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The first issue of the new Pirates of the Caribbean comic comes out a week from today (on September 28), so I thought I’d post this reference stuff I made for my pal and collaborator and all-around incredible artist and storyteller Joe Flood (I’m writing, Joe’s doing the art, and Marissa Louise is doing colors).  Though he’s one of the cleverest artists I know and could have figured this stuff out on his own, we had a tight turnaround, and ships can seem random and daunting with the lines and ropes and whatnot, so I thought this might help.

I’ve been a huge pirate buff since I was a toddler, and that enthusiasm has never abated (heck, my first full-length graphic novel was a pirate book).  When I was asked to do Pirates of the Caribbean, I was over the moon, and jumped on an opportunity to crew on one of the ships used in the movies, and went to Disney World and rode the ride multiple times, with me taking notes on elements that might be easter-egged into stories (keep your eyes peeled).

Anyway, I’m a big POTC fan, and I hope you are, too.  I hope you’ll swing out to your local comic shop and pick up a copy next Wednesday.

*Mr. World whistling Tech Boy in*
*Tech Boy doesn’t come in*
*whistles again*
“is he still sulking?”
*Media sighs*
*Mr. World whistles once again*

I mean… the thought of them being his parents makes me so nauseous considering how abusive they are towards him, both of them knock him around a lot (and no matter who the kid is, all powerful technology god and shithead or not, I really hate abusive parents) but oh my fucking god their interactions in this episode are so very much “two parents frustrated with their bratty son” and “son is embarrassed and confused by his overbearing parents’ because-I-said-so logic”

I’m so torn on whether I like the theory or not just because I deeply, deeply hate dynamics where the older, parental figures physically and or verbally abuse the younger kid figure no matter how much the little shit does need a slap

side note: I like the little references to the book with Technical Boy questioning Mr. World’s logic, he did that in the book too and did not end well for him and considering what we’re told about how Tech Boy’s brain works it makes sense for him to call out all this random illogical stuff when Media doesn’t


For many of us stuck between the age bracket of 14-24 the adult world seems like a vague, mysterious lifestyle that we either are nearing or trying our best to avoid. For some people, adulting is a skill they wish they had, something that they attempt to grasp at but don’t really know where to reach. Well, I may only be 19 but my mom tells me I entered the ‘adult world’ at 11, which is only partially true (I have no job experience and the thought of credit scares me). But, the half of me that has a pretty good grip on adulting is here to share with you some A+ tips to help you begin your journey into the responsible ‘adult world’.

TIP ONE: Try to wash your bedding at least once a month. 

This is something that seems to get swept under the rug a lot, and it something that I am even guilty for not abiding to! It’s important to keep those sheets (especially the sheets!!!) and blankets clean, it helps their longevity and takes away any dirt and bacteria which can irritate your skin or even make you smell bad. Plus I mean who doesn’t like fresh bedding? For you college kids out there, this up coming Thanksgiving Break is an awesome time to bring your bedding home and give it a good wash, 1 because it probably needs it and 2 doing laundry at home= free laundry.

TIP TWO: Buy Thank You Cards!

A hand written letter, and even cards, are such kind, simple gestures that seemed to be lost in todays technology age. I hate talking on the phone because I never know what to say, so instead I usually send thank you notes to that person instead of calling them. I remember when I was younger my mom always made me make my own thank you cards after birthdays and I hated it! I never knew what to write! Instead I usually whipped out my markers and drew some pictures on my card along with a big ‘THANK YOU’ written out in bubble letters. 

Now of days I usually just head to the Dollar Tree (where everything’s a dollar) and grab a pack or two of thank you cards to keep on hand for after birthdays and Christmas. I still kind of struggle what to write in them so either I pull something from what the other person wrote me in the card they sent or I insert something along these lines:


Thank you so much for sending me a card on my birthday, along with the money inside, it was very generous and much appreciated! 

I hope you’re doing well!

Love, Your Name.  

It’s super basic but gets the job done. Usually it’s best to send these out no later than a week after you received the gift, but if I forget to do that I still will send them out anyway, especially if I don’t see that person often. Better late than never right? Another tip is to keep the envelope belonging to the card they sent, that way you have their address too! You can even start an address book and put it in your phone so you have it for future reference!

TIP THREE: Have an organizational system.

This is soooo cliche but its cliche for a reason. You need to have some way of keeping yourself on track and planning for the future. You can use a daily planner, monthly calendar, bullet journal, or even just a notebook that you use to write stuff down in. Personally I have a semi-bullet journal and a notebook. I don’t like the fact that random entries can interrupt the daily flow of a bullet journal and rather extract those random entries and place them into a separate notebook dedicated for this purpose. My separate notebook has stuff like passwords, phone numbers, and lists. My bullet journal functions like a typical one would just without the additional interjections. If you want to see a whole post about my journals then just let me know and I would be happy to make one!

The key part of your personal organization is that it is functional and tailored for you. It’s okay to try a few systems and not like how they work, what is most important is that you find something for yourself and you actually use it!

So those are the tips that I have for you right now, but if I come across any more I would totally love to turn this into a series! I’m planning on doing a makeup series as well where I define and discuss the basics of make up, like what bronzer is and how to use it, or what an angled brush looks like and how it is used. 

So I had originally found out about Norse stuff from marvel, the first Magnus chase book, and you know just random references to it in modern media, but after finding out what it was I was immediately captivated by it.

Now I am a, actually knowledgeable heathen lass, but I cringe at the fact that I used to have a crush on Loki, and now I believe in him, like it’s so wild.

It’s like having a crush on an adaptation of Jesus and then becoming Christian, like I even dressed up as Loki for Halloween, and now he holds that information in his trickster hands.

anonymous asked:

Where do you get all the information on Japanese mythology that you use to make your fanfics?

The only ones I routinely use are the two I linked in the author’s notes of Turnabout.

1. The Kojiki. It doesn’t have much direct relationship to most of Touhou, though, unless you’re dealing with high-level cosmological stuff or Lunarians. There are newer, less clunky translations of the Kojiki out there, but this is the only one available without buying a book, I think. (Just in case anybody’s wondering what to get me for Christmas?)

2. The Encyclopedia of Shinto. I’ve linked this one a few times in a few different places, but with good reason. It’s the English translation of the most widely-used Japanese reference on Shinto, and it’s a hell of a lot more detailed and accurate than anything you’re likely to find with random google searches. Again, a little limited in scope, but really useful if you’re writing about anything involving gods or the shrines.

Time-Traveler Deacon

Okay, so the more thought I put into Deacon’s character and his timeline and stuff, the more plausible the whole “Deacon is a time traveler” theory is. Hear me out here. Because far more absurd things than time travel are canon in the Fallout Universe. For instance, aliens. Yeah. So let’s continue.

If Deacon is a time traveler, it would greatly help to explain several things, most notably his age, is obsession with the Sole Survivor, and his dialogue (among other things). I’m going to explain why for each of these points.

Okay, so if you take Deacon to the Minutemen Castle, he remarks that the last time he was there was over 60 years ago. This may as well be another big fat lie of his, but let’s give the man a little faith today and say its the truth. So Deacon is 60+ years old. Lets say for the sake of argument he’s 80. He doesn’t look 80. Sure, his plastic surgery and such could totally cover up his age, but let’s remember: he’s 80. While he doesn’t have to look the part, his body is sure going to know he’s that old. He wouldn’t be able to go gallivanting around the Commonwealth with the vim and vigor that he does at 80 years old. And yet, he does. How?

People have noted before that above Vault 111 there is a Rail sign, and indicate that it had to have been placed by Deacon since no one else would be out and about in the vicinity. Coupled with Deacon’s covert presence throughout the Commonwealth as the Sole Survivor gets to know the new apocalypse-worn world, it’s concluded that Deacon was waiting for the Sole Survivor to arrive, and gauging their character after their emergence. Another logical conclusion people have come to is that Deacon’s “Project Wanderer” is the code name for his obsessing–for lack of a better term–over the Sole Survivor, which is even more plausible when coupled with the fact that upon joining the Railroad, if the Sole Survivor refuses all over nicknames, Dez calls them The Wanderer. But why the obsession?

Finally, Deacon makes a butt-load of pre-war references all the time. Some of which make more sense for him to be aware of then others. But mentioning Congressmen and mani-pedis is more logical for Nick Valentine, who was for all intents and purposes around before the war and would be aware of such things and how to use them in proper context. But Deacon, even being 80 years old, wouldn’t know about that sort of stuff. Some people have attributed his extensive knowledge of pre-war living to literature, but have you seen the wastes lately? Whether its an accurate representation or from laziness on the developers’ part, there’s an acute lack of readable books anywhere. Unless Deacon went on a decade long quest to gather and read as many random books as he could and managed to draw enough context from said literature to utilize the phrases and lingo correctly in every day life, I can’t explain his pre-war references. Or can I?

Now to delve into my Time-Traveling Deacon theory / headcanon:

It’s near impossible to pinpoint Deacon’s time or origin if he’s to be a time traveler, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and say he was born post-war. So 20-something year old Deacon gets a hold of some time travel technology. Maybe he gets abducted by aliens. Maybe he runs into a Time Lord. Who knows? But what’s the first thing anyone wants to do when they can time travel? See the future. So Deacon goes into the future, and what does he see? An awful dystopia where the Institute rules unchallenged, and synths never question their plight because there is no Railroad fighting for them (but Deacon wouldn’t know about the Railroad, as it hasn’t been founded yet at his time or origin). And so the Institute, ruled by the Sole Survivor who naturally found Shaun and succeeded him without any moral dilemma–because no one is around to prove to them that synths want freedom and are people too–and rule over the Commonwealth with an army of Gen 3 synths.

So now imagine, Deacon has seen that in the future, Gen 3 synths are causing massive amounts of destruction. So when he returns to his time of origin, he wants to stop the Gen 3′s before they can amass the numbers needed for an army. And Deacon joins the Deathclaws, the anti-synth gang that he eventually left. And when he married Barbara and eventually found out that she was a Gen 3 synth, he started to rethink what he knew about the Gen 3′s, deciding instead it was the Institute that controlled them that was responsible for the destruction in the future. He joins the Railroad, starts building up the organization, but Deacon’s upset over his wife’s death, and decides to travel into the past, to the pre-war days, to take his mind off the shambles of his real life. So he jumps around in the pre-war timeline, visits important events and parties it up, and maybe eventually he ends up at the important date of October 23rd, 2077, in a little town called Sanctuary Hills. The bombs drop, and the people flee from their homes. He’s just sort of watching, when he hears someone say “I’ve got Shaun!”

And maybe Deacon’s heard that name before. Maybe it was all over propaganda in the future, some ode to Shaun made by the institute, his face and name everywhere Big Brother style. And so knowing it may just be a huge coincidence, Deacon pursues the voice he heard and sees the Sole Survivor and their partner and infant son. And perhaps he recognizes the Sole Survivor from their propaganda in the dystopian future, but everything’s happening too quickly for him to act. He follows and finds the Sole Survivor and their family end up in Vault 111 before the bomb drops, when Deacon is forced to leave back to his own timeline.

Once back, he checks on Vault 111, finds it still sealed after all these years, marks it for future reference. And he continues with the Railroad. And maybe after years of helping to build the Railroad up, he realizes that the organization might just be the missing variable in the equation that could prevent the future from being so awful, that perhaps if he could get the Sole Survivor to sympathize with synths, to be savior for synth-kind, things will turn out better than the future he witnessed. So when the Sole Survivor finally emerges from the Vault, Deacon watches them, tries to see if perhaps they’re just an evil person destined to bring evil to the world. And finding that they are not, that they are just another person who’s lost everything to the harsh world, Deacon starts planting Join the Railroad holotapes more than normal, hoping that the Sole Survivor will stumble across one and join up and reshape the future…


So Chrono Stone settei is here~ Now it will be easier to draw certain characters, crazy miximax hairs and keshin armed! There´s just the basic info for the artist who need the references. Most of first season characters aren´t here, but that´s okay. The book for the the first series is way easier to find.

Picked lil Fei and Beta at random… Then six out of the eleven powers people (Look how small Jeanne is, awwww~) Best revolutionary girl have looots of details! I can draw her very well, now!

And the last one is… Eh… It´s me or Yuuichi-Tsurugi miximax like a Super Saiyan?

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Number 3 of the character notes series which is just mostly random bonus information to my characters of the Team Prototype series. 
Again, these are just something for fun since I like these kinds of things in art books. Since it’s ment to be artist notes…enjoy my bad handwriting. XD

So here’s one for Phineas. The guy already has his own reference sheet, so this is just random extra stuff on him.
I reused the helmet one from an ask earlier this year since his helmet deserves to be included. Everything else is new art. 

This also shows just how poor his land mobility without his legs is. He’s VERY slow on land with only being somewhat faster on more slippery environments like mud. 
Phineas can’t move like a naga on land, so he has to pull his lower half around to get places. 

The thing with his eyes going slit like a snake was originally a joke after watching Hiimdaisy’s Persona 4 video. Just became a normal trait on him now.

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What scenes do you think would be key to a Raven Boys film trailer? Like which moments from the first book do you think stand out the most?

omg!!!! this is such a good question. okay so

  • blue and neeve at the church, ghosts traveling along the corpse road, hounds howling in the distance. the trees are just black outlines on the starry sky, and the breeze is lifting blue’s hair. gansey’s ghost floats towards blue and she takes like a sharp breath but it cuts off before there’s any dialouge
  • an exterior shot of 300 fox way & then aglionby & monmouth, showing the juxtaposition of the settings. also a wide shot or two of henrietta in general and how beautiful it is
  • gansey with a mint leaf near his mouth and sunlight in his perfect hair bc he’s a freaking handsome beast being like “so… listen…….. what do you know about welsh kings?!?!?!”
  • the ladies of fox way, persephone and maura and calla, maybe drinking tea, maybe drawing tarot cards, maybe the part where they draw the raven boys’ cards
  • absolutely some kind of scene with the pig! because… the pig!!!! ok
  • a shot of blue’s hand rifling through gansey’s huge journal, her eyes narrowing and then widening in curiosity and awe
  • ronan lying on the church pew holding chainsaw with gansey standing over him and noah in the background. because chainsaw obviously is important to ronan’s character for like every reason, including that he can dream stuff into reality. i can just imagine this so well, the colors!! like dark blues, heavy shadows, the golden flicker of lit candles in the background, rain hitting the stained glass windows!! like
  • some scene with barrington goddamn whelk, since he’s obv the “villian” of the first book and they always gotta show the bad guy in the trailer. he IS a bad guy, the ultimate, he murdered precious noah czerny with a skateboard like fuck that guy!!!
  • the gang in the helicopter! about to locate cabsewater for the first time
  • speaking of which… cabeswater!! like a glimpse of cabeswater. maybe some light filtering through the trees and like a slow mo of the gang walking into it from behind, orangey-gold leaves eternally falling like petals from the trees, maybe the fish in the pond changing color
  • adam and his dad :(((( do i need to elaborate on this :(((((((((((( but it’s important bc it’s a theme esp. throughout book one, adam and his broken home, his fucked up relationship with his dad, gansey wanting so badly to take adam away from it and help him
  • in the middle somewhere, flash back to the scene with blue and ghost gansey at the church, and blue kinda gently reaching out but not touching him and whispering, “will you tell me your name?” and then it cutting off again
  • prob a cute scene with adam and blue bc trailers always tease at romance and even though i hate that they always show cute romance in movie trailers that aren’t actually about romance… adam resting his head on blue’s lap while she plays with his hair?? that would be cute
  • the trees rustling and ronan like looking up at them, latin swirling quietly in the background, it’s super epic
  • gansey and blue discovering the bones? but not like, showing that it’s noah, wouldn’t wanna spoil that. but just that was such a huge turning point in the book and they always show turning points in trailers haha. but please no spoilers, like i wouldn’t wanna know it’s noah’s bones if i didn’t already know
  • maybe them finding the mustang too?? idk. it was just so mysterious. maybe a shot of ronan writing “remembered” in the pollen on the window
  • adam like holding up his arms when he gives himself to cabeswater. the stampede. but nothing in whole bc spoilers!!!! and i literally hate so much when trailers give away a huge part of the book/movie haha
  • just like random shots of the gang being the gang. hair ruffles. shoulder knocking. pizza eating. car rides & banter. feel-good stuff because these poor babies need more feel-good-ness!! AHHHHHHH
  • and then the trailer would end with blue and ghost gansey, and gansey saying, softly, sadly, “gansey.” and blue: “is that all?” and then ghost gansey looking up at her, “…that’s all there is” omf kiLL ME NOW
  • idk i’m probably missing a lot but these feel essential to me

anyone feel free to add to this, i wish i had my copy of my book to reference rn but it’s in my apartment in los angeles and im back in pennsylvania for the holidays!!

Real talk though, that fact that he was able to create a full detail diorama of Ancient Egypt shows that Ryou is hella talented.  He also creates figurines on the side. I could seem him go into prop design or make really freaky special effects monster a la Fred Geiger or Hellraiser cuz that cute poofball loves his occult and attention to detail and Jonouchi would hate sleepovers because he knows Ryou would go all out and tell really freaky stories.  And he would hate going to his studio because of all the hanging hooks, limbs and tools he uses to make his stuff; it would be a scene out of a horror movie.

There is one simple reason why I love bookstores and libraries.

Its the silence. I don’t know what it is but I would like to believe that people who frequent bookstores and libraries often have a reverence for books in general, in the same way a priest might have for their god. We hold them in such high honour because they allow us insights into ourselves. They allow a deeper understanding of the world by taking us out of it and showing it to us from a different perspective. They aren’t just escapes. They are happiness, frustration, sadness, ire, passion, greed, lust. They have an inherently human quality in them and unless you actually open the cover and sat reading you lose out on so much. I wouldn’t be who I am without the books I’ve read. I complain a lot about my parents but the one thing they absolutely did right was to get me reading.

It also saddens me when I see people complaining about having to read, or in some cases being expressly told not to by their schools. I just can’t fathom why anyone would deny the pleasure you can derive from just one good book. I’m not even really referring to old classics like Dickens, Hardy and the like. Stuff like Dante Alghieri has its merits but I’m talking about stuff like Tolkien, George R R Martin, Nathan Filer, Neil Gaiman, Alex Kava, Tess Gerritsen, Lee Weeks, Anna Freeman and so, so many others. Books are so much more than words on a page or a subject for an essay.

They are companions that will exist forever, faithless and unwavering. They are true love and daring and all the things we wish our live would be. 

I don’t know… I just love books.

Contemporary Art Doesn’t Have to Be Pretentious and Confusing

Ossian Ward is one of Britain’s leading art critics. His new book, Ways of Looking, sounded a little patronizing from the title, given that anyone with eyes should probably have that down already. But reading through, it does provide a very helpful guide to the understanding of contemporary art, which—to me, at least—often seems as aimless as someone standing in a gallery repeatedly turning the lights on and off.

Ossian advises against pretentious art jargon, suggesting the only way to approach contemporary art is with a clear, open mind. Since he seemed so nice and obliging, I decided to ask him some of the embarrassing questions that pop into my mind when I’m in a contemporary art gallery (other than, ‘Where’s the café?’ and, 'I wonder how much Marina Abramović is going to make from sitting in that chair.’)

VICE: Hi Ossian. So is contemporary art just having the balls to do something either so outrageous that it’s shocking or so banal that it’s shocking? 
Contemporary art is not yet a verb, nor does it have balls per se—though I’m sure Tracey Emin would take exception to that—but it does occasionally shout at you from across the room and it can be provocative, challenging and even scary. I have found myself in rooms kitted out to look like murder scenes, brothels, or a terrorist’s stronghold.

I have also tiptoed past various spring-loaded man-traps, risked severe burns at a gallery where I was greeted by a flame from the opposite wall, told not to drink from a fountain supposedly laced with LSD, warned that the tiny globe before me contained a bomb that would explode a hundred years from now… I could go on. Confrontational art is certainly one of the ways that artists aim to grab our attentions nowadays.

External image

A Tracy Emin work. (Photo via

Do you ever think that Tate and MoMA are a bit like the Westfields of art galleries, as in there’s just too much stuff?
If only the works were on sale at knock-down prices, with special bargain bins for obscure works of Surrealism. I would like that. But yes, our large art institutions can be bewildering places full of mysterious and exotic objects, which is essentially why I wrote my book.

We shouldn’t fear the complexity, abstraction, or randomness of contemporary art, but embrace them as reflections of our culture. I often invoke Hollywood blockbuster films, theme-park rides and other forms of entertainment as reference points, rather than art historical movements or philosophical theories, as frankly not everyone has that level of interest or experience.



Library’s finished!!!

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5. I’m calling this the Class Corner: mythology, history, classics, a few textbooks, random references, and my writing notebooks - its not all stuff from school but its all stuff that could be