !!?
Z: 過去や未来へ行くのではない。もう一度僕をやり直す。
N: それが。。。お前の。。。本当の。。。目的`
Z: 誰もキズつかない !!!! 君も人間に戻れるぞ !!!! 
アクノロギアも殺せる !!!!!
これ以上ないハッピー エンドじゃないか!
N: おまえはな。。。!俺たちはみんなはどうなるんだよ!
Z: さあ?だってここはもう僕の世界じゃないから

Natsu: We… We live on in this world with our clenched teeth !

Zeref: There are two keys to Neo-Eclipse. The first one is Mavis. She will come here of her own accord. And the second… is the timelapse.

Z: ネオ-エクリプズの鍵は二つある。一つはメイビス。

Rewatching Antipasto before bed and I’m 12 minutes in and already Hannibal has made a terrible cannibal pun thirty seconds after meeting scarf dad, insisted eating a human leg isn’t cannibalism, had an Italian academia rap battle equivalent with professor Sogliato, and patted himself on the back for killing “hardly anyone” since arriving in Florence like… a few days previous probably?

@Hannibal why are you like this.