and red lol


“Love actually” + 13 years later

Been thinking..

Of adding a donate buttom/link towards a new computer/bills etc.

If anyone donated please remember to also think of yourselves and your own needs before you donate. Hell you could donate $1 and it puts me closer to my goal.

Now I don’t make cc atm since my current laptop couldn’t handle it but I’ll look into making something small, be it recolours or a tiny mesh.

I just wanna try and give back to those who have inspired me and have given me encouragement with there kindness.

So if anyone knows how to make a donate button, could you teach me please LOL

I think I’ll tag in some people who have inspired me to create my own cc and given me personal support by just being a friend or giving me advice

My queen bae @kiwisims4  I am so sad you don’t have a lot of red poof left LOL

My unclassified bestie LOL who tolerates my messages over running her inbox and one of the people who inspired me with my unfinished legacies @tea-sims

Been such a bunch of lovelies who are both inspiring and lovely to ask questions. <3 @deetron-sims @deelitefulsimmer @grimcookies @wild-pixel @eirflower @gohliath @obisims  @sims-creations  @blarffy @pixielated @thisissimtastic @dustflwr @thosefuckingsims & some others since I won’t tag them incase it annoys them abit 

And there’s heaps more people to also thank but also I want to thank my followers as well as the followers who are kind and understanding to other blogs.

So thankyou for your time, any advice you given or even questions. Your positivity is inspiring.